Tips & Results 12th February 2022

Doomben Track Good, Randwick Track Soft, Caulfield Track Good

Doomben Races


1.h8 Abracadazzle 2.h4 Warp Speed 3.h4 Group Think 4.h1 Pleased

Group Think 1st $11/$2.90, Abracadazzle 2nd/$1.90, Warp Speed 4th; Quinella/$20.90; Exacta/$68.30


1.h4 Indian Dreamer 2.h8 Alatar 3.h3 Tamilaide 4.h5 Polemic

Tamilaide 1st $3.80/$1.50, Alatar 4th


1.h4 Stardome 2.h8 Savvy Oak 3.h3 Seat Of Power 4.h1 Our Candidate

Seat Of Power 1st $4.40/$1.70, Stardome 4th


1.h3 Cracker Essgee 2. h8 Gave Us Up 3.h5 Caffrey 4.h7 Knight Mariner

Cracker Esgee 1st $4.70/$1.90, Caffrey 2nd/$1.70, Knight Mariner 4th; Quinella/$10.60; Exacta/$22.80


1.h5 Purroni 2.h10 Confessed 3.h3 Capri Of Toffy 4.h6 The Lioness

The Lioness 1st $5.50/$2.10, Capri Of Tuffy 3rd/$2.40, Confessed 4th;

EARLY QUADDIE; Tamilaide/Seat Of Power/Cracker Esgee/The Lioness DIVI; $372.10


1.h2 Boomnova 2.h11 Befana 3.h13 Melisma 4.h1 Fredrick The Dane

Befana 1st $7.60/$2.50, Boomnova 2nd/$1.90; Quinella/$22.30; Exacta/$46.40


1.h1 Legal Esprit 2.h5 Andy 3.h3 Enterprise Pomme 4.h4 Self Indulgent

Enterprise Pomme 1st $3.30/$1.50, Self Indulgent 3rd/$1.70


1.h1 Profit 2.h4 Red Chase 3.h6 Humbolt Current 4.h10 Kedah h7 Sir Barnabus

Profit 1st $3.20/$1.60, Sir Barnabus 3rd/$2.40


1.h7 Kingston’s Here 2.h13 Snitzify 3.h14 Tramonto 4.h6 Get The Idea h1 Run For Glory

Kingston’s Here(0.4L) m2nd/$1.40, Get The Idea 4th

Randwick Races


1.h2 Metallicity 2.h7 Sandpaper 3.h4 Northern Beaches 4.h9 Miss Faberge

Sandpaper(0.17L) 2nd/$2.40, Metalicity 4th


1.h4 Racketeering 2.h6 Still In Fashion 3.h2 Highlights 4.h10 Zarafah

Highlights 1st $5.50?$2.40, Still In Fashiion 3rd


1.h6 Casino Kid 2.h2 Outlandos 3.h7 Fortified 4.h9 Atonement

Outlandos 1st $4.70/$1.70, Fortified 4th


1.h1 Delexo 2.h2 Capital Reign 3.h5 Esteemed Lady 4.h6 Mabel

Esteemed Lady(0.89L) 2nd/$2.20, Delexo 3rd/$1.50


1.h1 Wairere Falls 2.h2 Yiyi 3.h4 Canasta 4.h3 Opacity

Wairere Falls(0.57L) 2nd/$2.40, Canasta 3rd/$2.30


1.h9 King Of Sparta 2.h3 Overpass 3.h5 Embracer 4.h1 Lost And Running

Lost And Running 1st $2.20/$1.20, Overpass 2nd/$2.30; Quinella/$8; Exacta/$10


1.h8 Espiona 2.h3 Jamaea 3.h12 Zouzarella 4.h5 Fangirl, h4 Startantes

Fangirl 1st $13/$2.90, Espiona 2nd/$1.10, Jamaea 3rd/$2.70, Zouzarella 4th; First4/$967.80; Trifecta/$138.10; Quinella/$8; Exacta/$27.60


1.h5 Special Reward 2.h10 Colette 3.h9 Verry Elleegant 4.h11 Icebath, h1 Think It Over

Think It Over 1st $6/$2.30, Colette 2nd/$2.70, Special Reward 3rd/$4.30; Trifecta/$517.20; Quinella/$22.20; Exacta/$43.60


1.h14 Promise Of Success 2.h3 Fituese 3.h7 It’s Me 4.h5 Mirra Vision, h4 Snapdancer

Snapdancer 1st $2.90/$1.50, Promise Of Success 2nd/$2.40; Quinella/$11.60; Exacta/$17.90


