Tips & Results 2nd January 2021

Eagle Farm Track Good (downgrade likely if showers persist), Randwick Kensington Track Heavy, Caulfield Track Good

Eagle Farm Races


1.h14e Genzai The Wolf 2. h12 Snow Valley 3. h18e Platinum Euros 4. h13e Walk The Talk

Snow Valley 1st $4.90/$1.80, Genzai The Wolf 3rd/$3.20; Platinum Euros SCR.


1. h2 Racecourse Road 2. h4 Macewen 3. h3 Beaufort Park 4. h1 Grey Missile

Macewen 1st $6.60/$2.20, Beaufort Park 3rd/$1.50


1. h1 Picka Plum 2. h5 North Afrika 3. h10 So Dapper 4. h4 Dissolution

North Afrika 1st $9.80/$2.90, Som Dapper 4th($9)


1.h1 Ranch Hand 2. h5 Gleneagles 3. h6 Princess Bojack 4. h2 Golden Eighty

Ranch Hand 3rd/$1.10


1.h1 Willo Titto 2. h15 Smart ‘N’ Sexy 3. h3 Sea Raider 4. h7 Love Express

Smart ‘n’ Sexy 1st $4.10/$1.60, Willo Titto 2nd/$9.70, Sea Raider 3rd/$2.90; Trifecta/$972.30; Quinella/$77.90; Exacta/$122.30


1.h2 Ballistic Boy 2. h4 Get Stuck In 3. h5 Phaistos 4. h9 Barade, h3 So You Win

Barade 1st $7.50/$2,30, Phaistos 3rd/$1.30; BALLISTIC BOY L.SCR.


1.h2 Portland Sky 2. h13 Gotta Kiss 3. h5 Thunder Mania 4. h7 Apache Chase, h14 Starosa

Apache Chase 1st $19/$4.80, Gotta Kiss 2nd/$1.80; Quinella/$40.60; Exacta/$102.90


1.h6 Deep Image 2. h11 Emerald Kingdom 3. h10 Desert Lord 4. h2 Niccanova, h3 Tambo’s Mate

Niccanova (1.3L) 2nd/$3.70, Emerald Kingdom 3rd/$2.20


1.h18 Kissukano 2. h1 Wild Vixen 3. h2 Athiri 4. h8 Boomtown Lass, h11 Sofie’s Gold Class

Athiri 1st $2.80, Boomtown Lass 2nd/$3.80, Wild Vixen 3rd/$6.10; Trifecta/$395.10; Quinella/$19; Exacta/$30.70

Randwick Kensington Races


1.h9 Four Moves Ahead 2. h5 Mura Mura 3. h10 Laurelin 4. h7 Bay Of Kiel

Four Moves Ahead 1st $2.90/$1.40, Mura Mura 4th($7.50)


1. h7 Chewie Two 2. h3 Mother’s Mercy 3. h11 Boyles 4. h2 King’s Trust

Boyles 1st $11/$2.70, King’s Trust 4th($9.50)


1. h1 Skymax 2. h4 Parry Sound 3. h5 Harpo Marx 4. h9 Power Of Attorney

Power Of Attorney 1st $8.80/$2.20, Harpo Marx 3rd/$1.80, Skymax 4th($4.40)


1.h2 Private Eye 2. h4 Vreneli 3. h11 Yangaraa Rose 4. h7 Tycoonist

Private Eye 1st $5.50/$1.90, Tycoonist 4th($7)


1.h2 Edison 2. h5 Al Ma Haha 3. h7 Soldier Of Love 4. h3 Order Again

Order Again 1st $9.60/$4.20, Soldier Of Love 2nd/$2.70, Edison 4th($2.50); Quinella/$20.60; Exacta/$56; QUADDIE 11/9/2/3 DIVI/$6,286.60


1.h4 Smart Image 2. h7 Aim 3. h10 Terrace House 4. h9 Nuclear Summit

Nuclear Summit 1st $20.70/$3.70, Terrace House 2nd/$2.30; Quinella/$66.40; Exacta/$169.90


1.h6 Our Bellagio Miss 2. h7 De Grawin 3. h5 Mossman Gorge 4. h8 Remlap’s Gem

Dev Grawin 1st $3.20/$1.70Our Bellagio Miss 3rd/n.t.d.


1.h3 Snowfire 2. h8 Orcein 3. h4 Cisco Bay 4. h1 Badoosh

Snowfire 1st $2.30/$1.35, Cisco Bay 2nd/$2,Orcein 4th($7.50); Quinella/$4.20; Exacta/$7.10


1.h1 Lillemor 2. h5 Salina Dreaming 3. h11 Turnstyle 4. h10 Never Talk, h12 Tiny

Never Talk 1st $8.20/$2.20, Tiny 3rd/$1.70, Lillemor 4th($4.40); QUADDIE 9/7/3/10 DIVI/$1,346.80

Caulfield Races


1. h1 Impercunious 2.h2 Sensationalism 3. h4 Bella Tiara 4. h5 Vespertine

Bella Tiara 1st $5.80/$1.80, Sensationalisation 2nd/$1.40, Vespertine 3rd/$2.20; Trifecta/$111.60; Quinella/$8/$23; IMPERCUNIOUS L.SCR.


