Tips & Results 30th April 2022

Eagle Farm Track Soft, Hawkesbury Track Heavy, Sandown Hillside Track Good

Eagle Farm Races


  1. h4 Trevelyan 2. h2 Smart Meteor 3. h6 Honorable Spirit  4. h10 Major Artie

Major Artie 1st $2.30/$1.60, Trevelyan 3rd/n.t.d.


  1. h2 Hostage Of War 2. h7 Vitesse Francais 3. h5 He Is 4. h6 Octavian

Vitesse Francais 4th


  1. h2 Release The Beans 2. h7 Zavaboom 3. h11 Bulloo 4. h5 Kir Royale

Release The Beans(0.2L) 2nd/$1.90, Zavaboom 4th


  1. h5 Gave Us Up 2. h6 General Dubai 3. h2 Wham 4. h4 Enterprise Prince

Gave Us Up 1st $2.45/$1.20, General Dubai 3rd/$1.90


  1. h2 Brereton 2. h3 Palazzo Spirit 3. h6 Steady Ready 4. h7 Exo Lady

Exo Lady 1st $14/$3, Steady Ready 2nd/$1.30, Brereton 4th; Quinella/$13.50; Exacta/$50.30


  1. h7 Whozyadeeler 2. h8 Bad Barista 3. h9 Maybe The Best 4. h3 Palladas

Palladas 4th


  1. h4 Dark Destroyer 2. h2 Character 3. h3 Bend The Knee 4. h5 Cape Breton

Character 1st $6/$2.60, Dark Destroyer 2nd/$3.90; Quinella/$52.70; Exacta/$86.50


  1. h7 Scallopini 2. h8 It’s Me 3. h3 Rothfire 4. h2 Count De Rupee, h9 Startantes

Count De Rupee 1st $7.50/$2.40, Scallopini 2nd/$4.40, Startantes 4th; Quinella/$87.40; Exacta/$181.40


  1. h5 Go Wandji 2. h9 Bullfinch 3. h15 Aidensfield 4. h3 Avowal, h16 Zoukina

Bullfinch 1st $5.50/$1.70, Aidensfield 2nd/$1.80, Avowal 4th; Quinella/$9.40; Exacta/$19.20; GO WANDJI L.SCR.

Hawkesbury Races


  1. h1 Green Shadows 2. h3 Bisquait 3. h2 Master Showman 4. h5 Burgunder

Burgunder 1st $8.50/$2.50, Basquait 2nd/$1.80, Green Shadows 4th; Quinella/$12; Exacta/$26.30


  1. h11 Brief Statement 2. h3 I’m Not Slew 3. h15 Overtexted 4. h4 Extravagant Lad

Overextend(3L) 2nd/$2.80


  1. 17 Divine Breath 2. h1 French Bonnet 3. h7 Bluff ‘n’Bluster 4. h6 Margie Bee



  1. h8 Get The Idea 2. h1 Kalapour 3. h4 Shibli 4. h11 Global Ausbred

Get The Idea 3rd/$2.10


  1. h7 Salina Dreaming 2. h4 Queen Bellissimo 3. h8 Authentic Jewel 4. h3 Lashes

Queen Bellissimo(0.8L) 2nd/$1.90, Authentic Jewel 3rd/$2.20


  1. h2 Malcovich 2. h6 Tycoonist 3. h1 Eleven Eleven 4. h8 Our Bellagio Miss

Tycoonist 1st $4.10/$1.50, Malcovich 2nd/$1.30; Quinella/$4.80; Exacta/$11.40; ELEVEN ELEVEN L.SCR.


  1. h5 Vilana 2. h1 Mr. Mozart 3. h6 Loch Eagle 4. h10 Devil’s Throat

Mr. Mozart 1st $2.10/$1.20, Loch Eagle 4th


  1. h11 Fashchanel 2. h10 Brookspire 3. h4 Matchmaker 4. h15 Jump The Broom

Fashchanel 3rd/$2.50


  1. h5 Brutality 2. h11 Art Cadeau 3. h13 The Frontman 4. h2 Berbidek, h7 Imaging

Brutality 4th


  1. h3 Norwegian Bliss 2. h10 Vrenelli 3. h18 Sindacato 4. h8 Sibaaq, h9 Suave

Norwegian Bliss 1st $2.60/$1.30; INDSACATO, SIBAAQ, SUAVE L. SCR’S



  1. h5 Hell Hound 2. h1 Port Albert 3. h3 Zouthur 4. h4 Social Conscience

Hell Hound 1st $1.90/$1.50, Port Albert 2nd/$2.40; Quinella/$4.60; Exacta/$7.20


  1. h1 Nordic Pride 2. h2 Eureka Street 3. h5 Agnelli 4. h9 Witchachar Star

Witchachar Star 1st $6.50/$2.20, Agnelli 2nd/$2.50; Quinella/$24.60; Exacta/$46.60


