Tips & Results 13th August 2022

Eagle Farm Track Soft, Rosehill Track Soft, Calfield Track Good (showers downgrade likely)

Eagle Farm Races


  1. h1 Mishani Persuader 2. h5 Betterdeel 3. h2 Like A Lark 4. h4 Hellavadancer

Hellavadancer 1st $2/$1.40, Betterdeel 2nd/$3; Quinella/$5.20; Exacta/$7.30


  1. h2 Ef Troop 2. h5 Ice In Vancouver 3. h1 Racecourse Road 4. H7 Shamrock Lu

Shamrock Lu 1st $5/$2.20, Ef Troop 2nd/$2.10, Ice in vancouver 3rd/n.t.d.,; Trifecta/$31.70; Quinella/$8.70; Exacta/$17.10


  1. h2 Fast Talking 2. h7 Top Order 3. h3 Phaistos 4. h4 Barade

Barade 1st $6/$2.10, Top Order 3rd/$2.50


  1. h7 Moktaffy 2. h2 Deficit 3. h8 Wheels 4. h5 Derani

Deficit 1st $4.60/$2, Derani 2nd/$3.50; Quinella/$32.70; Exacta/$55.90


  1. h2 Jukebox Flyer 2. h8 Fire Love 3. h5 Our Heart Throb 4. h1 Hard To Say

Fire Love(2.25L) 2nd/$2.30, Hard T Say 3rd/$1.80


  1. h7 Miscief Managed 2. h18 Adonisea 3. h1 The Egyptian 4. h14 Befana

Adonisea 3rd/$2.10


  1. h1 Legal Esprit 2. h6 Mishani Fraudster 3. h5 Smart Image 4. h11 The Lioness

Legal Esprit(0.2L) 2nd/$1.80


  1. h2 Tokoriki Lad 2. h8 Easifar 3. h4 Puntura 4. h3 Bottega

Tokoriki Lad 1st $9.20/$2.90, Puntura 2nd/$1.90, Bottega 4th; Quinella/$25.50; Exacta/$57.10


  1. h8 Festival Prince 2. h10 Chatty Lady 3. h5 Renouf 4. h13 Zou De Moon

Chatty Lady(2.5L) 2nd/$1.80, Zou De Moon 3rd/$1.70

Rosehill Races


  1. h3 Russley Crown 2. h2 Dubbo Wanderer 3. h4 Daksha 4. h9 King’s Trust

Russley Crown 3rd/$2.20


  1. h2 True Crime 2. h3 Yoshino 3. h6 Waverider Bouy 4. h1 Showcourt

Waverider Bouy 4th


  1. h5 Belle Espoir 2. h10 Oakfield Arrow 3. h11 Bullet Wings 4. h 1 Oxford Tycoon

Oakfield Arrow 1st $12.60/$3.50


  1. h5 Katalin 2. h6 Conscript 3. h3 Wonderful Riri 4. h1 Munitions

Conscript 1st $2.60/$1.80, Munitions 2nd/$4, Katalin 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$52.80; Exacta/$25.90


  1. h5 Frumos 2. h4 Fearnought 3. h8 Riduna 4. h2 Tawfiq Lass

Riduna 1st $6/$1.80, Tawfiq Lass 2nd/$2.30; Quinella/$24.60; Exacta/$70.80


  1. h1 Mugatoo 2. h3 Oscar Zulu 3. h6 Arctic Thunder 4. h2 No Compromise

Oscar Zulu 3rd/$1.60


  1. h2 Elusive Jewel 2. h5 Lovely Esteem 3. h4 Dr. Evil 4. h9 Rondino

Lovely Esteem(0.14L) 2nd/$1.70, Rondino 3rd/$4


  1. h1 Sebonack 2. h5 Kibou 3. h3 Spacewalk 4. h6 Troach,  h11 Zoukerino

Zoukerino 1st $6.50/$1.80, Spacewalk 2nd/$1.80, Troach 3rd/$3.20, Kibou 4th; First4/$508.30; Trifecta/$161.00; Quinella/$10.70; Exacta/$20.70


  1. h4 Marnix 2. h3 Two Big Fari 3. h5 Canasta 4. h8 Kalino

Kalino 1st $2.60/$1.40, Canasta 2nd/$2.90, Two Big Fari 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$162.60; Quinella/$12.50; Exacta/$23.50


  1. h5 Shades Of Rose 2. h1 Quick Tempo 3. h2 The Big Easy 4. h8 Monte Ditto

Shades Of Rose 1st $1.60, Monte Ditto 2nd/$2.90, Quick Tempo 4th; Quinella/$8.40; Exacta/$10.70

Caulfield Races


  1. h7 Jimmy The Bear 2. h6 Chief Altony 3. h4 So Si Bon 4. h2 Tralee Rose

Jimmy The Bear 1st $3.60/$2.10, So Si Bon 2nd/$3.40, Chief Altony 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$48.40; Quinella/$14.70; Rxacta/$24.30


  1. h3 Thalassophile 2. h1 Spanish Tides 3. h7 Rusutsu 4. h11 Pitchanun

Risutsu(1.25L) 2nd/$2.40, Spanish Tides 4th


  1. h2 Scorched Earth 2. h7 Thronstar 3. h4 She’s All Class 4. h5 Little Stevie

Little Stevie 1st $12/$3.60, Throntari 3rd/n.t.d.


