Tips & Results 14th May 2022

Eagle Farm Track Soft(??) – Heavy, SconeTrack Heavy, Flemington Track Good – Soft

Eagle Farm Races


  1. h11 Nicci Trix 2. h9 She Can Sing 3. h6 Shamaton 4. h2 Ruby July

Shamaton 3rd/$1.80


  1. h4 Derulo 2. h2 Bigboyroy 3. h8 Diamil 4. h3 Sikandarabad

Diamil 1st $2.90/$1.40, Sikandarabad 2nd/$2.80, Bigboyroy 3rd/$1.50; Trifecta/$68.50; Quinella/$14.50; Exacta/$21


  1. h4 Our Intrigue 2. h11 Lunasnit 3. h7 Star Of Michelin 4. h1 Yonkers

Yonkers 1st 7/$2.40, Our Intrigue 2nd/$2.40; Quinella/$20.10; Exacta/$39.50


  1. h10 Startantes 2. h4 Release The Beans 3. h8 El Vencedor 4. h3 Ranch Hand

Ranch Hand 1st $9/$2.70


  1. h3 Capital Tower 2. h10 Slipper Island 3. h13 Exo Lady 4. h8 Sandpaper

Exo Lady(0.5L) 2nd/$2.60


  1. h1 Babylon Berlin 2. h14 Palaisipan 3. h16 Enterprise Pomme 4. h10 Centrefire, h19 Winside



  1. h3 Dark Destroyer 2. h1 Character 3. h11 Ashgrove 4. h15 Impel Gazelle, h18 Paternal

Dark Destroyer 1st $9.60/$2.70, Paternal 2nd/$6.80; Quinella/$132.30; Exacta/$221.20


  1. h1 Kementari 2. h13 Entriviere 3. h9 Mazu 4. h3 Count De Rupee, h7 Signore Fox

Mazu 1st $3.30/$1.90, Entreviere 3rd/$2.50, Signore Fox 4th


  1. h2 Roman Aureus 2. h12 Palladas 3. h13 Flexible 4. h1 Never No More, h11 Dash For Dreams

Never No More(2.75L) 2nd/$2.60, Palladas 4th

Scone Races


  1. h7 The Dramatist 2. h8 Sungblue 3. h17 Keen Contributer 4. h13 Hokahey

Hokahey 3rd/$4.50


  1. h13 Achira a2. h4 Lovetheinvasion 3. h7 Colour Sergeant 4. h3 Dr. Evil

Colour Sereant 1st16.80/$3.70, Dr. Evil 3rd/$2.20, Lovetheinvasion 4th


  1. hg5 Arobolini 2. h4 Mission Phoenix 3. h3 Bonny Ezra 4. h1o Penelope Cruz

Bonny Ezra 1st $4.40/$1.70, Mission Phoenix 3rd/$2, Arabolini 4th


  1. h3 In Secret 2. h5 Lunar Rocks 3. h4 Lady Harlem 4. h2 Deep Expectations

In Secret 1st $3.60/$2.10


  1. h11 Sacrimony 2. h2 Dynamic Impact 3. h6 Casino Seventeen 4. h15 Redoubt’s Image

Redoubt’s Image 1st $23/$3.70, Dynamic Impact 4th


  1. h3 Zapateo 2. h13 I Am Me 3. h6 Authentic Jewel 4. h1 Mallory

Zapateo 1st $6.20/$2.40, I Am Me 4th

EARLY QUADDIE; Bonny Ezra/In Secret/Redoubt’s Image/Zapateo DIVI:$4,325.10


  1. h3 Tycoonist 2. h1 Bandersnatch 3. h10 True Detective 4. h4 Andermatt, h14 Much Much Better

Andermatt 4th


  1. h15 Brookspire 2. h9 Majestic Shot 3. h16 Le Gai Soliel 4. h 8 Never Talk, h17 Barossa Rosa

Never Talk 3rd/$2.10


  1. h3 Malkovich 2. h13 Mr. Mosaic 3. h2 Roheryn 4. h1 Eleven Eleven, h5 Vulpine

Vulpine 1st $12.40/$3.80, Mr. Mosaic 2nd/$3.40, Eleven Eleven 4th; Quinella/$81.70; Exacta/$170.90


  1. h12 American President 2. h17 Two Up 3. h8 Hulk 4. h1 Athelric

Athelric 1st $2.40/$1.30, American President 2nd/$1.60, Hulk 3rd/$1.70, Two Up 4th; First4/$89.50; Trifecta/$20.80; Quinella/$3.80; Exacta/$7.10