1.h11 Galgani 2. h1 Campese 3. h6 Jiminez 4. h10 Tragic

Jiminez(1.2L) 2nd/$4.70, Galgani 3rd/$2.30


1.h6 Coin Collector 2. h12 Lady Of The Sky 3. h2 Budd Fox 4. h10 Perfect Illusion

Lady In The Sky 3rd/$2.35


1.h1 Zabelarina 2. h9 Housay 3. h7 Cielo D’oro 4. h5 Chase Award

Housay 3rd/$1,50


1.h5 Elderflower 2. h1 Flostar 3. h10 Miss Albania 4. h12 Lani Bang Bang

Miss Albania 1st $5/$2


1.h6 Dickin Medal 2. h5 Nantucket 3. h1 Esta La Roca 4. h8 Zion

Dickin Medal 1st $3.50/$1.45, Nantucket 2nd/$5; Quinella/$31; Exacta/$56.90


1.h2 Seberate 2. h10 Regardsmaree 3. h8 King Magnus 4. h3 Duke Of Plumpton

Regardsmaree 3rd/$2.35


  1. h1 Terbium 2. h10 Overkill 3. h9 Sword Of Mercy 4. h3 Ruban Bleu Sword Of Mercy 1st $5.10/$1.80, Ruban Bleu 3rd/$6.60, Terbium 4th($2,40)


  1. h8 Think ‘n’ Fly 2. h14 Aussie Nugget 3. h13 Walking Flying 4. h1 Call Me Handsome, h12 Eugene’s Forest  Think ‘n’ Fly 4th($9.50)


MR4 H1 ZABELARINA($9.50); Ran well first when running third. The form out of that race is really good with 3 winners from it already. Great second up stats. Loves the distance. Only fail at the track was on a soft track. Good track suits. The 3kg claim gets him well in the weights dropping him down to 58kgs. From barrier 5 can get a nice sit in behind the speed and should be steaming home. The whips will be cracking. 

ZABELARINA($7.50); last beaten 4.5L, pulled up with a throat problem(stewards) 

MR5 H5 ELDERFLOWER($15); Forget his first up run when 4 wide no cover. Second up today suits. The extra 100m is ideal and the 3kg claim is ideal dropping him to 57kg. Adapt in all conditions. From barrier 6 should get a good sit behind maybe midfield and should be running home nicely !. Huge chance !!

ELDERFLOWER($11); 5th beaten 2.6L,good run just not good enough on the day.

SR7 H6 OUR BELLAGIO MISS($4.40); Great win last start. This horse is a an absolute swimmer all wins have been on wet conditions. Track and distance suits. From barrier 1 can lead if the speed is slow. other wise will take a sit in behind the leaders. Should be running home strongly!!! He is our best !!

OUR BELLAGIO MISS($4.80); 3rd/n.t.d. beaten 2L,

SR9 H1 LILLEMOR($4.80); Good win first. Good second up stats. Will most likely lead from the good draw. Loves heavy tracks. Tommy sherry with claim is ideal only carries 57kg. Likes the track and distance. Huge chance !!

LILLEMOR($4.40); 4th beaten 3.5L, every possible chance led them in conditions to suit place chance at the distance swamped.

SUMMARY; good day last week with a lot of winners in our top 4 selections best being Dream Circle ($41) and Rocket Tiger ($23) just to name a couple. For all our results go to our web site and check them out they are all there from the last 5 years. You can subscribe or simply follow us on Facebook. Facebook followers should be getting some nice winners from our post race summary we publish every Saturday morning and last week was no different. Kensington today in Sydney always a tricky assignment (leader orientated usually) and Caulfield is simply a Benchmark programme with a stack of chances in every race. Eagle Farm has a cracker meeting today with some good horses going around and quite a few gearing up for the Magic Millions so a few fitness runs?? There has been showers about for the last couple of days so if there are more today the track might get a little chopped, let’s be aware. Race 6 the Quality over 2200m and Ballistic Boy($3) is in great form, he is adept in all conditions and is very promising. He is climbing a little in the weights but so is every thing else with Get Stuck In($7.50) hardest to beat if he gets his own way in front again. Race8 The Buffering over 1400m and Deep Image($15) he hasn’t won for a little while but invariably runs well. He has the perfect draw here in one and that should enable him to be right on the speed his preferred pattern. Hardest to beat his stablemate in Emerald Kingdom($11) he should get a great sit behind the speed.  Desert Lord, Tambo’s Mate and Niccanova for the minor end in a deep race. Race 9 Nudgee F&M over 1200m Kisukano($3.50) a big fan of this filly because she is all quality has the perfect draw(1) here to strut her stuff  and handles all conditions. If the big field lets her slip away on the corner it will be goodnight nurse. Don’t underestimate Wild Vixen($15) here and the tough mare Boomtown Lass($12) she is very fit and will roll forward. Remember the Millions is a couple of weeks away so look for runs getting home LATE!! Let’s not sugar coat it a seriously tough day every where and races chocked with chances. We won’t let that deter us here at Horsebuck$ and as usual looking for the value 3 good placegetters in OUR BEST last week so we will be looking for a quick turnaround today (: 2021 BRING IT ON!!! and on that optimistic note good luck to all those having a punt today and “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” HAPPY NEW YEAR & CHEERS KERRY & DAN HORSEBUCK$