Tips & Results 12th March 2022

Eagle Farm Track Good, Rosehill Track Heavy, Flemington Track Good

Eagle Farm Races


1.h1 Ping 2.h4 Cocobrew Express 3.h3 Mashani Embrace 4.h7 Tantalum

Cocobrew Express 1st $3.40/$1.80, Ping 2nd/$1.70, Mishani Embrace 3rd/n.t.d., Tantalum 4th; First4/$62.70; Trifecta/$15.50; Quinella/$4.30; Exacta/$9.80


1.h3 Fortified 2.h4 Lunasnit 3.h2 Chocolatier 4.h6 Savvy Oak

Savvy Oak 1st $5/$2.20, Lunasnit 2nd/$2.20, Fortifie$89.20; Trifecta/$36; Quinella/$10.50; Exacta/$24.80


1.h2 Star Of Michelin 2.h1 Dream Reacher 3.h4 Trevelyan 4.h5 Dealmaker

Star Of Michelin 1st $10.40/$2.80, Dreamreacher 2nd/$1.50, Trevalyan 3rd/$2.80; Trifecta/$302.80; Quinella/$16.80; Exacta/$41.80


1.h9 Menazzi 2.h13 She’s An Eagle 3.h4 Wilmont Pass 4.h2 Super Contender

Menazzi 1st $2.60/$1.40


1.h1 Gypsy Goddess 2.h3 Southern Stock 3.h6 Red Wave 4.h4 Marimee

Gypsy Goddess 1st $2.10/$1.40, Merimee 2nd/$6, Red Wave 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$56.50; Quinella/$10.10; Exacta/$12.40;

QUADDIE/Savvy Oak/Star Of Michelin/Menazzi/Gypsy Goddess; DIVI/$402.50


1.h1 Legal Espirit 2.h5 Sweet Margot May 3.h6 Call From Heaven 4.h8 Good Bean

Sweet Margot May 1st $4/$1.70, Legal Esprit 2nd/$2.10; Quinella/$9.70; Exacta/$19.40


1.h15 Highland Son 2.h8 You’ll Be Missed 3.h3 Vaporizing 4.h4 Osamu

Osamu 1st $2.40/$1.20, Vaporizing 3rd/$3.20, Highland Son 4th


1.h4 Gogol 2.h6 Contemptuous 3.h2 You Make Me Smile 4.h3 Last Chance

Contemptuous 1st $2.70/$1.30, Last Chance 2nd/$3.20; Quinella/$19.10; Exacta/$26.70


1.h4 Rockamore 2.h5 Coup 3.h17 Caffery 4.h19 Confessed

Confessed 1st $13/$3.70, Coup 4th

MAIN QUADDIE; Sweet Margot May/Osamu/Contemptuous/Confessed; DIVI/$445.30

Rosehill Races


1.4 Dalaalaat 2.h6 Epic Dan 3.h8 Two Up 4.h5 Lord Zoulander

Two Up(0.8L) 2nd/$2.40, Dalaalaat 3rd/$2.10


1.h2 She’s Extreme 2.h13 Seiryu 3.h9 Celestial Spirit 4.h8 Winnertakesitall

She’s Extreme 1st $3.50/$1.60


1.h2 Rise Of The Masses 2.h1 Sweet Ride 3.h3 Magic 4.h5 Williamsburg

Rise Of The Masses 1st $7.20/$2, Sweet Ride 2nd/$1.50, Magic 3rd/$1.30, Williamsburg 4th; First4/$204.10; Trifecta/$46.20; Quinella/$14.70; Exacta/$40.10


1.h1 Ellsburg 2.h2 Brutality 3.h7 Wairere Falls 4.h3 Just Folk

Just Folk 1st $6.50/$3, Ellsberg 2nd/$1.50, Brutality 4th; Quinella/$5.20; Exacta/$17


1.h2 Rule Of Law 2.h5 Ramarque 3.h9 Shelby Sixtysix 3.h10 Gravina

Shelby Sixtysix 1st $6.50/$2.80, Rule The Law 2nd/$1.90, Gravina 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$39.20; Quinella/$8.70; Exacta/$22.40


1.h 11 Fangirl 2.h12 Roots 3.h1 Extreme Flight 4.h2 Mr Mozart

Mr. Mozart 1ts $10/$3.70, Fangirl 4th

EARLY QUADDIE; Rise Of The Masses/Just Folk/Shelby Sixtysix/Mr. Mozart; DIVI/$3,227.30


1.h1 Great House 2.h3 Mount Popa 3.h4 Sky Lab 4.h5 Stockman

Stockman 1st $4.80/$2.50, Mount Popa 2nd/$2.50, Great House 3rd/n.t.d., Sky Lab 4th; First4/$166.20; Trifecta/$65.90; Quinella/$8.60; Exacta/$19.10


1.h8 Hinged 2.h6 Expat 3.h15 Espiona 4.h4 Lighthouse h1 Krone

Lighthouse 1st $5/$1.90, Hinged 3rd/$3; KRONE L.SCR.


