Tips & Results 4th September 2021

Eagle Farm Track Good, Randwick Track Soft, Moonee Valley Track Soft(7)

Eagle Farm


1.h4 Sokudo 2.h5 Zawadi 3.h6 Relucent 4.h7 Youngblood

Sokudo(1.75L) 2nd/$1.90, Youngblood 3rd/$3


1.h1 Finsceal 2.h2 Seregeant Silva 3.h8 Duchess Rothesay 4.h4 Red Wave

Sergeant Silva 1st $5.10/$2.50, Red Wave 2nd/$3, Duchess Rothesay 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$104.70; Quinella/$22.30; Exacta/$43.60


1.h6 Adelase 2.h3 Seeingisbeleiving 3.h1 Baaone 4.h4 Nyami

Adelase 1st $2.45/$2, Nyami 2nd/$3.30, Seeingisbelieving 4th($13); Quinella/$9.10; Exacta/$15.30


1.h2 Honorable Spirit 2.h5 Top Order 3.h3 Warp Speed 4.h4 Navy Cross

Top Order 1st $14/$2.80, Honorable Spirit 2nd/$2.60, Warp Speed 3rd/$2.20; Trifecta/$404.60; Quinella/$36.40; Exacta/$110.20


1.h1 Le Palmier 2.h2 Kalik 3.h4 Je Suis Belle 4.h6 Plenty

Je Suis Belle 1st $2.05/$1.30, Le Palmier 2nd/$1.60, Plenty 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$19.10; Quinella/$1.60; Exacta/$3.50


1.h3 Royal Hale 2. h4 Genzai The Wolf 3. h1 Junction 4.h7 Enterprise Prince

Genzai The Wolf 1st $3.60/$1.50, Royal Hale 2nd/$1.30, Enterprise Prince 4th($6.50); Quinella/$2.90; Exacta/$6.30


1.h4 Ingear 2.h5 Red Rubi 3.h6 The BigGoodbye 4.h10 Jubai Pride, h7 Undeniable

Ingear 1st $2.60/$1.70The Big Goodbye 2nd/$2.30, Undeniable 4th($6); Quinella/$10.10; Exacta/$16.60


1.h3 The Kewess 2.h4 Rubiquitous 3.h1 Rhapsody Rose 4.h5 She’s Heavenly, h7 The Rattlesnake

Rubiquitous 1st $14/$2.80, The Rattlesnake 3rd/$2.80, Rhapsody Rose 4th($2.70)


1.h1 Vinco 2.h3 Dusty Tycoon 3.h4 Avowal 4.h7 Fifteen Rounds, h2 Samarai

Dusty Tycoon 4th($2.35)

Randwick Races


1.h2 Parksville 2.h9 Ten Bells 3.h3 Mr Hussill 4.h5 Commande Hunt

Mr. Hussill(0.57L) 2nd/$2.80


1.h3 Shaik 2.h8 Patino Ruby 3.h7 Selburose 4.h5 Nags To Riches

Selburose 1st $3.90/$1.70, Shaik 2nd/$2.30, Patino Ruby 4th($5); Quinella/$14.20; Exacta/$28.80


1.h3 Always Sure 2.h1 Casino Mondial 3.h6 Tampering 4.h9 Wild Chap

Casino Mondial 1st $8/$3.30, Tampering 4th($10)


1.h11 Hoover Lucy 2.h2 Prince Invincible 3.h4 Super Effort 4.h10 Starman

Super Effort(1.39L) 2nd/$2.50, Prince Invincible 4th($9)


1.h3 Wild Ruler 2.h1 Nature Strip 3.h2 Trekking 4.h9 Adelong

Nature Strip 1st $1.50/$1.04, Wild Ruler 2nd/$1.60, Trekking 3rd/2; Trifecta/$210.60; Quinella/$3.20; Exacta/$4.50


1.h2 Swift Witness 2.h3 Jamaea 3.h1 Four Moves Ahead 4.h4 She’s All Class

Jamaea 1st $21/$4.30,


1.h2 Dreamforce 2.h3 Lions Roar 3.h1 Zaaki 4.h8 Prime Star

Zaaki 1st $2.30


1.h4 Shared Ambition 2.h1 Think It Over 3. h13 She’s Ideel 4.h12 Kukeracha

Think It Over 1st $4.40/$2


1.h12 Grand Rumore 2.h11 Geist 3.h13 King Of Sparta 4.h16 Eight Diamonds h9 A Magic Zariz

Geist 1st $7/$2.50, King Of Sparta 2nd/$1.60; Quinella/$7.90; Exacta/$22.80


1.h13 Atishu 2.h11 Matowatakpe 3.h10 Itz Lily 4.h1 Entente

Itz Lily(0.64L) 2nd/$5, Atishu 4th($2.60)

Moonee Valley Races


1.h2 Rock Artist 2.h4 Sealion 3.h3 Sandy Prince 4.h8 Shadow Hawk

Sandy Prince(075L) 2nd/$1.40


1.h3 Chief Altony 2.h13 Facemask 3. h8 Mr. Brightside 4.h12 Rock In The Park

Mr. Brightside 1st $2.50/$1.40, Chief Altony 2nd/$2.60; Quinella/$10; Exacta/$15.30


1.h2 Generation 2.h6 Taunting 3.h10 Huesca 4.h7 Mynumerouna

Mynumerouna 1st $19/$3.90, Generation 3rd/$2, Taunting 4th($2.80)


