Tips & Results 10th April 2021

Doomben Track Soft , Randwickl Track Soft , Caulfield Track Good

Doomben Races


1.h1 Ahooshu 2. h5 Startantes 3. h2 Balmaurice 4. h3 Military Gambler

Startantes 1st $4/$1.90, Military Gambler 2nd/$2, Ahooshu 3rd/n.t.d., Balmaurice 4th($9.50); First4/$51.10; Trifecta/$16.60; Quinella/$3.90; Exacta/$8.50


1.h2 Humbolt Current 2. h7 Morendi 3. h1 Alward 4. h8 Seat Of Power

Seat Of Power 1st $6.40/$3.60, Humbolt Current 2nd/$1.80; Quinella/$9.30; Exacta/$27


1.h1 Cloak 2. h5 Foreign Territory 3. h3 Kubrick 4. h4 Seeingisbelieving

Seeingisbelieving 3rd/$2.30, Kubrick 4th($4.40)


1.h4 Fender 2. h13 Amiche 3. h2 Hold The Line 4. h9 Genzai The Wolf

Fender 1st $4/$1.50, Amiche 3rd/$1.50, Hold The Line 4th($7)


1.h5 Hallowed Girl 2. h1 Senrima Tide 3. h7 Express Princess 4. h9 Loves Yers All

Express Princess 1st $3.30/$1.70, Hallowed Girl 4th($10)


1.h2 Abracadazzle 2. h5 Lindthorpe Lad 3. h4 Better Get Set 4. h7 Calm Seeker

Linthorpe Lad(1.3L) 2nd/$2.10, Better Get Set 3rd/$2.25


1.h1 Simply Fly 2. h6 Ballistic Lover 3. h8 Blue Zebra 4. h11 Snappy Reply

Ballistic Lover 1st $3.80/$2.30, Simply Fly 2nd/$2.10, Snappy Reply 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$51.30; Quinella/$6.90; Exacta/$15


1.h1 Jadentom 2. h2 Racecourse Road 3. h5 Constant Flight 4. h3 Capital Connection

Racecourse Road 1st $3.50/$1.70, Jadentom 2nd/$1.50, Capital Connection 3rd/$4.10; Trifecta/$85.70; Quinella/$3.20; Exacta/$9


1.h5 Gem Of Scotland 2. h6 Kedah 3. h12 Wonderful Riri 4. h2 Royal Hale, h9 Baroda

Wonderful Riri 1st $6/$2.25, Gem Of Scotland 2nd/$2.60, Baroda 3rd/$5.30, Royal Hale 4th6.50); First4/$1,347.80; Trifecta/$415.60; Quinella/$15.40; Exacta/$33.60

Randwick Races


1.h8 Vandoula Lass 2. h2 Subterranean 3. h4 Kalino 4. h3 King Of Sparta

King Of Sparta 4th($6.50)


1. h4 The Irishman 2. h8 High Supremacy 3. h12 Kiku 4. h5 Marsannay

Kiku 1st $3.80/$1.60, The Irishman 2nd/$1.30, High Supremacy 4th($5.50); Quinella/$3.90; Exacta/$9.20;


1.h3 Art Cadeau 2. h4 Another One 3. h5 Rothenburg 4. h6 Subtle Grey

Art Cadeau 1st $3.40/$1.60, Another One 2nd/$3.30; Quinella/$14.10; Exacta/$21


1.h2 Chequerboard 2. h4 Easifar 3. h3 Flexible 4. h5 Duais

Duais 1st $5/$2, Flexible 3rd/$2.10


1.h6 Sacramento 2. h1 Mirage Dancer 3. h2 Concert Hall 4. h9 Collide



1.h1 Anamoe 2. h3 Lightsaber 3. h8 Four Moves Ahead 4. h4 Tiger Of Malay

Anamoe 1st $1.90/$1.10, Four Moves Ahead 4th($5)


1.h2 Lion’s Roar 2. h7 Young Werther 3. h2 Rocket Spade 4. h6 Yaletown, h16 Montefillia

Young Werther(0.1L/PIXEL) 2nd/$4.20, Lion’s Roar 3rd/$2.70, Montefillia 4th($3.30)


1.h3Eduardo 2. h1 Bivouac 3. h2 Nature Strip 4. h5 Masked Crusader

Nature Strip 1st $3.20/$1.35, Masked Crusader 2nd/$2, Eduardo 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta/$63; Quinella/$11.80; Exacta/$20.80


1.h1 Mugatoo 2. h2 Avilius 3. h19 Mo’ unga 4. h9 Ageon, h16 Rock

Mugatoo 4th($4.20) beaten 1.8L


1.h2 Macroura 2. h8 Najmah 3. h6 Never Talk 4. h3 Marboosha, h4Matchmaker

Matchmaker 1st $12/$3.80, Marboosha 2nd/$2.70, Never Talk 4th($4.40); Quinella/$38.40; Exacta/$76.60

Caulfield Races


1.h2 Cheerful Legend 2. h4 Hunnam 3. h3 He’s Xceptional 4. h8 Taborca

Hunnam 1st $4.20/$2.05, He’s Xceptional 2nd/$2.80, Cheerful Legend 3rd/n.t.d., Taborca 4th($14); First4/$166.70; Trifecta/$42.10; Quinella/$12.30; Exacta/$23.90


1.h5 Fabric 2. h1 Dollar For Dollar 3. h2 Native Soldier 4. h6 Simply Optimistic

Fabric(1.8L) 2nd/$2.80, Simply Optimistic 3rd/n.t.d., Native Soldier 4th($9)


