Tips & Results17th December 2022

Eagle FarmTrack Good, Randwick Track Good, Flemington Track Good

Eagle Farm Races


  1. h3 Tilanan 2. h4 Chatty Lady 3. h1 Coco Rox 4. h6 Morris Press

Chatty Lady 1st $6.50/$2.40, Mori’s Press 2nd/$5.40, Tilanam 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$273.90; Quinella/$27.20; Exacta/$63.70


  1. h10 Star Gamble 2. h5 Luskin Hero 3. h7 Perseids 4. h8 Spellcatcher

Perseids(1.07L) 2nd/$2.20, Star Gamble 3rd/$1.50


  1. 1.h1 Akihiro 2. h2 Alburq 3. h9 December Diamond 4. h5 Roller Coaster

Alburq 1st $3.40/$1.50, Roller Coaster 2nd/$3.40, Akihiro 3rd/$1.80; Trifecta/$106.10; Quinella/$22; Exacta/$42.80


  1. h2 Mix 2. h9 Sailor 3. h15 Aqua Alta 4. h14 Fashion Legend ( h4 The Drover)

Fashion Legend 1st $4.50/$1.80, Mix 2nd/$2.10, The Drover 3rd/$1.70, Aqua Alta 4th; First4/$295.30; Trifecta/$73.30; Quinella/$11.20; Exacta/$23.60


  1. h1 Kovalica 2. h3 Tradition 3. h8 Noah ‘N’ Deel 4. h4 Kandor Cosmos

Kovalica 1st $1.50/$1.10, Noah ‘N’ Deel 2nd/$1.60, Kandos Cosmos 3rd/$2; Trifecta/$16.50; Quinella/$3.90; Exacta/$4.90


  1. h6 Street Dancer 2. h1 Bartholomew Dias 3. h4 Pancho 4. h2 Bigboyroy

Street Dancer 3rd/$2.60


  1. h1 Emerald Kingdom 2. h4 Vinco 3. h2 Holyfield 4. h3 Master Jamie, 6 Ucalledit

Ucalledit 1st $3/$1.90, Holyfield 3rd/n.t.d.


  1. h4 Golden Boom 2. h2 Johnny Rocker 3. h6 End Assembley 4. h1 Spiritualised

End Assembley 1st $11/$5.10, Golden Boom 2nd/$1.50; Quinella/$11.10; Exacta/$32.90


  1. h11 Glorious Ruby 2. h2 The Big Goodbye 3. h7 Shamaton 4. h3 Mass Destruction, h9 Miss Hipstar

Glorious Ruby 1st $14/$3.40, Miss Hipstar 4th

Randwick Races


  1. h3 Snapback 2. h7 Lazzago 3. h2 Crucible 4. h4 Achyls

Lazzago 1st $8/$2.90, Snapback 2nd/$1.20, Achyls 4th; Quinella/$5; Exacta/$17.80


  1. h4 Indicitive 2. h8 Titration 3. h11 Mittata 4. h5 Cheap Shot

Titration(0.67L) 2nd/$3.90, Indicative 3rd/$4


  1. h12 Passistas 2. h4 Dalaalaat 3. h1 Liberty Sun 4. h7 Espirito

Liberty Sun 3rd/$2.60, Espirito 4th


  1. h6 Worthily 2. h2 Zoumon 3. h4 Mission Phoenix 4. h7 Smirk

Mission Phoenix 3rd/$2.60, Woprthily 4th


  1. h11 Vowmaster 2. h6 Alpha One 3. h7 Rupertaar 4. h12 Shadow Vampire

Vowmaster(0.05L) 2nd/$2


  1.  h1 Arnold 2. h14 O’tycoon 3. h8 Green Shadows 4. h9 Lekvarte

Lekvarte 1st $5/$1.80, O’tycoon 3rd/$1.80


  1. h1 French Bonnet 2. h8 Camaguey 3. h6 Spangler 4. h4 Deficit, h17 Naval Seal

Spangler 3rd/$2.90


  1. h11 Shameless Miss 2. h9 Cotehele 3. h7 Fox Fighter 4. h5 Soldier Of Love

Cotehele 3rd/$1.80, Fox Fighter 4th


  1. h5 I Am Me 2. h15 Dehorned Unicorn 3. h6 On The Lead 4. h11 Hellfast

I Am Me 1st $2.50/$1.30, Dehorned Unicorn 2nd/$1.30, Hellfast 3rd/$3.30; Trifecta/$36.80; Quinella/$2.60; Exacta/$5.50


  1. h6 Frumos 2. h1 Nothingsweetaboutme 3. h2 Bella Rouge 4. h3 Sweet Ruby

Nothingsweetaboutme 3rd/$2.70, Sweet Ruby 4th

Flemington Races


  1. h3 River Ribble 2. h12 River Noir 3. h9 Arachidi 4. h4 She Dances

She Dances 1st $10.90/$2.80, River Noire 2nd/$1.30; Quinella/$9.50; Exacta/$33.10


  1. h2 No Way Never 2. h7 Cotel 3. h6 Rosalia 4. h1 Ojason

Cotel 3rd/$1.60


  1. 1. h4 Arran Bay 2. h3 Unanimous 3. h7 Pounding 4. h5 Excelleration

Pounding 1st $3.30/$1.40, Excelleration 2nd/$3.80; Quinella/$23.40; Exacta/$36.20


