Tips & Results 20th February 2021

Eagle Farm Track Good, Rosehill Track Heavy (slight downgrade likely), Caulfield Track Good

Eagle Farm Races


1.h3 The Stifmeister 2. h5 Yangari 3. h7 Mishani Enchanted 4. h1 Habib

Mishani Enchanted 1st $4/$1.30, The Stifmeister 2nd/$1.80, Habib 3rd/$1.30, Yangari 4th($12); First4/$106.90; Trifecta/$23.90; Quinella/$7.50; Exacta/$15.40


1.h2 Quality Approach 2. h1 Foreign Territory 3. h4 Joymaker 4. h6 Daulat Tai Panaziz

Joymaker(0.3L) 2nd/$2.80, Quality Approach 3rd/n.t.d., Foreign Territory 4th($4.80)


1.h3 Happy Go Plucky 2. h5 Devine Grey 3. h1 Raqeeq 4. h2 Romakash

Romakash 1st $15/$5, Happy Go Plucky 2nd/$1.70, Devine Grey 4th($2.45); Quinella/$20.10; Exacta/$52.40


1. h8 Pull Anchor 2. h9 Violet 3. h1 Go Deep 4.h4 Wren’s Day

Wren’s Day(0.2L) 2nd/$1.30, Go Deep 4th($12); PULL ANCHOR L.SCR.


1.h3 Kylease 2. h1 Spurcraft 3. h2 Royal Witness 4. h5 I’ve Gotta Nel

Kylease(0.2L) 2nd/$1.80, Royal Witness 3rd/n.t.d., I’ve Gotta Nel 4th($14)


1.h3 What’s The Fuss 2. h6 Patches 3. h4 Ahwahneechee 4.h7 Syd’s Footprints

Patches 1st $2.30/$1.20, What The Fuss 2nd/$1.65; Quinella/$4.70; Exacta/$8.80


1.h3 Tycoon Evie 2. h1 Jetty 3. h8 The Cullinan  4. h4 Cosmic Gossip, Abracadazzle

Tycoon Evie 1st $3.50/$1.45, Jetty 2nd/$1.90, Abracadazzle 3rd/$7.50, Cosmic Gossip 4th($10); First4/$894.40; Trifecta/$170.50; Quinella/$4.40; Exacta/$10.50


1.h6 Magic Delta 2. h8 Better Get Set 3. h5 Snitzari 4. h9 Jellishot

Snitzari(0.9L) 3rd/$1.50, Magic Delta 4th($11)


1.h1 Stuttering 2. h5 Sea Raider 3. h10 Maddi Rocks 4. h13 Tesarc

Sea Raider(0.3L) 2nd/$4, Stuttering 3rd/$1.75, Maddi Rocks 4th($4)

Rosehill Races


1.h11 Vowmaster 2. h5 Tommy Gold 3. h1 On The Lead 4. h12 Only Words



1.h7 Commando Hunt 2. h6 Praline 3. h16E Phillipsberg 4. h1 Scout

Philipsburg 3rd/$2.50, Commando Hunt 4th($5.50)


1.h1 Quick Thinker 2. h3 Zeigfield 3. h8 Nimalee 4. h6 Yao Dash

Nimalee 1st $6.50/$1.70, Yao Dash 2nd/$1.40; Quinella/$5.70; Exacta/$15.60


1.h1 Madam Rouge 2. h3 Subpoenaed 3. h2 Positive Peace 4. h4 Asiago

Subpoenaed 1st $7.30/$2.10, Madam Rouge 2nd/$1.70; Quinella/$11.70; Exacta/$28.50


1.h4 Tiger Of Malay 2. h1 Paulele 3. h3 Rocket Tiger 4. h2 Zethus

Rocket Tiger(0.2L) 2nd/$3.90


1.h11 Sacramento 2. h1 Mustajeer 3. h9 Dadoozart 4. h12 Herengawe

Sacramento 1st/$2.30/$1.30, Mustajeer 4th($9.50)


1.h3 North Pacific 2. h1 Aegon 3. h4 Peltzer 4. h7 Lions Roar

Aegon 1st $5.10/$1.70, North Pacific 2nd/$1.50, Peltzer 4th($2.60); Quinella/$9.30; Exacta/$20.20


1. h12 Emenate 2. h7 Spaceboy 3. h2 Tavisan 4.h10 Black Magnum

Emanate 1st $3.10/$1.35, Black Magnum 2nd/$4; Quinella/$25.10; Exacta/$37.10


1. h2 Starspangled Rodeo 2. h16E Wheelhouse 3. h5 Fulmina 4. h4 Lackeen, h12 Bazooka

Starspangled Rodeo 1st $9.50/$2.40, Fulmina 3rd/$2.50, Wheelhouse 4th($3)

MAIN QUADDIE;11/2/12/2 DIVI; $297.10

Flemington Races


1.h3 Wolfe 2. h4 Defibrillate 3. h6 Hang Man 4. h9 Aussie Nugget

Defibrillate 1st $2.50/$1.30, Hang Man 3rd/$2


1.h2 Conceited 2. h5 It’s Ourtime 3. h7 Oxley Road 4. h3 Valaquenta

Oxley Road 1st $2.80/$1.60, It’sourtime 2nd/$1.80, Valaquenta 3rd/n.t.d., Conceited 4th($8); First4/$34.40; Trifecta/$19.60; Quinella/$3.20/$6.90


1.h3 Mailcorne 2. h2 Chico Fuerto 3. h5 Impercunious 4. h4 Safe Passage

Mailcorne(0.1L) 2nd/$1.60, Impecunious 4th($3.60)


