Tips & Results 5th December 2020

Doomben Track Good, Rosehill Track Good, Pakenham Track Good

Doomben Races

BR1 1.h5 Subterranean 2.h7 It’s All Talk 3.h3 You’ll Be Mist 4.h2 Ready Mister Music 

Subterranean 1st $3.90/$1.50, You’ll Be Mist 3rd/$1.80


BR2 1.h2 Muiron 2.h2 Raiden 3.h3 Zukas 4.h1 Hard Stride 

Hard Stride 1st $21.40/$5.60, Raiden 2nd/$2, Zukaz 4th($19); Quinella/$38.80; Exacta/$142.70

BR3 1.h2 Tokoriki Lad 2.h4 Plitvice 3.h9 Full Nelson 4.h5 Radipole 

Full Nelson(0.2L) 2nd/$1.95

BR4 1.h13 Maquereau 2.h3 Paniagua 3.h7 Praone 4.h8 My Cousin Bossy

Paniagua 1st $2.05/$1.20, Proane 4th($41) 

BR5 1.h4 Acrobatic 2.h5 Shooting For Gold 3.h1 Kavak 4.h7 Goldsborough

Shooting For Gold 1st $3/$1.40


BR6 1.h3 So You Win 2.h4 Get Stuck In 3.h1 Grey Lion 4.h12 Galtero 

So You Win 1st $2.50/$1.50, Get Stuck In 2nd/$2.30, Galtero 3rd/$9.30, Grey Lion 4th($13); First4/$3,113.50; Trifecta/$394.00; Quinella/$7.70; Exacta/$11.10


BR7 1.h6 Stuttering 2.h9 Great Keppell 3.h12 Starvirgo 4.h10 Green Jacket

Great Keppell 1st $9.70/$2.80, Starvirgo 2nd/$1.90; Quinella/$19.70; Exacta/$51.20


BR8 1.h3 Tambo’s Mate 2.h1 Deep Image 3.h8 Jonker 4.h4 Hard Empire h5 The Odyssey

Hard Empire 1st $4.90/$1.60, Jonker 2nd/$1.30, Tambo’s Mate 4th($21); Quinella/$4; Exacta/$11.70 

BR9 1.h3 Starosa 2.h5 Fleet Dove 3.h8 Plutocrat 4.h7 Isotope h9 Paredo

Isotope 1st $1.70/$1.40Paredo 3rd/$2.70, Starosa 4th($21)

MAIN QUADDIE; 3/9/4/7; DIVI; $266.20

Rosehill Races

SR1 1.h1 Smart Edge 2.h6 Kiku 3.h2 Cultral Amnesia 4.h7 Zoumist

Kiku 3rd/$1.04, Zoumist 4th($6.50)


SR2 1.h4 Instant Attraction 2.h7 Toscanini 3.h8 Ellsberg 4.h6 Joliette

Ellsberg 1st $2.90/$1.60, Joliette 2nd/$3.40, Toscanini 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$56.80; Quinella/$10.80; Exacta/$17.90

SR3 1.h1 Deadly Impact 2.h3 Proven Class 3.h10 Post Free 4.h15 Forever Jude

Deadly Impact(0.8L) 2nd/$2.40

SR4 1.h8 The Elanora 2.h6 Atlantic King 3.h10 Tampering 4.h1 Prospectus

The Elanora 1st $3.20/$1.50, Prospectus 4th($17)


SR5 1.h5 Edison 2.h7 Enchanted Heart 3.h9 Onslaught 4.h10 Bigboyroy

Edison 1st $3/$1.35, Enchanted Heart 2nd/$1.60, Bigboyroy 3rd/1.40; Trifecta/$27.10; Quinella/$5.20; Exacta/$11.20

SR6 1.h7 Accountability 2.h13 Significance 3.h4 Across Dubai 4.h15 Karmazone

Significance 1st $7.50/$2.05, Accountability 3rd/$1.30

SR7 1.h9 Express Pass 2.h3 True Detective 3.h13 Hulk 4.h2 Eleven Eleven h8 Pandemic 

Pandemic 1st $3.90/$1.60

SR8 1.h3 Sausedge 2.h11 Selica 3.h13 Vitesse 4.h8 St Covet’s Spirits

Vitesse 1st $5.20/$2.10, Sausedge 3rd/$2.10


SR9 1.h12 Remmstein 2.h9 Surreal Step 3.h8 Golly I’m Lucky 4.h3 Oxford Tycoon

Surreal Step 1st $7.50/$2.45, Rammstein 2nd/$1.70; Quinella/$13.70; Exacta/$38.40;

MAIN QUADDIE; 13/813/9; DIVI; $1,279.20

Pakenham Races


MR1 1.h6 Written Miss 2.h3 Nantucket 3.h1 Miss Devine Em 4.h8 Veranskova

Written Miss 1st $2/$1.35, Veranskova 2nd/$2.80, Miss Divine Em 3rd/n.t.d., Nantucket 4th($4.60); First4/$34.20; Trifecta/$26.90; Quinella/$4.30; Exacta/$6.70

