Tips & Results 5th June 2021



  1. h4 Prince Of Arragon 2. h10 Traduce 3. h2 Masaff 4. h1 Happy Go Plucky

Happy Go Plucky(9L) 2nd/$2.60, Masaff 3rd/$2.10, Prince Of Arragon 4th($3.40)


  1. h9 Volcanic Rock 2. h5 Tutukaka 3. h4 Verbeck 4. h3 Minto’s Paradise

Volcanic Rock 1st $3/$1.35, Verbeck 2nd/$2.30, Tutuaka 3rd/$2.10; Trifecta/$38.70; Quinella/$8.10; Exacta/$13.80


  1. h4 Macewen 2. h8 Tumbler Ridge 3. h1 Red Chase 4. h9 Red Bloom

Tumbler Ridge 1st $8.70/$2.50


  1. h1 Usmanov 2. h5 Boomtown Lass 3. h6 Hail Manhattan 4. h8 Snow Valley

Usmanov 1st $3.60/$1.40, Boomtown Lass 2nd/$1.60, Hail Manhattan 4th($21); Quinella/$3.80; Exacta/$10.40


  1. h1 Splintex 2. h3 Scallopini 3. h4 Baller 4. h2 Special Reward

Baller 1st $13.10/$3


  1. h1 Groundswell 2. h7 Luvoir 3. h6 Charleise 4. h13 It’z Lily

Charleise 1st $6.10/$2.30, Groundswell 2nd/$2.20, Luvoir 3rd/$1.40; Trifecta/$12.40; Exacta/$23.60


  1. h1 Nettoyer 2. h6 Fabric 3. h4 In Good Health 4. h5 Nudge

Nudge 1st $5.60/$2, Nettoyer 4th($3)


  1. h6 Grace And Harmony 2. h1 Duais 3. h4 Only Words 4. h3 Bargain, h7 Good Soize

Duais 1st $2.80/$1.50


  1. h11 Kisukano 2. h12 Georgie’s Pride 3. h14 Fleet Dove 4.hStreaka, h1 Rocketing By

Rocketing By 4th($7)



  1. h1 Cape Breton 2. h4 Sinba 3. h7 Royalzel 4. h5 Dante Alighieri

Cape Breton 1st $3.60/$1.60,Sinba 4th($4.60)


  1. h3 Nicci Trix 2. h6 Patino Baby 3. h16 Delightful Dream 4. h9 Moetta

Moetta(0.2L) 2nd/$6.10, Nicci Trix 4th($4.40)


  1. h13 Always On Show 2. h6 Too Much Caviar 3. h10 Wicklow 4. h1 Vigorous Flow

Wicklow 1st $3.50/$1.45, Too Much Caviar 2nd/$2.30, Always On Show 3rd/$2.40; Trifecta/$78.70; Quinella/$9.20; Exacta/$16.20


  1. h10 Astero 2. h6 Adelaide’s Light 3. h1 Mensa Missile 4. h9 Crosscheck



  1. h8 Royal Banquet 2. h6 Jailbreak 3. h12 Rammstein 4. h7 Smart Image

Smart Image(0.2L) 2nd/$3.80, Rammstein 4th($3.40)


  1. h5 Great House 2. h11 Zing 3. h10 Air To Air 4. h4 Steely

Great House 1st $3.80/$1.50, Zing 3rd/$1.90, Steely 4th($8)


  1. h8 Parry Sound 2. h4 The Good Fight 3. h11 Stockman 4. h5 Costello, h12 Knight’s Order

Knight’s Order 1st $4.80/$1.80, Parry Sound 2nd/$2, Stockman 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta/$53.90; Quinella/$11.20; Exacta/$22.70


  1. h7 Mr. Dependable 2. h12 Mubariz 3. h1 Bottega 4. h13 Akari

Mubariz 1st $4.80/$1.95. Mr. Dependable 2nd/$3; Quinella/$15.10; Exacta/$23.40


  1. h6 Majestic Shot 2. h11 Sahra 3. h12 Expat4. h8 Exotic Ruby, h5 Zac Attack

Majestic Shot 1st $3.30/$1.40, Sahra 2nd/$4.40, Expat 3rd/$1.90, Exotic Ruby 4th($5.50); First4/$491.80; Trifecta/$117.50; Quinella/$20.70; Exacta/$31.50;

MAIN QUADDIE; 5/12/12/6; DIVI; $298.90

Flemington Races Track Good


  1. h2 Grand Promenade 2. h5 Social Element 3. h7 Vividredsky 4. h3 South Pacific

Grand Promenade 1st $1.30/$1.10, Vividredsky 2nd/$3.40, Social Element 4th($15); Quinella/$4.10; Exacta/$5.50


  1. h3 Snickerdoodledandy 2.h2 La Vina 3. h5 Don’ttelltheboss 4. h6 Mrs. Beckham

Snickerdoodledandy 1st $3.20/$1.40, Don’ttelltheboss 3rd/$1.70


  1. h11 Petruchio 2. h12 Chief Altony 3. h9 Beehunter 4. h5 Left Hand Man

Left Hand Man(0.4L) 2nd/$2.90, Petruchio 3rd/$5.20, Chief Altony 4th($2)