1.h1 Superium 2. h3 Yulong Storm 3. h2 Li’l Kontra 4. h8 Sapphire Crown

Li’l Kontra 1st $10/$3.10, Yulong Storm 2nd/$4.90, Superium 3rd/$1.80; Trifecta/$579.90; Quinella/$112.50; Exacta/$162.80


1.h4 Switched 2. h3 Lesage 3. h9 Garvoc 4. h8 Rainbiel

Rainbiel(0.3L) 2nd/$1.80, Garvoc 3rd/$2


1.h1 Annavisto 2. h4 Cumberbatch 3. h6 Mozzie Monster 4. h8 Five Star Decanter

Annavisto 1st $2.70/$1.30, Mozzie Monster 2nd/$1.30; Quinella/$2.50; Exacta/$6.10


1.h1 Liquero 2. h6 Through Irish Eyes 3. h7 Sillicon Valley 4. h2 Reuber

Liquero 1st $1.70/$1.20, Through Irish Eyes 2nd/$1.50, Reuber 3rd/$2.90; Trifecta/$20.30; Quinella/$2.80; Exacta/$4.10


1.h7 Yonkers 2. h6 Norway 3. h8 Mohican Heights 4. h3 The Lord Mayor, h4 Dabiyr

Mohican Heights 1st $5/$2, Yonkers 4th($5)


1.h2 Grand Promenade 2. h4 Takumi 3. h8 Wyclif 4. h6 Miyake

Grand Promenade(0.1L) 2nd/$1.80, Wyclif 3rd/$1.40, Miyake 4th($13)


1.h7 Plein Ciel 2. h5 Platoon 3. h3 Another Dollar 4. h9 Hi Stranger, h11 Excelman

Hi Stranger 3rd/$1.70


MR4 H4 SWITCHED($7.50); very consistent mare she will go forward from her gate (4) and sit on the speed. She has a win over Macroura and this is her preferred distance. Second up no problem, if she handles Caulfield super hard to hold out. 

SWITCHED($5.50); 5th beaten 5.6L, equal leader on the fence all the way until entering the straight then gave in. We won’t be dismissing her on that run as the fence was clearly not the place to be with the rail out a ridiculous 10M.

MR8 H2 GRAND PROMENADE($4); hasn’t won for a while but has had two lengthy breaks. Second up here after a good return first up for second to Mohican Heights, although his gate is not ideal (8) we hope he rolls forward as we think his best races are from there. If he does they might find it difficult to run him down in the straight.

GRAND PROMENADE($4.40); 2nd/$1.80 place beaten a pixel 0.1L, good run in transit challenged strongly at the distance for a ding dong battle to the finish to just fail.

SR8 H1 MUGATOO($4.20); very good racehorse who is yet to win at Group 1 level but we think this about to change. We think he is well treated here and relishes the distance. He is drawn (4) to get the gun run just off the pace here he is adept in the soft conditions. His best races have been in his first 3 runs. HUGE CHANCE.

MUGATOO($4.20); 4th beaten 1.5L, Hughie Bowman rode this horse an absolute treat loomed at the distance but just couldn’t go on with it. Over more ground next start ??

SR9 H2 MACROURA($6.50); She has a touch of class and from gate 2 will be right on the speed. In quite well here actually and the distance is ideal J. KAH on is a plus OUR BEST.

MACROURA($4.40); 7th beaten 3.6L, had a beaut run in transit hit the front at the top of the rise but ran out as soon as she hit the front. Could not have been ridden any better. Actually pulled up LAME.

BR9 H5 GEM OF SCOTLAND($7.50); Third run in after a 12 month spell and dropping back in class. Her condition gave out last start in open class on a heavy track which is understandable. She has an excellent record and is a pistol 3rd up and in an ideal world she should be looking for a slot just off the speed. Handles soft conditions hard to beat. 

GEM OF SCOTLAND($7); 2nd/$2.60 place beaten 0.8L, maybe with a little more luck at the start she may have saluted. But a very good run nonetheless and rider caught between the rock and the hard place the first 100m.

SUMMARY; Hi everyone, another big day for OUR BEST followers when Minhaaj ($9.50 – $7) saluted at Caulfield so high fives all round. Also a swag of winners in our top 4 for multi runner players so happy days. Rosehill track last Saturday I would have to say at the very least was a Dead surface. The fastest last 600m split was 33.89secs which Shared Ambition ran over 2000m after leading on his ear next best was 34.45secs in the open sprint. There were 5 clocking over 35secs and one a tick over 37secs, this calibre of horse should have been getting home quicker than this. You can dismiss a lot of  average runs there because the track certainly did not play like a Good surface even with the rail out 6M, just saying!!!! Australian Derby G1 today and Lion’s Roar($9) has been racing extremely well, he will get a long way back but with any luck will be right in the finish. Young Werther($13) was a good 3rd last week after looking a little wobbly in the straight he knuckled down to finish strongly. Rocket Spade is an on pace Kiwi who will like the soft conditions and Yaletown and Montefillia next best. The T.J.Smith G1 and Eduardo is on fire he relishes the soft conditions he might lead them up again will be hard to get past. Bivouac is a Group performer and 3rd up will be ready and of course Nature Strip will be there hopefully these 3 fight it out. Masked Crusader is the big improver here. Doncaster mile G1 is also on the card a great race but we have a horse in this for OUR BEST subscribers. A cracking day here on the coast and looking forward to keep our outstanding run going in both OUR BEST and winners in the top 4. On that self indulgent note “GOOD LUCK” to all those having a punt today and as always “ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan