Tips & Results 1st October 2022

Eagle Farm Track Good(possible showers later in the day so possible downgrade), Rosehill Track Heavy, Flemington Track Good

Eagle Farm Races


1.h10 She’s A Rogue 2.h2 Heroic Eagle 3.h1 Felix The Scat 4.h3 Mishani Renegade

Mishani Renegade 1st $8.60/$2.20, She’s A Rogue 2nd/$1.30, Felix The Scat 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta/$81.60; Quinella/$9.20; Exacta/$29.50


1.h2 Otyrar 2.h4 Fortified 3.h3 Tappy’s Lad 4.h8 Port Mourant

Otyrar 1st $2.30/$1.20, Tappy’s Lad 2nd/$3, Port Mourant 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta/$61.40; Quinella/$10.80; Exacta/$19.10


1.h1 Plundering 2.h4 Honkytonk Diva 3.h6 Noah ‘N’ Deel 4.h2 Boom Court

Boom Court(0.1L) 2nd/$1.80, Honkytonk Diva 3rd/n.t.d.


1.h1 Highlights 2.h7 Moktaffy 3.h9 Loveyouanytime 4.h4 Applications

Luvyouanytime 3rd/$5.30, Highlights 4th


1.h1 Weonasmartone 2.h2 King Klaus 3.h5 Archer’s Paradox 4.h7 Osamu

Osamu 1st $3.60/$2.30, Archer’s Paradox 2nd/$2.70, Weonasmartone 3rd/n.t.d., King Klaus 4th; First4/$95; Trifecta/$33.30; Quinella/$8.40; Exacta/$17.30


1.h8 Flaming Conquest 2.h3 Northern Express 3.h4 Yiska 4.h11 Larrikin Rogue

Flaming Conquest 1st $2.30, Larrikan Rogue 3rd/n.t.d.


1.h1 Gemelon Bolt 2.h9 Fetch 3.h13 Adonisea 4.h11 Ruby July h7 Mischief Managed

Gemelon Bolt 1st $5.50/$2.10, Fetch 2nd/$2.10; Quinella/$11.20; Exacta/$24.80


1.h8 Mob Buster 2.h2 Bottega 3.h12 Vendidit 4.h11 Greek Hero

Greek Hero(0.2L) 2nd/$2.20, Bottega 4th


1.h6 Hot Spring Gold 2.h13 Birriecart 3.h11 Sweet Margot May 4.h8 Tara Jasmine

Sweet Margot May 1st $3.10/$1.50, Tara Jasmine 2nd/$3.10,Birriecart 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta/$96.40; Quinella/$21.60; Exacta/$34.90

Royal Randwick Races


1.h1 Empire Of Japan 2.h7 Physical Graffiti 3.h9 Tara Beau 4.h5 Mach Ten

Empire Of Japan 1st $5.50/$1.80, Mach Ten 2nd/$1.90, Physical Graffiti 3rd/$1.80; Trifecta/$82.80; Quinella/$13.80; Exacta/$30.50


1.h7 Perfect Proposal 2.h8 Platinum Jubilee 3.h11 Satin And Silk 4.h12 Sicilian

Platinum Jubilee 1st $10.60/$3.40, Perfect Proposal 2nd/$1.70; Quinella/$18.20; Exacta/$43


1.h2 Hosier 2.h6 Casino Kid 3.h8 Kalino 4.h10 Tamerlane

Hosier 1st $6/$2.20, Casino Kid 2nd/$2.30; Quinella/$26.70; Exacta/$42.60


1.h8 Montefilia 2.h1 Cascadian 3.h2 Numaerian 4.h4 Yonkers

Cascadian 1st $2.90/$1.60, Numerian 2nd/$2.50, Montefillia 3rd/n.t.d., Yonkers 4th; First4/$57.60; Trifecta/$16.80; Quinella/$7.20; Exacta/$12.40


1.h1 Williamsburg 2.h2 Flag Of Honour 3.h4 Communist 4.h5 Atmosphere

Williamsburg 1st $4.90/$2, Communist 2nd/$1.90, Flag Of Honour 4th; Quinella/$11; Exacta/$26.90


1.h1 Fireburn 2.h2 She’s Extreme 3.h5 Wolverine 4.h3 Zougotcha

Zougotcha 1st $4.20/$1.60, She’s Extrreme 2nd/$1.70, Fireburn 4th; Quinella/$8.80; Exacta/$19.10;

EARLY QUADDIE; Hosier/Cascadian/Williamsburg/ Zougotcha Divi/$511


1.h3 Mazu 2.h1 Lost And Running 3.h7 Private Eye 4.h2 Masked Crusader

Lost And Running 1st $2.20/$1.20, Mazu 2nd/$1.40, Masked Crusader 3rd/$2.60; Triefcta/$36.50; Quinella/$2.90; Exacta/$5.60; PRIVATE EYE SCR. (started Flemington)


1.h1 Top Ranked 2.h4 Nimalee 3.h8 Hinged 4.h9 Cross Talk h3 Ellsburg

Top Ranked D.H.1st $4.60/$1.80, Ellsberg D.H. 1st $16/$3.60, Hinged 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta’s/$237.70/$147.30; Quinella/$38.90; Exacta’s/$51.70/$34.60


1.h6 No Compromise 2.h15 Hameron 3.h4 Arapaho 4.h11 Grove Ferry, h5 Mankanyan

No Compromise 1st $6.70/$2.30/$2.30


1.h11 Bacchanalia 2.h7 Coal Crusher 3.h1 Rustic Steel 4.h3 Remarque

Remarque 1st $4.20/$1.90, Bacchanalia 2nd/$1.40; Quinella/$4.90; Exacta/$10.50;

