Tips & Results 19th March 2022

Gold Coast Track Good, Rosehill Track Heavy, Flemington Track Good

Gold Coast Races


  1. h9 Rich Lister 2. h7 Zaiteke 3. h12 Brilliantly 4. h2 Plutocrat

Brilliantly 1st $13/$2.60


  1. h12 Festival Prince 2. h6 Holiday Dreams 3. h11 Spending My Time 4. h4 Raging Pole

Festival Prince 4th


  1. h6 Irukandji 2. h1 Youngblood 3. h17 Applications 4. h5 Call Me Legend


  1. h1 Sea Raider 2. h2 Hail Manhattan 3. h5 Tamilaide 4. h6 Sir Barnabus

Hail Manhattan(1.3L) 2nd/$3.20


  1. h2 Remlap’s Gem 2. h1 Usmanov 3. h3 Le Palmier 4. h4 Jule’s Spirit

Remlap’s Gem 1st $1.95/$1.10, Usmanov 2nd/$2.40, Le Palmier 3rd/1.30, Jule’s Spirit 4th; First4/$68.50; Trifecta/$22.90; Quinella/$7.10; Exacta/$11.50


  1. h5 She’sgottheboom 2. h6 Burnish Gold 3. h8 Honkytonk Diva 4. h1 Refuel

She’sgottheboom 1st $1.90/$1.20


  1. h8 She Can Sing 2. h5 Boomtown Lass 3. h2 Kisukano 4. h9 Winside, h11 Nicci Trix

She Can Sing 1st $4.70/$2.10, Winside 2nd/$3.40, Kisukano 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta/$131.10; Quinella/$32.40; Exacta/$50.90


  1. h7 Birriecart 2. h2 Prince Of Boom 3. h4 Legal Esprit 4. h6 Blackjack Boom

Prince Of Boom 1st $2.20/$1.40, Legal Esprit 3rd/$3.10


  1. h10 Crackerjack Gee 2. h5 Last Chance 3. h2 Racecourse Road 4. h1 Master Jamie, h3 Tumbler Ridge

Master Jamie(1L) 2nd/$4.90, Cracker Esgee 3rd/$2.80

Rosehill Races


  1. h8 Icecrusher 2. h13 Mahagoni 3. h6 Americana Magic 4. h14 Stellar Performer

Stellar Performer 4th


  1. h8 Chartres 2. h4 Mazu 3. h5 Bacchanalia 4. h12 Shihonka

Mazu 1st $1.95/$1.20, Bacchanalia 2nd/$1.70, Shihonka 4th; Quinella/$4; Exacta/$6.30; CHARTRES L. SCR.


  1. h10 No Compromise 2. h2 Knight’s Order 3. h13 Surefire 4. h5 Zeyrek

No Compromise 1st $8.30, Surefire 2nd/$2, Zeyrek 4th; Quinella/$18.30; Exacta/$37.40


  1. h2 Harmony Rose 2. h6 Galaxy Belle 3. h1 Le Lude h4 Monegal

Monegal 1st $7.50/$2.30


  1. h5 Verry Elleegant 2. h6 Montefillia 3. h2 Entente 4. h4 Emissary

Montefillia 1st $9.50/$2.40, Verry Elleegant 2nd/$1.04; Quinella/$2.60; Exacta/$13


  1. h3 Profondo 2. h2 Converge 3. h1 Anamoe 4. h5 Raging Bull

Anamoe 1st $1.70/$1.04, Converge 2nd, Profondo 4th; Quinella/$2.10; Exacta/$3.20; RAGING BULL L. SCR.

EARLY QUADDIE; No Compromise/Montegal/Montefillia/Anamoe; DIVI/$1,393.90


  1. h8 Colette 2.h3 Private Eye 3. h6 Banker’s Choice 4. h9 Forbidden Love, h12 Hilal

Forbidden Love 1st $2.40/$1.20, Colette 2nd/$1.70, Bnaker’s Choice 4th; Quinella/$3.80; Exacta/$6.20


  1. h5 Jacquinot 2. h2 Serjadan 3. h8 Coolangatta 4. h1 Daumier, h10 Russian Conquest

Coolangatta 3rd/$1.90, Daumier 4th


  1. h4 In The Congo 2. h2 Big Parade 3. h5 Overpass 4. h6 Away Game, h8 Isotope

Big Parade(0.16L) 2nd/$4.70, In The Congo 3rd/$4.20


  1. h2 Marboosha 2. h9 Mallory 3. h7 Emanate 4. h4 Seasons, h6 Samoot

Emanate 1st $7.50/$2.50, Marboosha 2nd/$2.60, Mallory 4th; Quinella/$32.10; Exacta/$61.60

Flemington Races


  1. h3 Sign Seal Deliver 2. h1 Through Irish Eyes 3. h6 Uniquely 4. h7 Obedience

Through Irish Eyes 3rd/$2


  1. h1 Express Pass 2. h3 Lombardo 3. h2 King Of Hastings 4. h7 Miss Albania

Express Pass 1st $4.80/$1.90


  1. h1 Yonce 2. h4 Miss Five Hundred 3. h5 Angel Rock 4.h2 Unique Artist

Yonce 1st $1.10/$1.04, Angel Rock 3rd/n.t.d.