1.h12 Coolth 2.h8 Heart Of Puissance 3.h5 Pancho 4.h11 Not Usual Glorious

Heart Of Puissance(0.1L) 2nd/$2.40


1.h3 Portland Sky 2.h8 September Run 3.h9 Esta La Roca 4.h1 The Inferno

The Inferno 1st $6/$2, Portland Sky 2nd/$1.40, September Run 3rd/$1.70, Esta La Roca 4th($8); First4/$172.80; Trifecta/$53.40; Quinella/$8.10; Exacta/$22.10


1.h3 Scorched Earth 2.h7 Zouzarella 3.h8 Argentia 4.h10 Larkspur Run h4 Mac N Cheese

Zouzerella 1st $13/$3.40, Larkspur Run 2nd/$3.10, Mac ‘N’Cheese 4th(11); Quinella/$69.60; Exacta/$122.40


1.h11 Pintoff 2.h6 Ancestry 3.h1 Dalasan 4.h14 Bella Nipotina

Bella Nipotina(2L) 2nd/$1.60


1.h11 Elephant 2.h14 Sierra Sue 3.h8 Shot Of Irish 4.h3 The Chosen One

Elephant(0.1L 2nd/$2.40, The Chosen One 3rd/$3.40


1.h12 Don’t Doubt Dory 2. h2 Hi Stranger 3.h11 Wicklow Town 4.h4 Viral

Don’t Doubt Dory 1st $5.70/$2.40, Wicklow Town 4th($5.50)


BR9 H1 VINCO($4.60) Won well last start when coming from back in the pack. Has won third up and stays at the 1400m which is ideal. Takes 3 kgs off and carries 59kgs. Likes the track and will get back from barrier 5 and be steaming home late. Huge Chance. 

VINCO($4.60); 10th beaten 3.05L, missed the kick never settled and never got a go at them at any stage. Will want to be on next start with a senior jockey on.

SR8 H4 SHARED AMBITION($9) First up today and has had 5 trials and placed last two so looks ready to go. Likes the track and distance. Good and soft tracks no problem for this galloper. From barrier 9 should roll forward and hopefully be up on speed. If so he will be hard to run down. Giddy up.

Shared Ambition($12); 5th beaten 3.6L, great run in 2nd and just battled away di enou8gh though, he is good horse and we will follow up. 

MR4 H12 COOLTH($6.50) Ran home strongly last start when just missing. Third up today which is ideal. Will get back from barrier 4 will need clear air when coming to the back straight to get through his gears. Drops 2.5kgs from last start and has run well in this class before. Wet track ideal. Huge chance.

Coolth($7); 6th beaten 2.65L, settled midfield on the fence got shuffled back when Dark Dream started to feel the pinch. No ideal at The Valley you need to be on your bike before the swing he ran home strongly.

MR8 H11 ELEPHANT($5)Going for the jugular here. We think this horse could be a good horse. He won well last start and did it easy in the end we think he will make the step up in grade. He will handle the wet  and be super tough to beat !

ELEPHANT(5.50); 2nd/$2.40 place beaten  0.1L, great run in 3rd place on the fence, the leader drifted off on the corner gave him the run. But he drifted off to and allowed Superstorm get in side him and win by the proverbial. This horse will win a nice race for us this spring.


MR9 H12 DON’T DOUBT DORY($11) This horse loves first up and loves the slop! With the claim he carries 51kgs and will be up on pace. Likes the 1600m and will be super tough to beat. Huge chance at good odds. 

DON’T DOUBT DORY($11 – $5.70); FIRST gougudthing!!! what can we say what an absolute gem of a ride. We thought Damien Oliver’s ride in the previous race  was a cracker bot Carleen Hefel on this horse was the best of the day. GIDDYUP!!!

SUMMARY: a pretty good day all round last week in Our Best we had 5 place getters from 5 selections and thought Acrobatic looked all over a winner for us only to be nailed right on the peg by that old deceiver Catesby but that’s racing. Group races everywhere down south today the two sprint WFA races are intriguing. The Concorde(G2) over a 1000m at Randwick  Nature Strip($1.50) and Wild Ruler($5) are the key players here, we have gone Wild Rulers way to upset the big boy 1st up. He has a super 1st up record and is a pistol at Randwick, if it gets too soft that would suit Nature Strip more as he is a nob in the wet. Trekking will be running on strongly at the end.

The Mcewen also a Group2 over a 1000m at The Valley and Portland Sky($2.70) to us is a very good WFA sprinter he will  be right on the speed from the get go. They will find it tough to run him down September Run($3.60) will run well fresh Esta La Roca($6.50) could be the leader here. One race we really are interested in this week is the Group2 Furious for fillies over 1200m at Randwick. Swift Witness($8) will be super tough to beat here her 1st up win was a beauty, sure there were a few unlucky runners in that particular race but she sat wide no cover and still beat them all. Second up on speed again tough to hold out, Four Moves Ahead($5) and Jamaea($12) were 2 of those unlucky runners and will be hard to beat again along with She’s All Class($4.80) whom we thought was a Slipper chance(didn’t start) before she was spelled. Zaaki ($2.10) returns today in Randwick R7 a great winter carnival in Brisbane but not convinced this distance will suit 1st up. The old boy Dreamforce($6.50) might jump straight on the lead here and Nash might just steal it. Lion’s Roar($9) is a very good racehorse and will be coming. The rain is expected to arrive at Randwick in the afternoon and evening so just be wary. Hopefully holds off till after the last. We will have some news in the coming weeks about accessing all our tips, to check all our results go to our web site and like and follow us on Facebook. Keep safe everyone and to all those having a play today “GOODLUCK” and remember “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING”  cheers form Kerry & Dan HORSEBUCK$