Tips & Results 5th February 2022

Doomben Track Soft, Randwick Track Soft, Caulfield Track Good

Doomben Races


  1. h1 Jemeldi 2. h3 Russian Racketeer 3. h5 Spiritualised 4. h4 Sidestep Me

Jemeldi 1st $3/$2.10, Spiritualised 2nd/$1.60, Russian Racketeer 4th; Quinella/$3.50; Exacta/$7.30


  1. h4 Sayl 2. h1 Stuck With You 3. h5 Kutayha 4. h3 Continuation

Sayl 1st $9.70/$3.10, Continuation 2nd/$2.60; Quinella/$20.60; Exacta/$37.60


  1. h3 Roman Aureus 2. h2 Colpo Di Tamburo 3. h6 Goodonya Sonja 4. h5 Ef Troop

Ef Troop 1st $3.90/$2.20, Roman Aureus 2nd/$1.50, Goodonya Sonja 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$25.20; Quinella/$5.20; Exacta/$9.80


  1. h2 Mishani Untamed 2. h1 Isis Carmella 3. h3 Sacca 4. h5 Cool Lad

Cool Lad(2.25L) 2nd/$2.80, Mishani Untamed 3rd/$2.40


  1. h2 Weboughtazou 2. h3 Gogol 3. h8 Maya Bay 4. h7 Osamu

Gogol 1st $4.90/$1.80, Osamu 2nd/$1.50; Quinella/$6.60; Exacta/$14.90


  1. h5 Grace Bay 2. h2 Liza With A Zee 3. h1 Motomiss 4. h7 Shanjomi

Liza With A Zee(2.75L) 2nd/$1.70, Motomiss 3rd/$2.70


  1. h5 Palladas 2. h13 Glitter Strip 3. 12 Snazz ‘N’ Charm 4. h6 Tintinwin, h7 Vitesse Francais

Glitter Strip(0.75L) 2nd/$1.50, Palladas 3rd/$1.20


  1. h4 Renegade 2. h11 Dreamreacher 3. h3 Sir Rocket 4. h10 Zigallene, h14 Deep Sceiva

Dreamreacher 1st $3.20/$1.40, Deep Sceiva 2nd/$2.40; Quinella/$12.80; Exacta/$22.00


  1. h3 Stardome 2. h12 Ocean Treaty 3. h15 Toots Is Tops 4. h9 Whispered

Ocean Treaty 1st $8.50/$2.40, Stardome 2nd/$2.20; Quinella/$21.00; Exacta/$41.00

Randwick Races


  1. h5 Lady Laguna 2. h9 Plymsyock 3. h6 Bessmati 4. h7 Cythera

Cythera 1st $5.60/$1.80, Lady Laguna 2nd/$1.40; Quinella/$7.10; Exacta/$18.40


  1. h12 Markwell Dreamer 2. h7 Participator 3. h4 Testator Silens 4. h18 Boncassie

Testator Silens 1st $9.90/$3.50, Participator 4th


  1. h4 So Sneeky 2. h1 Percuniary Interest 3. h9 French Emperor 4. h5 Icecrusher

So Sneeky 4th


  1. h1 Malkovich 2. h3 Kallos 3. h4 Mosman Gorge 4. h8 Sky Command

Sky Command(1.16L) 2nd/$3, Mossman Gorge 3rd/n.t.d.


  1. h10 Van Roy 2. h5 Yukon 3. h6 Fleetwood Maca 4. h7 Deel With Me

Fleetwood Maca(0.36L) 2nd/$2.10, Van Roy 3rd/$2.80, Yukon 4th


  1. h1 Serjardan 2. h4 Sweet Ride 3. h8 Zambesi River 4. h9 Emperor

Serjardan 3rd/$2.40


  1. h8 Misteed 2. h3 Van Giz 3. h5 Saigon 4. h10 Steel Diamond

Steel Diamond 3rd/$1.60


  1. h4 Paulele 2. h2 Converge 3. h3 Hilal 4. h11 Ranch Hand

Paulele 1st $3.10/$1.50, Ranch Hand 2nd/$2, Converge 3rd/$2; Trifecta/$39.50; Quinella/$5.90; Exacta/$12.70


  1. h13 Silent Impact 2. h5 Rustic Steel 3. h1 Lancaster Bomber 4. h9 El Buena, h10 Maotai

Maotai 1st $3.20/$1.80, Silent Impact 2nd/$1.40, Rustic Steel 3rd/$2.40; Trifecta/$49.20; Quinella/$4.50; Exacta/$9.50


  1. h9 No Compromise 2. h4 Frosty Rocks3. h8 Through The Cracks 4. h3 Laure Me In, h6 Mightybeel

Frosty Rocks 1st $6.60/$2.20, No Compromise 3rd/$3

Caulfield Races


  1. h4 Minouche 2. h6 Let’s Say Grace 3. h1 El Patroness 4. h5 Throntari

Minouche 1st $2.90/$1.70, Throntari 2nd/$2.10, El Patroness 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$21.00; Quinella/$4.50; Exacta/$8.50


