Tip & Results 6th November 2021

Eagle Farm Track Good, Rosehill Track Soft(upgrade likely), Flemington Track good(Rain expected mid afternoon)

Eagle Farm Races


  1. h3 Better Golightly 2.h1 Suenito 3. h6 Mishani Mistress 4. h5 Lady Laguna

Lady Laguna 1st $5.50/$1.80, Mishani Mistress 3rd/n.t.d.; BETTER GOLIGHTLY L.SCR.


  1. h1 Go Wandji 2. h3 Danezel 3. h7 Phanton Court 4. h6 Extreme Jewel

Go Wandji 1st $1.16/$1.04, Danezel 2nd/$2, Phantom Court 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$3.50; Quinella/$2.40; Exacta/$2.60


  1. h4 Stuck With You 2. h1 Way Beyond 3. h6 Becandleni 4. h5 The Minivan

Becandleni 3rd/$1.60, Way Beyond 4th


  1. h6 Shamaton 2. h7 Vaporizing 3. h1 Wudang Blade 4. h5 Frozen In Time

Shamaton 1st $1.40/$1.20, Wudang Blade 2nd/$4.60, Frozen In Time 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$56.50; Quinella/$12.90; Exacta/$19.80


  1. h7 Rayjen 2. h13 Balmaurice 3. h2 Sergeant Silva 4. h4 It’s All Talk

Rayjen 1st $1.80/$1.40, It’s All Talk 3rd/n.t.d.


  1. h2 Ligulate 2. h8 Tears Of Love 3. h3 At Witz End 4. h9 Peppi La Frew

Ligulate 1st $4.40/$1.80, Tears Of Love 3rd/$2.80


  1. h1 Safado 2. h9 Nicci’s Spirit 3. h3 Five Oxford 4. h5 Hallowed Girl

Nicci’s Spirit 1st $3.70/$1.60, Hallowed Girl 2nd/$5.20; Quinella/$43; Exacta/$67.90


  1. h3 Genzai The Wolf 2. h5 Wonderful Riri 3. h12 Centrefire 4. h8 Dr. Why Not, h11 Tycoon Evie

Tycoon Evie 1st $4.20/$1.80

MAIN QUADDIE; Rayjen/Ligulate/Nicci’s Spirit/Tycoon Evie DIVI;$158.20

Rosehill Races


  1. h2 Fortified 2. h4 Suppression 3. h7 Arabolini 4. h6 Merlinite

Suppression 1st $3.90/$1.60, Fortified 3rd/$2.40


  1. h12 Schillers Myst 2. h5 Sky Diamonds 3. h6 Sizzling Cat 4. h3 Chestnut Scaffa

Sizzling Cat(0.3L) 2nd/$2, Schiller’s Myst 3rd/$2


  1. h1 Mayfair Spirit 2. h4 Shibli 3. h5 Ladylovesagamble 4. h2 Prompt Prodigy

Shibli 1st $3.20/$1.40, Ladylovesagamble 3rd/$2.10


  1. h3 Amiche 2. h2 Undeniable 3. h4 Seleque 4. h8 Parachuter

Amiche 1st $4.10/$2.60, Undeniable 2nd/$2.80, Seleque 4th; Quinella/$14.30; Exacta/$24


  1. h2 Dream Runner 2. h3 Kitzbuhel 3. h14 Group Thinker 4. h11 Zakeriz



  1. h4 Pandora Blue 2. h6 Budhwar 3. h1 Travest 4. h13 Tympanize

Budhwar(.02L) 2nd/$2.20


  1. h1 Serjadan 2. h8 Ojai 3. h6 Cannonball 4. h2 Nobel

Serjadan 1st $5.60/$2.20, Ojai 3rd/$2, Cannonball 4th


  1. h1 Rocha Clock 2. h5 Yamazaki 3. h13 Nudge 4. h2 Polly Grey, h9 Electric Girl

Electric Girl 1st $12/$2.90, Rocha Clock 2nd/$1.60; Quinella/$24.30; Exacta/$56.50


  1. h8 Fox Fighter 2. h1 Flat Heaven 3. h9 Calgary Queen 4. h10 Branders Rule

Fox Fighter(1.22L) 2nd/$1.50, Flat Heaven 4th


  1. 3 Suave 2. h1 Zoushack 3. h14 War Eternal 4. h8 Media Starguest

Zoushack 1st $3.70/$1.70, Suave 3rd/$2.30

Flemington Races


  1. h5 Hosier 2. h10 Seiner’s Express 3. h4 Keats 4. h9 Equation

Seiner’s Express 3rd/$2.70


  1. h3 Dr. Drill 2. h5 Wentwood 3. h2 Sound 4. h1 Warning

Warning 1st $3.40, Sound 2nd/$3.60, Wentwood 3rd/n.t.d., Dr. Drill 4th; First4/$181.90; Trifecta/$73.90; Quinella/$10.90; Exacta/$17.10


