Tips & Results 23rd July 2022

Doomben Track Heavy, Randwick Track Heavy, Caulfield Track Soft

Doomben Races


1.h3 Bonaparte 2.h10 Reliable Ruby 3.h4 Dragon Miss 4.h1 For My Annie

Boneparte 3rd/$3


1.h4 Fast Talking 2.h8 Hostage Of War 3.h2 Seat Of Power

Fast Talking 1st $1.60/$1.20, Seat Of Power 2nd/$2.70, Hostage Of War 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$7.40; Quinella/$3.60; Exacta/$5


1.h1 All That Pizzazz 2.h12 Goddess Of Peace 3.h6 Spanish Angels 4.h10 Flaming Conquest

All That Pizzazz 1st $2/$1.20, Goddess Of Peace 3rd/$3.20, Flaming Conquest 4th


1.h2 Joviality 2.h5 Glitter Strip 3.h3 Renouf 4.h1 Starla

Joviality 1st $4.80/$1.90, Starla 2nd/$2.80, Renouf 3rd/$2; Trifecta/$100.40; Quinella/$12.10; Exacta/$20.70


1.h5 Proper Rouge 2.h8 Iring 3.h4 Mob Buster 4.h11 Just Strolling

Proper Rogue 1st $2.10/$1.30, Iring 3rd/$5.30


1.h6 Esifar 2.h8 Zing 3.h7 Skins 4.h5 Puntura

Puntura 1st $3.10/$1.50, Easifar 2nd/$1.70; Quinella/$7.40; Exacta/$12.30


1.h11 Tarex 2.h16 Doomani 3.h4 Couldn’t Refuse 4.h3 Sneak Preview

Tarex 4th


1.h1 Legal Esprit 2.h7 Lime Soda 3.h12 Inasec 4.h8 Zuma California

Legal Esprit 1st $9.40/$2.80, Inasec 2nd/$2.20, Zuma California 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta/$173.20; Quinella/$24.50; Exacta/$54.60


1.h13 Swanston 2.h2 Don’t Stop 3.h6 Safework 4.h4 Venture Ocean

Swanston 2nd on protest/$3.70, Don’t Stop 3rd/n.t.d., Ventura Ocean 4th



1.h2 True Crime 2.h7 Tintookie 3.h3 Stonecoat 4.h9 Spiritchaser

True Crime 1st $2.60/$1.80, Stonecoat 2nd/$2.20, Tintookie 3rd/n.t.d., Spiritchaser 4th; First4/$46.70; Trifecta/$17.80,; Quinella/$3.80; Exacta/$6.90


1.h11 Running Bear 2.h3 Zadig 3.h18 Stratum Pride 4.h10 Brainzes


1.h2 Dr Evil 2.h4 Cruel Summer 3.h10 Sprout Wings 4.h8 Monfelicity


1.h5 Easy Single 2.h2 Rocketing By 3.h3 Enchanted Heart 4.h1 Prime Candidate


1.h7 Yggdrasil 2.h8 The Milkybar Kid 3.h6 Marakoopa 4.h1 Our Candidate


1.h1 Per Inaway 2.h3 Kalino 3.h4 Deep Romance 4.h9 Rebel County


1.h2 Waihaha Falls 2.h1 Poetic Charmer 3.h3 Titanium Power 4.h4 Artic Thunder


1.h12 Jojo Was A Man 2.h14 Snippy Fox 3.h9 Oscar Zulu 4.h11 Charleise


1.h1 Conscript 2.h3 Nerone 3.h8 Monte Ditto 4.h9 Jal Lei


1.h9 Sunrise Ruby 2.h8 Marchioness 3.h4 Lady Brook 4.h1 Rupertaar

Caulfield Races


1.h1 Thron Bone 2.h3 Taut You Could 3.6 River Ribble 4.h2 Cusack

Thron Bone 1st $5/$1.70, River Ribble 2nd/$1.30, Taut You Could 4th; Quinella/$4.30; Exacta/$12.30


1.h2 Blakmax 2.h8 Boogie Dancer 3.h3 Berkeley Square 4.h1 Manhattan Thunder

Boogie Dancer 1st $2.10/$1.20, Berkley Square 2nd/$1.70, Blackmax 3rd/$2, Manhattan Thunder 4th; First4/$69.70; Trifecta/$38.50; Quinella/$6.50; Exacta/$9.70


1.h6 Minouche 2.h4 Unusual Culture 3.h3 Derive 4.h5 Awapuni Princess



1.h5 Sing For Peace 2.h3 Forest Diamonds 3.h1 Duke Of Hastings 4.h2 Calmsir

Sing For Peace 1st $3.50/$1.50, Duke Of Hastings 2nd/$1.50, Forest Diamond 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta/$32.60; Quinella/$5.40; Exacta/$13.30


