Tips & Results 23rd October 2021

Doomben Track Soft, Randwick Track Good, The Valley Track Soft

Doomben Races


  1. h2 Honorable Spirit 2. h3 Irish Angel 3. h6 Nemingah 4. h1 He Runs Away10

He Runs Away 1st $10/$3.80, Irish Sequel 2nd/$1.30, Honorable 3rd/n.t.d., Nemingah 4th; First4/$112.30; Trifecta/$61.10; Quinella/$8.40; mExacta/$28.70


1. h3 Exo Lady 2. h4 Honkytonk Diva 3. h6 Floral Oasis 4. h5 Spanish Angels

Exo Lady 1st $1.80/$1.30, Floral Oasis 2nd/$2.70, Spanish Angels 3rd/n.t.d., Honkytonk Diva 4th; First4/$54.30; Trifecta/$24.10; Quinella/$4.20; Exacta/$6.90


  1. h6 Valiant 2. h12 Winside 3. h8 Lyrical Girl 4. h11 Shamaton

Lyrical Girl 1st $8.50/$2.40, Shamaton 2nd/$1.30, Winside 3rd/$3.40; Trifecta/$146; Quinella/$9.60; Exacta/$21.20


  1. h3 Cloak 2. h4 At Witz End 3. h8 Run For Glory 4. h5 Catesby

Run For Glory 3rd/$1.40, At Witz End 4th


  1. h1 Tiger Heart 2. h5 Bad Education 3. h2 Birriecart 4. h6 Devastating

Birriecart 1st $2.60/$1.50, Tiger Heart 2nd/$1.40, Bad Education 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$14.70; Quinella/$1.90; Exacta/$4


  1. h4 Rayjen 2. h2 Berdini’s Girl 3. h3 Single Dizire 4. h1 Invisible Tears

Single Dizire 1st $7.20/$3, Rayjen 3rd/, Invisible Tears 4th


  1. h6 Green Jacket 2. h8 Deep Sceiva 3. h9 Enterprise Keren 4. h7 Nyami

Enterprise Keren 4th


1. h18 Phantom Court 2. h13 Danezel 3. h19 Go Wandji 4. h8 Keep On Loving You

Go Wandji 1st $3/$1.70, Phantom Court 3rd/$2.50, Danezel 4th


  1. h3 Rebel Salute 2. h8 Sir Warwick 3. h12 Neutron 4. h7 Shijin, h13 Dark Euro

Sir Warwick 1st $2.80/$1.30, Rebel Salute 3rd/$2, Shijin 4th


  1. h2 Contemptuous 2. h3 Boom Spender 3. h5 Gogol 4. 10 Sir Rocket

Contemptuous 1st $2.40/$1.30, Gogol 2nd/$1.80, Sir Rocket 4th; Quinella/$6.10; Exacta/$11.50

Randwick Races


  1. h5 Secret Revolution 2. h1 Contemporary 3. h8 Belriah 4. h2 Midori Fuji



  1. h2 Kitzbuhel 2. h14 Freedom Square 3. h8 Lord Desanimau 4. h11 The Fossil

Kitzbuhel 1st $5/$2.10, Freedom Square 2nd/$2; Quinella/$13.40; Exacta/$29.90


  1. h6 Battleton 2. h5 Able Willie 3. h1 O’president 4. h3 War Eternal

Battleton(1.2L) 2nd/$2, Able Willie 3rd/$1.20


  1. h2 Undeniable 2. h4 Media Starguest 3. h9 Little Steiny 4. h12 Pandora Bleu

Pandora Bleu 1st $4.20/$1.90, Undeniable 2nd/$2.90, Media Starguest 3rd/$4.20; Trifecta/$222.10; Quinella/$12.20; Exacta/$28.10


  1. h1 Emerald Kingdom 2. h4 Criaderas 3. h2 Quackerjack 4. h3 Cuba

Quackerjack 4th;


  1. h6 Shibli 2. h2 Snowfire 3. h5 Reformist 4. h13 French Bonnet



  1. h1 Carif 2.h2 Cepheus 3. h3 Zeyrek 4. h6 Achiever

Zyerek 3rd/$1.80


  1. h1 Hilal 2. h2 Coastwatch 3. h6 Arnaqueur 4. h3 Royalzel

Hilal 1st $2.30/$1.40, Coastwatch 4th


  1. h2 Nudge 2. h6 Entreviere 3. h12 Startantes 4. h5 Media Award, h8 Rocha Clock

Roch Clock 2nd/$4.70, Entriviere 4th


  1. h6 Belluci Babe 2. h12 Faschanel 3. h9 Gravina 4. h4 Vulpine, H11 Quantico

Quantico 1st $7.30/$2.30, Vulpine 2nd/$10.70, Gravina 3rd/$1.30; Trifecta/$1,705.50; Quinella/$310; Exacta/$530

The Valley Races


  1. h7 Equivocal 2. h17 Nobel 3. h6 Bemote 4. h2 Semillion

Semillion 1st $13.90/$3.70, Nobel 3rd/$2.40, Equivocal 4th


  1. h10 Starry Legend 2. h1 Grandview Avenue 3. h3 Dexelation 4. h6 Ranting

Dexelation 1st $8.90/$2.40, Starry Legend 3rd/$1.50, Ranting 4th


  1. h2 New York Baby 2. h8 Our Heidi 3. h9 Dancelittle Sister 4. h1 Robodira

Our Heidi(0.1L) 2nd/$2.20, New York Baby 3rd/$1.70, Robodira 4th


  1. h4 Generation 2. h1 He’s Xceptional 3. h6 Sudoko 4. h9 Dosh

Generation 1st $2.20/$1.60, Sudoko 3rd/n.t.d.


