Tips & Results15th October 2022

Eagle Farm Track Good, Randwick Track Soft, Caulfield Track Heavy

Eagle Farm Races


1.h1 Mishani Renegade 2.h2 Mishani Raider 3.h7 She’s A Rogue 4.h10 Trifling

Mishani Renegade 1st $2.50/$1.20, Mishani Raider 2nd/$2.40, She’s A Rogue 3rd/$1.40, Trifling 4th; First4/$103.70; Trifecta/$28.90; Quinella/$8.30; Exacta/$13.10


1.h1 Highlights 2.h3 Rations 3.h4 Smytzer 4.h5 Green Flash

Highlights 1st $3.60/$1.60, Rations 2nd/$1.60, Smytzer 4th; Quinella/$7; Exacta/$12.30


1.h3 Confessed 2.h6 Five Crowns 3.h10 Night Guy 4.h11 The Drover

Five Crowns 1st $5.30/$2.30, Confessed 3rd/$3.40


1.h2 Otyrar 2.h9 Sergeant Silva 3.h4 Fortified 4.h7 Red Wave

Red Wave 1st $4.40/$1.80, Otyrar 2nd/$1.40; Quinella/$5.40; Exacta/$12.50


1.h1 Soothsayer 2.h2 Boom Court 3.h4 Yellow Brick 4.h5 Brookhaven

Yellow Brick 1st $2.50/$1.80, Boom Court 2nd/$2.30, Brookhaven 3rd/n.t.d.;Trifecta/$70.30; Quinella/$4.70; Exacta/$8


1.h1 Argyle Lane 2.h2 Enabler 3.h11 Stellar Magic 4.h9 Amity Girl

Stellar Magic 4th


1.h7 Amore Veloce 2.h13 Better Get Set 3.h9 Expectant 4.h4 Mix

Better Get Set(0.48L) 2nd/$1.80, Amore Veloce 3rd/$2.10


1.h8 So Dapper 2.h5 Slow Hands 3.h4 Traduce 4.h2 Sir Barnabus

So Dapper(0.14L) 2nd/$1.40, Slow Hands 4th


1.h2 Axe 2.h5 Last Chance 3.h7 Mass Destruction 4.h8 Ef Troop

Ef Troop 1st $9/$3.60, Axe 2nd/$2.10, Last Chance 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$202.70; Quinella/$15.80; Exacta/$40


1.h2 Rubamos 2.h16 Indiscreetly 3.h5 Gave Us Up 4.h11 Sweet Margot May h19 Geo

Indiscreetly(0.87L) 2nd/$2.70, Sweet Margot May 3rd/$1.70, Gave Us Up 4th

Randwick Races


1.h5 Alot More Love 2.h9 Orzala 3.h10 Parisal 4.h8 Thinking Rain

A Lot More Love 1st $9.20/$3


1.h1 Kirwin’s Lane 2.h3 Steely 3.h6 Tampering 4.h12 Dream Runner

Kirwin’s Lane 4th


1.h1 Cascadian 2.h8 Hezashocker 3.h9 Pinarello 4.h3 Surf Dancer

Cascadian 1st $1.75/$1.10, Hezashocka 4th


1.h3 Arapaho 2.h2 Stockman 3.h6 Cadre De Noir 4.h4 Fun Fact

Stockman 1st $3.80/$1.60, Arapaho 2nd/$2.50; Quinella/$14.40; Exacta/$28.20


1.h3 Front Page 2.h1 Art Cadeau 3.h6 Far Too Easy 4.h13 Talbragar

Front Page 1st $6.10/$2.60, Far Too Easy 2nd/$2; Quinella/$12.30; Exacta/$27.20


1.h4 In The Congo 2.h7 Remarque 3.h15 Weonasmartone 4.h20 Waihaha Falls

In The Congo(0.23L) 2nd/$2.20, Weona Smartone 3rd/$5.40, Waihaha Falls 4th


1.h1 Nature Strip 2.h2 Eduardo 3.h5 Mazu 4.h4 Masked Crusader h11 Jacquinot

Mazu 3rd/$3.90, Nature Strip 4th


1.h2 Startantes 2.h13 Lavish Girl 3.h11 Waterford 4.h8 Loch Eagle h5 Vilana

Vilana 1st $6.50/$2.30


1.h1 Ellsberg 2.h2 Ayrton 3.h5 Lord Ardmore 4.h3 Our Playboy

Ellsberg 1st $2.80/$1.70, Ayrton 4th


1.h1 Polly Grey 2.h8 Fine Point 3.h6 Grace And Harmony 4.h3 Honey Creeper

Honeycreeper(0.2L) 2nd/$2.50, Finepoint 3rd/$1.90, Polly Grey 4th

Caulfield Races


1.h1 Quang Tri 2.h5 Desiah 3.h2 Berry Bubbly

Quang Ti 1st $1.50/$1.10, Berry Bubbly 3rd, Desiah 4th


1.h6 Saint Bathan’s 2.h3 Right You Are 3.h11 Cap De Joie 4.h1 Deep Strike

Saint Batan’s 1st $4.60/$1.60, Cap De Joie 2nd/$1.20, Right You Are 4th; Quinella/$3.90; Exacta/$8.30


1.h1 Mr Maestro 2.h2 Red Sun Sensation 3.h5 Muramasa 4.h3 Fearless Knight

Mr. Maestro 1st /$1.70/$1.30, Muramasa 2nd/$2.70, Fearless Knight 4th; Quinella/$4.80; Exacta/$7.40