  1. h3 Moon Over Alice 2. h11 Sistine Explorer 3. h1 Command The Field 4. h7 Invincible Caviar

Invincible Caviar 3rd/$2.20, Sistine Explorer 4th($6.50)


  1. h3 Yulong January 2. h1 Reykjavik 3. h6 Odeon 4. h9 Galaxy Raider

Young January 1st $2.30/$1.60, Odeon 3rd/$1.80, Galaxy Raider 4t5h($21)


  1. h1 Mark Of The Man 2. h8 Way To Go Paula 3. h5 Michigan 4. h10 Four Leaf Riot

Four Leaf Riot 3rd/$2, Wat To Go Paula 4th($4.40)


  1. h4 Namawaka 2. h3 Reuber 3. h10 Sweet Karolina 4. h2 Our Lone Star, h6 Cakewalk Baby

Namakwa 1st $11.20/$3.30, Reuber 2nd/$2.10, Sweet Karolina 3rd/$3.40; Trifecta/$397.40; Quinella/$27.90; Exacta/$53.70


  1. h4 Brenlyn Trooper 2. h2 All Of Brighton 3. h7 Thudson 4. h5 Curan, h14 Sugartown

Curran 1st $4/$1.60, All Of Brighton 3rd/$2


  1.  h16 Lunar Flare 2. h4 Significance 3. h9 Masserati Bay 4. h10 Fifth Position, h13 Excelman

Lunar Flare 1st $5.60/$2.20, Maserartie Bay 4th($5.50)


SR7 H8 PARRY SOUND($3.80); how well is this horse going kept grinding to the line last start to go down by a neck to Polly Grey (in super form) Up to the 2400M today and Collett on a bonus. He will be midfield again and the soft conditions only enhances his chances. Super chance.

PARRY SOUND($4.80); 2nd/$2 place beaten 1.8L, settled back in midfield thought he was out in plenty of time and to his credit kept plugging away.

SR9 H6 MAJESTIC SHOT($6.50); this filly has a great record and can settle anywhere in the run. Very good run last start in listed grade and drops 1.5 kegs here in a F& M BM78. Her young apprentice is riding well and the 3 kilo claim is a super advantage here. Huge chance.

MAJESTIC SHOT( $6.50 – $2.90); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! straight to the front never in doubt.

MR5 H3 YULONG JANUARY($3.20); short enough but he should be from his gate he should be right on the speed or even take it up himself. In full flight at the distance he will be super hard to run down

YULONG JANUARY($2.30); FIRST, led and challenged strongly at the distance but fought on too well, simply too good.

MR6 H1 MARK OF THE MAN($12); he was held up last start at a vital stage and sizzled home to just go under. This is his best distance and from his gate 3 his postilion M. Zahra should have him a touch closer in the run. If this bloke is anywhere near them at the distance GIDDYUP!!! 

MARK OF THE MAN($15); 9th beaten 4.2L, got a long way back just plugged on in the straight.


MR8 H4 BRENLYN’S TROOPER($18); been waiting for this galloper to start in town albeit in a very strong 3 year old Quality. He has graduated from maiden class to open class(successfully) in 4 runs a tidy effort indeed. Should be up just on the speed and only has to handle the straight to be there when the whips are cracking.

BRENLYN’S TROOPER($26); 5th beaten 4.5L, would suggest he didn’t handle down the straight, we certainly will be backing up next time around the circle for this bloke. It was a pretty good run considering.

SUMMARY: Another great result for our best bets when Lina’s Hero saluted $7.50 into $4 so happy days!!! may the run continue today with some nice value chances for subscribers. Group 1 Queensland Oaks today and we think Chris Waler can add to his list with Grace And Harmony($5.50) thought it was a great run in The Roses from a wide gate she was finishing off strongly. Expect JMAC to have her closer in the run from her good gate. Duais ($5.50) ran home strongly in the OZ Oaks and Bargain($4.80) on pace here with Good Soize($26) and Only Words($8) next. Make no mistake it is a super tough race with at least 10 winnable chances but GRACE & HARMONY for us. Nettoyer ($6) in the National Classic will be super hard to beat she is a 2 time Group1 winner but her record away from Group1 & 2 level(although pretty good) is outstanding and JMAC should have her humming along in midfield from draw 4 she will be steaming home. Fabric, Nudge, In Good Health and Polly Grey are all in great form but the old saying the cream always rise to the top. Race 9 Eagle Farm and it could be a speedathon with Kisukano and Georgie’s Pride both very fast fillies could Fleet Dove or Rocketing By finish over the top maybe a race for exotics. Head to our new web site to check out all our results and follow us on Facebook as subscriptions aren’t available at the moment due to our site being revamped. Another cracking day here on the Goldie and we have some nice value going around today so GIDDYUP!!! Good luck to everyone having a crack today and remember “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan