Tips & Results 25th September 2021

Toowoomba Track Good, Rosehill Track Good, Sandown Track Good

Toowoomba Races


  1. h4 Hostage Of War 2. h5 Tides Of Jupiter 3. h2 Fortified 4. h3 Better Ethics

Tides Of Jupiter(0.1L) 2nd/$4.10


  1. h6 Deep Sceiva 2. h3 Foreign Territory 3. h2 Kubrick 4. h1 Matowi

Deep Sceiva 1st $3.80/$1.40, Kubrick 2nd/$1.80, Foreign Territory 3rd/$2; Trifecta/$81.50; Quinella/$8.70; Exacta/$14.80


  1. h4 Lyrical Girl 2. h1 Voulait 3. h3 Blue Odyssey 4. h13 Motomiss

Lyrical Girl 3rd/$1.30, Motomiss 4th($11)


  1. h1 Mishani Warfare 2. h8 Mishani Sunshine 3. h5 Straight Alpas 4. h7 Menari Magic

Menari Magic 1st $12.50/$3.10, Mishani Warfare 2nd/$1.70; Quinella/$26.10; Exacta/$71.20


  1. h2 Whitewater 2. h4 Keefy 3. h3 Red Wave 4. h6 Bulloo

Bulloo 1st $3.80/$1.40, Keefy 2nd/$1.60, Red Wave 3rd/$2, Whitewater 4th($2.70); First4/$88.50; Trifecta/$50.50; Quinella/$6.20; Exacta/$13.10


  1. h3 Tears Of Love 2. h5 Vinco 3. h4 Rock Amore 4. h12 Great Powers

Vinco 1st $4.50/$1.90, Rock Amore 4th($3.70)


  1. h2 Wapiti 2. h3 He Runs Away 3. h8 Honorable Spirit 4. h6 Zigallene, h10 Choclatier

Wapiti 1st $3.80/$1.80, Honorable Spirit 2nd/$1.80; Quinella/$7.70; Exacta/$16.80


  1. h6 You Make Me Smile 2. h1 Soxagon 3. h2 Desert Lord 4. h5 Tambo’s Mate

Desert Lord(0.3L) 2nd/$2.30, Tambo’s Mate 4th($9.50)


  1. h7 Frozen In Time 2. h16 Don’t Stop 3. h3 Colpo Di Tamburo 4. h8 Dreamtimer, h15 Fifteen Rounds

Don’t Stop 1st $7/$2.60, Dreamtimer 4th($21)

Rosehill Races


  1. h2 Casino Mondial 2. h3 Our Intrigue 3. h9 Bazooka 4. h1Achiever

Bazooka(0.57L) 2nd/$1.70, Achiever 3rd/$2.30


  1. h2 Yulong Base 2. h4 So Say You 3. h3 Tap ‘n’ Run 4. h9 The Fossil

The Fossil 1st $19/$3.90, Tap ‘n’Run 4th($13)


  1. h9 Budhwar 2. h6 Dalaalaat 3. h7 Calgary Queen 4. h5 Barossa Rosa

Barossa Rosa 1st $14/$3.30, Calgary Queen 3rd/$2, Dalaalaat 4th($10)


  1. h2 Entente 2. h7 Criminal Code 3. h1 Taikomochi 4. h8 Skymax

Entente 1st $4.60/$2


  1. h1 Sword Of State 2. h2 Home Affairs 3. h3 Paulele 4. h5 Maotai

Home Affairs 1st $6.50/$2.40, Paulele 2nd/$1.80; Quinella/$10.70; Exacta/$23.40


  1. h1 Imaging 2. h10 Love Tap 3. h4 Chat 4. h3 Archedemus

Love Tap 4th($4.40)


  1. h2 Entriviere 2. h5 Fituese 3. h6 Marboosha 4. h4 Nimalee

Nimalee(0.37L) 2nd/$2.40, Entriviere 3rd/$1.60


  1. h1 Anamoe 2. h2 Astorius 3. h5 In The Congo 4. h7 Remarquee

In The Congo 1st $7.50/$2.40, Anamoe 2nd/$1.20, Artorius 4th($10); Quinella/$6.90; Exacta/$21.30


  1. h3 Arnaquer 2. h1 Subterranaean 3. h2 Head Of State 4. h12 Notions

Head Of State 1st $5.50/$2.30


  1. h2 Ellsberg 2. h12 Grand Rumore 3. h10 Grace And Harmony 4. h1 Poetic Charmer, h5 Kiku

Ellsberg 1st $2.90

Sandown Races


  1. h4 Esta La Roca 2. h2 Bless Her 3. h5 Twist Of Fury 4. h6 Modear

Esta La Roca 1st $2.70/$1.40, Bless Her 2nd/$2.90; Quinella/$21.80; Exacta/$31.20


  1. h12 Sirileo Miss 2. h6 Milton Park 3. h15 Mimi’s Award 4. h7 Do You Reckon

Sirileo Miss 1st $2.20/$1.40


  1. h3 Lina’s Legend 2. h4 Jungle Magnate 3. h7 1 Three Kings

Lina’s Legend 3rd/$1.30


  1. h2 Zouzarella 2. h1 Biscayne Bay 3. h3 Mac ‘n’ Cheese 4. h4 Picarones

Zouzarella(1L) 2nd/$1.40, Picarones 4th($17)


