Tips & Results 5th March 2022

Toowoomba Track Soft (transferred from Doomnben), Randwick Track Heavy, Flemington Track Good

Toowoomba Races


  1. H5 Deep Sceiva 2. h2 Tamilaide 3. h6 Group Think 4. h7 Warp Speed

Tamilaide 1st $2.10/$1.60, Deep Sceiva 3rd/n.t.d., Warp Speed 4th


  1. h1 Capital Tower 2. h7 Flying Rupert 3. h5 Executive Stress 4. h3 Refuel

Capital Tower 1st $3.70/$1.40, Refuel 2nd/$6.10, Flying Rupert 4th; Quinella/$25.70; Exacta/$35.50


  1. h2 She’sgottheboom 2. h1 Burnish Gold 3. h3 Honkytonk Diva 4. h9 Stellarashi

She’sgottheboom 1st $1.50/$1.10, Burnish Gold 2nd/$1.40, Honkytonk Diva 3rd/$2; Trifecta/$12.40; Quinella/$2.70; Exacta/$3.80


  1. h2 Seat Of Power 2. h4 Humbolt Current 3. h10 Nemingah 4. h12 Lady Solerno

Seat Of Power(2.5L) 2nd/$1.70


  1. h11 Always On Show 2. h8 Knight Mariner 3. h2 Dealmaker 4. h14 Isabella’s Spring

Dealmaker 1st $2.90/$1.20, Knight Mariner 2nd/$1.70, Always On Show 3rd/$1.80, Isabella’s Spring 4th; First4/$117.50; Trifecta/$37.70; Quinella/$5.60; Exacta/$10.20


  1. h4 Sea Raider 2. h1 Profit 3. h2 Hail Manhattan 4. h7 Smart Meteor

Sea Raider 1st $4.60/$1.70, Hail Manhattan 2nd/$1.80, Smart Meteor 3rd/$1.40; Trifecta/$83.00; Quinella/$13.30; Exacta/$24.70


  1. h16 Rich Lister 2. h13 Mischief Managed 3. h12 Go Wandji 4. h1 Prairie Fire, h9 Winside

Go Wandji D.H.1ST $3.60/$1.50, Winside D.H. 1ST $11/$3, Mischief Managed 3rd/$2.20; Rich Lister 4th; Firts4/$300.40; Trifecta/$88.60; Quinella/$15.50; Exacta/$21.90


  1. h2 Legal Esprit 2.h3 Blackjack Boom 3. h1 Prince Of Boom 4. h12 Mishani Sniper

Prince Of Boom 1st $7.60/$2.70, Legal Esprit 4th


  1. h8 Vinco 2. h5 Gogol 3. h12 Stuttering 4. h3 Sambro, h2 Raceourse Road

Vinco 1st $3.80/$2.20, Racecourse Road 2nd/$1.80, Gogol 3rd/$1.70; 73.90; Quinella/$8.40; Exacta/$18.00


  1. h6 Montenegro Man 2. h14 Shamrock Lu 3. h18E Bad Barista 4. h16 Ingear

Montenegro Man(0.2L) 2nd/$2.40, Shamrock Lu 3rd/$1.90

Randwick Races


  1. h14 Cap Estel 2. h7 Jungle Book 3. h11 Bedford Square 4. h9 Icecrusher

Cap Estel 1st $6.50/$2.40, Bedford Square 4th


  1. h1 Russian Conquest 2. h7 Greece 3. h5 Seven Veils 4. h6 Dashing Legend

Seven Veils 1st $9.50/$3.20, Dashing Legend 2nd/$3.30, Russian Conquest 4th; Quinella/$33.20; Exacta/$62.60


  1. h1 Serjadan 2. h7 Showcourt 3. h4 Psychiatrist 4. h5 Boyfriend

Serladan 1st $2.30/$1.30, Boy Friend 2nd/$2.20, Showcourt 4th; Quinella/$9.30; Exacta/$15.00


