Tips & Results 28th May 2022

Eagle Farm Track Good, Randwick Track Heavy, Caulfield Track Good

Eagle Farm Races


1.h1 Barb Raider 2.h3 Gin Martini 3.h9 Smirk 4.h6 Belle Savoir

Barb Raider 1st $3.10/$1.70, Belle Savoir 2nd/$3.20, Smirk 3rd/$2.70, Gin Martini 4th; First4/$618; Trifecta/$105.90; Quinella/$16.20; Exacta/$24


1.h3 Steel Prince 2.h8 Stardome 3.h15 Soprano Supreme 4.h16 The Fearless One

The Fearless One 3rd/$3.20;


1.h7 Bigboyroy 2.h1 Kolding 3.h2 Hungry Heart 4.h4 Zayydani

Bigboyroy 1st $3.40/$1.80, Kolding 3rd/$2.70, Zaydani 4th


1.h1 Twinstars 2.h10 Resonator 3.h2 Swiss Exile 4.h17 Shes’s A Belter

Sheeza Belter 1st $15.90/$4.50, Swiss Exzile 2nd/$2.90; Quinella/$65.70; Exacta/$134.80


1.h1 Zaaki 2.h4 Yonkers 3.h5 Great House 4.h3 Kukeracha

Zaaki 3rd/$1.10, Great House 4th


1.h5 Flying Crazy 2.h6 Minsk Moment 3.h16 Startantes 4.h2 Prince Of Boom



1.h5 Soxagon 2.h11 Tycoonist 3.h15 Gospodin 4.h16 Taksu h6 Buffalo River

Soxagon 1st $6.90/$2.80


1.h2 Dark Destroyer 2.h1 Tutukaka 3.h12 Paternal 4.h3 Caboche

Paternal(0.2L) 2nd/$2, Caboche 3rd/$3.50, Dark Destroyer 4th


1.h12 Entrivere 2.h11 September Run 3.h3 Ellsberg 4.h5 Apache Chase h9 Signore Fox

Apache Chase 1st $13.80/$4


1.h9 April Rain 2. h20 Tahitian Dancer 3.h11 Tycoon Evie 4.h5 Salateen h4 Dirty Thoughts

Salateen(0.75L) 2nd/$4.90, Tahitian Dancer 3rd/$2.90

Randwick Races


1.h7 Irresistible Miss 2.h10 Taylor Be Swift 3.h1 Optimo 4.h4 Sungblue

Sungblue 1st $9/$3.40


1.h4 Tango Fame 2.h8 Amati 3.h7 Golden Queen 4.h5 Dirty Merchant

Amati(0.86L) 2nd/$2.50, Golden Queen 3rd/n.t.d., Dirty Merchant 4th


1.h8 Narrated 2.h4 Zorocat 3.h7 And We Danced 4.h1 Nicci’s Fling

Narrated(0.04L) 2nd/$1.70, And We Danced 3rd/$1.50, Nicci’s Fling 4th


1.h3 Calgary Queen 2.h1 Lancaster Bomber 3.h5 Different Strokes 4.h10 Don Luigi

Don Luigi 3rd/$2.80


1.h5 Shameless Miss 2.h6 Arabolini 3.h4 Mission Phoenix 4.h3 Feel The Rush

Feel The Rush 4th


1.h4 Democracy Manifest 2.h9 Shadow Devil 3.h5 Park Avenue 4.h13 Kanazawa

Kanazawa(0.02L) 2nd/$2.10


1.h3 Andermatt 2.h8 The Face 3.h10 Much Much Better 4.h2 Greyworm

Much Much Better(0.11L) 2nd/$2.30, Andermatt 3rd/$1.30


1.h13 Coal Crusher 2.h1 Handle The Truth 3.h11 Constant Flight 4.h3 Art Cadeau

Art Cadeau 1st $14/$3.40


1.h12 Sacrimony 2.h14 Mr Hussil 3.h9 French Marine 4.h5 Jojo Was A Man h1 Zegalo

French Marine 3rd/$2.20, Jojo Was A Man 4th


1.h3 Queen Bellissimo 2.h7 American President 3.h8 Garrison 4.h2 Snowzone h5 Undeniable

Snowzone(0.13L) 2nd/$3.50, American President 3rd/$1.60, Queen Bellissimo 4th

Caulfield Races


1.h5 Ashford Street 2.h3 Starry Legend 3.h7 Tycoon Humma 4.h1 Dexelation

Ashford Street 1st $3.50/$2, Starry Legend 2nd/$1.60, Tycoon Humma 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$97.10; Quinella/$3.80; Exacta/$8.70


1.h1 Jamarra 2.h2 Shalailed 3.h11 Mckeon 4.h3 Magnaspin

Shalailed(0.5L) 2nd/$2.20


1.h9 Naval Seal 2.h1 Chartres 3.h10 Oceana Blue 4.h5 Hopon Harry

Hopon Harry 1st $6/$2.30, Ocean Blue 2nd/$2.20, Naval Seal 3rd/$2.30; Trifecta/$115.20; Quinella/$14.20; Exacta/$39.20