1.h6 Chains Of Honour 2.h3 No Effort 3.h5 Royal Crown 4.h1 Reuber

Royal Crown(3.25L) 2nd/$3.70, No Effort 4th


1.h2 Pascero 2.h4 Attractable 3.h3 Kooled 4.h8 Sandy Prince h7 Soobooma

Kooled 4th


1.h2 Chain Of Lightning 2.h3 Snapped 3.h6 Sigh 4.h13 Mrs Chrissie h10 Amathuba

Amathuba(2.5L) 2nd/$3.90


1.h6 Oxley Road 2.h9 Felicia 3.h4 Satorial Splendor 4.h7 King Of Sparta h8 Mileva

King Of Sparta 1st $7.50/$2.40, Felicia 4th; OXLEY ROAD L.SCR.


1.h2 Mr Exclusive 2. h4 Lucky Decision 3.h6 Polanco 4.h20 Here To Shock h14 Turbeau

Here To Shock 1st $5/$2.20, Polanco 2nd/$2.90; Quinella/$23.20; Exacta/$41.80

                                                         OUR BEST 

BR5 H5 PROPER ROGUE($3.50) Great run 1st up when ran home strongly on a leader biased track. 2nd up today and dropping back the extra 100m is ideal. Loves the track and distance and wet track is no problem. From barrier 2 will be up on pace again maybe even lead if gets the opportunity. Either way will be hard to beat. Huge chance. 

PROPER ROGUE($2.20); FIRST GIDDYUP!! on the fence behind the leaders into the straight, ran to the lead at the distance way too good.

SR5 H7 YGGDRASIL($7) Bolted in last start over this distance(2400m). Only goes up 1.5kg and W Pike retains the ride. Will be midfield from the barrier and he loves the slop. Will be steaming home over the top of them. 


SR9 H1 CONSCRIPT($3) Led the whole way last start after missing the kick. Will be up on pace again, has a wide draw but has good early speed. Loves the track and distance and the wetter the better, only goes up 0.5kg from last start. If he slips away around the turn might be lights out! 


SR10 H9 SUNRISE RUBY($4.60) Ran on well last start when wide majority of the trip. Second up steps out to the 1200m which is ideal and loves the heavy tracks. Meets Lady Brook 1.5kgs better at the weights. Will be midfield from the barrier and will be running home like a freight train. Huge chance!!



MR9 H2 MR EXCLUSIVE($10) Ran well first up. Then was super unlucky last start and should have finished closer! Stays at the 1400m and carries the same weight after the claim. Doesn’t win out of turn but is in terrific form and might just snag his 4th win today. Loves a soft track and will be midfield and with luck in running will be steaming home ! 

MR. EXCLUSIVE($7); 5ht beaten 5.5L, wide most of the way still there at the distance but faded. one more?

SUMMARY: Cracking day last week for all on the sight with 22 winners in out top 4 and a winner in Our Best at 10 bucks. Huge day. Lets get straight into the action and talk about race 8 at Brisbane the QTIS 3 YO Handicap and we think Legal Esprit($9) can get the win here. Is good first up and likes a wet track. Will get back from the gate and loves the track and distance. Lime Soda($7.50) ran on well last start from midfield. Will get back from the gate. Should be plenty of speed in this race and if it isn’t leader biased should be able to run on. Likes the track and distance. Inasec($7.50) ran on well last start at Rockhampton. Loves the track and distance if it is heavy she has a really good chance. Zuma California($4.60) has had a cracking trial leading into this race. Likes the track and distance and is proven in the wet. Will be up on pace from barrier 1. Off to Melbourne race 8 the Bletchingly Stakes and we think Oxley Road($6) L. SCR. can run an improved race here. Wasn’t a very good ride on him last start when sat wide the entire trip. Did well to only be beaten 1.7L. Is great second up loves the track and distance and is adept in all conditions. The stewards report says jockey said didn’t handle the track? hard to handle track when ridden wide the entire trip. With a better ride and not wide will be hard to beat. Felicia($17) great run first up over the 1000m, 2nd up and the step up to he 1200m is ideal. Will be up on speed from barrier 2 and doesn’t mind the soft track. Loves the track and distance. Satorial Splendor($12) ran well last start only going down late. Likes a soft track and likes the track and distance. Racing well and should be in finish again. King Of Sparta($5.50) has had a nice trial leading into this after a month’s break. From barrier 1 should get a nice run behind the speed. Loves the distance and likes the soft conditions. Mileva($4.60) ran on well first up to score well. Is good second up the only thing going against her is the distance 1 placing in 4 starts. Likes the track and the soft track. Can run in the placings being an inform mare. Huge days racing today with plenty of value to be had and hopefully Our best can continue our terrific form in this area. On that exciting note to all our members and followers have a great day and “GOOD LUCK” to all having a punt. Racing is entertainment  so “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING ” cheers from Dan & Kerry Horsebuck$