  1. h14 Awesome John 2. h9 Desperado 3. h8 Blushing Tycoon 4. h2 Starspangled Baby

Awesome John(0.2L) 2nd/$1.70


  1. h12 Invincible Caviar 2. h3 Snapper 3. h1 Zac Da Boss 4. h8 So Risque

Invincible Caviar 1st $3.20/$1.60


  1. h3 Noble Heights 2. h1 Persan 3. h5 Never Again 4. h2 Adelaide Ace

Persan 1st $2.60/$1.30, Nobel Heights 2nd/$1.40, Never Again 3rd/$2.60; Trifecta/$41.40; Quinella/$4; Exacta/$7.40


  1. h2 Esta La Roca 2. h10 Neverstandingstill 3. h6 Rose Quartz 4. h4 Yulong Command

Yulong Command(0.1L) 2nd/$2.40, Rose Quartz 4th


  1. h1 Corner Pocket 2. h8 Niccolini Vito 3. h9 Umgawa 4. h2 Morvada, h16 Standoff

Niccolini Vito 1st $7.40/$2.30, Corner Pocket 4th


  1. h15 Indifference 2. h12 Victory Bay 3. h7 Corona Lad 4. h10 Glactic Fury, h17 Micro

Victory Bay(0.1L)  2nd/$1.80, Corona Lad 3rd/$2.40

                                                         OUR BEST 

BR2 H10 STAR GAMBLE($3.80); nice run behind Arentee last start with 59kegs and drops to 55.5kgs today. He is fourth run into his prep so will be rock hard.  He tends to lurk just off the pace and we think Eagle Farm will suit. Distance is ideal fully expect him to be in the finish.

STAR GAMBLE($3.50); 3rd/$1.50 pace beaten 3.29L, thought he had every possible chance.

MR3 H4 ARRAN BAY($4); good win last start and has the ideal gate here(2) to sit right on the speed again (in the real world) Track and distance perfect and handles all conditions. Huge chance again.

ARRAN BAY($3.60); 7th beaten 3.6L, nice spot early but over racing a tad then posted 4 wide from the half mile. He was still there at the finish. He does settle better closer to the lead though.

MR9 H15 INDIFFERENCE($6.50); well bred horse decent run last start after beginning awkwardly and running home okay under his 60.5kegs. He has a tricky gate in 13 but hopefully Jamie Kah can roll him up up to be just off the speed ready to strike at the distance. The distance is ideal for him 4th up. 

INDIFFERENCE($8.50); 6th beaten 3.4L, the race was dominated by horses in the first half dozen in the run. Indifference was a mile back and cluttered once out in the straight he ran on nicely the last 100m. Never going to win but next start might just be the one for him.

BR9 H11 GLORIOUS RUBY($21); decent run first up although beaten a long way, She is better second up and the distance is perfect. In the run maybe just off the pace from her gate(5). Her last prep wasn’t her best and is certainly a better mare than that would suggest. She has won here and with her 52.5kgs expect her to be challenging strongly at the distance.

GLORIOUS RUBY ($21-$14); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! had a good run in transit mid field, seemed to be struggling a bit at the distance to reach them. At the 50m she pinged to the line to blouse them GIDDYUP!!!

SUMMARY: Kirwan’s Lane ($23) delivered big time last week for all our punters and Arentee($10) nearly made it a double when bloused by the bolter Tick Tock Queen. happy days!! Our Best were disppointing to say the least but we still had a swag of winners in our top 4’s and some nice exotics so still plenty of action for everyone. It is a Benchmarkathon down south so it could be anything goes or it might just be the obvious. Going to Eagle Farm today and race 7 Emerald Kingdom($6.50) has been leading, up a kilo on last start win but with J. Byrne staying he just might rate him to perfection here. Loves the track and distance. Holyfield($3) second to the toppie last start when we thought he just peaked on his run. Vinco($9) always a chance in these races sitting off the speed. Master Jamie($31) could be the undoing of the toppie if he decides to try and lead. The rest of the field are in form albeit in lower grades. Tricky race. Race 8 Eagle Farm and Golden Boom($1.90) is just that, this is his first time over the 1200m but he can run some time as he likes to control the speed. There might only be 6 runners but anyone of them could spoil the favourites party. Johnny Rocker($11) meets the favourite 2 kegs better here after running a very good second to the fav. last start and he will be the one sitting back off them. End Assembly($7.50) also unbeaten and winning by big margins. Spiritualised($6) is also extra smart and does relish the distance . Another tricky affair. Big fields today especially down south. Ironically this time of year produces a lot of results with horses close in the market food for thought! We think we have had a great year with plenty of winners in the big ones and plenty of value all over . So over the next 2 Saturdays we would like to fill the Xmas stocking with plenty and some left over for New Year celebrations happy days!!. Remember we are having a 2 week break on the 31st December and the 7th January so no tips available those dates. It is an exciting time of year with plenty of festive action so on that note ” GOOD LUCK” to all our Members and Followers having a punt today and remember racing is great entertainment ” ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$