  1. h11 No Compromise 2. h1 Entente 3. h4 Mightybeel 4. h5 Sheraz

Sheraz 4th


  1. h1 Nature Strip 2. h2 Eduardo 3. h4 Splintex

Eduardo 1st $2.30, Nature Strip 3rd/n.t.d., Splintex 4th


  1. h2 Profiteer 2. h3 Mazu 3. h13 Sky Command 4. h1 O’president

Mazu 1st $4.20/$1.80


  1. h3 Private Eye 2. h10 Lighthouse  3. h5 Special Reward 4. h9 Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love 1st $2.20/$1.20, Lighthouse 2nd/$1.80, Private Eye 3rd/$2.50; Trifecta/$25.60; Quinella/$3.80; Exacta/$5.40


  1. h1 Anamoe 2. h2 Converge 3. h3 Hilal 4. h4 Coastwatch, h8 Raging Bull

Converge 1st $7.90/$1.70, Anamoe 2nd/$1.10, Hilal 3rd/$1.40; Trifecta/$35.70; Quinella/$5.30; Exacta/$15.90


  1. h1 Polly Grey 2. h7 Le Gai Soleil 3. h3 Arctic Thunder 4. h4 Divine Diosa

Polly Grey(4.16L) 2nd/$2.10, Divine Diosa 3rd/$3.20


  1. h2 Marboosha 2. h6 Tricky Gal 3. h9 Matchmaker 4. h10 Never Talk

Tricky Gal(2.4L) 2nd/$2.20, Never Talk 3rd/$1.50, Marboosha 4th

Caulfield Races


  1. h1 Mumbai Jewel 2. h2 Superset 3. h5 Cannon 4. h10 Wee Nessie

Wee Nessie(1.25L) 2nd/$1.60


  1. h4 Crystal Pegasus 2. h7 Salto Angel 3. h1 Future Score 4. h5 Tigertiger

Crystal Pegasus 1st $1.90/$1.40, Tigertiger 2nd/$1.80, Future Shock 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$22.90; Quinella/$2.60; Exacta/$4.50


  1. h9 Rose Quartz 2. h6 Rainbiel 3. h7 Bermadez 4. h3 Imperial Lad

Bermadez 1st $4/$1.50, Rose Quartz 2nd, Imperial Lad 4th; Quinella/$3.90; Exacvta/$10.10


  1. h3 Sirileo Miss 2. h5 Annavisto 3. h10 Maracana 4. h8 Excelida

Annavisto 1st $4.80/$2


  1. h1 Overpass 2. h4 Sneaky Five 3. h8 Lords Paramount 4. h9 Able Willie

Overpass 1st $1.80/$1.20, Able Willie 4th


  1. h1 Zaaki 2. h5 Mr. Brightside 3. h10 Inspirational Girl 4. h6 Corner Pocket

Inspirational Girl 1st $3.70/$1.60, Zaaki 2nd/$1.20, Corner Pocket 3rd/$2, Mr. Brightside 4th; First4/$94.70; Trifecta/$48.80; Quinella/$4.70; Exacta/$10.50


  1. h9 Pinstriped 2. h7 Lightsaber 3. h3 Profondo 4. h1. Hitotsu, h15 Pascero, h16 Bons A Pearler

Hitotsu 1st $8.70/$3.10, Lightsaber 2nd/$4.80, Bons A Pearler 3rd/$10.40; Trifecta/$5,727.00; Quinella/$85; Exacta/$139.00


  1. h4 Malcovich 2. h7 Mileva 3. h9 Sword Of Mercy 4. h8 Enthaar, h13 Esta La Roca

Malcovich 1st $4/$1.90, Sword Of Mercy 4th


  1. h1 Gentleman Roy 2. h10 Yonce 3. h2 High ‘n’Dry 4. h11 Basarwa, h13 Unique Artist

Yonce 1st $2.90/$1.60, Gentlemen Roy 2nd/$1.80, Basarwa 4th; Quinella/$5.40; Exacta/$9.30

MAIN QUADDIE;Inspirational Girl/Hitotsu/Malcovich/Yonce; DIVI/$430.90


BR1 H5 DEEP SCEIVA($4.60); thinking she will lead here and certainly likes the circuit. Second up is not her go and the distance ideal third up. Should be cherry ripe now and will be super hard to run down.