  1. h1 Jucconi 2. h8 Navy Envoy 3. h5 D’jumbuck 4. h9 Stretto

Jucconi(0.3L) 2nd/$1.90, Stretto 3rd/$1.70


  1. h1 Agreeable 2. h3 Ocean Miss 3. h7 Cirrina 4. h4 Laffalong

Agreeable 1st $7/$2.50


  1. h3 Lempika 2. h10 Jayanthi 3. h6 Paper Dragon 4. h8 California Surreal

Jayanthi 3rd/$1.70


  1. h5 Fine Dane 2. h2 Lady Solly 3. h10 Starry Legend 4. h9 Destination

Starry Legend 1st $3.80/$2.20, Fine Dane 3rd/n.t.d., Lady Solly 4th


  1. h6 Sonora 2. h2 Belle Savoir 3. h12 Talequah 4. h9 Flash Feeling

Belle Savoir(0.2L) 2nd/$1.50,


  1. h9 Excelida 2. h1 Bufffalo River 3. h5 Regardsmaree 4. h4 Great Again, h12 Beaufort Park

Regardsmaree 1st $2.60/$1.50, Buffalo River 2nd/$1.40, Excelida 3rd/$2.10; Trifecta/$22.90; Quinella/$3.20; Exacta/$6.80


  1. h7 Born A King 2. h5 Lyrical Lad 3. h6 Sir Davy 4. h8 Basarwa

Sir Davy 1st $3.40/$1.60, Basarwa 3rd/$2.40

                                                                     OUR BEST 

SR5 H7 SALINA DREAMING($12): very consistent mare who is used to racing with big weights so the 56.5kegs should be to her liking. She is lightly raced and this the first time she has raced deep into a prep. Has the perfect draw to possie up behind the speed here. Track and distance no problems and she is partial to wet tracks being placed 4 from 5 on the heavy. Expect her to be chiming in at the distance big time.

SALINA DREAMING($7.50); 6th beaten 3.4L, no excuses

BR6 H7 WHOZYADEELER($7): won his first 2 starts then got lost a little his next few although a little unlucky. His trial at the Goldy was pretty good, he has won first up and just might be primed here for aq big one. Distance ideal first up and we wouldn’t want him too far back in the big field from his gate (1)  Expect him to be firing up big time down the centre. GIDDYUP!!

WHOZYADEELER($16); 10th beaten 4.35L, blew like a hurricane in the betting and ran accordingly. Let’s see where he turns up next start.

SR9 H5 BRUTALITY($9): forget his last last start at Randwick when well back on the turn which was the kiss of death on a gluey surface. Certainly better suited back to the 1600m here and would hope they ride him a little closer here in the big field. Regan Bayliss is the go to jockey for this horse and in a close finish is as good as they get.

BRUTALITY($8.50); 4th beaten 3.47L, wasn’t ridden much closer and same result on a very similar surface as last start. Coulda shoulda woulda maybe for this horse.

SUMMARY: Grandslam($3.20 – $1.85) kept the flag flying for Our Best last week so  happy days!! and Stardome ran a good 3rd. Everything was going according to plan at Doomben until the track became Heavy then it was game over for us there. Great results at Randwick and 5 winners at Caulfield and beaten in four close goes in the other 4 races so a pretty good day all round for all players. Another mega tough day of racing with the weather closing in at Hawkesbury and big fields once again. Eagle Farm race 8 and Scallopini($19) might spoil the party here he is ultra consistent and is a pistol 1st up great draw for him to be right on the speed. Loves soft. Rothfire($2.50) if he is on song might be too good but he is on trial here for ours looking for bigger plums. It’s Me($16) pretty good run last start in Listed grade she will get back though. Count De Rupee($5.50) and Startantes($10) round out our five in what is a very tough affair indeed. Australian Oaks Adelaide good race this one with a plethora of chances and Bon’s A Pearla($10) has been in great form she just might get one back here. She will be steaming home as long as she doesn’t get to the front too early. Mamounia($17) good filly and this should be a perfect distance for her. Will get back from her wide gate. My Whisper($3) has been in great form and her last win was good although a bit of a gutbuster. So You See($12) is beautifully bred for this and her last run was very good carrying 60.5 kegs “smokey”here !! Daisies($8) will be getting home. Like to mention Dark Destroyer($23) BR7 forget he went around last start he will be a different conveyance today. Weather is closing in big time at Hawkesbury and so the track could get very heavy. It’s a cracking day here on the Goldy and the Winter Carnival is staring to gain momentum, let’s hope we can get a couple at nice odds today. All members and followers having a throw today “GOOD LUCK”  and racing is entertainment as we say ” ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$