Tips & Results 6th February 2021

Eagle Farm Track Good, Randwick Track Good, Caulfield Track Good

Eagle Farm Races


1.h3 Eureka’s Victory 2. h1 Mishani Delight 3. h6 Yangari 4. h2 Boughta Boom

Mishani Delight 1st $3.60/$2, Yangari 3rd/n.t.d., Eureka’s Victory 4th($11)


1.h2 Divine Grey 2. h1 Happy Go Plucky 3. h3 Miss Penfold 4. h4 Watch The Cat

Devine Grey 1st $6/$1.85, Watch The Cat 2nd/$1.30, Miss Penfold 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$14.90; Quinella/$4.80; Exacta/$16.30


1.h5 Gunnobe 2. h2 The Irons 3. h1 Foreign Territory 4. h8 Incorruptibility

Foreign Territory(0.2L) 2nd/$1.50, The Irons 3rd/$2.60


1.h1 Ligulate 2. h3 Spectroscope 3. h5 Romakash 4. h2 Matowi

Ligulate 1st $1.90/$1.24, Matowi 2nd/$1.70, Spectroscope 4th($6.50); Quinella/$2.20; mExacta/$3.70


1.h5 Wolff Boss 2. h7 Genzai The Wolf 3. h6 Bold Hunter 4. h10 Sea Dragon

Genzai The Wolf(0.3L) 2nd/$1.70


1.h5 You Make Me Smile 2. h3 Doctor Zous 3. h9 Sheza Boss 4. h2 Valario, h6 Let’s Party Marty

You Make Me Smile 1st $9.20/$2.50, She Za Boss 2nd/$1.70, Doctor Zous 3rd/3.60; Trifecta/$421; Quinella/$20; Exacta/$43.40


1.h4 Ingear 2. h5 Chivargo 3. h3 Flying Machine 4. h12 Portuguese Tart

Chivargo 1st $9/$1.60, Ingear 2nd/$1.30, Portuguese Tart 3rd/$3.20; Trifecta/$90.90; Quinella/$3.50; Exacta/$16.30


1.h5 Bellissimi Amici 2. h1 Batangas Entry 3. h8 He Knows 4. h6 Calm Seeker, h3 Boom Spender



1.h3 Stuttering 2. h6 Maddi Rocks 3. h4 Fisticuffs 4. h12 Lashoni

Maddi Rocks(0.2L) 2nd/$1.85, Stuttering 3rd/$1.40

Randwick Races


1.h1 Conexy 2. h13 Tilianam 3. h5 Nasdaq Dubai 4. h2 Conglomerate

Tiianam 1st $7/$2.25


1.h1 Another One 2. h10 Praline 3. h11 Commado’s Hunt 4. h9 Joey’s Chance

Commando Hunt(1.5L) 2nd/$3.10, Praline 3rd/$5.30


1.h6 Written Beauty 2. h7 Zaniah 3. h2 Spaceboy 4. h8 Royal Witness

Written Beauty 1st $1.35/$1.09, Spaceboy 2nd/$2.25, Royal Witness 4th($16); Quinella/$2.30; Exacta/$3.10


1.h8 April Rain 2. h1 Madam Legend 3. h2Outback Diva 4. h11 Fashchanel

April Rain 1st $1.90/$1.20, Fashchanel 2nd/$2.40, Outback Diva 4th($15); Quinella/$7.90; Exacta/$10.40


1.h1 Profiteer 2. h9 Ashema 3. h10 Mystic Gem 4. h4 Keefy

Profiteer 1st $1.75/$1.12


1.h1 Peltzer 2. h3 North Pacific 3. h6 The Face 4. h8 Tommy Gold

Pelzer 1st $5.50, The Face 2nd/$1.90, North Pacific 4th($2.05); Quinella/$17.80; Exacta/$32.20


1.h10 Dame Giselle 2. h8 Rule The Law 3. h1 Ole Kirk 4. h3 The Bopper

Ole Kirk 3rd/$1.30, Dame Giselle 4th($3.20)


1.h7 Mount Popa 2. h8 All Time Legend 3. h2 Shared Ambition 4. h5 Sikandarabad

Shared Ambition 1st $10.80/$2.10, Mount Popa 2nd/$1.50, All Time Legend 3rd/1.20; Trifecta/$74.90; Quinella/$20.40; Exacta/$45.20


1.h8 Zing 2. h6 Blaze A Trail 3. h1 Ulysses 4. h9 Derbari, h12 Skylab

Sky Lab 1st $8/$2.50, Zing 2nd/$2; Quinella/$25.30; Exacta/$50.10

Caulfield Races


1.h7 Regardsmaree 2. h1 Mystery Shot 3. h8 Eugene’s Forest 4. h9 Imperial Lad

Regardsmaree 1st $1.80/$1.12, Mystery Shot 2nd/$1.90, Imperial Lad 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta/$24.70; Quinella/$4.70; Exacta/$7.90


1.h5 Arcaded 2. h1Picarones 3. h3 Tayla’s Moment 4. h2 Telluride

Arcaded 1st $2.70/$1.35, Picarones 4th($10)