1.h1 Authentic Jewel 2.h2 Coco Rox 3.h13 Gentility 4.h14 Speed Lover

Authentic Jewel(3.5L) 2nd/$3.20, Coco Rox 3rd/$2.60


1.h6 Dance To Dubai 2.h11 Pandora Blue 3.h14 Reite Den Blitz 4.h3 Selburose

Selburose 1st/$9/$2.90, Pandora Blue 2nd/$3.90, Dance To Dubai 4th; Quinella/$72.40; Exacta/$141


1.h2 Galenus 2.h3 Sacred Palace 3.h4 Sig Positano 4.h11 Jigsaw

Jigsaw 1st $4.20/$2.30, Sacred Palace 3rd/$3.60, Sig Positano 4th


1.h5 No Effort 2.h6 Pancho 3.h7 Witchachar Star 4.h2 Grandslam

No Effort 1st $10.80/$2.80


1.h3 Hosier 2.h8 Sir Davy 3.h14 Visinari 4.h5 Scottish Dancer

Sir Davy 1st $9/$2.50, Visinari 2nd/$1.50, Hosier 3rd/$1.80; Trifecta/$81.80; Quinella/$11.90; Exacta/$37.70


1.h14 D’aguilar 2.h3 Zoist 3.h2 First Accused 4.h6 Khoekhoe

D’aguilar 1st $5.40/$2.30, First Accused 2nd/$2.30; Quinella/$16.40; Exacta/$37.20

MAIN QUADDIE: Jigsaw/No Effort/Sir Davy/D’aguilar DIVI; $3,199

                                     OUR BEST 

MR4 H1 AUTHENTIC JEWEL($8) Ran well first up,then had no luck 2nd up when posted wide the entire trip. She is good 3rd up and likes the distance also drops back in grade here and only goes up 1.5kgs. Loves a good track and from barrier 7 will be up near the pace. With a good run in transit will be hard to beat. 

AUTHENTIC JEWEL($8.50); 2nd/$3.20 place beaten 3.5L, great run throughout every chance really. 

SR9 H3 QUEEN BELLISSIMO($6.50) Ran on strongly first up. Will be up on pace from barrier 3 she is great 2nd up loves the track and distance and is adept in all conditions. The whips will be cracking !!! 

QUEEN BELLISSIMO($4.80); 4th beaten 0.36L, led challenged fought on third up next start.

BR9 H12 ENTREVERE($4.60) Really ran on strongly on a bog track last start. She is on her way to the Straddy but we think she can get this prize along the way. She is a group 1 winner in NZ and looking to add one in OZ. Loves the distance and back to a good track suits. From barrier 17 she will get back but we are expecting a lot of speed here so she should be able to run on. A great race and she is the one to beat. 

ENTRIVIERE($); 11th beaten 3.25L, forget the backmarkers ever went around in the Kingsford Smith.

                                                                    BEST EACHWAY

MR8 H5 NO EFFORT($17) Had absolutely no luck last start when wide the whole way. Never does anything in her first 3 runs in a prep then starts to hit her straps 4th up and beyond. Has a better barrier then last start and from barrier 3 will be up on the speed and hard to run down. Loves the track and distance and only goes up a kilo. Can run a cracking race here. 

NO EFFORT($10.80); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! straight to the front conrolled the race and it was game over when they turned. GIDDYUP!!!

SUMMARY: Crazy day of results last week with the Doomben meeting being abandoned due to the rain. But the silver lining is we have a bumper 10 race program to sink our teeth into today. Lets dive straight into it and talk about the Fred Best Classic and we think Flying Crazy($10) can win again. Stormed home over the top of them last start over the 1300m. The extra 100m suits and looks to be some speed in this so from barrier 15 will be rocketing home. Minsk Moment($19) ran home well last start over the 1400m and will be a touch closer from barrier 4. Likes the track and the distance the Good track suits also. Jim Byrne aboard is a bonus. Startantes($5.50) has been getting fitter with each run this prep. 3rd up she fires, only got beaten 0.5L in the group 1 Surrond Stakes 3rd up last prep. Getting back to a good track suits. Will be in the back half of the field and running on nicely. Prince Of Boom tends to struggle at this distance but might be able to run into a place here. The QLD Derby and Dark Destroyer($4) can get the prize here. Was super last start when he did all the work early and still fought off the challengers to get the win. From barrier 1 should be able to sit 3rd just behind the pace, he is adept in all conditions and the rise to the 2400m is ideal. Tutukaka($17) can run a huge race here. Got way to far back on a bog track last start so stepping up in distance and back to a good track suits. Will be a touch closer then last start he is good third up and likes the track. Paternal($6) think Chris waller has this guy ready to peak today. Was charging home late last start and hit the line strongly. The 2400m is ideal and as he has never been on a good track we think he will handle it. From barrier 3 will be much closer to the speed this time and he will be stalking the leaders all the way. Caboche($9) I sound like a broken record but this galloper also ran on well last start and will be suited back to a good track, 2400m will suit and races well into a prep. Just a quick mention Randwick race 9  Sacrimony($7) like to see him ridden back instead of forward and if it stays heavy has a huge chance. Can bounce back.  Expect a few form reversals this week with 2 tracks being dry. A cracking days racing in the Sunshine State and yes the sun is out and the track is good WHAT THE! On that comical note “Good Luck” to all members and Facebook followers having a punt today. Racing is entertainment as always “ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers Dan & Kerry Horsebuck$