Tips & Results 18th June 2022

Ipswich Track Soft5 (expect an upgrade), Rosehill Track Good, Flemington Track Soft

Ipswich Races


  1. h5 Honey Pot 2. h2 Northern Express 3. h3 Rose Of Shiraz 4. h7 Hattusa

1st Hattusa $46.20/$5.20, 2nd Honey Pot $1.20, 4th Rose Of Shiraz; Quinella/$33.40; Exacta/$186.20


  1. h5 Indiscreetly 2. h2 Hamlet Von Snitzel 3. h6 Berdini’s Girl 4. h6 Mintos’ Paradise

2nd Indiscreetly(0.75L) $2.10, 3rd Hamlet Von Snitzel n.t.d., 4th Berdini’s Girl


  1. h8 Neptune’s Choice 2. h2 Accessory 3. h3 Ready My Future 4. h11 I Ponder

1st Ready My Nature $3.50/$1.80, 2nd Accessory $2, 3rd Neptune’s Choice $3.80, 4th I Ponder; First4/$725.50; Trifecta/$154.70; Quinella/$9.30; Exacta/$14.90


  1. h4 See Marie 2. h12 Without Thinking 3. h6 Jakama 4. h1 Glen Ord

1st Jakama $4.60/$1.80, 3rd Without Thinking $2, 4th See Marie


  1. h6 The Big Goodbye 2. h2 Skins 3. h8 Orbysin 4. h5 Goldsborough

1st The Big Goodbye $4.20/$1.70, Goldsborough 2nd/$2.20, 3rd Orbisyn $2; Trifecta/$105.90; Quinella/$17.30; Exacta/$33.70


  1. h6 Coco Rox 2. h1 Rubiquitous 3. h12 Yes Dream 4. h9 Inasec

3rd Rubiquitous(0.3L) $3.60, 4th Coco Rox


  1. h5 Our Intrigue 2. h1 Berdibek 3. h3 Bartholomew Dias 4. h2 Ballistic Boy, h4 Swords Drawn

2nd Our Intrigue(0.3L) $1.80


  1. h5 Vinco 2. h2 Desert Lord 3. h3 Holyfield 4. h1 Emerald Kingdom

1st Holyfield $6.80/$2.80, 2nd Desert Lord $3.90; Quinella/$51; Exacta/$91.80


  1. h8 Tycoon Evie 2. h5 Tahitian Dancer 3. h12 Dash For Dreams 4. h16 Maybe The Best, h2 Juan Diva

2nd Maybe The Best(0.1L) $2.30, 4th Tycoon Evie; JUAN DIVA L.SCR.

Rosehill Races


  1. h2 Kibou 2. h1 Osipenko 3. h7 Razeta 4. h4 Lunar Shoes

1st Kibou $2.80/$1.70, 2nd Osipenko $1.20, 3rd Razeta n.t.d.; Trifecta/$11.10; Quinella/$2.30; Exacta/$5.30


  1. h11 Summer Glow 2. h2 Pure Fuego 3. H16 Miss Kirribilli 4. h17 Tidal Rush

2nd Miss Kirribilli(1.8L)  $3.80, 3rd Summer Glow $2.10


  1. h5 Oakfield Prince 2. h3 So Sneaky 3. h4 Harvey’s Way 4. h1 French Bonnet

2nd Oakfield Prince(1.2L) $2.60


  1. h4 Karlstad 2. h2 The Catch 3. h7 Wilinga Rufio 4. h1 Dhakuri

2nd Willinga Rufio(1.45L) $1.70, 3rd Karlstad $2.90, 4th Dhakuri


  1. h3 Born A King 2. h1 Arapaho 3. h8 Tinnie Winnie 4. h11 Colour Sergeant

1st Born A King $4.80/$1.90, 2nd Colour Sergeant $3.10, 4th Tinnie Winnie; Quinella/$22.50; Exacta/$37.70


  1. h13 Quanteus 2. h11 Glittery 3. h1 Undeniable 4. h14 Petulant

2nd Petulant(1.24L) $2.30


  1. h3 Dr. Drill 2. h5 Surf Dancer 3. h8 Skyman 4. h9 Welsh Legend

1st Skyman $2.70/$1.30, 2nd Dr Drill $1.90, 3rd Welsh Legend $2.10; Trifecta/$54.70; Quinella/$7; Exacta/$12


  1. h1 Sibaaq 2. h2 Two Big Fari 3. H5 Max Schnell 4. h6 Philipsburg



  1. h10 Per Inaway 2. h3 Lady Of Luxury 3. h13 Bella Rouge 4. h6 Robodira

1st Bella Rouge $4.40/$1.80, 2nd Lady Of Luxury $2.20, 4th Per Inaway; Quinella/$14.50; Exacta/$26.80


  1. h6 El Buena 2. h13 French Marine 3. h5 Titanium Power 4. h4 Impasse, h12 Lease

