Tips & Results 26th June 2022

Eagle Farm Track Good, Randwick Track Good, Caulfield Track Soft

Eagle Farm Races


1.h5 Sea Palling 2.h3 Field Regiment 3.h4 Seduction Queen 4.h9 Lethal Warning

Sea Palling 3rd/$2.60, Lethal Warning 4th


1.h4 Stuck With You 2.h10 Uncommon James 3.h6 Redoute’s Image 4.h7 Joy Too All

Uncommon James 1st $2.30/$1.50, Joy To All 4th


1.h1 Our Intrigue 2.h5 Elusive Jewel 3.h9 Little Mix 4.h7 Taaffeite

Our Intrigue(0.2L) 2nd/$1.30, Little Mix 3rd/n.t.d., Elusive Jewel 4th


1.h8 Lunasit 2.h2 Esti Feny 3.h5 Bonny Ezra 4.h1 Honorable Spirit

Esti Feny 3rd/n.t.d., Bonny Ezra 4th


1.h1 Star Of O’reilly 2.h2 V J Day 3.h5 Ammoudi Bay 4.h7 Kedleston

Ammoudi Bay 1st $2.90/$1.80, V.J.Day 2nd/$3.90, Kedelston 3rd/$2.70; Trifecta/$187.50; Quinella/$21.20; Exacta/$31.10


1.h1 Rhapsody Rose 2.h6 Fearnought 3.h7 Fetch 4.h2 Invisible Tears h8 Burning Bell

Rhapsody Rose(1L) 2nd/$1.80, Burning Bell 4th


1.h2 Johnny Rocker 2.h5 Dark Harmony 3.h7 Chayse ‘N’ Artie 4.h1 Thelwell h11 Honey Pot

Honey Pot(2.5L) 2nd/$2.40


1.h3 Annavisto 2.h10 Atishu 3.h7 Nudge 4.h14 Palaisipan h11 Charmmebaby

Palaisipan 3rd/$7.60, Atishu 4th


1.h4 Ranges 2.h5 Shooting For Gold 3.h12 Alpine Edge 4.h8 King Of Sparta h9 Garibaldi

Ranges 3rd/$3.70, Shooting For Gold 4th

Randwick Races


1.h6 Bootscooter 2.h9 Lisztomania 3.h10 Overextended 4.h3 Optimo

Bootscooter 1st $4.60/$2.20, Lisztomania 2nd/$2.40, Optimo 3rd/$3.10; Trifecta/$134.70; Quinella/$9.60; Exacta/$22.50


1.h5 Journalism 2.h8 Tympanist 3.h3 Deficit 4.h4 Indifference

Tympanist(1.33L) 2nd/$2.40, Journalism 3rd/$1.90, Deficit 4th


1.h7 Pandora Blue 2.h8 Conrad 3.h12 Lapreezy 4.h1 Exceltic

Pandora Blue 1st $10.30/$3.70


1.h4 Dehorned Unicorn 2.h2 Huesca 3.h6 Po Kare Kare 4.h11 Pretty Wild

Pretty Wild(0.27L) 2nd/$1.90; HUESCA SCR.


1.h3 Comme Belle Fille 2.h1 Niffler 3.h6 Lovetheinvasion 4.h4 Nothinsweetaboutme

Nothingsweetaboutme 1st $8/$3.50, Comme Bella Fille 2nd/$2.10, Loveintheinvasion 4th; Quinella/$13.80; Exacta/$32


1.h3 Le Baol 2.h6 Shameless Miss 3.h8 Funambulist 4.h5 Monreal

Shameless Miss 1st $2.70/$1.50, Le Baol 3rd/$1.90, Funambulist 4th


1.h1 Bethencourt 2.h6 Francesco Guardi 3.h9 Solar Apex 4. h2 Wairere Falls

Francesco Guardi 1st $5.90/$2.20, Solar Apex 3rd/$1.80, Wairere Falls 4th


1.h5 Dawn Passage 2.h8 Oscar Zulu 3.h3 Looks Like Elvis 4.h7 Lightning Jack

Oscar Zulu(0.36L) 2nd/$2.40, Looks Like Elvis 3rd/$3.40


1.h3 Our Bellagio Miss 2.h6 Conscript 3.h14 Shores Of Avalon 4.h8 Irish Angel h4 Rainbow Connection

Conscript 3rd/$3.50


1.h4 Jojo Was A Man 2.h8 Sinba 3.h5 For Valour 4.h1 Kingshier h15 Ready To Humble

Jojo Was A Man 1st $2.70/$1.60, Ready To Humble 4th

Caulfield Races


1.h4 Chain Of Lightning 2.h1 She’s All Class 3.h2 Unusual Culture 4.h6 Swerving

Chain Of Lightning 1st $3.60/$1.60, She’s All Class 2nd/$2.20, Unusual Culture 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta/$63.20; Quinella/$12.50; Exacta/$20.70


