Tips & Results 21st August 2021

Eagle Farm Track Good, Randwick Track Good, Moonee Valley Track Good

Eagle Farm


1.h5 Champagne Aunty 2.h6 Wild Moon 3.h1 Stardome 4.h4 Nyami

Champagne Aunty 1st $1.40/$1.10, Stardome 2nd/$3.60, Wild Moon 3rd/n.t.d., Nyami 4th; First4/$87.90; Trifecta/$32.30; Quinella/$5.10; Exacta/$5.90


1.h1 Sciconic 2.h2 Top Order 3.h9 Samhain 4.h8 Fu Ni

Top Order 1st $5.10


1.h3 Jubai Pride 2.h10 Wicked Wench 3.h9 Palaszczuk 4.h8 Daintree Diva

Jubai Pride(1.75L) 2nd/$1.50, Palaszczuk 3rd/$1.70


1.h1 Exclusive 2.h2 Rock Amore 3.h3 Vinco 4.h7 Royal Sheen

Vinco 1st $4.20/$1.80, Rock Amore 2nd/$1.40, Royal Sheen 3rd/$2.60; Trifecta/$68.60; Quinella/$4.30; Exacta/$10


1.h3 Mccovey Cove 2.h6 Go Wandji 3.h9 Whozyadeeler 4.h2 Kavak

Kavak(0.75L) 2nd/$1,80, Go Wandji 3rd/$2.30, Mccovery Cove 4th


1.h1 Release The Beans 2.h6 Queens Pier 3.h5 Finsceal 4.h7 Rockin Artie

Release The Beans 1st $2/$1.60, Finsceal 2nd/$3.70, Rockin’ Artie 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$56.80; Quinella/$7.60; Exacta/$11.60


1.h9 Adelase 5 Akage 3.h4 Word For Word 4.h3 Seeingisbelieving

Adelase(0.2L) 2nd/$1.50, Seeingisbelieving 3rd/$2.60


1.h5 Je Suis Belle 2. h8 Mischief Managed 3. h6 Able Mabel 4.h11 So Clever

Je Suis Belle 1st $4.20/$1.70, Mischief Managed 2nd/$1.40, So Clever 3rd/$1.30; Trifecta/$36.80; Quinella/$7.90; Exacta/$16.30


1.h6 Desert Man 2.h4 King Klaus 3.h5 Jule’s Spirit 4.h9 Le Palmier h.2 You Make Me Smile

King Klaus 1st $10.60/$3.20, Le Palmier 2nd/$1.40, You Make Me Smile 3rd/$2.40, Desert Man 4th; First4/$1,671.20; Trifecta/$215.60; Quinella/$17.10; Exacta/$41.30

Randwick Races


1.h1 Baby Wong 2.h6 Without Shame 3.h8 Ten Bells 4.h7 Dancing Dollar

Ten Bells 1st $18.20/$3.90, Baby Wong 4th


1.h7 Red Santa 2.h2 Shuffle Up 3.h8 Mr Bond 4.h9 Terwilliker

Terwilliker(3.87L) 2nd/$2.10, Mr. Bond 3rd/$1.90


1.h4 Artic Thunder 2.h7 Majella 3.h9 Tochi 4.h1 Monegal

Majella 4th


1.h7 Wairere Falls 2.h11 Love Planet 3.h6 Cognac 4.h14 Always Sure

Always Sure 1st $15.80/$4.10, Loveplanet 3rd/$1.50; Quinella/$21.10; Exacta/$54.10


1.h16 Hellenism 2.h8 More Prophets 3.h10 Tamerlane 4.h13 Nags To Riches

More Prophets 1st $4.40/$2.20, Tamerlane 3rd/$3


1.h3 Jemaea 2.h1 Four Moves Ahead 3.h6 Swift Witness 4.h8 Xtremetime

Swift Witness 1st $7.50/$2.90, Four Moves Ahead 3rd/$1.60, Jamaea 4th; Xtremetime fell