MR2 1.h3 Elite Legacy 2.h11 That Girl 3.h5 Pariano 4.h8 Meteorite

That Girl(1L) 2nd/$2.20, Pariano 3rd/$2.70

MR3 1.h13 Doroza 2.h6 Nerve Not Verve 3.h4 Humble Pie 4.h2 Budd Fox

Nerve Not Verve 3rd/$4, Humble Pie 4th ($6)

MR4 1.h6 Astraeus 2.h8 Capodanno 3.h13 Stuchbree Stamp 4.h16 Outlandos

Astraeus(0.2L) 2nd/$2.70

MR5 1.h2 All Too Huiying 2.h4 Shot Of Irish 3.h8 Tavidance 4.h10 Walking Flying 

Tavidance 1st $2.15/$1.26


MR6 1.h5 Sirius Suspect 2.h9 Engiman 3.h7 Over Exposure 4.h2 Tavisan

Sirius Suspect 1st $5/$1.90, Tavisan 2nd/$4.20; Quinella/$25.20; Exacta/$53.10

MR7 1.1 Brimham Rocks 2.h2 Princess Jenni 3.h4 Attorney 4.h7 Knights Order

Attorney 1st $3.20/$1.40, Knights Order 3rd/$2.10


MR8 1.h1 Iconoclasm 2.h5 The Astrologist 3.h8 Wild Vixen 4.h2 Amadeus

The Astrologist 1st $2.50/$1.30, Wild Vixen 2nd/$2.50, Iconoclasm 4th($14); Quinella/$9.30; Exacta/$13.70


MR9 1.h2 Arctic Shock 2.h5 Kuramae 3.h15 Stay Gold 4.h Shahzade h13 Metronome

Metronome 1st $11/$3.50, Shahzade 2nd/$5.80; Quinella/$114.80; Exacta/$191.70;

MAIN QUADDIE; 5/4/5/13; DIVI; $548.70

OUR BEST; BR7 H6 STUTTERING($5.50) We had this horse as Our Best last but a total forgive run when he blew the start and took no part. We have been waiting for him to start again but has been drawing terrible gates and getting scratched. This time he has drawn 5 which is a perfect gate for this galloper. Loves the track and the 1350m is ideal. Can see him sitting just in behind the leading bunch and pouncing on the lead with 100m to go. The whips will be cracking. Huge chance. 

STUTTERING($6); 5th beaten 2.4L, ran on nicely at the finish maybe 1 more for him.

MR6 H5 SIRIUS SUSPECT($3.50) Terrific run first up when 3rd beaten by 0.3 of a length. The form around him is good. The 1200m is his ideal distance. Great 2nd up form, good track suits. Drops in grade. Will go forward from barrier 8 and be in the leading division. If he can get a nice run in transit he will be super hard to beat. He is Our Best 

SIRIUS SUSPECT($5); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! on pace all the way kicked away at the distance too good.

SR8 H3 SAUSEDGE($9) Arguably should have won the Snake Gully Cup last start. 3rd up today stays at the 1400m which is ideal. Likes the track. Good track suits. From barrier 6 will get back but hopefully sitting a little closer to midfield and getting out with plenty of air and steaming home over the top of them. Huge Chance at good odds.

SAUSEDGE($5.50); 3RD/$2.10 place beaten 1.5L, got a back did well to finish 3rd.

SR7 H9 EXPRESS PASS($9) Ran well last start off a 7 week freshen up over the 1000m.  The horse is a 1100m specialist. From barrier 13 will get back in running where it likes to be anyway. Ran in listed grade last start only beaten 2.65 lengths and drops back to a bench mark 88. Looks a suitable assignment that’s for sure.  Hopefully the speed is quick and he should be able to steam over the top of them(Hopefully not a leader biased track). Huge chance in this race with 56kg on its back.

EXPRESS PASS($18) 10th beaten 4.1L, not beaten far in the end but may have come to the end of prep.

SUMMARY: Frustrating week last week when all Our Best ran placings. Which is still good but we are perfectionists and strive to do our very best. So hopefully we have found a few this week to fill the coffers for Christmas/New Years Festivities. Like to talk about the Pakenham Cup and we think Brimham Rocks can win here. Its not the best race in the world and looks like a suitable assignment for him. Princess Jenni has come back in form and can run a nice race. Attorney can run well stepping up in distance. Knight Order ran a very good race 3rd up and stepping out in distance suits. The Vobis Gold Bullion and we think Iconoclasm can win with 60kg in compressed weighted  field. Back in trip and in grade he can figure in the finish. The Astrologist and Wild Vixen can run huge races and Amadeus can run a race at good odds second up. Like to talk about the George Moore Stakes at Brisbane and we think Tambo’s Mate is way over the odds here at 18 bucks. He loves the track and distance and drops 0.5 kg leading into this. He is great 2nd up and can take cover from the wide draw. There will be plenty of speed in the race. Has won in group 3 company before beating most of these horses last prep. The Odyssey and Jonker will be the main leaders here and both have there chances. Deep Image can run in the top 4 but the 1400m will suit it later in the prep also. Hard Empire will be steaming home off a fast tempo. Here’s hoping for a great day on the punt and plenty of winners to boot. Good luck and Enjoy Your Racing! Kind Regards Dan and Kerry Horsebuck$