Tips & Results 17th July 2021

Eagle Farm Track Good, Randwick Track Heavy(upgrade likely), Flemington Track Soft

Eagle Farm Races


  1. h3 Release The Beans 2. h4 Allusionist 3. h5 Cry Me No Tears 4. h1Princess Bojack

Release The Beans 1st $2.70/$1.50, Allusionist 2nd/$1.70, Princess Bojack 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$39.70; Quinella/$4.30; Exacta/$8.80


  1. h2 Shooting For Gold 2. h6 Je Suis Belle 3. h3 Gensai The Wolf 4. h5 Iced

Shooting For Gold 1st $1.50/$1.06, Je Suis Belle 2nd/$1.70, Genzai The Wolf 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta/$15.60; Quinella/$4; Exacta/$5.40


  1. h8 Aviemore 2. h5 Power Boom 3. h6 Ready Babe 4. h7 Spirit House

Spirit House 4th($11)


  1. h2 Red Chase 2. h3 Boomsara 3. h6 Ef Troop 4. h5 Phantom Falcon

Boomsara 1st $4.60/$2.30, Ef Troop 3rd/n.t.d., Phantom Falcon($5.50)


  1. h6 Victoria Peak 2. h3 Tittled Tycoon 3. h7 Lethal Warning 4. h5 Auron

Victoria Park 1st $4.20/$1.70Titled Tycoon 3rd/$1.65, Lethal Warning 4th($4.60)


  1. h1 Cinquedea 2. h2 Tears Of Love 3. h6 So Dapper 4. h4 Glen Ord

Tears Of Love 1st $12/$2.90, Cinquedea 3rd/$1.30


  1. h3 Mr. Wong 2. h2 Dreamreacher 3. h11 Divine Roca 4. h1Avowal

Dreamreacher 1st $3.40/$1.50, Avowal 3rd/$1.65, Mr. Wong 4th($13)


  1. h1 Triple Ace 2. h2 Derulo 3. h10 Bad Barista 4. h7 Shanjami

Bad Barista 1st $12/$3, Triple Ace 2nd/$1.30; Quinella/$15.20; Exacta/$43.20


  1. h4Fisticuffs 2. h17 Spending My Time 3. h3 Ditmas 4. h13 Snow Valley, h16 Luna Mia

Luna Mia 2nd/$2.40, Spending My Time 4th($9)

Randwick Races


  1. h6 Honeycreeper 2. h2 War Eternal 3. h1 Revivalist 4. h3 Miss In Charge

War Eternal 1st $3.60/$1.70, Revivalist 2nd/$3.20, Honeycreeper 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$42.50; Quinella/$12.80; Exacta/$23.20


  1. h12 Danzadel 2. h7 Mr. Hussill 3. h18 Cavalier Charles 4. h10 Lady River

Mr. Hussill 1st $12/$3.50, Danzadel 2nd/$3.10, Lady River 4th($7); Quinella/$54.30; Exacta/$136.70


  1. h4 Fastconi 2. h1 Vrenelli 3. h3 Diamonds And Stones 4. h11 Miss Jay Fox

Fastconi 1st $5.50/$2.10, Diamonds ‘n’ Stones 4th($19)


  1. h1 Zing 2. h5 O’Mudgee 3. h6 Navy Cross 4. h8 La Chevalee

La Chivalee 1st $2.20/$1.26, Zing 2nd/$2; Quinella/$6.20; Exacta/$11.30


  1. h8 Cafe Royal 2. h10 Kobe Rocks 3. h4 Papal Warrior 4. h7 Nyami

Papal Warrior 3rd/$1.90


  1. h1 Henschel 2. h3 Catapult 3. h5 Get The Idea 4. h14 Kawaikini

Henschel 3rd/$2.50


  1. h7 Great House 3. h6 Canasta 4. h3 Ballet Master, h9 So Wicked

Great House 2nd/$1.45, Canasta 4th($7.50)


  1. h6 Itz Lily 2. h4 Oscar Zulu 3. h11 Blondeau 4. h9 Kordia

Blondeau 1st $3.40/$1.90, Itz Lily 2nd/$3.70; Quinella/$17.30; Exacta/$28.80


  1. h1 Expat 2. h2 Vitesse 3. h11 Daphne Jean 4. h14 Fortune Seeker

Vitesse 1st $23/$5, Daphne Jean 4th($20)


  1. h1 I Am Power 2. h8 Our Bellagio Miss 3. h12 Nikohli Eagle 4. h3 Handspun, h9 Van Giz

Our Bellagio Miss 1st $4.80/$1.75, Handspun 3rd/$3, I Am Power 4th($4.20)

Flemington Races


  1. h1 Aktolgali 2. h9 Gonnadancelot 3. h2 Tanaka Son 4. h4 Mamool

Gonnadancelot 1st $7/$2.20, Aktolgali 2nd/$1.60, Tanaka Son 4th($7); Quinella/$15.10; Exacta/$37.30


  1. h8 I’m Thunderstruck 2. h5 Sir Davy 3. h9 Tuvalu 4. h6 Basarwa

I’m Thunderstruck 1st $4.20/$1.80, Tuvalu 2nd/$2.20; Quinella/$10.70; Exacta/$26.10


