Tips & Results 8th January 2022

Gold Coast Track Soft, Rosehill Track Heavy, Caulfield Track Good

Gold Coast Races


  1. h3 Frosty Mango 2. h1 Starman 3. h9 Manhood 4. h2 Shajea

Starman 1st $4.20/$1.60, Frosty Mango 2nd/$1.40; Quinella/$6.80; Exacta/$12.20


  1. h2 Sir Rocket 2. h1 Only Wanna Sing 3. h3 Star O’reilley 4. h7 Penasquito

Sir Rocket 1st $1.40/$1.10, Staar Of O’reilly 2nd/$1.80, Penasquito 4th; Quinella/$4.30; Exacta/$5.20


  1. h1 Stupendo 2. h3 Swiss Exile 3. h2 Heroic Son 4. h8 Hell I Am

Stupendo(0.75L) 2nd/$1.80, Hell I Am 4th


  1. h1 Exo Lady 2. h3 Uncorked 3. h4 Miss Hellfire 4. h2 Perfect Mission

Miss Hellfire 1st $5.30/$2.10, Perfect Mission 2nd/$1.70; Quinella/$9.40; Exacta/$23.60


  1. h3 Boomnova 2. h2 Lady Of Luxury 3. h6 Fall On A Star 4. h1 She Can Sing

Lady Of Luxury 1st $3.20/$1.50, She Can Sing 3rd/$2.20


  1. h1 The Ritz 2. h5 Palladas 3. h6 Head Legislator 4. h3 Good Chat

The Ritz 1st $9/$2.90, Palladas 2nd/$1.20, Good Chat 4th; Quinella/$7.30; Exacta/$20.00


  1. h5 Tamilade 2. h4 Wheelhouse 3. h1 Lord Ardmore 4. h9 Starelle

Wheelhouse 1st $4.80/$1.90, Lord Ardmore 3rd/$1.40


  1. h5 King Klaus 2. h6 The Move 3. h3 Racecourse Road 4. h1 Tyzone, h12 Gogol

Racecourse Road(1.25L) 2nd/$2, The Move 4th


  1. h2 Roman Aureus 2. h5 Don’t Stop 3. h14 Glitter Strip 4. h7 Mass Destruction, h15 Cracker Esgee

Roman Aureus(0.3L) 2nd/$3

Rosehill Races


  1. h4 Steplee 2. h11 Zou Station 3w. h12 Danzadel 4. h7 Golden Point

Zoo Station 1st $7.10/$2.60, Golden Point 2nd/$2.60; Quinella/$26.50; Exacta/$57.00


  1. h9 Kopangi 2. h2 Caesars Palace 3. h5 One Aye 4. h1 Dynamic Impact

Caesers Palace 1st $6.50/$2.60, One Aye 2nd/$3.20, Kopangi 4th; Quinella/$17.80; Exacta/$38.30


  1. h2 Arctic Thunder 2. h8 She’s All In  3. h4 Rules Don’t Apply 4. h3 Saigon

Arctic Thunder 1st $5.80/$2.60, Saigon 3rd/n.t.d., She’s All In 4th


  1. h7 Savvy Crown 2. h14 Rebel Bro 3. h5 Metro Legend 4. h17 Oakfield Arrow

Oakfield Arrow 1st $8.40/$2.70, Rebel Bro 3rd/$3.60, Metro Legend 4th


  1. h5 Yiyi 2. h2 Darleb 3. h8 Kingsheir 4. h4 Lackeen

Kingsheir 1st $4/$1.80, Yiyi 2nd/$1.90; Quinella/$10.90; Exacta/$16.70


  1. h1 Rule The Law 2. h3 Never Second 3. h8 Miss Baltimore 4. h13 Twilight Affair

Rule The Law 1st $4.40/$1.90, Twilight Affair 3rd/$1.80

QUADDIE; Arctic Thunder/Oakfield Arrow/Kingsheir/Rule The Law DIVI; $832.00


  1. h6 Loveplanet 2. h7 Awesome Lad 3. h8 O’Mudgee 4. h2 Canasta

O’mudgee 1st $7.50/$2.30, Canasta 2nd/$1.50, Loveplanet 4th; Quinella/$9.70; Exacta/$25.70


  1. h2 So You Win 2. h11 Mubariz 3. h7 South Pacific 4. h4 Order Again h14 Percuniary Interest

So You Win 1st $6.20/$2.20, Mubariz 2nd/$2.00; Quinella/$16.30; Exacta/$35.00


  1. h6 Niffler 2. h2 Zegalo 3. h7 Nothinsweetaboutme 4. h12 Casino Kid

Casino Kid 1st $8.40/$2.40, Niffler 2nd/$1.30, Zegalo 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta/$78.30; Quinella/$11.20; Exacta/$34.00


  1. h1 Garibaldi 2. h11 Ranges 3. h5 Tycoonist 4. h4 True Detective

True Detective 1st $8/$3.40, Tycoonist 2nd/$1.50, Ranges 4th; Quinella/$8.70; Exacta/$22.10

QUADDIE; O’mudgee/So You Win/Casino Kid/True Detective DIVI; $3,642.80

Caulfield Races


  1. h4 Philosopher 2. h6 Bonhuer 3. h5 Schueller 4. h8 Jewellery

Philosopher 1st $2.40/$1.60, Jewellery 2nd/$2.90, Bonheur 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$26.10; Quinella/$7.90; Exacta/$10.20