  1. h2 Heresy 3. h3 Fortunate Kiss 3. h4 Stern Impulse 4. h7 Maracana

Maracana 3rd/$1.90, Heresy 4th


  1. h5 Elephant 2. h1 Best Of Days 3. h3 Romancer 4. h10 Rhinoceros

Elephant 3rd/n.t.d.


  1. h1 Forgot You 2. h11 Samarkand 3. h6 Cheerful Moment 4. h3 Jungle Magnate, h10 Villaden

Forgot You 1st $2.10/$1.50, Jungle Magnate 3rd/$5


  1. h7 Harpo Marx 2. h12 Floating Artist 3. h10 Pondus 4. h2 Good Idea

Floating Artist(0.1L) 2nd/$1.50, Pondus 4th; HARPO MARX L.SCR.


  1. h6 Verry Elleegant 2. h5 Mo’unga 3. h2 Dalasan 4. h9 Anamoe

Anamoe(0.1L) 2nd/$1.60, Verry Elleegant 3rd/$1.50, M0’unga 4th


  1. h1 Princess Jenni 2. h3 More Prophets 3. h4 Annavisto 4. h9 Grace And Harmony

Annavisto 3rd/$2, Princess Jenni 4th


BR8 H18 PHANTOM COURT($7); great draw for this horse to be on the speed, actually with his weight 51.5kgs should just about take it up. Track and distance suit as well and if she gets a break on them will be super tough to run down.

PHANTOM COURT($5.50); 3rd/$2.500 place beaten4.6L, beaut run behind the speed surged along the inside at the distance but just plugged to the line for 3rd.

SR5 H1 EMERALD KINGDOM($3.10); this bloke loves to roll forward and absolutely flies over this distance. The 60.5kgs won’t trouble him, he handles all conditions and second up he is a pistolero. GIDDYUP!!! 

EMERALD KINGDOM($2.60); last beaten 8.83L, led them up weakened pretty quickly, pulled up with a poor post race recovery.

SR10 H6 BELLUCI BABE($4.40); super consistent mare and her last run in G3 class was a beauty. Can handle all conditions but flies on a good track. Probably settle just off the speed here from her good draw and chime in at the distance. Huge chance.

BELLUCI BABE($5.50); 8th beaten 4.38L, in behind them into the straight held up momentarily but didn’t do much when clear. Also pulled up with poor post race recovery.

MR8 H7 HARPO MARX($6); how good is this horse going and his last start 3rd in the Group1 Metrop. was a beauty. This horse handles any conditions thrown at him. He is heart in the mouth stuff as he likes to drift back but as long as he is rolling into it from the 600m and chiming in at the top of the short straight he will take some holding out.



MR10 H1 PRINCESS JENNI($35); this mare has won at all levels but Group3 is her optimum IMO. She might get a little closer to the speed here although her pattern certainly suggests mid field. Second up is her go and she has a liking for The Valley. The distance is ideal for her certainly a better chance then her price would suggest.

PRINCESS JENNI($26); 4th beaten 6.5L, great run behind the leaders peeled out swinging looking a place chance but just battled on. Thinking next time for her.

SUMMARY: The “Beast” Incentivise absolutely spanked them in the Caulfield Cup, Think It Over won the Group 3 Craven plate beating Sky Lab and the big horse Nature Strip lasted to win the Everest from Masked Crusader and Eduardo so some nice results for Facebook followers. Buffalo River saluted for Our Best bets not crazy odds but win he did along with 2 placegetters. Plenty of winners for multi runner players as usual and exotics so pretty good day all round. Group 1 Cox Plate today and what a cracking race with track conditions holding the key here. We have veered away from the favourite Zaaki and think Verry Elleegant($4.80) and Mo’unga($12) hold the aces here.  The champ Verry Elleegant is capable of winning on a good track (she is a 9 time G1 winner) but if it is wet she will be super tough to hold out. Mo’unga is in great form and is a hard nut to crack in a ding dong go, Zaaki (SCRATCHED) is a good horse and will be on the speed here you would think. The 3 year old Anamoe($4) is a good colt and would need to be and Dalasan($41) an underrated horse that can really put in a big one here loves soft. The Invitation for fillies and mares race9 Randwick and Nudge($11) had a great run in the Queensland winter and has come back in good form and second up fires big time. Entriviere($2.95) is a top mare but she certainly needs some luck and Startantes($9.50) could beat both she went to the line full of running last start with her ears pricked and the 52kgs is a big plus. Media Award($23) and Rocha Clock($17) both getting home hard. Super tough race race indeed. Don’t forget that our tipping service is now FREE all you have to do is become a Horsebuck$ member and check out all previous results and  read About us to see what makes us tick. Welcome once again to all our new members that joined up this week and to all having a punt today “GOOD LUCK” and “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING”  cheers Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$