1.h9 Let’s Be Frankbaby 2.h8 Wakahamana 3.h7 Foxy Cleopatra 4.h6 Cabaca

Foxy Cleopatra(0.75L) 2nd/$2, Let’sbefrankbaby 4th


1.h3 Lincoln Square 2.h5 Yaki Ishi 3.h8 Eponymous 4.h12 Angry Skies

Angry Skies(0.2L) 2nd/$2.10, Lincoln Square 4th


1.h1 Mileva 2.h9 Shalstar 3.h11 A Very Fine Red 4.h7 Melba Storm

A Very Fine Red 1st $5/$1.90, Shalstar 2nd/$1.80, Melba Storm 3rd/$2.60, Mileva 4th; First4/$460.30; Trifecta/$146.10; Quinella/$12; Exacta/$23.80


1.h4 Oxley Road 2.h6 Express Pass 3.h8 Ashford Street 4.h9 Dragon Stone h12 Rock Artist

Ashford Street 4th


1.h4 Palaisipan 2.h9 Chain Of Lightning 3.h13 Pride Of Jenni 4.h8 Argentia h3 Excelida

Chain Of Lightning 1st $5.90/$2.20, Palaisipan 2nd/$2.60, Pride Of Jennie 3rd/$1.80; Trifecta/$118.20; Quinella/$18.40; Exacta/$36.60


1.h3 Knight’s Order 2.h17 Smokin Romans 3.h1 Gold Trip 4.h4 Montefilia h8 No Compromise

Gold Trip(0.2L) 2nd/$4.50, Knights Order 3rd/$4.80, Montefilia 4th


1.h13 Catalyst 2.h5 Bandersnatch 3.h16 Lady Of Honour 4.h11 Aegon

Aegon 1st $7.30/$2.40, Bandersnatch 2nd/$1.80, Lady Of Honour 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta/$88.30; Quinella/$14.50; Exacta/$34.70

                                                         OUR BEST 

BR5 H1 SOOTHSAYER($4.80) Showed plenty of heart last start to fight of all challengers. Loves the track and distance. Will be up on pace  in the small field and should be tough to run down. 

SOOTHSAYER($); 6th beaten 3.55L, settled last in contrast to last start ?

MR6 H1 MILEVA($7.50-$3.60 due to scratching’s) Wasn’t disappointing in the group 1 Moir Stakes last start. Drops back to listed grade here and the extra 100m suits. Loves the track and all conditions suits. From barrier 6 he has good gate speed and can easily lead here. He will be hard to run down and the whips will be cracking. 

MILEVA($); 4th beaten 2.05L, on pace every concievable chance.

MR10 H13 CATALYST($6.50) Super effort second up off a long spell. Is third up today and stepping out to the 1400m is ideal. Drops 1.5kgs and from barrier 6 would like to see him sit a bit closer. If he handles the heavy track he could just blow them away here. 

CATALYST($); 9th beaten 13.55L, jockey eased him thought he felt amiss.

SR9 H1 ELLSBERG($3.30) Great win in the Epsom last start. Loves the track and distance and handles all condition and should be sitting right behind the speed here and will be hitting the front with a 100m to go huge chance!!

ELLSBERG($2.80); FIRST straight to the front never in doubt bolted in.


MR7 H4 OXLEY ROAD($20) Has had excuses his last two runs off a spell. Third up today and on a heavy track and back to the 1000m suits. Finally draws a good gate so should be easy enough to be up on pace here. If he gets a nice run in transit he will be there for a long way. 

OXLEY ROAD($); 6th beaten 5.95L, beaut run he is definitely not putting in.

SUMMARY: No luck in Our Best last week but Williamsburg almost got the bob in on Wednesday in the Gloaming in a cracking finish. Hopefully we can make amends this week. Cracking Group racing on this weekend so lets dive straight into it with the Caulfield Cup and we think Knights Order might get away with it here. From barrier 18 we think he can get across from there with his great gate speed. Loves the distance and loves the slop. Tim Clark aboard is a huge bonus. Smokin Romans super win from just behind the speed last start. Drops 4kgs from last start and is suited on pace. Jamie Kah a huge bonus. Loves the track and distance. Gold Trip has been racing well this prep. Is a bit of a placegetter this horse but has been racing in the highest class. Fully expect him to be in the finish. Montefilia has been racing well this also. Is third up here and has won over this trip before and loves the heavy track. Will get back from the gate but will be steaming down the outside late. No Compromise won impressively last start in the Metropolitan. Loves the heavy track and the distance suits. Will get back from the gate and be running home. Cracking Race. Lets go straight to the Everest and hard to go past the Beast in Nature Strip. Won well first up. Is great second up, loves the track and distance and is adept in all conditions! His old sparring partner Eduardo will run a cracker here. Is good third up, the track and distance suit and handles the conditions. Will be in it for a long way. Mazu looks ready to peak after two runs from a spell. Is a wet tracker and the track and distance suits. Will get back from the gate and will be steaming home. Masked Crusader he will get a nice run in transit in behind a hot speed. With his turn of foot he will be steaming home late. Loves the track and distance. Jacquinot the way he flew down the outside last start hard not to throw him in. He always gets back. Might get too far back but if the pace is on will be charging. Absolute cracking’s day racing and we are super pumped. Just be careful at Caulfield heavy rain over the last few days and the track could play very wide as they raced on it three days ago. On that note to everyone having a punt GOOD LUCK to all our Members and Face book followers and as always ” ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Dan & Kerry Horsebuck$