1.h3 Ghaanati 2.h5 She Dances 3.h14 Pinnace 4.h2 Taut You Could

Ghaanti(0.75L) 2nd/$1.30


1.h10 Dance To Dubai 2.h5 Duchess Of Dorset 3.h12 Beatrix 4.h7 Twist Of Fury

Dance To Dubai(0.76L) 2nd/$1.90


1.h2 No Effort 2.h6 D’aguilar 3.h8 Hezashocka 4.h9 Independent Road

Di’aguilar 1st $3.80/$1.70, Hezashocka 2nd/$1.80, No Effort 3rd/$2.40; Trifecta/$76.20; Quinella/$9.30; Exacta/$19.60


1.h4 Falls 2.h18 Eagles Crag 3.h2 Herman Hesse 4.h14 Good ‘N’ Proper

Eagles Crag 3rd/$2.40


1.h3 Lloyd’s Crown 2.h4 Squid Game 3.h2 Kooled 4.h1 Starry Legend h7 Inundation

Inundation 1st $3.40/$1.70. Squid Game 2nd/$1.80, Lloyd’s Crown 4th; Quinella/$5; Exacta/$10.50


1.h8 Sky Wolf 2.h11 The General 3.h3 Blaze A Trail 4.h1 Curran

Curran(1.5L) 2nd/$1.80, Skywolf 4th


1.h3 Arran Bay 2.h7 Vultan 3.h5 Philadelphia Storm 4.h4 Daytona Bay

Daytona Bay 3rd/$3.40, Arran Bay 4th


1.h4 Mr Exclusive 2.h8 Sig Positano 3.h7 Polanco 4. h2 Sign Of Ussuri

Sig Positano 3rd/$2.20, Polanco 4th

                                                         OUR BEST 

BR7 H2 JOHNNY ROCKER($5) Won impressively last start when dictated terms in front, and we expect him to do the same here. The extra 100m suits and loves the track. The whips will be cracking at the 100m mark. 

JOHNNY ROCKER($); 7th beaten 4.8L, sat outside the leader until the home turn then skipped to the lead. In front until the 200m then swamped shortly after, 1400m a little too far?

SR5 H3 COMME BELLA FILLE($4) Has won two in a row this prep and can win again third up here. The step out to the 1800m is ideal. Only carries 58kg after the claim, likes the track and is adept in all conditions. Huge chance for the hat trick. 

COMME BELLA FILLE($3.4); 2nd/$2.10 place beaten 0.19L, good run kept coming in the straight to just go down.

SR10 H4 JOJO WAS A MAN($4.80) Pretty good win last start when sat wide all the way and still moved away from them in the straight. Only carries 58.5kg after the claim and is adept in all conditions. From barrier 5 will be midfield and will be steaming home. Reece jones back aboard is a bonus. Loves the track and distance. Huge chance. 

JOJO WAS A MAN( $4.80 -$2.70); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! decent win strung up behind the leaders early, when clear in the straight knuckled down for a strong win.

MR4 H2 NO EFFORT ($5.50) Great win last start when leading all the way. We can see the same thing happening again from barrier 1 straight to the front and kick on the turn and be hard to run down again. Only goes up 1kg. She stays at the 2000m which is ideal. Huge chance again. 

NO EFFORT($6); 3rd/$2.40 place beaten 0.3L, pounced on the lead from the start kicked clear on straightening, only swamped the last 20m. Great run under her 57 kegs.

SUMMARY:Today we are diving straight into today’s  action starting with the Group 1 Tatts Tiara. This race is always a rip snorter and never short on chances. Annavisto($5) how good is this mare fresh and we know she will power forward and the distance is ideal. Big chance. Atishu($13) gate 5 for this mare is perfect giving her the opportunity to be just off the pace. Her last run here was a beauty, she has had 3 very good runs over the 1600m and now back to her aura(1400m) She will be driving hard at the finish. Nudge($14) this mare loves Good tracks and you can never discount her she will finishing late. Palaisipan($23) she is another that thrives on good tracks and we think she is well up to this level. Probably sit just behind the speed here. Charmmebaby($29) she has thrived up here in the winter sun and she seems to have a distinct liking for Eagle Farm. Snapdancer($7.50) distance query for ours from gate 21 but she is definitely a stronger mare these days. Randwick race 8 and Dawn Passage($8.50) in the real world this galloper should be up on the speed here. Track and distance ideal and the drier the better can handle soft though. Oscar Zulu($9) this bloke has come back in good form and he likes to stroll up just off the pace. Battleton($4.50)scr. been racing well in sunny Queensland, up a litte in class here but we think he can handle it. Lightning Jack($29) this horse could finish all over them third or he might just surprise and be on pace with the blinkers on. He has won in the past in NZ being on speed. Looks Like Elvis($7.50) next best. Race 7 Caulfield and we can’t split Skywolf($4) or The General($8) The General has 52 kegs and will go fast and Skywolf 54kegs will sit just behind him food for thought. Our Best last week we had 3 placegetters and thought Neptune’s Choice would have won for sure if the track had of been true. Over false rails being out ridiculous distances like the 11meters dished up at Flemington last week . Today is another day and we feel there is some excellent value around for Hosresbuck$ members and followers GIDDYUP!!! An absolute cracking winter’s day here on the Goldy. On that exhuberant note “GOOD LUCK” to all having a play today and as “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers Dan & Kerry Horsebuck$