Tips & Results 19th December 2020

Doomben Track Soft, Randwick Track Good, Flemington Track Good

Doomben Races

BR1 1.h1 Mort Doyle 2.h5 Derulo 3.h6 King Of The Desert 4.h3 Tracy May

Derulo(0.5L) 2nd/$1.70, King Of The Desert 3rd/$2.30

BR2 1.h3 Mount Tabora 2.h5 Alderman 3.h4 Picka Plum 4.h6 Green Jacket 

Mount Tabora(1.5L) 2nd/$2.30, Picka Plum 3rd/$2.60

BR3 1.h2 Molly’s Rocking 2.h8 Mishani Blossom 3.h5 Gin ‘n’ Bitters 4.h1 Veranes


BR4 1.h2 So You Win 2.h4 Phaistos 3.h11 Torrens 4.h3 Magnufighter 

Phaistos(0.8L) 2nd/$1.80, So You Win 3rd/$1.70, Magnufighter 4th($9)

BR5 1.h9 Magic Conqueror 2.h14 Eeloh 3.h15 Lot’s Wife 4.h7 Kavak

Kavak 3rd/$2.90

BR6 1.h11 Global Citizen 2.h13 La Jument 3.h9 Kateru 4.h8 8 Ecker Road h3 Bugalugs

La Jument 4th($4.80)

BR7 1.h14 Say Haya 2.h16 Ruuca 3.h7 Jardin Rouge 4.h6 Racecourse Road h1 Akasaki

Racecourse Road 1st $6/$2.50, Ruuca 4th($4.40)

BR8 1.h4 Thunder Mania 2.h11 Isotope 3.h9 Away Game 4.h5 Batangas Entry h8 Rogue Rocker

Isotope 1st $1.70/$1.10, Away Game 2nd/$1.35; Quinella/$2; Exacta/$2.90

BR9 1.h3 Tambo’s Mate 2.h6 Red Chase 3.h4 Outback Barbie 4.h12 Epic Girl

Outback Barbie 3rd/$1.80

Rosehill Races

SR1 1.h2 Paulele 2.h1 The Art Of Flying 3.h5 Zarasto 4.h9 Forzanini

Paulele 1st $2.10/$1.20, Zarastro 2nd/$1.60, Forzanini 3rd/$3; Trifecta/$31.20; Quinella/$4.10; Exacta/$6.70

SR2 1.h13 Nuremburg Castle 2.h15 Eurosay 3.h8 Westgrove 4.h9 Designer Dance

Designer Dance(0.8L) 2nd/$5.30, Nuremburg Castle 3rd/$2.15, Eurosay 4th($12)

SR3 1.h8 Nanakorbi Yaoki 2.h2 Another One 3.h12 Stone Cold Flex 4.h11 Clay Pan Boogie

Another Day 1st $4.80/$2, Clay Pan Boogie 3rd/$2.50

SR4 1.h4 Vadiyaan 2.h8 Accountability 3.h10 Parry Sound 4.h6 Gone By

Gone By 1st $3.80/$1.60, Parry Sound 2nd/$3.40; Quinella/$19.80; Exacta/$30.20

SR5 1.h4 Fulmina 2.h10 Wild About Her 3.h9 Nyami 4.h7 Cisco Bay

Cisco Bay 3rd/$2.70

SR6 1.h2 Helga 2.h4 Sausedge 3.h3 Invinciano 4.h5 Vitesse

Sausedge(0.8L) 2nd/$2.10, Vitesse 4th($4.80)

SR7 1.h12 Mission River 2.h10 Sally’s Day 3.h6 Brazenpine 4.h8 Iamacrumpet

Sall’s Day(0.1L) 2nd/$1.70

SR8 1.h7 Edison 2.h2 Irithea 3.h4 Cradle Mountain 4.h10 Hilo h3 Passage Of Time

Edison 1st $3.30/$1.50, Hilo 2nd/$1.50, Irithea 3rd/$6.30; Trifecta/$140.50; Quinella/$3.20; Exacta/$7.60

SR9 1.h4 Poetic Charmer 2.h10 Kordia 3.h9 Big Parade 4.h5 McCormack h7 Mo’s Crown

Big Parade 1st $3.50/$1.45, Mo’s Crown 2nd/$1.60, Poetic Charmer 3rd/$2.80; Trifecta/$68.30; Quinella/$5.90; Exacta/$11.50

SR10 1.h4 More Prophets 2.h14 Arabian Hussy 3.h10 Zoumist 4.h5 Latina Beauty h2 Papal Warrior 

More Prophets 3rd/$1.60

Flemington Races

MR1 1.h3 Bartholomeu Dias 2.h10 Brilliant Venture 3.h1 Princess Jenni 4.h2 Djukon

Princess Jenni(0.3L) 2nd/$1.80, Djukon 3rd/$1.80, Bartholomeu Dias 4th($2.50)