1.h8 Private Eye 2.h10 Embracer 3.h6 Prime Star 4.h11 Hightail

Private Eye 1st $9/$2.50, Embracer 2nd/$2.70; Quinella/$46.10; Exacta/$94


1.h2 Think It Over 2.h11 Mo’unga 3.h12 Verry Elleegant 4.h1 Kolding h.3 Cascadian

Mo’unga 1st $11/$3.50, Verry Elleegant 2nd/$2; Quinella/$22.30; Exacta/$49.60


1.h3 Tailleur 2.h17 Love Tap 3.h8 Written Beauty 4.h10 Villami h.7 Great News

Great News(0.36L) 2nd/$3.40, Tailleur 3rd/$2.40


1.h1 Poetic Charmer 2.h6 Matowatakpe 3.h5 Academy 4.h8 Bigboyroy h12 Atishu

Atishu 1st $5.40/$2.30, Matowatakpe 2nd/$2.10, Bigboyroy 4th; Quinella/$14; Exacta/$27.20

Moonee Valley Races


1.h1 Zapateo 2.h3 Star Spirit 3.h9 Zouzarella 4.h4 Decent Raine

Zouzarella 1st $7/$2.40, Zapateo 2nd/$1.70, Star Spirit 4th; Quinella/$9.70; Exacta/$28.20


1.h6 Foxy Lady 2.h1 Malicorne 3.h3 Don’ttelltheboss 4.h7 Belsielle

Bellsielle 1st $7.50/$3.10, Don’ttelltheboss 3rd/n.t.d., Mailcorne 4th


1.h2 Mystery Shot 2.h4 Front Page 3.h3 Corner Pocket 4.h8 Rock Tycoon

Corner Pocket 1st $3/$1.80, Front Page 4th


1.h8 Coolth 2.h12 Smoke Bomb 3.h3 Think ‘N’ Fly 4.h9 Petruchio

Coolth(0.2L) 2nd/$2.70, Think ‘N’ Fly 3rd/$2


1.h1 Smokin’ Romans 2.h17 Prince Alby 3.h9 Reflect The Stars 4.h2 Tavirun

Smokin’ Romans 1st $2.40/$1.40, Reflect The Stars 2nd/$2.40; Quinella/$7.80; Exacta/$10.30


1.h1 Jigsaw 2. h4 Hilal 3.h5 He’s Xceptional 4.h2 Daily Bugle

He’s Exceptional 1st $38.30/$4.70, Jigsaw 2nd/$1.60, Daily Bugle 4th; Quinella/$58.20l Exacta/$173.50


1.h3 Grand Promenade 2.h4 Mahamedeis 3.h9 Heart Of Puissance 4.h6 High Emocean, h10 Starcaster

Grand Promenade(3.75L) 2nd/$1.60, Starcaster 3rd/$2.60, Mahamadeis 4th


1.h9 Miss Albania 2.h6 Ballistic Lover 3.h10 Esta La Roca 4.h3 Greyworm  h1 Ancestry

Ballistic Lover 1st $4.60, Esta La Roca 2nd/$2.60, Miss Albania 3rd/$1.20; Trifecta/$90.40; Quinella/$29.50; Exacta/$42.10


1.h6 Sovereign Award 2.h11 Degraves 3.h4 Romancer 4.h9 Shot Of Irish h5 Mongolian Marshal

Shot Of Irish 3rd/$2.10

                                                                     OUR BEST: 

BR8 H5 JE SUIS BELLE($6.50); very good mare and super consistent she should get a cracking run here up behind the speed. This is her pet distance and the track holds no fear for her. Third up she should be cherry ripe and her 3rd last start in a very strong class 6 was very good. Great chance.

JE SUIS BELLE($4.40); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! never in doubt really got to front in the straight and was always going to win.