1st Titanium Power $7.80/$2.60

Flemington Races


  1. h4 Pesto 2. h2 Don’t Doubt Dory 3. h1 Port Gillaume 4. h5 Prince Ziggy

2nd Don’t Doubt Dory(1L) $2.20, 3rd Pesto $1.40, 4th Port Guillaume


  1. h2 Diamonds 2. h8 Grand Pope 3. h6 Little Stevie 4. h11 Starlight Scope

3rd Grand Pope $1.60, 4th Little Stevie


  1. h1 Atlantis Tycoon 2. h4 Fairy Spirit 3. h8 Amphina 4. h3 Nothing Silly

4th Anphina


  1. h3 Selburose 2. h2 Quintello 3. h6 Galgani 4. h7 American Angel



  1. h8 Passive Aggressive 2. h1 Star Patrol 3. h3 Gimme Par 4. h6 I Am Me

1st Passive Aggressive $3/$1.50, 2nd Star Patrol $1.40; Quinella/$2.70; Exacta/$6.50


  1. h4 Tavidance 2. h3 Edison 3. h1 Too Close The Sun 4. h7 Biometric

1st Biometric $6.70/$2.10, 2nd Tavidance $2.30, 3rd Edison $1.70; Trifecta/$175.80; Quinella/$18.60; Exacta/$48.40


  1. h3 Natural Mystic 2. h6 Oceana Blue 3. h9 Maatsuyker 4. h5 Secret Glamour, h10 Rock Up

2nd Rock Up(2.75L) $3.50, 3rd Natural Mystic $2.50, 4th Oceana Blue


  1. h9 D’aguilar 2. h7 Visinari 3. h5 Sir Davy 4. h6 Mystery Shot

2nd Visinari $1.40, 3rd Sir Davy $2, 4th Mystery Shot


  1. h1 Free Of Debt 2. h2 Express Pass 3. h11 Zac De Boss 4. h4 Lord Olympus, h5 Crestani

1st Zac De Boss $4.80/$2, 3rd Express Pass $2

                                                         OUR BEST 

BR4 H4 SEE MARIE($3.20); shortening up in the betting as I type. Did nothing right first up at Eagle Farm and is a better proposition second up. Track and distance are to her liking she will probably roll forward here. Watched her trial at Deagon behind Snapdancer and Away Game, whereas we are not big trial fans this one was good. The genius of Ipswich is on Jimmy Byrne. 

SEE MARIE($2.80); 4th beaten 1.8L,

BR7 H5 OUR INTRIGUE($5); this mare certainly races well into a prep and still on the limit. In the real world we would expect her to be on the speed especially here. There is not a lot of pace in this race maybe she will take it up. Distance is perfect for her, she handles all conditions and will be super fit. Huge Chance.

OUR INTRIGUE($3.50); 2nd/$1,80 place beaten 0.3L,

SR7 H3 DR. DRILL($4.60); we expect this galloper to be right on the speed from the get go. He fires big time third up and handles all conditions. Has not won for quite a while but fully expect him to remedy that today.

DR. DRILL($6); 2nd/$1.90 place beaten 2.43L,

BR3 H8 NEPTUNE’S CHOICE($21); this is not a strong race and he really does relish this circuit. He has led over a distance here and bolted in. We would envisage track drying out by this race as his best is on a good surface. If he did lead and got a break on them at the distance would be tough to run down. 

NEPTUNE’S Choice($17); 3rd/$3.80 place beaten 0.85L,

SUMMARY: The “Beast” Nature Strip absolutely spanked them in the UK gougudthing, also how good was it to see The Alligator back winning in Group1 class where he belongs NECK STRETCHED AND NOSTRILS FLARING not many better sights in racing when this horse pings. Siege ($4) was a great result in Our Best last week and Battleton tried hard for 2nd. As usual plenty of action for multi runner players with some value winners. To Ipswich today and the Eye Liner sprint Vinco($5) will be hard to toss here back in top form. He should get a great run behind the speed from his gate and the drier the better. His liking for this circuit is a bonus. Desert Lord($13) forget his last run as he endured a torrid run he should be on speed here. Holyfield($5) can win if he can get a decent run from his gate 16. He likes to be on the speed so he might get dragged across as there is a ton of speed inside him. Emerald Kingdom($8.50) is a quality horse and Last Chance($19) is in cracking form. We will include Red Chase($51) for exotic players as he can be steaming home over them late. Good race. The Gai Waterhouse for fillies and mares a huge field with a plethora of chances, Tycoon Evie($10) was only beaten 2.2L behind Najmaty last start and that was 1st up she is definitely a better proposition 2nd up. Like to see her get a nice trail up behind the speed. This is her pet distance and she does meet Tahitian Dancer($4.80) 2kegs better here. Tahitian Dancer is in top form though and will be in the finish. Dash For Dreams($23) flies around here and even from her hideous gate16 she will ping and roll forward. Maybe The Best($9) and Juan Diva($4.50) next best. Tough race to round out another epic Ipswich Cup meeting we happen to have a best bet in the cup for our members. Pesto($2.70) might start proceedings off nicely in Flemington race one, short but!! Should be an absolute cracking day at Ipswich sun out huge crowd and plenty of winners (: On that display of enthusiasm “GOOD LUCK” to all our members and Facebook followers. cheers from Kerry & Dan