Tips & Results 27th August 2022

Eagle Farm Track Good, Rosehill Track Soft, Caulfield Track Soft

Eagle Farm Races


  1. h11 Sweet Margot May 2. h7 The Billionaire 3. h14 Zuma California 4. h9 Hamilton Hill

Sweet Margot May 1st $2.80/$1.50, Zuma California 4th


  1. h3 Bottega 2. h6 Ocean Treaty 3. h1 Love Tap 4. h4 Couldnt Refuse

Couldn’t Refuse(2.75L) 2nd/$3.30, Bottega 3rd/n.t.d., Love Tap 4th


  1. h3 Becandleni 2. h7 Vendidit 3. h10 This Is So 4. h1 Festival Prince

Vendidit 1st $4.80/$2.10


  1. h4 Winside 2. h3 Legal Esprit 3. h1 Tears Of Love 4. h5 Genzai The Wolf

Legal Esprit 1st $2.80/$1.40, Winside 3rd/$1.60


  1. h1 Spiritualised 2. h1 Prince Shalaa 3. h11 Fire Love 4. h8 Even Now

Spiritualised 1st $2.10/$1.20, Prince Shalaa 2nd/$1.70; Quinella/$2.90; Exacta/$4.10


  1. h3 Little Max 2. h4 Reeanon 3. h5 Vaccine 4. h14 Mexican Star

Vaccine 1st $6.40/$2.40


  1. h4 Pivotal Motion 2. h5 Mill Rossa 3. h14 Lepreezy 4. h8 Bean Dancing

Mill Rosa 3rd/$2.20, Bean Dancing 4th


  1. h4 Far Too Easy 2. h12 It’s Me 3. h9 Grey Defence 4. h7 Red Rubi

It’s Me 1st $3.90/$1.70, Red Rubi 2nd/$2, Far Too Easy 4th; Quinella/$17.90; Exacta/$29.90


  1. h7 Pentito 2. h3 Mob Buster 3. h15 Tidal Rush 4. h5 Hatchet, h10 Avenue Of Stars

Mob Buster 1st $8/$2.30, Pentito 2nd/$2.10, Hatchet 4th; Quinella/$22.10; Exacta/$47.50;

Rosehill Races


  1. h11 Crop Duster 2. h1 Zaru 3. h3 Dashka 4. h12 Afewchoicewords

Zaru 3rd/$2.90


  1. h2 Frumos 2. h8 Mystic Mermaid 3. h6 Air To Air 4. h4 Hope In Your Heart

Hope In Your Heart 1st $8.70/$3, Frumos 2nd/$1.20, Air To Air 3rd/n.t.d., Mystic Mermaid 4th; First4/$115.50; Trifecta/$59.60; Quinella/$4.60; Exacta/$17.50


  1. h9 Rondino 2. h1 Born A King 3. h10 Rebel County 4. h8 First Light

Born A King 1st $2.80/$1.50, First Light 2nd/$2.10; Quinella/$8; Exacta/$14


  1. h4 Oakfield Arrow 2. h2 Noble Soldier 3. h5 Leave Me Alone 4. h8 Diamond Diesel

Noble Soldier 1st $9.10/$2.90


  1. h8 Arctic Thunder 2. h6 Blaze A Trail 3. h10 Grace And Harmony 4. h9 Old Flame

Old Flame 1st $3.50, Arctic Thunder 4th; BLAZE A TRAIL L.SCR.


  1. h5 Fire 2. h3 Rubinocchi 3. h8 Monte Ditto 4. h4 Quick Tempo

Monte Ditto 1st $19.20/$3.30, Fire 2nd/$1.20, Rubinocchi 4th; Quinella/$11.80; Exacta/$48.80;

