Tips & Results 9th July 2022

Doomben Track Soft, Randwick Track Heavy, Caulfield Track Soft

Doomben Races


1.h3 For My Annie 2.h11 One Shy Ruby 3.h5 Dragon Miss 4.h14 Be Water My Friend

Be Water My Friend 1st $3.30/$1.90, For My Annie 4th


1.h3 Hattusa 2.h5 The Vowels 3.h4 Dealings Done 4.h7 Red Top

Red Top 1st $11.30/$3.70, Dealing’s Done 3rd/n.t.d., Hattusa 4th


1.h2 Subterranean 2.h6 Hamlet Von Snitzel 3.h11 Pentito 4.h9 The Kewess

Hamlet Von Snitzel 1st $5.80/$2.10, Pentito 3rd/$2


1.h1 Rhapsody Rose 2.h5 Fearnought 3.h7 Karaoke Queen 4.h9 Vaccine

Fearnought 3rd/$2.10


1.h3 The Big Goodbye 2.h7 Goldsborough 3.h4 Mass Destruction 4.h1 Garibaldi

Goldsborough 1st $3.80/$1.80, Garibaldi 3rd/$2.20, Mass Destruction 4th


1.h3 Proper Rouge 2.h13 Sweet Sixteen 3.h16 Delyth 4.h2 Nimbostratus

Delyth 1st $2.30/$1.40, Proper Rogue 2nd/$1.90, Sweet Sixteen 3rd/$2.30; Trifecta/$39.20; Quinella/$5.20; Exacta/$8.70


1.h3 Rubiquitous 2.h4 Uncommon James 3.h10 Putontheredlight 4.h7 Miss Hipstar

Uncommon James 1st $1.75/$1.30, Miss Hipstar 3rd/n.t.d.


1.h4 Niedorp 2.h11 Winside 3.h7 Centre Fire 4.h1 Usmanov

Centrefire(1.5L) 2nd/$2, Winside 3rd/$2.60


1.h2 Charmmebaby 2.h Dzsenifer 3.h5 Easifar 4.h9 Tycoon Evie, h19 Narrated

Tycoon Evie 1st $14.70/$4.20; CHARMMEBABY L.SCR.


1.h4 Don’t Stop 2.h2 Wham 3.h7 Stuck With You  4.h3 Skins

Wham 1st $31.60/$7.50

Randwick Races


1.h3 Gallent Star 2.h6 Midnight in Tokyo 3.h11 Lunar Volante 4.h2 Forecaster

Midnight In Tokyo 1st $5.50/$2.20, Gallent Star 3rd/$3


1.h5 Running Bear 2.h10 Choccy Gaf 3.h14 I’ve Been Tryin’ 4.h3 Tags

I’ve Bean Tryin’1st $3.90/$1.90, Running Bear 2nd/$2.20; Quinella/$11; Exacta/$20.30


1.h11 Riduna 2.h5 Kanazawa 3.h3 And We Danced 4.h10 Journalism

Kanazawa 1st $3.20/$1.40, Riduna 2nd/$1.80, And We Danced 4th; Quinella/$8.20; Exacta/$14


1.h4 Nothinsweetaboutme 2.h10 Kirkeby 3.h12 Secret Palace 4.h7 Tinnie Winnie

Tinnie Winnie 4th


1.h9 Segrill 2.h2 Dr Evil 3.h15 Oakfield Prince 4.h17 Deniliquin

Dr. Evil 3rd/$3.50


1.h1 Easy Single 2.h6 Conscript 3.h2 Snowzone 4.h7 Saquon

Conscript 1st $3.40/$1.70, Snowzone 2nd/$2.10, Easy Single 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta/$43.50; Quinella/$9.80; Exacta/$18


1.h11 Waihaha Falls 2.h9 Snippy Fox 3.h5 Poetic Charmer 4.h3 Dream Circle

Waiaha Falls 1st $2/$1.30, Snippy Fox 2nd/$1.50, Poetic Charmer 3rd/$3.20; Trifecta/$51; Quinella/$3.70; Exacta/$5.20


1.h3 Taksu 2.h12 Jojo Was A Man 3.h4 True Detective 4.h2 Oscar Zulu

Taksu 1st $5.50/$2, Jo Jo Was A Man 2nd/$1.80, Oscar Zulu 4th; Quinella/$12.40; Exacta/$28.90


1.h6 Rupertaar 2.h16 Sunrise Ruby 3.h5 Irish Angel 4.h2 Rubinocchi, h1 Siege

Sunshine Ruby(0.79L) 2nd/$3, Rubinocchi 3rd/$2.10, Siege 4th


1.h7 Crosstalk 2.h19 Ready To Humble 3.h13 Per Inway 4.h14 Cyclone Sally, h1 Titanium Power

Cross Talk 1st $2.20/$1.40, Titanium Power 2nd/$5, Per Inaway 3rd/$2.80; Trifecta/$123.40; Quinella/$16; Exacta/$23.20