  1. h8 Chateau Nue 2. h2 Teewaters 3. h4 Pounding 4. h5 Palani

Chateau Nue(0.2L) 2nd/$2.10, Pounding 3rd/$1.70, Palani 4th


  1. h1 Gracias Amigo 2. h15 Mark Of A Man 3. h2 Prince Of Helena 4. h8 Vasnee

Gracias Amigo(0.5L) 2nd/$5.10


  1. h1 I’m Thunderstruck 2. h2 Zaaki 3. h8 Mr. Brightside 4. h12 Inspirational Girl, h3 Cascadian

Zaaki 1st $2.60/$1.40, I’m Thunderstruck 2nd/$2.90, Mr. Brightside 4th; Quinella/$11.10; Exacta/$15.70


  1. h10 Gentleman Roy 2. h9 Bermadez 3. h6 Don’t Doubt Dory 4. h4 Cherry Tortoni

Gentleman Roy 1st $2.50/$1.40, Bermadez 2nd/$1.70, Cherry Tortoni 3rd/$2.20; Trifecta/$27; Quinella/$3.80; Exacta/$7.10


  1. h1 Defibrillate 2. h8 Desert Icon 3. h3 Dark Dream 4. h2 Secret Blaze

Secret Blaze(3.75L) 2nd/$4, Defibrillate 4th


  1. h7 Rocket Tiger 2. h15 Grinzinger Prince 3. h10 As I Please 4. h16 Finance Choice

Finance Choice 3rd/$2.70


BR1 H1 SEA RAIDER($9); this horse is in great form and he flies around this circuit. He handles all conditions and whereas he does like to sit on the speed he can also settle back off it and get home hard. First time at this distance but we certainly don’t think it an issue. Great price hard to beat.

SEA RAIDER($7.50); 6th beaten 3.5L, trapped very wide early did a lot of work to sit outside the leader. Hit the front into the straight but couldn’t maintain the run.

MR9 H7 ROCKET TIGER($6.50); we are expecting this horse to jump and run and lead or be right on it. He was a pretty good two year old and was only beaten .2L by Home Affairs in the Silver Slipper Up the straight for the first time but if he is front at the 100m they will struggle to run him down.

ROCKET TIGER($17); 6th beaten 2.6L, blew like a gale in the betting, and made a quick dash at them at the distance condition gave out. We will follow up.

SR9 H4 IN THE CONGO($12); going for the juggler here this galloper is a very good sprinter and is drawn to perfection as he loves to be right on the speed. Being by Snitzel wet conditions should only enhance his chances. This race is chock full of in form horses as you would expect in a Group 1 and a ton of speed, it is 1100m. Remember this hosre can lead and if he does he will fight on like a tiger. GIDDYUP!!!

IN THE CONGO($14); 3rd/$4.20 place beaten 0.5L, went straight to the lead got away at the 300m then settled down for a ding dong go with Shelby Sixty Six and Big Parade to just go down. Great run.

 SUMMARY: another big day on Our Best the last week with Star Of Michelin($10.40) saluting at great odds happy days!!! and Legal Esprit going down by a whisker. Twenty two winners again in our top four for the multi players with plenty of exotics not massive divis but plenty of action all round GIDDYUP!!! Heavy track in Sydney so anything goes the Golden Slipper and where do you start here one of the best fields we have seen in years Jacquinot($10) a cracking run in the Diamond when getting home better than anything to just go down. Serjadan($6) big winner last start on a quagmire he will be getting home hard. Coolangatta($4.80) Russian Conquest($14) both great chances and Daumier($21) he just might get the perfect run here just off the pace. Great race indeed. The All Star Mile and I’m Thunderstruck($7) is a huge chance he will be getting home all over the top of them. Zaaki ($3.40) will be up on the speed and challenging for the lead at the distance who we envisage would be Mr. Brightside ($17) super tough horse to run down when fit. Cascadian ($21) loves the mile and Inspirational Girl($6) is always a chance. Marboosha($10) SR10 thought she was disappointing last start on the heavy but after watching the replay she did have a few excuses. We are giving her another chance today third up. Sound like a broken record but it is another cracking day here on the Goldy and we are off to the races so let’s hope the momentum keeps rolling. There are some crackerjack fields today along with huge fields everywhere so there should be a ton of value. Let’s hope we find them and welcome to our new members this week hope you enjoy your stay with us. On that exciting note to all those having a play today “GOOD LUCK” racing is great entertainment especially on a day like today “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$