1.h1 True Detective 2.h9 She’s All Class 3.h10 Bound To Win 4.h13 Papal Warrior

Bound To Win 3rd/$2.60

Caulfield Races


1.h2 In The Boat 2.h3 Fundraiser 3.h9 Unanimous 4.h5 Rippa Rita

Unanimous 1st $5.50/$2.60, In The Boat 3rd/n.t.d., Rippa Rita 4th


1.h1 Coastwatch 2.h6 Mahrez 3.h7 Decent Raine 4.h3 Sharp Response

Coastwatch 1st $5.60/$1.90, Sharp Response 4th


1.h2 Daumier 2.h4 Counttheheadlights 3.h6 Lofty Strike 4.h5 Jacquinot

Lofty Strike 1st $11.40/$2.80, Daumier 3rd/$2.40, Counttheheadlights 4th


1.h1 Miss Roseiano 2.h8 English Riviera 3.h3 Latizia 4.h7 Vavia

Miss Roseiano(0.75L) 2nd/$2.40, English Riviera 3rd/$2.50


1.h6 Scorched Earth 2.h9 Asfoora 3.h11 Danny’s St Darci 4.h13 Jillette

Scorched Earth(0.1L) 2nd/$1.60, Asfoora 3rd/$2.50


1.h3 Yonkers 2.h6 Open Minded 3.h4 Shared Ambition 4.h8 Normandy Bridge



1.h4 Ingratiating 2.h2 Artorius.h6 Extreme Flight 4.h1 Oxley Road

Oxley Road(1.25L) 2nd/$3, Extreme Flight 4th


1.h3 Behemoth 2.h1 I’m Thunderstruck 3.h7 Sinawann 4.h11 Lighthouse

Lighthouse(1.5L) 2nd/$2.80


1.h1 Probabeel 2.h2 Marboosha 3.h3 Flying Mascot 4.h4 Khama Lass

Probabeel 1st $1.70/$1.30, Flying Mascot 2nd/$1.90, Marboosha 4th; Quinella/$2.80; Exacta/$4.40

OUR BEST; BR4 H3 CRACKER ESSGEEE($6.50) Been super consistent this prep. Dropping back down to the 1350 is ideal. Back to a good track also suits and drops 3 kgs in to this race. Should be midfield and will be charging home with a bit of luck. Huge chance. 

CRACKER ESGEE ($4.70); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! followed Caffrey everywhere in the run pounced at the distance too good.

BR7 H1 LEGAL ESPRIT($4.50) Building a terrific record this galloper. Ran on strongly and kept battling to only just miss. Second up here and the step up to the 120om is ideal. Carries 57kg after the claim. Should be midfield but can take a sit closer to the lead if necessary, it will be super hard to beat here. 

LEGAL ESPRIT($6.50); 5th beaten 2.05L, used up early 3 and 4 wide to get on the speed. Actually a pretty good run and a definite follow up.

SR10 H1 TRUE DETECTIVE($9.50) Been in fine form this prep and was held up at a vital time and when split came ran on strongly !. The step back down to the 1300m is ideal as he has a terrific record at this distance. Loves the track and distance and is great 3rd up. Dropping in grade back to a benchmark 88 is ideal and carries 59kg. Great chance. 

TRUE DETECTIVE($9.50); 8th beaten 5.67L, disappointing? definitely seemed to have the perfect run in transit.

MR2 H1 COASTWATCH($4.30) Has had 2 trails leading up to this first up run and should be ready to rumble. Loves the 1400m and from barrier 2 can see him right up on speed from barrier 2. Its not the strongest Group 2 race and would be vey surprising if its not in the finish. Huge chance. 



SUMMARY; had a placing in our best last week with one a late scratching. With a bit more luck we can get a few results and think we have found a couple that will run well. Lets dive straight into Melbourne race 6 and we think Yonkers($12) can win here first up. Loves the track and distance and from barrier 7 should be midfield and will be steaming home. Open Minded($3.20) has been in terrific form and loves the track. The step out to the 1600m shouldn’t be a problem as he didn’t have much luck over this distance last time. Will be in front and be hard to run down. Shared Ambition($5) is first up and has a good record. Loves the track and distance and should be midfield and charging home. Normandy Bridge($3.80) the import is having his first start in Australia. Loves the distance and is good first up. Looks to have some up side with a placing in a group 1. Will be steaming home.  Melbourne race 7 and we think Ingratiating($5) Can get the win here. Has had a trial leading up to this first up run and he has great first up stats, loves the track and distance and D. Oliver on board is a bonus. Will be stalking the lead, they will know he’s there in the final 100m. Artoruis($3.90) is first up here. Likes the track and distance. Good tracks suits and will sit back in the back and will be steaming home with that electric turn of  foot. Extreme Flight($17) worked through the grades well last prep before failing in the group 1 Coolmoore Stud Stakes .Has had a trial and looks ready to go first up, he will sit back and be charging home late. Oxley Road($5) has had a 15 week break but will be ready to go, he has good track and distance form and will be sitting behind the pace. Does have the drop on the leading bunch and will be running on strongly! A great days racing today with the autumn carnival  fast approaching. A cracking day here in the Sunshine state with cracking racing to boot. On that exciting note to everyone having a punt today good luck and as always keep safe everyone and remember racing is great entertainment so  “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” Cheers from Dan & Kerry