Flemington Races


  1. h6 Doull 2. h4 Atlantic Ocean 3. h3 Gold Bucket 4. h13 Impel

Doull 1st $2.20/$1.30, Impel 4th


  1. h5 No Way Ever 2. h6 Arranmore 3. h7 Miss Melbourne 4. h3 Commands The Field

No Way Never 1st $4.60/$1.90, Commands The Field 2nd/$1.80; Quinella/$9; Exacta/$20.70


  1. h2 Carlisle 2. h5 Sonora 3. h3 British Columbia4. h7 Flash Feeling

Flash Feeling 1st $5.60/$2.10, British Columbia 3rd/$1.90, Carlisle 4th


  1. h10 Adele Amour 2. h6 Witchfulthinking 3. h16 Starry Role 4. h4 Saigon

Adele Amour 1st $3.20/$1.90, Saigon 4th


  1. h9 Lyrical Lad 2. h1 Typhoon Harmony 3. h12 Coolth 4. h11 Slipintothis

Lyrical Lad(0.1L) 2nd/$3.20, Coolth 4th


  1. h5 Ice Pick Nick 2. h2 Tonneofgrit 3. h10 Deprivation 4. h6 Star Of Chaos



  1. h8 Through Irish Eyes 2. h10 Point Nepean 3. h2 Luncies 4. h 6 English King

Point Napean 1st $6.90/$2.40, Luncies 2nd/$2.10, Through Irish Eyes 3rd/$1.90; Trifecta/$174; Quinella/$18.10; Exacta/$37.90


  1. h3 Morvada 2. h8 Bold Star 3. h10 Mystery Shot 4. h1 Justacanta, h15 Stay Gold

Mystery Shot(o.2L) 2nd/$4.10, Justacanta 4th


  1. h1 Dosh 2. h5 Fine Dane 3. h6 Young Liam 4. h11 Whipcrackerway, h13 Winsum

Winsum 4th

                                                                     OUR BEST 

MR6 H5 ICE PICK NICK($4); this horse didn’t appreciate being ridden off them last start and so his 4th was a very good effort. Out to the 1400m today might just be the key for this bloke so if they ride him similar the extra distance might settle him. He is a speed horse though, we expect him to be in the finish big time. 

ICE PICK NICK($3.70); 6th beaten 1.85L, restrained behind leaders loomed at the distance,distance too far? Convinced he is a speed horse.

MR9 H1 DOSH($4); very good filly and is in fairly well here for a BM84 as she is a dual G2 winner. Loves to be right on the speed and this is her distance. Three year old against the older horses!! but we expect her to show her brilliance and be too classy.

DOSH($5.50); last beaten 7.6L, led but never looked happy gone as soon as the pressure was on.

BR6 H1 BABYLON BERLIN($4); this mare does have a touch of class and is a pistloero first up. The wetter the better for her and although drawn awkwardly in 12 the wet track and 7m rail(wot the!!) will help as she likes to go forward. Also a dual G2 winner might just be too good.

BABYLON BERLIN($3.60); 10th beaten 10.3L, got well back and never got into it.

BR9 H2 ROMAN AUREUS($10); a super consistent galloper that handles wet conditins with ease. Larry Cassidy will have him there on the speed and he will need all his guile as 1400m is as far as he wants. The track will be chopped up significantly by this race and being up front would be a distinct advantage. If he can get a break on them at the distance that might just be the ball game.

ROMAN AUREUS($11); 7th beaten 6.2L, missed the start and never recovered ran on okay. one more? 

SUMMARY: We finished with a flourish last week with some great value winners for all and Sig Positano just missed in Our Best. With a touch more luck Caulfield could have been sensational but as usual there was plenty of action for all members and Facebook followers. Another super tough day with crazy track conditions and huge fields so let’s get to the Group1 Ten Thousand and this is an absolute cracking sprint with at least 9 chances. We found it hard to split Kementari($9) and Entreviere($10) both seasoned group1 horses. Just a slight leaning to the big fella Kementari he loves to race fresh and is an absolute swimmer and we know Nash is not going to leave anything in the tank. Entreviere is a quality mare and loves the mud and is a pistol first up, as we said these two are quality G1 performers. Mazu is in savage form and is also a mudder (what did I just say) and will be right on the speed and hard to run down. Count De Rupee good winner last start and Signore Fox do not underestimate this bloke he likes G1 competeition. As we said super competetive and the track will be chopped up by race 8 and what part of the track they will be using by then is any body’s guess. The Ramsden at Flemington and Through Irish Eyes($5.50) might get the cash here is improving with every run. Like to mention race 1 Eagle Farm this is without a doubt one of the hardest openers I have seen for many years, Nicci Trix or Ruby July might just upset the more fancied rivals here. Super tough event. Good luck to all having a play today and remember “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$