Tips & results 18th September 2021

Gold Coast Track Good, Randwick Track Soft, Caulfield Track Good

Gold Coast Races


1.h4 Ruuca 2.h8 Kingscote 3.h11 She Can Sing 4.h12 A River Somewhere

She Can Sing 1st $3.10/$1.80, Kingscote 2nd/$3.90, Ruuca 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$70.50; Quinella/$15.80; Exacta/$25.40


1.h1 Purrfect Deal 2.h7 Sciconic 3.h5 Top Order 4.h8 Tiomo

Sciconic(1L) 2nd/$1.80, Purrfect Deal 3rd/$1.10, Top Order 4th($6.50)


1.h1 Rhapsody Rose 2.h3 Rubiquitous 3.h7 Beaux Rumble 4.h5 The Kewess

The Kewess(0.75L) 2nd/$2.90, Beaux Rumble 3rd/n.t.d., Rhapsody Rose 4th($2.90)


1.h9 Boblee 2.h1 The Odyssey 3.h8 The Move 4.h4 King Klaus

The Move 1st $1.80/$1.10, King Klaus 2nd/$2, The Odyssey 3rd/$3.10; Trifecta/$63.20; Quinella/$8.50; Exacta/$11.70


1.h6 I Could Do Better 2.h11 Ocean Treaty 3.h13 Aswaat 4.h2 Sugar Boom

Aswaat 3rd/$2


1.h2 Weona Smartone 2.h8 Say Haya 3.h3 Tramonto 4.h4 Ditmas

Weona Smartone 1st $1.80/$1.04, Tramontro 2nd/$1.20, Ditmas 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta/$6.30; Quinella/$1.80; Exacta/$2.80


1.h10 Scottish Mist 2.h5 Dash For Dreams 3.h1 Champagne Aunty 4.h4 Miami Fleiss h9 Siesta Key

Miami Fleiss 1st $1.50/$1.20, Dash For Dreams 4th($16)


1.h9 Neutron 2.h3 Mr So and So 3.h2 Morethannumberone 4.h4 Bohemian Boom

Morethannumberone 1st $2/$1.20, Neutron 2nd/$1.30, Mr. So And So 4th($21); Quinella/$2.50; Exacta/$3.90


1.h2 Run For Glory 2.h5 Full Nelson 3.h9 Samurai 4.h1 Catesby

Samurai 1st $5.70/$2.10, Full Nelson 2nd/$2, Catesby 3rd/$4.30; Trifecta/$326.80; Quinella/$18.20; Exacta/$30.40

Randwick Races


1.h1 Ahead Start 2.h10 Private Agent 3.h2 Leo 4.h3 Nice Trixx

Leo 1st $6/$2.50, Ahead Start 2nd/$2, Private Agent 3rd/$2.40, Nicci Trix 4th($4.80); First4/$405.70; Trfecta/$164.40; Quinella/$9.80; Exacta/$26.70


1.h4 Bigboyroy 2.h7 Cisco Bay 3.h5 Kiss The Bride 4.h1 New Arrangement

Kiss The Bride 1st $6.20/$1.90, Bigboyroy 2nd/$1.50, New Arrangement 4th($7); Quinella/$10.60; Exacta/$22.90


1.h6 Tampering 2.h9 Big Surprise 3.h13 Akihero 4.h10 Canyonero

Canyonero 1st $11/$3, Akihiro 2nd/$2.30, Tampering 3rd/$2.10; Trifecta/$356.10; Quinella/$32.90; Exacta/$75.10


1.h16 Hot Spring Gold 2.h5 High Supremacy 3.h10 Suave 4.h2 Elizabeel

High Supremacy 1st $8/$2.80


1.h5 Private Eye 2.h4 Amarelinha 3.h11 Atishu 4.h12 Harmony Rose

Atishu 1st $3.50/$1.60, Private Eye 4th($4)


1.h3 She’s All Class 2.h10 Never Been Kissed 3.h6 Latino Blend 4.h4 Mallory

Mallory(0.37L) 2nd/$1.90


1.h1 Kolding 2.h2 Think It Over 3.h7 Verry Elleegant 4.h3 Cascadian

Verry Elleegant 1st $1.80/$1.20, Think It Over 3rd/$1.70; KOLDING pulled up


1.h1 Nature Strip 2.h2 Eduardo 3.h4 Masked Crusader 4.h5 Rothfire h7 Lost And Running

Eduardo 1st $5.80/$1.90, Nature Strip 2nd/$1.30, Rothfire 4th($14); Quinella/$5.80; Exacta/$15.40


1.h3 Montefillia 2.h4 Spirit Edge 3.h5 Shared Ambition 4.h14 Shee’s Ideel h7 Best Of Days

She’s Ideel 1st $2.80/$1.50, Montefillia 2nd/$1.90; Quinella/$6; Exacta/$12.80


1.h6 Valaquenta 2.h10 Triple Ace 3.h12 Equation 4.h5 Lord Olympus h3 Marway

Triple Ace 1st $19.50/$4.40

Caulfield Races


1.h2 The Gauch 2.h3 Faretti 3.h7 Crestani 4.h11 Pride Of Jenni

The Gauch(0.2L) 2nd/$1.70, Crestani 4th($7)