1.h9 Ma and Pa 2.h11 Taksu 3.h14 Sindacato 4.h13 Astero h4 Poetic Charmer

Taksu 1st $2.80/$1.50, Poetic Charmer 3rd/$3.30, Astero 4th


1.h4 Not Usual Glorious 2.h14 Benaud 3.h12 Zoumon 4.h16 Forever You

Forever You 4th

Flemington Races


1.h5 Nangui 2.h9 Moko 3.h3 Va Via 4.h8 Ruthless Dame

Ruthless Dame 1st $4.30/$1.90, Nanagui 2nd/$1.80, Va Via 4th; Quinella/$7.30; Exacta/$18.80


1.h3 Rocha Clock 2.h4 Flying Mascot 3.h9 Groovy Kinda Love 4.h1 Turaath

Flying Mascot 1st $2/$1.40, Groovy Kinda Love 2nd/$3, Rocha Clock 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$30.80; Quinella/$6.40; Exacta/$10.10


1.h6 Gimme Par 2.h3 Cyrstal Bound 3.h4 Flying Evelyn  4.h8 Zarasto

Gimme Par 3rd/n.t.d., Zarastro 4th


1.h1 Merchant Prince 2.h10 Sumatra 3.h2 Jamarra 4.h4 Sir Bailey



1.h3 Barb Raider 2.h4 Argentia 3.h2 Lavish Girl 4.h1 Yearning

Barb Raider 1st $8.50/$2.50, Argentia 2nd/$1.40; Quinella/$13.90; Exacta/$29.40


1.h2 Home Affairs 2.h17 Finance Tycoon 3.h10 Quantico 4.h1 Masked Crusader h3 Lost And Running



1.h7 Yonkers 2.h2 Think It Over 3.h12 Duais 4.h3 Spanish Mission h8 Callsign Mav

Duais 1st $7.40/$2.50, Think It Over 2nd/$1.50, Spanish Mission 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta/$121.00; Quinella/$13.20; Exacta/$30


1.h.h3 Kissonallfourcheeks 2.h14 Morvada 3.h11 Fourhometwo 4.h9 Challiot

Kissonallfourcheeks 1st $4.80/$2.30, Morvada 3rd/$2.50


1.h5 Cardigan Queen 2.h2 Douceur 3.h8 Lina’s Legend 4.h12 Hesket

Cardigan Queen(0.1L) 2nd/$1.40


BR6 H1 LEGAL ESPIRIT($5); quick backup here from Toowoomba last week where he was ridden from well back over the 1200m. This was out of his comfort zone as he normally races on the speed, he did run on so the 1300m could suit. He has a very good record and handles all conditions back on the speed today he will prove very hard to hold out.

LEGAL ESPRIT($4.80); 2nd/$2.10 place beaten 0.1L, allowed to drift back again to mid field, went with the favourite at the distance for a ding dong go just missed by a pixel.

BR9 H4 ROCK AMORE($4); good run first up when wide and back last start. Would think he will sit just on the speed here from the decent draw. The track and distance are ideal, he handles most condiions and the 2 kilo claim will help his cause. Hard to beat

ROCK AMORE($2.50); 9th beaten 9.95L, went for a run in the straight squeezed up, but did nothing after not sure!!

BR3 H2 STAR OF MICHELIN($7.50) Ran on strongly last start only beaten 2.5 lengths. Unbeaten third up and from barrier 8 should be midfield stalking a moderate tempo and will be charging late. Loves the track and distance. Drops 1kg into this. Huge chance !!!

STAR OF MICHELIN($10.40); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! led from the wide gate surprised us a bit but was allowed an easy time. They came from erverywhere to challenge at the distance but he kicked strongly. GIDDYUP!!!


SR10 H4 NOT USUAL GLORIOUS($21) Has had two runs back from a spell and hasn’t done much but they have been on good tracks which he doesn’t like. Onto a heavy track and stepping out to the 1900m is ideal. Brett Prebble aboard is a huge bonus. Only has to handle the way of going to be in the finish. 

NOT USUAL GLORIOUS($10); 9th beaten 9.76L, torrid run 3 & 4 wide, we will see where he turns up next on a wet track 

SUMMARY: Three placegetters in Our Best last week so no joy there but we had  a plethora of winners in our top 4’s for multi runner and exotic players including the trifecta in the Australian Guineas paying a smick $5,700.00 so happy days there. The Newmarket Group 1 over 1200m at Flemington and Home Affairs ($3.90) will be super hard to beat after his great Lightning win, a very good colt and will need all his qualities with 57 kegs. Finance Tycoon($26) is very fast and we expect him to lead with his 50kgs, might just prove hard to run down. Masked Crusader($12) will be sitting back off them and steaming home over the top. This bloke is actually in very well here even with his 57kgs. He does meet Home Affairs 3kgs better here, great price. Quantico($17) and Lost And Running($3.90) both great records but the latter’s weight 56kegs ?? Sure is a great field and could be the charge of the Light Brigade at the distance. Group 1 Australian Cup Think It Over($2.90) seems to be all the rage here but we are going with Yonkers($26) Chris Waller has this horse improving every prep. Third run in today and his last start was a beauty beaten on the peg, like the way he can sit on the speed perfect racing for WFA handles all conditions and loves the distance. Spanish Mission($4.40) great run first up even better second up will lurk just behind the speed (is he going to Sydney) Duais($8) great run second up on a track that didn’t suit better third up Callsign Mav($15) good run first up and second up just as good he just might lead them here and be hard to run down. Definitely up to this level. Coolmore Classic on a heavy track and Hinged($7) great win last start and Waller has furnished this filly into an absolute beauty on speed again. Expat($6) will give them all something to run down. Espiona($4.20) will be getting home hard with 50 kegs. Lighthouse($6) always runs well and Krone($14) races better into her preps and likes the heavy. Three great races with chances galore and so it should be for Group 1’s. Chris Waller is a genius when it comes to peaking horses for the big day as all master trainers have done in the past. What can we say an absolute cracking days racing and an absolute cracking day here on the Goldy on that enthusiastic note to all those players having a punt today “GOOD LUCK” racing is great entertainment so “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$