Caulfield Races


1.h4 Jukebox Flyer 2.h1 Seven Sisters 3.h8 Cadenabbia 4.h5 Pinnace

Jukebox Flyer(1.75L) 2nd/$2.20, Pinnace 4th


1.h33 Algernon 2.h4 Gold Spark 3.h15 Daralina Belle 4.h6 Whipcracker Way

Daralina Belle 1st $4.40/$1.90, Whipcracker Way 3rd/$2.50


1.h3 Alverdun 2.h9 Bishop 3.h10 Jenniferenti 4.h2 Bogilino



1.h4 Maximus Prime 2.h1 Falls 3.h6 Eaglemont 4.h12 Impulsar

Maximus Prime(0.1L) 2nd/$2.70


1.h1 Jigsaw 2.h2 Inundation 3.h9 Big Apple 4.h10 Plagiarized

Big Apple 4th


1.h6 Ojosan 2.h5 Butter Blonde 3.hSigh 4.h12 Divina Calle h14 Mrs Chrissie

Ojosan 1st $7.50/$2.60, Mrs Chrissie 4th


1.h3 Not Usual Glorious 2.h6 Noname Lane 3.h9 Lyrical Lad 4.h12 Somerset Maugham

Not Usual Glorious 1st $8.30/$2.80, Lyrical Lad 2nd/$1.70, Somerset Maugham 4th; Quinella/$13.10; Exacta/$33.80


1.h4 Oxley Road 2.h9 Felica 3.h5 Ashford Street 4.h3 Sartorial Splendour

Sartorial Splendor 3rd/$2.60


1.h5 Tavidance 2.h7 Mystery Shot 3.h10 Proconsent 4.h11 Bam’s On Fire, h12 Take The Sit

Tavidance 4th

                                                         OUR BEST 

BR4 H1 RHAPSODY ROSE($4.80) Ran well last start but looked to have needed that third up run. 4th up today and is ready to peak. Loves the track and distance. Soft conditions suit. From barrier 4 will be stalking the pace here and be steaming home over the top of them ! 

RHAPSODY ROSE($4.20); 7th beaten 3.8L, pulled up sore in both hind legs. 

SR8 H3 TAKSU($3.25) Been in terrific form this prep with the wet tracks around. The same situation here with a heavy track barrier 1 would fully expect him to lead on his ear here. Loves the track and distance super fit and can win again. Great price, huge chance. 

TAKSU($5.50); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! took it up and booted 2 lengths clear on straightening, fought on when challenged for a tough win. Loves th mud.

SR10 H7 CROSSTALK($3.10) Been in great from this prep. Likes a heavy track which he gets here. Will lead from barrier 8 and the track and distance suits. Promising horse building a good record. Tim Clarke aboard is a huge bonus. 

CROSS TALK($3.10 – $2.20); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! settled behind the speed challenged for the leaders on straightening and booted away to win easily. Way too good.

MR2 H3 ALGERNON($8) Tasmanian horse making its way to Melbourne. Is unbeaten first up (4 from4) and loves the distance. From barrier 4 will be up on the pace and will try and take a sit second just behind the leader. Has 1.5kg claim and loves a soft track. Has had a nice trial leading into this and if he handles the trip across will be very hard to beat!

ALGERNON($7); 5th beaten 1.75L, he was up with the second placed Zipping Boy at the distance when that horse chopped him out. He fought on strongly to the line. We will be following up.

SUMMARY: Cracking day last week with  one of Our Best getting up in Prince Of Helena($6) and a host of winners in our top 4. The races were abandoned after race 6 at Rosehill last week but that won’t happen this week which is great news. Lets Dive straight in and talk about the Pam O’neil stakes and we think Charmmebaby($6.50) L.SCR. can get the prize here. Dropping back from the Group 1 Tatt’s Tiara last start is ideal and only beaten 3.5L. Carries the same weight here and will sit behind a great tempo and be steaming home. Dzsenifer($7) ran well last start in the Glasshouse and stepping out to the 1600m is ideal, the wet track suits also. Will run well again. Esifar($7) ran on well last start over the 1500m so the extra 100m’s suits and the wet track no problem. Is good third up, and drops a kilo into this. Great chance. Tycoon Evie($11) ran on well last start after blundering the start. The step out to the 1600m third up suits. Drops a kilo into this and will be steaming home !! Narrated($15) has been in fantastic form this prep. and deserve her shot at a Group 3. Likes the 1600m and loves a wet surface also likes to lead but might take a sit from barrier 16. Off to Melbourne for the Sir John Monash Stakes and we think Oxley Road($3) can get the win here first up. Loves the track and distance, he is Group 1 placed and will find this more to his liking. Will probably lead here from barrier 5 and will be hard to run down. Felicia($7) has great form over the track and distance and  up. Only carries 56.5kgs. here and is a Group 3 winner. Might cross over and lead here but could easily take a sit behind Oxley Road. Ashford Street($7) is in tremendous form winning his last 2. Loves the track and distance and deserves a chance at Group 3 level! Satorial Splendor($15) ran well down the Flemington straight last start. Should be up on pace and the drop back to the 1100m is ideal. Good third up and doesn’t mind the sting out of the track! Great chance. Its a cracking day here in the Sunshine state. Would just like to say our thoughts are with people down in NSW with all the flooding and hope you get all the help and support you need. Would just like to say welcome to all our new members and hope you enjoy the ride at Horsebuck$. Another day of big fields and plenty of value around so on that note to all our Members and followers “GOOD LUCK” to all having a punt  and “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Dan & Kerry Horsebuck$.