  1. h2 The Awesome Lad 2. h6 Salto Angel 3. h3 Brilliant Venture 4. h5 Ruru

Brilliant Venture 1st $10.20/$2.70, Salto Angel 2nd/$2.40, The Awesome Lad 3rd/$1.80, Ruru 4th; First4/$897.70; Trifecta/$260.00; Quinella/$30.80; Exacta/$74.10


  1. h1 Lavish Girl 2. h4 Russians 3. h2 Luna Cat

Luna Cat 3rd/n.t.d., Lavish Girl 4th


  1. 1 Florescent Star 2. h2 In The Boat 3. h17 Gabiera 4. h8 Rigel Star

In The Boat 1st $2.70/$1.60, Gabiera 3rd/$2.90


  1. h6 Misterzee 2. h7 Reliable Dude 3. h3 Dirty Deeds 4. h5 Curly Burgin

Dirty Deeds 1st $4.40/$1.60, Reliable Dude 2nd/$1.20; Quinella/$3.90; Exacta/$10.20


  1. h7 Starcaster 2. h4 Holbein 3. h3 Hang Man 4. h5 In A Twinkling

Holbein 3rd/n.t.d., In A Twinkling 4th


  1. h2 Open Minded 2. h6 Sig Positano 3. h4 Neighbourhood 4. h7 Musswellbrook

Open Minded 1st $5/$1.60


  1. h15 Scorched Earth 2. h9 It’s Ourtime 3. h10Gingerjones 4. h3 Zipping Boy, h13 Calypso Reign

Scorched Earth 1st $2.70/$1.70, It’sourtime


  1. h6 Award Winner 2. h10 Vespertine 3. h16 Jezoulenko 4. h2 Awapuni Princess

Vespertine 1st $5/$1.90, Award Winner 3rd/$2.40

OUR BEST; MR7 H2 OPEN MINDED($4.80); great run last in superior race and he flies around this circuit. He is drawn ideally here to be right up on the speed where he likes to be. In pretty well after the claim 59.5kgs and he is very consistent. The key here is he loves the track and if Alana Kelly can have him high rolling at the distance they might find it hard to run him down.

OPEN MINDED($5); FIRST GIDDYUP!! taken straight to the front dictated bolted in.

BR6 HI THE RITZ($7.50); forget his last run took on the open class and never got near them back to this class. He was always well back which is against his pattern of racing. Up on the speed here and the distance is great, bred to handle wet conditions we expect him to bounce back here at nice odds.

THE RITZ($9); FIRST GIDDYUP!! well he missed the start got well back again but looked like he was travelling coming to the corner. Zipped down the center of the track to get up.

BR7 H5 TAMILADE($8); talking about consistent horses this one is ultra consistent and he is a swimmer. Third up here will be cherry ripe and out to the 1800m on a slow track is ideal. He will be back around midfield and chiming in nicely at the distance, the Chris Waller pair will know he is the race come post time. GIDDYUP!!!

TAMILADE($); 6th beaten 4.7L, got a long way back ran home well but never really got near them.

SR4 H7 SAVVY CROWN($20); make no mistake this horse does his best fresh and certainly races best when up just on or behind the speed. Heavy tracks hold no fears for him and the distance should be perfect for him first up. Rachael King a bonus super surprised if doesn’t figure at great odds.

SAVVY CROWN($15); last beaten 7.09L, dropped out the back and only really pressured to do anything the last 100m. Fitness run.

SR5 H5 YIYI($5); this horse was on fire last prep and is a pistolero first up and the heavier the better. Track and distance ideal and in the run probably close to the speed in the heavy conditions. Big chance.

YIYI($5); 2nd/place$1.90 beaten 1.32L, nice run in transit ran well first up and we will stick with him next start.

SUMMARY: back in action today after a week off and Happy New Year to everyone. The Goldy is soft today and Rosehill is a heavy8 now but showers are forecast so it could be a sludgefest mid program. Gold Coast race8 and this a race full of  speedsters with seven of the runners that like to take it on. King Klaus($10) is one such horse and he can definitely lead here, the wetter the better for him  and is very strong first up hard to beat. Certainly The Move($3.80) and Racecourse Road($5.50) would be right on King Klaus’s hammer or even in front of him and tough to beat. Gogol is a very consistent lower grade horse and can run a nice race. If all this falls apart the old boy Tyzone($34) might just rocket home over the top of them. Rosehill race 8 the January Cup and Chris Waller has 5 runners not an unusal scenario. We think So You Win($6) has a great chance, this bloke loves the track and distance and would envisage him to be just off the pace again here heavy track no problems. His stablemate Mubariz($5) we had him as a bets bet last start, and in my humble opinion thought he was ridden to far back again. Seems to me this horse thinks he is in a trial or track gallop when ridden that way he needs the pressure on early to show him its the real thing. Loves wet tracks definite chance. Order Again($3.20)?? can improve big time on a heavy track. Percuniary Interest($5.50) has been racing well and this is a big step up in grade here. Just like to mention Exo Lady($4.40) unbeaten can lead or take a sit mid field handles all conditions. I can only assume she is her quote because of her barrier 10 interesting!! Another tough day everywhere but there are no easy days but there looks to be bit of value around. Remember horses that handle wet conditions and are in form will run true to that, sometimes the obvious is just that. To all our members and Facebook followers keep safe in this crazy world we live in right now and “GOOD LUCK” to all having a crack today and racing is great entertainment so ÄLWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” CHEERS FROM KERRY AND DAN HORSEBUCK$