  1. h2 Irish Butterfly 2. h11 Worthily 3. h8 Angel Rock 4. h5 Sign Seal Deliver

Worthily 1st $2/$1.40, Angel Rock 3rd/$3.10


  1. h1 Look Closely 2. h7 Salto Angel 3. h3 Brilliant Venture 4. h2 Dirty Deeds

Salto Angel 3rd/$2.30, Brilliant Venture 4th


  1. h4 Renosu 2. h5 Sebonack 3. h9 Mrs. Patmore 4. h10 Nanagui

Sebonack 1st $6/$2.10, Nanagui 2nd/$2.70; Quinella/$33.00; Exacta/$61.00


  1. h2 Generation 2. h6 Unflinching 3. h3 Zethus 4. h7 Umgawa

Generation 1st $1.80/$1.20, Zethus 2nd/$4.80, Umgawa 4th; Quinella/$15.90; ,Exacta/$17


  1. h2 Under The Spell 2. h5 Vespertine 3. h1 Galgani 4. h8 Groovy Kinda Love, h13 No Puzzle

Under The Spell(0.2L) 2nd/$2.70, Galgani 4th


  1. h2 Ho Ho Khan 2. h10 Desert Icon 3. h1 Dark Dream 4. h4 Holbein

Desert Icon 1st $2.80/$1.50; HO HO KHAN L.SCR.


  1. h11 The Garden 2. h7 Evening Glory 3. h15 Rose Quartz 4. h4 Zorro’s Dream

The Garden(0.3L) 2nd/$1.60, Rose Quartz 3rd/$2.60, Evening Glory 4th


  1. h1 Heavenly Emperor 2. hy8 Savannah Cloud 3. h3 Swiss Hero 4. h4 Nicolini Vito

Nicolini Vito 1st $3.70/$1.60, Savannah Cloud 3rd/$1.30


MR7 H2 HO HO KHAN($6); this horse sprung back into action last start with a solid win. He likes to track mifield and ready to strike as they turn we are expecting the same pattern here. Meeting similar opposition as last start and better at the weights.Winning here last start is a huge bonus he will be putting in the big ones as they hit the line. GIDDYUP!!!


SR10 H9 NO COMPROMISE($7.50); absolute pearler in wet conditions and a cracking run first up. He tends to get well back in his races but gets home hard and this distance should be ideal 2nd up. Races well at Randwick and as long they DON’T let the big grey (Frosty Rocks) lead on his ear JMAC should have this bloke winding up finishing all over the top of him at the distance. Could be a nice Autumn horse to follow.

NO COMPROMISE($10); 3rd/$2.70 place beaten 2.09L, well the big grey led easily so pretty much game over for back markers. But our horse ran on strongly for a good 3rd as we said a nice horse to follow in better grade this Autumn.


MR9 H1 HEAVENLY EMPEROR($31); probably this quote because of Tuvalu’s presence. He certainly is a better chance then his quote would suggest. Perfect draw for this horese (1) to be right on the speed and the track holds no fears for him. The 1600m is his preferred distance he just might the favourite a fright here. Tuvalu has been scratched still great odds about this horse $17.

HEAVENLY EMPEROR($11); 8th beaten 8.15L, seemed to have every chance did nothing in the straight.

SUMMARY: great day last Saturday when Crytal Pegasus($3.10) saluted for Our Best and Oakfield Arrow nabbed right on the post for a great second. Hoping for more of the same today and a swag of winners in our top four for multi runner and exotic player. Check all results on follow us on Facebook or sign on and become a member(FREE). Racing today is centered around the Randwick meeting on a wet track. The 2 year old Millennium(R6) is chock mfull of in form gallopers but we see no reason not to stay with Serjardan($4) has not had the easiest of runs so far but has still come up trumps. He will drift to midfield again but clear running down the big Randwick straight he wil be finishing at a rate of knots. Sweet Ride($23) will pounce on the lead from the good gate(2) and be super tough to run down likes soft. Zambesi River($9.50) and Emperor($19) could provide us with a nice trifecta but no fantasy here there are a host of chances. Race 8 Randwick the Eskimo Prince stakes G3 and Paulele ($2.40) is a very good horse and a pistolero 1st up and handles all conditionsanywhere near them at the distance it might be all over. Converge($4.20) best served when on speed has the right gate (1) hard to beat, Ranch Hand($6.50) his best form is fresh, will be just off them here ans Hilal($14) underrated and also races well fresh, Handles all conditions. Just like to mention Stardome($7) race 9 Doomben 2nd up for him is no problem and certainly likes the track and if it stays soft it would be a bonus. Another bonus is J. BYRNES. fALSE rAILS AND 3 WIDE WITH COVER really!!! (: As always keep safe and everyone having a punt today “GOOD LUCK” remember racing is great entertainment so “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” Cheers from Kerry & Dan