1.h2 Sovereign Award 2. h1 Perfect Jewel 3. h3 Rich Hips 4. h7 Lunakorn

Rich Hips 1st $4.20/$1.60, Perfect Jewel 2nd/$1.60, Lunakorn 3rd/$1.75; Trifecta/$39.90; Quinella/$4.60; Exacta/$13.60


1.h3 Young Werther 2. h5 Narvaez 3. h1 Khoekhoe 4. h7 Sentata

Khoekhoe 3rd/$1.40


1.h10 Crosshaven 2. h7 Probabeel 3. h6 Arcadia Queen 4. h2 Streets Of Avalon, h3 Mr. Quickie

Probabeel 1st $3.50/$1.40, Arcadia Queen 2nd/$1.70, Mr. Quickie 3rd/$3.50; Trifecta/$176.90; Quinella/$8.40; Exacta/$16


1.h1 General Beau 2. h13 Enthaar 3. h3 Finance Tycoon 4. h5 Anamoe, h8 Jigsaw

Anamoe 3rd/$2.10, Finance Tycoon 4th($41)


1.h7 Celebrity Queen 2. h15 Portland Sky 3. h7 Dirty Work 4. h6 Ancestry

Celebrity Queen DH 1st $4.80/$2.70, Portland Sky DH 1st $4.90/$3.60; Quinella/$54.70; Exacta/$49.60/$44


1.h3 Homesman 2. h8 Shared Ambition 3. h12 Paradee 4. h1 Regal Power

Paradee 1st $5/$1.85, Shared Ambition 2nd/$1.90, Homesman 3rd/$2.20; Trifecta/$104.80; Quinella/$13; Exacta/$27.10

OUR BEST; BR9 STUTTERING($6.50); this horse is ultra consistent and loves wet conditions but is adept in all. He is up against Sea Rider again here but you cannot ignore the massive weight turnaround of some 5kegs. Relishes this distance and surely he would be up on the speed again in these conditions. The other horse will lead again but I envisage this bloke will round him up at the distance with the huge weight swing. He is OUR BEST.

STUTTERING($5); 3rd/$1.70 place beaten 1.1L, was in perfect position but rider got a bit carried away and moved forward to be 3 deep and no vigour in the straight. He has probably come to the end of his prep though. 

MR4 SOVEREIGN AWARD($7.50); forget her last run in C.F.ORR G1 simply outclassed there back to G3 mares grade 2nd up more her style. She loves to roll forward and be right on the speed and Ollie might drive her away at the distance. Also she is a dual G3 winner and she just might have too big a break for Perfect Jewel to make up.

SOVEREIGN AWARD($6); 5th beaten 2.4L, Ollie couldn’t contain her in front her race was before the 300m. Next time?

MR8 CELEBRITY QUEEN($9); Quality mare from Perth with a great record and is a pistol first up. Hoping Pike doesn’t settle her too far back here from her inside gate(3). Being a handicap she is beautifully weighted here with 53.5kgs and she relishes all conditions. Pike will be winding her up on the corner and if the leaders peak at the distance she will round them up .

CELEBRITY QUEEN($9.60); DH FIRST, Pike had her placed closer on the fence and she looked running a good second at the distance, but she lifted big time to DH we actually thought she had lobbed. Still a great result. GOUGUDTHING!!!

 MR9 HOMESMAN($4.20); nice horse and he does all his best racing fresh. He likes to lead and is a genuine Group horse at WFA, adept in all conditions and if he swings a couple in front it will be goodnight amigo. GIDDYUP!!!

HOMESMAN($4.80); 3rd/$2.20 place beaten 0.8L, he led them up and fought on like a lion. Big follow up on him.

SUMMARY: Our Best was successful again last Saturday when Scottish Mist ($5.20) saluted, a swag of winners in our top 4 selections for multi runner players and some nice exotics best being the first4 In the Lightning stakes $1,300 so a pretty good day all round. Super day at Caulfield with 3 cracking Group 1 races. The Oakleigh Plate we can’t discuss because we have a Best selection here for subscribers. Blue Diamond is a cracker and we have General Beau ($5.50) on top he has a class record, he should get a beautiful run behind the speed from his good gate(3). He will run the 1200m out. Enthaar($2.30) classy filly with a ton of speed and runs good times if she pushes forward from gate 14 and leads easily she probably wins. We envisage a few pushing up inside of her though giving General Beau the gong. Financial Tycoon($26) next best and Jigsaw($15) &  Anamoe($9.50) to round it out. Futurity stakes 1400m and Crosshaven($15) we thought was a great run 1st up against the older Group1 WFA gallopers will improve out of sight 2nd up and will either lead(preferrably) or just take a sit super hard to beat at great odds.  Probabeel($3.50) Arcadia Queen($6) are quality mares next best then Behemoth($3.20). The Hobartville G2 at Rosehill and Northern Pacific($4.60) will improve big time here should get a nice possie up behind Peltzer($4.20) the only leader that we can see and JMAC should be able to drive him home. The Kiwi Aegon($3.90) will be steaming home at the end and Lions Roar($19) running a nice 4th. Super tough day for sure so we should tread wearily and keep an eye on track conditions in Brisbane and Sydney. Let’s hope we can keep the momentum up with OUR BEST bets as we are having a great run of late. To check out all our results click here on to subscribe $135 for 6 months or $270 for 12 months only available until the 1st of May or simply like & follow us on Facebook. We also have a new section on our web called horses to follow they could start anywhere so well worth a look. GOOD LUCK to all those having  a crack tomorrow and ” ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan HORSEBUCK$