BR9 H6 DESERT MAN($9.50); great draw for this horse to be up on the speed or take it up. Not his absolute favorite course but he has won here. We think he is in extremely well here after the claim(52.5kgs). He is racing in great form and if he gets the lead they will struggle to run him down.

DESERT MAN($9.50); 4th beaten 1.9L, wide most of the way but fought on well as he always does

SR H3 TAILLEUR($6); a quality mare and drawn beautifully here, she should be hovering just off them on turning. She ticks a lot of boxes in this track and distance, handles all conditions and is a pistol 1st up. Better still if they decide to ride her in front. GIDDYUP!!!

TAILLEUR($5.50); 3rd/$2.40 place beaten 1.5L, great ride by Josh Parr behind the speed hit the front at the distance and fought on strongly. Big follow up here.

MR5 H1 SMOKIN’ ROMANS($3.80); certainly racing with a lot of zest and he is well weighted after his claim. We think he is one of those good consistent winter horses and the liking for the Valley is a plus. He might roll forward again and be super tough to hold out once more.

SMOKIN’ ROMANS($2.40); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! wide most of the way but still bolted in.

                                                                    BEST EACH WAY:

SR10 H1 POETIC CHARMER($18); is a gun third up and runs his best races up on the speed or just lurking behind the leaders. He usually fires up each prep and his last run suggests the same this time in. He also handles all conditions, let’s hope Hughie can get him organised up on the speed and even with his 60kegs the 18 bucks is a bonus.

POETIC CHARMER(); 9th beaten 5.19L, didn’t race on the speed as anticipated and was 2nd last turning ran on fairly. Closer next time maybe?

MR9 H6 SOVEREIGN AWARD($8.50); she is a multiple G3 winner and although she didn’t really come up in 4 starts (albeit 2 in G1) she did win a G3. She is a pistol around this circuit and drawn perfectly to take it up here. She races well fresh and we would like to see her a couple in front as they enter the short straight. 

SOVEREIGN AWARD($8); ran last beaten a long way, but we are going to back up on her next start as she went out way too hard and was a beaten horse before the corner.

SUMMARY; What can we say an absolutely cracking day on the site last week. 24 winners in our top 4 and Crystal Pegasus saluting in Our Best. Hopefully we have a found a few more this weekend. Going to start with race 6 The Silver Shadow Stakes(G2) and we think Jamaea($7.50) can get the cash here 1st up. She likes the track and distance the good track suits and Tommy Berry aboard is a bonus. Likes to get back in her races so hoping for a touch of magic from Berry from barrier 3. Four Moves Ahead($2) raced well last prep but didn’t handle the soft going so might enjoy the good conditions here. Swift Witness($8) raced well last prep and should be up near the pace. A couple of trials to get him ready for his first up run. We have put in Xtremetime($19) here as he won well in listed grade last time in and could run a cheeky race here first up. The Show County Quality(G3) and we think Private Eye($5.50) can win here he has won first up and was badly checked first up last prep so if he can stay out of trouble from barrier 5 he will be super hard to beat. Embracer($9.50) has been trailing well and runs really well first up. Probably finds the front here. Prime Star($5) can run a race first up loves to run placings so definitely in the mix. Hightail($17) can run a race 3rd up and the distance suits. The Winx Stakes(G1) and we have Think It Over($8) on top here he has trialled well and is a pistol first up and only beaten 1.4 by Addeybb and Verry Elleegant last prep. He will lead and be super tough to run down. Mo’unga($10) can run a nice race fresh here.           Verry Elleegant($3.20) is a top quality mare and can win this for sure. Kolding($7) will run another cracker on speed or just behind the pace and be there when whips are cracking. Cascadian($9.50) always has to be in the mix, always runs an honest race. Cracking days racing with a hint of spring in the air today and hopefully a lot of winners to boot. On that exciting note“GOOD LUCK” to all having a punt “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Dan & Kerry Horsebucks