MR2 12 Mr Moppet 2.h3 Written Miss 3.h1 Pioneer River 4.h5 San Marino

Written Miss 1st $2.60/$1.60, Pioneer River 2nd/$4, Mr. Moppett 4th($7.50); Quinella/$9; Exacta/$14.70

MR3 1.h3 Sensationalisation 2.h4 Dance to Dubai 3.h7 Lucky Sham 4.h8 Part In Style 

Sensationalism(1.8L) 2nd/$1.80

MR4 1.h7 Aussie Nugget 2.h2 Black Sail 3.h4 Skiddaw 4.h8 Long Arm

Long Arm 1st $9.50/$2.70Skiddaw 3rd/$1.60, Aussie Nugget 4th($4.40)

MR5 1.h6 Midships 2.h11 Saccharo 3.h10 Garimpeiro 4.h8 King Magnus

King Magnus(0.2L) 2nd/$2.50

MR6 1.h2 Re Edit 2.h4 Ocean’s Thirteen 3.h7 Lamu 4.h8 Liberate 

Re Edit(0.8L) 2nd/$2, Librate 3rd/$7.50, Ocean’s Thirteen 4th($4.40)

MR7 1.h7 Leiter 2.h1 Excess Funds 3.h10 Can’t Be Done 4.h8 Defiant Dancer h6 Riding The Wave 

Defiant Dancer 1st $2.50/$1.40, Riding The Wave 2nd/$2.20; Quinella/$9.40; Exacta/$14.70

MR8 1.h10 Titan Blinders 2.h3 Coming Around 3.h2 Vinland 4.h4 Galaxy Raider

Coming Around 4th($15) 

MR9 1.h13 Sword Of Mercy 2.h4 Overkill 3.h9 Humzz 4.h8 Elite Legacy h1 Fine Dane

Sword Of Mercy 1st $4.20/$1.80, Fine Dane 3rd/$2.80

OUR BEST; BR4 H2 SO YOU WIN($4.20); In terrific form. Good win last start. Looks a good race for him to win again. Likes the track and distance soft conditions suit. Barrier 3 can get a nice sit in behind the speed. He will be charging late and the whips will be cracking. Huge chance !

SO YOU WIN($3.60); 3rd/$1.70 place beaten, he was in a good position the whole way but the leader was never going to get run down here. Ran well.

SR6 H2 HELGA($14); A very good run last start when caught wide only beaten 1.8 lengths. Great second up form likes the track and distance adept in all conditions. From barrier 5 can take a sit or even lead if need be. Super tough to beat. Huge chance at great odds !!

HELGA($7.50); 5th beaten 1.9L, loomed at the distance just died on her run, showed enough to be on her next start in the right class.

SR10 H4 MORE PROPHETS($5.50); Great win first up of a break. Likes the distance. Adept in all conditions. Drops 0.5kgs from last start and Hugh Bowman retains the ride. from barrier 3 can take a sit in behind the leading bunch and be super tough to beat and is our best !!

MORE PROPHETS($3.60); 3rd/$1.60 place beaten 0.6L,

MR9 H13 SWORD OF MERCY($6); Resumes of a spell with a good first up record. Likes good tracks. From barrier 12 can get a good sit behind the pace and has good gate speed to do that. Likes the track and distance and D Lane is a massive bonus. Huge chance.

SWORD OF MERCY($4.20); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! she possied up beautifully and was simply too good, impressive win.

SR7 H12 MISSION RIVER($6); First up today and has been  gelded and it looks like it has worked winning a trial pretty well ! Likes the track and distance and with 52kgs on his back this looks like a suitable assignment. Huge Chance !!

MISSION RIVER($7.50); 8th beaten 5.9L, missed the kick slightly but no excuses poor run.

SUMMARY:  A cracking day last week with two placings and a winner in I am Vinnie 11 bucks into 5.50 in Our best. Lets dive right in and talk about the Gold Edition and we think Thunder Mania can run a huge race here. We are banking on the leaders going at each other here and Thunder mania getting the drop on them. Isotope and Away Game are the obvious class horses in the race. Batangas Entry can run in the top 4 as well and Rouge Rocker can run well too. The Lough Neagh Stakes and we think Tambo’s Mate can run a huge race. Nothing went right for him last start. Hopefully he can get a nice sit in behind the pace. If he can he will be extremely hard to beat! Red Chase is in great form. Epic Girl can run well 3rd up of a spell and Outback Barbie will be running home late. Randwick race the December Handicap and its hard to go pass Edison in great form and loves the 1400m and the track. Cradle Mountain can run a big race 1st up. Irithea will be the likely leader here if gets an easy time in front will be hard to run. Passage of time and Hilo will be running on. Only 6 days till Christmas and the coffers are full from last week so lets keep it going with a few winners again today before Christmas Day! Good Luck on the punt and “Enjoy Your Racing”.  from  Horsebuck$