EARLY QUADDIE; Born A King/Noble Soldier/Old Flame/Monte Ditto divi:$2,735.50


  1. h1 Kalapour 2. h4 Two Big Fari 3. h12 Gracilstyla 4. h5 Canasta, h8 Kalino

Kalino 3rd/$1.90, Gracilistyla


  1. h1 Williamsburg 2. h8 Kibou 3. h5 Ringmaster 4. h11 Conquereor

Kibou 1st $3.50/$2.40, Ringmaster 4th


  1. h1 Best Of Bordeux 2. h3 Promitto 3. h7 Zoukerino 4. h5 Nettuno

Nettuno(1.47L) 2nd/$2


  1. h2 Easy Single 2. h8 Shades Of Rose 3. h10 Sur Le Mur 4. h4 Conscript

Shades Of Rose 1st $1.90

Caulfield Races


  1. h12 Storm King 2. h11 Kissinger 3. h3 Resurge 4. h13 Hanaady

Storm King(1L) 2nd/$1.70


  1. h9 Starlight Scope 2. h3 Megamea 3. h7 Saigon 4. h6 Ocean Miss

Ocean Miss(1.25L 2nd/$3.10, Saigon 3rd/$2.10


  1. h6 So Risque 2. h7 Pascero 3. h14 Cardinal Gem 4. h17 Corona Lad

Cardinal Gem 3rd/$2, So Risque 4th


  1. h3 Buffalo River 2. h4 Open Minded 3. h9 Gentleman Roy 4. h8 Flash Aah

Gentleman Roy(4L 2nd/$2.20, Open Minded 3rd/$4.60


  1. h6 Jacquinot 2. h10 Zambourghini 3. h12 Aft Cabin 4. h4 Crosswinds

Jacquinot 1st $5.60/$2, Aft Cabin 2nd/$1.20; Quinella/$5.90; Exacta/$17.40


  1. h4 In The Boat 2. h3 Generation 3. h10 Star Patrol 4. h6 Red Can Man

Generation(0.2L) 2nd/$1.80, Star Patrol 3rd/$1.80


  1. h8 Isotope 2. h11 Chain Of Lightning 3. hy7 Passive Aggressive 4. h3 Flying Mascot

Chain Of Lightning 1st $7/$2, Passive Aggressive 4th


  1. h3 Alligator Blood 2. h2 Cascadian 3. h6 Callsign Mav 4. h1 I’m Thunderstruck, h5 Western Empire

I’m Thunderstruck(0.5L) 2nd/$3.10, Cascadian 3rd/$2.80


  1. h8 No Effort 2. h9 Jimmy The Bear 3. h10 Desert Icon 4. h6 Tralee Rose, h11 Emissary

Emissary 1st $8.90/$3.10, Jimmy The Bear 3rd/$1.70

                                                         OUR BEST 

BR3 H3 BECANDLENI($8.50); this mare thrives into her prep and good tracks are her go. Good win last start against a similar field and only up 1 kilo. The rail is out 7M again today but she won here with the rail out 9M, settle just off the pace and the distance is ideal. Great chance at a good price.

BECANDLENI($); 5th beaten 1.5L, well ridden and in a winning position at the distance. Every chance.

MR4 H3 BUFFALO RIVER($7.50); okay this horse has spent the last 12 months or so in Group or Listed racing and acquitted himself well. His last run was a beauty in the Group2 WFA behind Mr. Brightside(beaten 0.5L) after leading. After a stint in the Queensland Winter he will blossom even further. Back to this class today with 57 kegs we would expect him to take it up again. Let’s just say this bloke loves the sting out. Big chance.

BUFFALO RIVER($); 10th beaten 7.6L, poor judgement.

SR7 H1 KALAPOUR($6.50); first up today after 2 trials. He has adapted to OZ racing very quickly judging by his first up win last prep (all of 2 runs). He likes the distance and the soft track no issue. He will more than likely sit just off the pace and with 59.5 kegs after the claim we think he is this very well indeed. Might be a little better than a BM78.

KALAPOUR($); 10th beaten 12.6l, got back to last never got going.

AR7 H2 WHIPCRACKERWAY($10); venturing into Adelaide for the second time this year (first time we were successful) and this horse has been racing in Melbourne his entire career. He is certainly up to a BM76 here with only 57kegs. The distance is okay and the soft track a bonus. We would not be surprised to see him take it up or be right on the speed as this was his racing pattern in his early years. Might get a little better odds than first thought.

WHIPCRACKERWAY($); 8th beaten 5.6L, probably ran to his best the way he is going.

SUMMARY: we should be coming out of the 2 to 3 week period where any thing can happen and did with some crazy results. We kept the home fires burning when Mayfair Spirit($4.20) saluted for Our Best  and Safework 2nd off a luckless run so happy days!! Caulfield is a cracking meeting with plenty of “spruik” horses going around. They will be tested today against some quality opposition. Group1 Memsie WFA cracking race and Alligator Blood($5.50) will give them something to chase here. We have always thought that WFA racing up to the 1600m would be perfect for him. From gate 1 we know he loves Caulfield and he can lead. Cascadian($7) this horse ticks a lot of boxes here first up and he will be getting home hard late. Callsign Mav($21) don’t underestimate him first up this distance is his go and he loves soft and is a pistolero first up. I’m Thunderstruck($9) and Western Empire($5.50) round out our 5. Illation($6.50) has a push behind him in a lot of forums but we are prepared to wait. Race 7 Caulfield is a very interesting Group 3 mares race with Passive Aggressive($2.50) and Chain Of Ligthning($6) both very good mares who are unbeaten. But Isotope($7) just might spoil the party she is quality herself and her runs last prep all in Group 1’s were okay. This level will suit her better she loves the distance and soft tracks and the bonus is she flies fresh. Very good race indeed. Blake Macdougalls number 1 fan (you know who you are) was at it again last week after 2 massive results and celebrated long into the night, he just might be at it again tonight if In The Boat($4.60) salutes at juicy odds. Rail is out 7 M again at Eagle Farm give it a rest seriously!! Great days racing plenty of chances everywhere with our Melbourne Cup horse having his first run back as well. Let’s keep Our Best fired up with some nice value in there today. An absolute pearler here on the Goldy certainly gets the juices flowing so on that exhilerting note to all our Members and Facebook supporters have a great day and as “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$