  1. h2 Elephant 2. h3 Harbour Views 3. h6 Cherry Tortoni 4. h1 Lunar Fox

Elephant 1st $2.35/$1.60, Harbour Views 3rd/n.t.d., Cherry Tortoni 4th($3)


  1. h1 Dr. Drill 2. h5 Floating Artist 3. h7 Skyman 4. h9 Don’t Doubt Dory

Floating Artist 1st $2.25/$1.30, Skyman 2nd/$1.60; Quinella/$4.50; Exacta/$8.40


  1. h2 Zaaki 2. h5 Probabeel 3. h1 Fifty Stars 4. h4 Superstorm

Zaaki 1st $1.20/$1.10, Probabeel 2nd/$1.60 Superstorm 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$6.40; Quinella/$2; Exacta/$2.60


  1. h1 So Si Bon 2. h6 Chaillot 3. h2 Newhart 4. h5 King Of Hastings

Chaillot 1st $3.60/$1.80, So Si Bon 4th($8)


  1. h3 Aussie Nugget 2. h11 Flexible 3. h15 Hasseltoff 4. h5 Khoekhoe, h13 Bea Tempted

Bea Tempted(4.5L) 2nd/$4.30


BR6 H3 TEARS OF LOVE($11); this gelding has a decent record and flies around this circuit. He beat London Banker at his last appearence which is no mean feat the way that horse is going. The claim certainly helps here and and if the young rider can get him across from his gate and be lurking on the speed he could dash at the top of the straight. Great each way chance.

TEARS OF LOVE($8.50); 6th beaten 5.9L, sat on the leaders hammer until straightening then wilted.

BR8 H6 YOU MAKE ME SMILE($8); he has come back in great form and may be just a tad under rated. The beaut thing about this horse is he can sit back or be on speed thinking the tricky Toowoomba circuit will suit him. Still weighted well and the distance is spot on. GIDDYUP!!!

YOU MAKE ME SMILE($); 12th beaten 5.8L, did a lot of work early to obtain the lead, wilted in the straight.

SR5 H1 SWORD OF STATE($10); good Kiwi and we think this distance will suit this galloper perfectly first up. Loves to lead and if they leave him be he just might be too slick for them at this stage of the season.

SWORD OF STATE($6); 7th beaten 4.3L, never got any where near the lead settled 5th 3 wide the entire trip. He loves to lead so let’s give him another go, soft track would be a bonus too.

SR9 H3 ARNAQUER($6); this horse was a tad unlucky last start in a much stronger field than this. Hoping there is plenty of pace on here and Rosehill should suit him better than Kembla. He will be steaming home.

ARNAQUER($11); 8th beaten 6.89L, settled 4th but 3 wide entire trip, game over.

SR10 H2 ELLSBERG($4); a pistolero first up, has the outside gate here but Nash should negate that. He could even take it up here and the track and distance should be spot on first up. He handles all conditions and if he turns in front could be game set and match.

ELLSBERG($4-$2.90); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! great ride by Nash settled 1 out 1 back driven to the line and too strong.

MR8 H1 SO SI BON($12); not convinced this a strong Listed race.  He is as tough as old boots and his last run in the Group1 Stradbroke in Brisbane was a pretty good run. Fires first up and would not be surprised to see him on the speed. The drier the better for this old boy.

SO SI BON($); 4th beaten 1.45L, always up on the speed he had every chance. Fought on like he always does.

SUMMARY: We hope everybody followed up on Wild Ruler($7)  last night in the group 1 Moir Stakes as we thought he could topple Nature Strip at his last start(: Make sure you read up on our post race summaries of OUR BEST bets on as sometimes we go one run too early and we suggest the same in our summaries and they lob at their next start. Plenty of winners last week in our top 4 for multi runner players and 3 placegegetters in Our Best in what was an oddsonathon. Toowoomba today and it’s always a tough ask at that tricky circuit. The Group 1 Underwood WFA at Sandown has 5 runners and you would think Zaaki($1.25) would be winning, super impressive form, maybe they think Probabeel($5) can spoil the party with the quick back up from a Group 1 handicap. What a good little race the Sandown Stakes G3 is and Elephant($2.50) should be winning was just nosed out in the G2 Feehan WFA last start in a pretty good form race. Harbour Views($5) won well in Listed grade last start Cherry Tortoni($3.50) is no slouch and Lunar Fox ($19) can get home strongly. The Group1 Golden Rose for 3 year olds and Anamoe($2) will take a power of beating a good winner last start will settle just off the pace. Artorius($9) will be midfield and will be super hard to hold out, In The Congo($10) is a crazy price really as he will be right on the speed here and hard to run down. Let’s not forget Remarquee($8) a little luck and he will be motoring home at a rate of knots. Super race and IMO not a one horse race. Don’t forget all our tips are available for FREE now all you have to do is become a Horsebuck$ member and like and follow us on Facebook. What can I say another absolute cracking day here on the Goldie the AFL GF plus the rugby league semi, great racing and a barbie, a couple of cold ones and a few winners what more do we need. The Bunnies winning what a bonus so on that exhuberant note “GOOD LUCK” to all those having a crack and “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” and footy no matter what your code is CHEERS from Kerry & Dan HORSEBUCK$