  1. h7 Lindhout 2. h5 Chassis 3. h9 Galgani 4. h6 Aidensfield

Chassis 1st $11/$2.40, Galgani 2nd/$1.80, Lindhout 3rd/$1.14, Aidensfield 4th($5); First4/$418.80; Trifecta/$170.30; Quinella/$35.20; Exacta/$85.40


  1. h3 Furrion 2. h11 Vegas Knight 3. h2 Schadau 4. h1 Dr. Drill

Furrion 1st $5/$1.95, Dr. Drill 2nd/$4.40; Quinella/$51.60; Exacta/$84.70


  1. h7 Hasseltoff 2. h2 Can’t Be Done 3. h13 Lowanno Magic 4. h10 Zorro’s Dream

Zorro’s Dream 3rd/$2


  1. h3 Sierra Sue 2. h1 Django Freedom 3. h2 Dice Roll 4. h9 Kinane

Dice Roll 3rd/$1.60. Sierra Sue 4th($9.60)


  1. h2 Express Pass 2. h10 Dirty Thoughts 3. h1 Ididitforlove 4. h8 Pinyin, h12 Elite Legacy

Drty Thoughts 3rd/$1.35, Pinyin 4th($12)


  1. h3 South Pacific 2. h4 Sweet Thomas 3. h5 Saunter Boy 4. h7 Royal Crown, h16 Pharrel

Sweet Thomas 2nd/$2.10, Saunter Boy 3rd/$2.10


  1. h1 Foxy Frida 2. h8 Bengal Bandit 3. h4 Seniers Express 4. h7 Always In Moment, h11 Mona Dream

Seiners Express 1st $8/$2.60, Foxy Frida 2nd/$1.45; Quinella/$10.80; Exacta/$25.90


SR6 H4 HENSCHEL($5.50); he is in great form and handles all conditions. Also he has a great draw (1) so don’t be too concerned if he drives forward to be right on the speed in the wet conditions against his usual pattern of getting back. This is his pet distance and he is in quite well after his claim. Huge chance.

HENSCHEL($); 3rd/$2.50 place beaten 2.94L, had a good run behind the speed presented at the distance just battled away.

MR5 H7 HASSELTOFF($11); this bloke really does enjoy Flemington albeit his first time up the straight. He tends to drift back and finish hard but could be a smidge closer here up the straight fresh. Races very well fresh, adept in all conditions and is ultra consistent. Kah on a bonus great each way chance.

HASSELTOFF($9); 12th beaten 4.9L, settled in 14th place until the 400m made a token run at them out widest but just a run.

SR10 H1 I AM POWER($6.50); a very good fresh horse so his 8 week sojourn will be a bonus and he has had a nice trial to keep him on his toes. He has a great draw(#2) so he should settle somewhere just off the pace. Conditions and distance are ideal even with his 61kegs he will be the one to run down from the distance.

I AM POWER($4.20); 4th beaten 2.30L, 5th place on the turn ran okay.

BR9 H4 FISTICUFFS($7.50); forget his first up run as he jumped awkwardly and was bumped and always well back on the rails from then. Much better conveyance on a dry track and a big drop in grade here also. Good second up record and the distance is his specialty. He will be steaming home from well back.

FISTICUFFS($10); 12th beaten 7L, settled 2 lengths off in last place and really did nothing in a leader dominated race, poor run

SUMMARY; we have been having a great run in Our Best bets and last Saturday we just missed by a cigarette paper with Degas being nosed out at $15 paying $3.80 the place and Misteed beaten a pixel at $11 paying $3.50 the place. We hope all followers followed up on our tips at the Sunny Coast meeting(postponed from previous Saturday) last Sunday where we had some great results including the main quaddie $2,710. But the icing on the cake was Our Best Bet King Of Hastings saluting in the Glasshouse ($18 – $8.50) GIDDYUP!!! Today there really is not a lot to talk about as far as main races go. We have settled on Flemington race 6 and Sierra Sue($10) this mare has been racing in G1 and Listed grade in Bris Vegas and although not beaten far in any of them we feel she will be much better suited here. Django Freeman($12) he races very well fresh and will be on the speed, Dice Roll($2.90) who may have peaked and Fundraiser($5) next best up in grade but racing well. Race 8 Eagle Farm and Triple Ace($2) should get the perfect run here from his good gate (2) Derulo($5) also drawn well in 3 best when he leads, weight a little concern here though. Shanjami($6.50) a nice filly with a good win over Front Money last start(winner on Wednesday) also drawn well in 1. Likes to roll forward could be a speedfest up front and might leave underrated filly Bad Barista($21) with the last dig at them with only 54kegs interesting race indeed. An absolute cracking winters day here on the Gold Coast lets hope we keep the flow going in Our Best for subscribers. Our site  has been upgraded now so subscriptions are available once again if subscribing is not your preference then simply follow us on Facebook. To all our patrons keep safe and if your having a punt today “GOOD LUCK” and “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan Horsebucks