1.h4 Pandemic 2.h7 He’s A Balter 3.h2 Athiri 4.h5 Wisdom Of Water

He’s A Balter 1st $7/$2.20, Pandemic 2nd/$1.70, Athiri 3rd/$1.90; Trifecta/$70.30; Quinella/$11; Exacta/$25.60


1.h1 Heresy 2.h3 Morioka 3.h5 Elusive Express 4.h6 Xtra Gear

Heresy(0.2L) 2nd/$1.70, Elusive Exp[ress 3rd/$3.10


1.h1 Alpine Edge 2.h4 Athelric 3.h1 Military Expert 4.h9 Riverplate

Military Expert 3rd/$2.10, Alpine Edge 4th($4.60)


1.h7 Fake Love 2.h1 General Beau 3.h10 Ashema 4.h3 Ranveer

General Beau 1st $3/$1.40, Ranveer 2nd/$1.90; Quinella/$7.40; Exacta/$13.50; ASHEMA L.SCR.


1.h3 Annavisto 2.h13 Galgani 3.h7 Snickerdoodledandy 4.h11 Aidensfield

Annavisto 1st $2.25/$1.40, Aidensfield 3rd/$2.30


1.h4 Delphi 2.h11 Nonconformist 3.h12 Grande Promenade 4.h13 No Effort, h14 Realm Of Flowers

Nonconformist 1st $4.40/$2.50, Delphi 2nd/$3; Quinella/$19.90; Exacta/$36.90


1.h2 Probabeel 2.h1 Behemoth 3.h5 Beau Rossa 4.h7 Sierra Sue, h13 Amish Boy

Sierra Sue 1st $12.40/$3.50


1.h4 La Mexicana 2.h1 Bonham 3.h10 Belsielle 4.h6 Chassis h9 Geist

Chassis(0.75L) 2nd/$3.80, La Mexicana 3rd/$2.20, Geist 4th($8)

OUR BEST; BR9 H2 RUN FOR GLORY($3.25) only got run down by a very good horse last start. Third up today and the 1400m is ideal. Drops in grade and has a 3kg claimer which drops him to 57 kgs. Should go forward from the good gate and be super tough to beat. 

RUN FOR GLORY($3.60); 6th beaten 2.5L, wasn’t a happy camper in the run laying in (eye gear off?) decent horse follow up.

SR9 H3 MONTEFILLIA($5) Great run first up when chased hard over the 1600m. The step out to the 2000m is perfect and second up a bonus. She has won on soft tracks and is a multiple group 1 winner that looks to be back in form. Carries 57kg and will be charging late. 

MONTEFILLIA($5); 2nd/$2/place beaten 1.25L, she got a long way back but ran on strongly down the middle. Huge follow up. 

MR9 H4 LA MEXICANA($6.50) Good run 2nd up when checked badly, stuck on gamely and 3rd up today suits. Loves the track and distance and is adept in all conditions. D. Lane aboard is a bonus. Huge chance at good odds.

LA MEXICANA($5); 3rd/$1.90 beaten .75L, huge run 4 wide entire race guts it out. gutbuster?

SR5 H5 PRIVATE EYE($5) Not given much of a chance last start but ran on strongly and was an eye catcher. Loves the track and distance and is unbeaten third up. Is adept in all conditions and we would like to see him a lot closer in the running and if so will be super hard to beat ! 

PRIVATE EYE($4); 4th beaten 3L, big run really considering the wide trip. Not the greatest ride.

BEST EACHWAY; MR7 H4 DELPHI($8.50) Huge run first up in a leader biased race, 2nd up today is ideal, track and distance suits. The step up to 2000m is ideal and John Allen aboard is a huge bonus. Handles all conditions and has won in this class before. 

DELPHI($8); 2nd/$3/place beaten 0.2L, great ride John Allen fought hard to just miss

SUMMARY: Membership in Horsebuck$ is now free and welcome to our new members. Because of  restructuring there could be some minor issues receiving the tips, if so let us know on Pretty good day last week when Away Game and Still A Star both placed in Our Best and Toffane took on Incentivise but the big fella was too strong but she ran well. Plenty of winners in our top4 for multi runner players so there is always plenty of action. Today is another day of huge fields with a plethora of chances in each but we will concentrate on the Group races here. The Group1 George Main at Randwick and Kolding($8) will sit just behind the speed here, he is a multiple group1 winner and flies 3rd up over this distance. Verry Elleegant($2) is the champ but can be vulnerable here and Think It Over($4.40) was a big winner last start and Nash will have him primed at the distance. Cascadian($9) will be coming hard The Group2 Shorts 1100m what a crackerjack field and Nature Strip($2.30) was a big winner 1st up but this a different story, if he leads will be tough to run down. Masked Crusader’s($4.40) win 1st up was his best yet and he will be steaming home and Eduardo($8) has been going gangbusters since moving to Sydney. Rothfire($5) the crack Queenslander if he is spot on anything can happen. Group 1 Sir Rupert at Caulfield is a high class handicap where we think the cream will rise to the top namely Probabeel($5) and Bohemoth($5.50). Bohemoth will take it up from gate 1 and Probabeel will settle back the whips will be cracking. Beau Rossa($4.40) will be on speed and Sierra Sue($13) extremely unlucky last start and Amish Boy($13) will both be getting home hard. Another cracking day here on the Gold Coast so on that note all those having a play today “GOOD LUCK” and remember to “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers form Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$