  1. h6 Alcyone 2. h13 Vitrivius 3. h2 Saracen Knight 4. h11 Lunatic Fringe

Alcyone 1st $1.95/$1.30, Lunatic Fringe 2nd/$3, Saracen Knight 4th; Quinella/$13.50; Exacta/$21.40


  1. h6 Our Heidi 2. h12 Bend The Knee 3. h6 Decent Reine 4. h9 Jimmy The Bear

Bend The Knee 1st $9.70/$3.20


  1. h1 Nimalee 2. h2 Only Words 3. h5 Mimi’s Award 4. h7 Our Intrigue

Our Intrigue(0.2L) 2nd/$4.20; ONLY WORDS L.SCR.


  1. h1 Nature Strip 2. h6Bella Nipotina 3. h2 Streets Of Avalon 4. h3 Splintex

Nature Strip 1st $1.30/$1.04, Bella Nipotina 3rd/$1.90


  1. h5 Justacanta 2. h8 Crosshaven 3. h4 Dice Roll 4. h7 Beegood Toya Mother, h11 Chaillot

Crosshaven(0.2L0 2nd/$4, Justacanta 3rd/$3


  1. h9 Collette 2. h4 Zaaki 3. h2 Cascadian 4. h3Superstorm

Zaaki 1st $2.25/$1.40, Cascadian 2nd/$5.10; Quinella/$27.80; Exacta/$34.10


  1. h7 Leiter 2. h14 Duchess Of Dorset 3. h3 Sam’s Image 4. h4 Destination, h8 Magnajet

Magnajet(0.4L) 2nd/$5, Duchess Of Dorset 3rd/$1.50


BR6 H2 LIGULATE($4); third up and 1500M is ideal for this galloper. He can race back but we envisage from gate 2 he will roll forward and be right on the speed. He has run some cracking races from this position. Handles all conditions and the track not a problem. GIDDYUP!!!

LIGULATE($4.40); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! absolutely jogtrotting coming to the distance bolted in.

SR8 H1 ROCHA CLOCK($4.20); pretty good mare and should be right at her peak here third up. She relishes this distance and the track doesn’t hold any fears for her being a set weight mares grade. She will probably lob just off the main speed here and rally late to finish over the top.

ROCHA CLOCK($3.70); 2nd/$1.60 place beaten 0.5L, she got back took a little while to clear the ruck, ran on okay but Electric Girl a little too strong on the day.


BR8 H3 GENZAI THE WOLF($12); ultra consistent horse a fair 3rd(BM80) last start with 61kgs and drops to 55.5kgs here after the claim. He won at this level the start before with a keg less so still nicely in here. Prefers to race on the speed or just behind Good is his preferred surface but we won’t be deterred if there is moisture around as he has been placed 4 from 6 in the wet. Great price this horse and if he gets a decent run will be chiming in at the right time.

GENZAI THE WOLF($10); 10th beaten 5.5L, seemed to miss the kick and never got going. End of prep?

MR9 H7 LEITER($26); perfect draw for this horse gate (1) as he can roll forward with ease and be on the pace. He has won 3rd up and the track and distance good, he has a pretty good record overall and dry is his best surface but a bit of give in the ground won’t dampen his chances. Definitely a winnable race.

LEITER($18); 11th beaten 3.75L, ran his race upside down really expected him to be right on the speed here. 

SUMMARY: fair day last Saturday with 2 placings in Our Best, we were poleaxed in the Derby with Raging Bull finishing a great 4th our best result. Plenty of winners in the top 4 for multi runner players albeit well in the market and we think the trend will be the same today. Pretty good Cup day culminating in the main quaddie paying a handsome $5,000 so happy days!!! The Group 1 Mackinnon today and we think Collette($4.80) is the one here as she is a genuine Group mare. She will get back as will most of these with Homesman($31) probably the only leader here, Damian Lane should have her rolling into it by the time they straighten. She is a superior wet tracker but is adept on a good surface. Zaaki ($2.35) will be right up on the speed here, Cascadian($15) and Superstorm($13) will both be getting home hard. Lets hope they don’t let the old boy Homesman get away with an easy lead here as on his day he is tough nut to crack. Nature Strip($1.35) champion sprinter should be strutting his stuff big time in the Group 1 sprint. Old Streets Of Avalon($34) is in good form and might just sneak into a place. Just be mindful of track upgrades throughout the afternoon as sometimes they can be a tad off the mark. “SPRUIK ” horses are a no go zone, meaning horses that are incessantly displayed on our screens as they are usually at prohibited odds or their form would suggest otherwise. On that enlightened note (: “GOOD LUCK” to all having a punt today, racing is great entertainment so “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING”  cheers Kerry & Dan