MAIN QUADDIES; Lost And Running/Top Ranked, Ellsberg/No Compromise Divi’s/$155.60/$860.10

Flemington Races


1.h3 Krakarib 2.h9 Aditi 3.h4 Mount Olympus 4.h10 Charm Stone

Aditi(0.3L) 2nd/$1.90, Charm Stone 3rd/$1.30


1.h9 The Garden 2. h2 Character 3.h7 Visinari 4.h11 Mr Exclusive

Visinari 1st $1.50/$1.10, Mr. Exclusive 2nd/$7.50, The Garden 3rd/$1.80, Character 4th; First4/$721.60; Trifecta/$130.40; Quinella/$30; Exacta/$36.30


1.h1 She’s Licketysplit 2.h8 Typhoon Titmus 3.h4 Moko 4.h3 Do It La

She’s Licketysplit 1st $3.20/$1.60, Typhoon Titmus 2nd/$2.50, Do It La 4th; Quinella/$13.30; Exacta/$22.80


1.h5 Argentia 2.h3 Sirileo Miss 3.h11 Pride Of Jenni 4.h4 Tycoon Evie

Argentia(0.75L) 2nd/$2.30Tycoon Evie 4th


1.h3 Giga Kick 2.h5 Buenos Naches 3.h9 Zou Sensation 4.h8 Doull

Giga Kick 1st $2/$1.40, Buenos Nachos 2nd/$1.90, Doull; Quinella/$4.90; Exacta/$6.70


1.h2 Vow And Declare 2.h5 Desert Icon 3.h4 Daigiansweet Junior 4.h7 Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue 4th


1.h2 Duais 2.h4 Profondo 3.h6 Smokin Romans 4.h8 Insperational Girl h11 Young Werther

Smokin’Romans 1st $22.80/$6, Young Werther 3rd/$3


1.h5 Kemalpasa 2.h6 Roch ‘N’ Horse 3.h2 Baller 4.h12 It’s Ourtime h4 Sirius Suspect

Roch ‘n’ Horse(2.25L) 2nd/$2.30, Baller 3rd/$3.40; IT’SOURTIME L.SCR.


1.h1 Mr Maestro 2. h9 Kapakiri 3.h2 Major Beel 4.h3 Red Sun Sensation

Mr. Maestro 1st $3.70/$1.70, Red Sun Sensation 2nd/$2.90; Quinella/$18.80; Exacta/$27.70

                                                         OUR BEST 

BR6 H8 FLAMING CONQUEST($3) Been in terrific form this prep and won impressively last start. From barrier 2 will be up on pace here. Loves the track and distance and drops 1.5kg leading into this race. Huge chance.  


BR8 H8 MOB BUSTER($3.20) Has won his last two. Drops 5kgs from last start and is group 3 placed also. Loves the track and distance and should be fighting out the finish once again. 

MOB BUSTER($); 6th beaten 3.15L,

SR10 H11 BACCHANALIA($3.90) Had everything against it first up, a good track and being first up. Today second up and back onto a sludge fest lol. Drops 3 kg from last start and J Mac aboard is a bonus. Will be stalking the speed and steaming home. 

BACCHANALIA($2.50); 2nd/$1.40 place beaten 1.53L,

MR3 H1 SHE’SLICKETYSPLIT($2.80) Hard not to put this filly in. Her run first up was enormous with a big weight and 3 wide the trip. The 1600m looks the ideal trip here 2nd up and from barrier 7 should sit behind the pace here. The persuaders will be out at the 150m. Huge chance. 


SUMMARY: A bit of a miss in our best with Russian Conquest steaming home beaten only half a length. So we are hoping to bounce back this week.  And our summary was on point ! We had Converge in as BEST EACHWAY today but is scratched so next time for him. Lets dive straight into it and talk about SR9 The Metropolitan and we think No Compromise($8) can steal the show here. Ran super last start when kept hitting the line strongly over the 2000m. Stepping up to the 2400m is ideal and is adept in all condition. Drops 2.5kgs and is great 4th up. Peaking nicely. Hameron($13) has been a bit unlucky in a couple of starts to date. We think he is a good horse and throwing him in a group 1 and not a very strong one I might add with 51.kgs is a good  move. We reckon he can figure here. Arapaho($13) can run a huge race here. Drops 4.5kgs in weight and meets Durston 3 kgs better than last start. Adept in all conditions. Grove Ferry($8.50) had a tough win last start. Will be on speed again and will be hard to run down. Mankayan($9.50) had excuses last start with the tongue over the bit. Loves the slop and the distance is worth another go in a weak group 1. Off to Melbourne and the Turnbull Stakes and we think Duais($5) can win here. Back to a good track, loves the track and distance and will be up near pace from barrier 5. Very hard to beat back to Melbourne. Profondo($10) does not like the wet at all. Smart move bringing him to Melbourne, steps up in distance and a good track suits. Drops 2kgs and will be up near the pace and will be making a race of it at the 100m mark. Smokin Romans($19) great win last start when stormed over the top to win. Is adept in all conditions and from barrier 6 will be up with the leading division. Insperational Girl($10) ran super first up. Stepping up in distance and is unbeaten 2nd up. If the pace is on up front she will be steaming home. Young Werther($10) ran so well first up, he drops 6.5kgs into this and is great second up. Likes a good track and will be just behind the pace from barrier 1. Will be hard to beat. An absolute cracking days racing and spring carnival is in full swing. Can’t wait for todays racing to begin Bring It On so on that euphoric note  GOOD LUCK” to all our Members and as always ” ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Dan & Kerry Horsebuck$