DEEP SCEIVA($4.40); 3rd/n.t.d beaten 0.6L, settled second there if good enough.

BR4 H2 SEAT OF POWER($4.20); weak race and we expect this bloke to roll forward and be right on the speed, he is a winner here and the distance is perfect. Has 57kegs after the claim so in pretty well here after his last win. Does prefer dry but has performed on a soft surface. They will struggle to run him down if he is in front at the distance.

SEAT OF POWER($3.40); 2nd/$1.70 place beaten 2.5L, certainly a strange race got a mile back and last into the straight. Pulled out wide ran on strongly. Raced out of his comfort zone needs to be ridden on the speed.

SR7 H3 PRIVATE EYE($6); top class racehorse and a pistolero fresh. Loves wet conditions especially heavy. This distance is no issue for him fresh as he might race a little closer here with the wet conditions. Either way he will be powering home. 

PRIVATE EYE($8); 3rd/$2.70place beaten 4.2L,beaten a long way but ran on okay from a mile back (usual pattern) Certainly follow up with this galloper.

SR10 H2 MARBOOSHA($6); second up no problems for her  and she certainly relishes the wet. She will settle just off the speed here and be ready to pounce at the distance. Has always raced in top class races and the quality conditions should suit her perfectly. Top chance.

MARBOOSHA($7); 4th beaten 2.8L, settled just behind the leaders every chance no excuses.

BR8 H2 LEGAL ESPRIT($15); the shift to Toowoomba has certainly changed the dynamics of this race. This horse loves this circuit and is adept in all conditions. Third up fit and prepared for this distance with a run over the 1200m last start just a tad too far. If he is front at the distance will prove a tough nut to crack.

LEGAL ESPRIT($7.50); 4th beaten 3.9L, the only reason I can think this horse was ridden back so far was to see if he would run on. Run on he did for a decent 4th, trying to get him over longer?

SUMMARY: Doomben was washed out last week but we had a cracking day with Ellsberg ($2.60) successful in Our Best short but decent price considering. Daumier($18) was a great result for all Members and Facebook followers and Away Game($8) just outdone by the good mare Maraba. Secured both trifectas in those 2 races and also the Sydney quaddie $3,400.00 so happy days all round. Today we are at Toowoomba so anything could happen but think we have found a couple there. Huge racing again down south with The Beast Nature Strip going around against his old mate Eduardo. Zaaki $2.10 super hard to beat in a decent Group2 with Inspirational Girl, Mr Brightside and Corner Pocket certainly hard to beat. Anamoe($1.90) odds on good colt plenty of opposition though from Converge ($6),Hilal ($6) can certainly push him to the limit. Coastwatch($23) and Raging Bull($41) can throw in huge runs second up in these conditions. Flemington race 8 and Malcovich($4.40) looks a decent chance here, there is some conjecture around that he was disappointing last start but we think otherwise. He led the top mare Maraba in the Group1 Oakleigh Plate and only beaten 2.7L in the end. Group1 is not his go and this is more to his liking.There is alot of speed in this race with Mileva($6.50) and Enthaar($8) so he might just sit on their shoulder here. Esta La Roca($23) will run a nice race. We have to mention No Compromise($4.40) SR4 he is our Autumn horse to follow and has been consistent he might just get a nice consolation prize today along the way to a big race win. Big fields are the order of the day with a host of chances but we love to muscle up here at Horsebuck$ and let’s keep the momentum rolling along. Shocked to the max about Warnie R.I.P. It is an absolute cracking day here on the Goldie so to all those players having a punt today “GOOD LUCK” and “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$