1.h1 General Beau 2. h3 Extreme Warrior 3. h5 Yulong Turbo 4. h7 Jigsaw

General Beau 1st $3.10/$1.40, Jigsaw 3rd/$1.70


1.h1 Albarado 2. h7 It’sourtime 3. h2 Amish Boy 4. h9 I’m Thunderstruck

Amish Boy(1L) 2nd/$1.50, It’sourtime 3rd/$2.40


1.h1 La Mexicana 2. h4 Miss Divine Em 3. h5 Aidensfield 4. h10 Pinkham

La Mexicana 1st $2.90/1.10, Pinkham 3rd/$1.50,m Miss Divine Em 4th($19)


1.h6 Best Of Days 2. h2 Nonconformist 3. h9 Vassilator 4. h4 Over Exposure

Best Of Days 1st $3.30/$1.50, Noncomformist 3rd/$1.70


1.h1 Probabeel 2. h3 Sierra Sue 3. h4 Bam’s On Fire 4. h6 Snapdancer, h10 Excelida

Probabeel 1st $2.70/$1.30, Snapdancer 3rd/$1.30


1.h6 Imaging 2. h10 Crosshaven 3. h5 Streets Of Avalon 4. h2 Sir Dragonet

Streets Of Avalon 1st $8.50/$2.10, Imaging 2nd/$2.10, Crosshaven 3rd/$1.50; Trifecta/$161.90; Quinella/$26.40; Exacta/$63


1.h1 Viridine 2. h2 Greyworm 3. h7 How Womantic 4. h10 Sword Of Mercy

Greyworm 4th($3.80)


MR5 H1 LA MEXICANA($3); this filly ticks all the boxes here, great draw(2) to roll forward and sit on the leaders hammer and in nicely under the SW + P conditions. Handles all conditions and track and distance. BRING IT ON !!! 

LA MEXICANA($2.90); FIRST; high fives all round after this filly scored a gutsy win. Sitting just behind the leader on the rails she zoomed through to hit the front at the distance and fought hard to just hold on. 

SR6 H1 PELTZER($6); this bloke is a pistol here and the distance perfect. Quality horses make their own luck and we envisage him rolling forward to be leading or sitting on his stablemates tail. Good first up he is Our Best.

PELTZER($5.50); FIRST GOUGUDTHING!!! this horse did everything we thought he would. Surged past his stable mate at the distance and won easily. PISTOLERO!!!

BR6 H5 YOU MAKE ME SMILE($6); hasn’t won for 102 weeks but his last run was very good. We expect him to lead again and this is his pet distance. He is gun 2nd up and his last run at this track was a good 4th in a Quality. He will run extremely well here.

YOU MAKE ME SMILE($9.50); FIRST; this galloper put the icing on the cake and celebrations fired up big time after his win. Got out to a great price in the end and never gave anything a look in running great time on a track that was on fire. (:(:(: 

BR9 H3 STUTTERING($5.50); finally a cracking draw for this horse(1) he will sit right up on the leaders gate hopefully one out as the inside here is suspect. If he gets a break in the straight it might just be good night.

STUTTERING($3.30); 3rd/$1.40 place beaten o.3L, this horse always gives his best he was in a great possie into the straight and tried hard all the way just held out.


MR4 H1 ALBARADO($41); we were hoping for a soft track for this galloper. Good track holds no fear though he likes to settle mid field. Failed at his last before a spell in the Victoria Derby 2500M but we feel this horse is not a true stayer. Really relishes racing fresh and this distance should be perfect for him first up. He will be steaming home.

ALBARADO($34); 9th beaten 15.7L, simply run off his legs and never improved. Certainly enhanced our opinion that a stayer he is not. We will keep an eye on him though over shorter courses.

SUMMARY; after 3 placings in OUR BEST last week Big Parade($2.70) bought it home for us in the last to post a winning result there. Big results in our top 4 in both Sydney and Melbourne with a stack of winners and a swag of exotics so happy days there. Sunnie Coast was brutal to say the least with a lot of close seconds but Emerald Kingdom kept the flag flying. Click here on to check out all our results and to subscribe 6 months $135 or 12 months $270 only available until the 1st of May or just simply follow us on Facebook. Let’s have a quick look at a few races today firstly the Group 1 Orr Stakes at Caulfield tricky race on face value. Imaging($7) might be the one 1st up he will settle just off the pace here and he certainly relishes racing fresh, Crosshaven($4) is a quality 3 year old and will sit up behind the leader Streets Of Avalon($8) to hang on for 3rd. Just feel the favourite Sir Dragonet has bigger fish to fry. Race 7 Randwick Inglis Sprint and Dame Giselle($3.70) this filly is quality and ticks a lot of boxes here and she can certainly tough it out at the business end. Her stable mate Rule The Law($26) can figure also great draw for him and Ole Kirk($2.40) will be getting home hard. Race 9 Caulfield  Viridine($5.50) this bloke fires big time when he is well into his prep and handles all conditions, distance is perfect he will settle up just off the pace hard to beat, plenty of pace here with Greyworm and How Womantic. Pixelmania was back in action last week Defibrillate/Hang Man I have my own opinion but I could have swore “BLIND” I saw a pixel in favour of one just saying!!!! Let’s get stuck into them today and bring home the bacon. GOOD LUCK to all players having a crack today and “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers Kerry & Dan HORSEBUCK$