  1. h1 Home Rule 2. h2 Lady Of Honour 3. h5 I Am Bene 4. h6 Invincible Jet

I Am Bene 1st $4.50, Home Rule 3rd/$2.10, Invincible Jet 4th


  1. h1 Semillion 2. h4 Thron Bone 3. h6 Giga Mick 4. h5 Alpha One

Giga Mick 1st $4.10, Alpha One 2nd/$2, Thron Bone 4th; Quinella/$6.40; Exacta/$14.20


  1. h6 She’sgottheboom 2. h1 Miss Roseiano 3. h7 Lady Laguna 4. h2 Bistro

Lady Laguna 4th


  1. h1 Lombardo 2. h3 Ranges 3. h7 Felicia 4. h11 Uncommon James

Uncommon James 1st $1.70/$1.20, Ranges 2nd/$2.10, Felicia 4th; Quinella/$6.70; Exacta/$8.80


  1. h8 Elephant 2. h9 Uncle Bryn 3. h7 I Am Superman 4.  h2 Mr. Brightside, h5 Buffalo River

Mr. Brightside 1st $4/$1.70, I Am Superman 2nd/$1.90, Buffalo River 3rd/$4.20; Trifecta/$173.60; Quinella/$9.70; Exacta/$19.20


  1. h3 Polanco 2. h6 So Risque 3. h16 El Rocka 4. h4 Lucky Decision, h13 Tamerlane

El Rocko(0.4L) 2nd/$2, Tamerlane 3rd/$3.30

                                                         OUR BEST 

MR3 H2 SCORCHED EARTH($5); she likes to sit just off the pace and get home over them. Back to BM grade today is her go and the distance is perfect for her second up. Likes the track and as long as it doesn’t get to wet she will be chiming in big time at the distance.

SCORCHED EARTH($5.50); 5th beaten 0.5L, led still in front at the 50m fought on. Third up next start, behind the speed will suit better. good run though.

MR7 H1 LOMBARDO($6.50) good sprinter and very good first up. Distance is ideal and the track no problems(although it is out 9M??) He handles all conditions and he will roll forward. In front at the distance he will be super hard to hold out.

LOMBARDO($8.50); last beaten 7.7L, very disaapoinbted in this run just looked disinterested.

BR7 H1 LEGAL ESPRIT($4); fresh is best with this galloper and the conditions ideal. He is super consistent and in nicely with 57kgs after the claim. He will drift back again and be on the move as they swing. Expect him to figure big time.

LEGAL ESPRIT($3.90); 2nd/$1.80 place beaten 0.2L, great ride on this horse on the speed did everything but win. Will win again.

BR8 H2 TOKORIKI LAD($11); what can we say about this bloke he is in the best form ever fresh. He is the best weighted horse all day here with 55 kgs after the claim. From his good gate(1) he might just sit closer again and will strip super fit here 3rd up. Soft track no issue for us Great price!!

TOKORIKI LAD($9.20); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! sat just behind the leader in 3rd on the fence. Pulled out to make his run plugged for a while then drifted to centre then finished strongly last 50m to grab the leader. GIDDYUP!!!

SUMMARY: Liza With A Zee($9-$6.50) was a super result for Our Best followers and Sunshine Ruby 2nd/$2.90 just missed so happy days!!! Some crazy results last week and if you got the Quaddie in Sydney its your shout (:  Another wet one today in all states and to make matters more interesting they have moved the rail to 9M Melbourne 7M Sydney and 5M Brisbane REALLY!!! anything could happen. Still some very good racing down south and Caulfield race 8 Group 3 1400m Elephant($9) is a very good horse fresh and he could peel off a few of these types of races. He will be on the speed. I Am Superman($5) is also good fresh and the conditions will suit, he will be midfield. Let’s not leave out Uncle Bryn($17) fresh over this distance. Then you have the class act Mr. Brightside($3.20) he will run well. Buffalo River or Scallopini could lob in this sort of race early Spring. Elephant for us though. Like to mention race 10 Rosehill Shades Of Rose ($1.50) is very short she has great form but it would not surprise us if Quick Tempo($7.50) nabbed her and The Big Easy($17) is probably over the odds here considering the weight pull he has on the favourite. It’s a BM78 BUT A VERY INTERESTING RACE INDEED!!! We hope all Facebook followers got the $5 Chain Of Lightning last week happy days!!! Wet day here on the Goldy but that won’t dampen our spirits and let’s keep the momentum going in Our Best. Just keep an eye on conditions especially at Caulfield. On that note to all our members having a punt today “GOOD LUCK” racing is entertainment so “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING ” cheers from Kerry & Daniel Horsebuck$