Tips & Results 14th November 2020

Doomben Track Good, Newcastle Track Good, Sandown Track Good

Doomben Races

BR1. 1. h2 Conexy 2. h1 Chief Artie 3. h10 Mishani Enchanted 4. h8 Rhapsody Rose 

Rhapsody Rose 1st $6.50/$2.80, Conexy 2nd/$2, Mishani Enchanted 4th($14); Quinella/$9.70; Exacta/$24.70

BR2. 1. h1 Morton’s Fork 2. h3 He Runs Away 3. h4 Morendi 4. h5 Happy Go Plucky

He Runs Away 1st $2.30/$1.20, Happy Go Plucky 2nd/$3, Morton’s Fork 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$49.20; Quinella/$14.20; Exacta/$20.90

BR3. 1. h3 Chapelco 2. h6 Hard Labour 3. h7 Toomai 4. h5 Rebel Rock

Hard Labour 1st $1.50, Toomai 2nd/$2.35, Rebel Rock 4th($17); Quinella/$2.90; Exacta/$3.80

BR4. 1. h1 Kavak 2. h2 Xerri 3. h3 Jetty 4. h6 Better Lad 

Kavak 3rd/$1.60

BR5. 1. h1 Plutocrat 2. h5 Jubai Pride 3. h2 Dusty Tycoon 4. h3 Freya’s Cloak

Dusty Tycoon 1st $2/$1.20, Plutocrat 2nd/$1.80; Quinella/$3.80; Exacta/$6.90

BR6. 1. h8 Garibaldi 2. h2 Iced 3. h5 Ruuca 4. h9 Ashzaya

Ruuca 1st $5/$1.70, Garibaldi 2nd/$1.14, Ashzaya 3rd/$2.60, Iced 4th($7.50); First4/$206.50; Trifecta/$66.40; Quinella/$4.10; Exacta/$10.10

BR7. 1. h5 Kedah 2. h2 Plitvice 3. h7 Alderman 4. h1 Destiny’s Own

Plitvice 1st $7.20/$2.10, Destiny’s Own 3rd/$2.10

BR8. 1. h3 Boomtown Lass 2. h7 Neidorp 3. h6 Weboughtazou 4. h10 Better Reflection

Boomtown Lass 1st $4.20/$1.60, Neidorp 2nd/$1.50; Quinella/$4.90; Exacta/$11.20

BR9. 1. h3 Scallopini 2. H6 Freddie Fox Trot 3. h4 Hard Empire 4. h5 Spurcraft, h16 Stampe

Hard Empire 4th($6.50)

Newcastle Races

SR1. 1. h12 Pippa Charlotte 2. h14 Snowdrop 3. h13 Sliders 4. h1 Baby Wong

Sliders 1st $3/$1.40, Snowdrop 2nd/$2.70, Pippa Charlotte 3rd/$1.80, Baby Wong 4th($5); First4/$221.50; Trifecta/$68.20; Quinella/$12.40; Exacta/$20.50

SR2. 1. h14 Cecilia 2. h2 Lord Heron 3. h8 Monica’s Star 4. h15 Crackerjack Kenny

Monica’s Star 3rd/$2.70, Crackerjack Kenny 4th($13)

SR3. 1. h7 Vadiyann 2. h6 Fortress Command 3. h3 Opacity 4. h10 Time Raid

Fortress Command(0.2L) 2nd/$1.90, Opacity 4th($8)

SR4. 1. h9 Cafe Royal 2. h3 Pandano 3. h11 Let It Pour 4. h5 Surreal Step

Surreal Step(0.2L) 2nd/$3.50, Pandano 4th($210

SR5. 1. h9 Prospectus 2. h13 Super 3. h6 Occupy 4. h1 Spirit Ridge 

Super 1st $4.10/$1.80, Spirit Ridge 2nd/$2.50, Prospectus 4th($6); Quinella/$10.30; Exacta/$19.50

SR6. 1. h6 The Elanora 2. h1 Real Peace 3. h2 Ellsberg 4. h9 Perfect Radiance

The Elanora 1st $7.50/$2.50, Ellsberg 3rd/$2.30

SR7. 1. h3 Ranier 2. h1 Trumball 3. h11 Signore Fox 4. h7 Chief Ironside, h15 Asiago

Asiago 3rd/$3.60

SR8. 1. h7 Strawb 2. h1 Enchanted Heart  3. h3 Miss Einstein 4. h6 Luna Mia

Enchanted Heart(0.2L) 2nd/$2.30, Miss Einstein 3rd/$2.80

SR9. 1. h9 Through The Cracks 2. h7 Hilo 3. h11 Asharani 4. h14 Two Big Fari

Through The Cracks 1st $4.40/$1.80, Hilo 4th($6)

Sandown Races

MR1. 1. h1 The Art Of Flying 2. h4 Brazen Boy 3. h5 Forbes 4. h3 Anamoe

Anamoe 1st $5/$1.40, Forbes 2nd/$1.20, The Art Of Flying 3rd/$1.50; Trifecta/$27.70; Quinella/$4.80; Exacta/$9.20; BRAZEN BOY L.SCR.

MR2. 1. h1 La Mexicana 2. h5 Chequerboard 3. h9 Rippa Rita 4. h6 Violinist

La Mexicana(0.5L) 2nd/$1.50

MR3. 1. h5 Blazejowski 2. h2 Kempalpasa 3. h7 Wild Vixen 4. h3 Order Of Command

Kemelpasa 1st $3.70/$1.90, Order Of Command 2nd/$3.10; Quinella/$9.90; Exacta/$17.40

MR4. 1. h10 Human Nature 2. h3 Humma Humma 3. h4 Tavisan 4. h6 Prophet’s Thumb

Tavisan 3rd/$2.50, Human Nature 4th($11)

MR5. 1. h2 Iconoclasm 2. h1 Buffalo River 3. h6 Kenya 4. h3 Junipal

Junipal 1st $3.60/$1.85, Kenya 2nd/$1.90, Buffalo River 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$30.50; Quinella/$5.60; Exacta/$12.70

MR6. 1. h1 Aysar 2. h8 Sweet Reply 3. h3 Horrifying 4. h9 Valanetti

Sweet Reply(0.1L) 2nd/$1.30, Valanetti 3rd/$2.45

MR7. 1. h5 Sin To Win 2. h2 Etah James 3. h7 Naval Warfare 4. h3 Miami Bound


MR8. 1. h5 Future Score 2. h6 Lord Bellvedere 3. h3 Brimham Rocks 4. h1 Avilius

Brimham Rocks(1.3L) 2nd/$2, Future Score 3rd/$1.90

MR9. 1. h5 Goldfields 2. h4 All Too Huying 3. h1 Homesman 4. h3 Pacodali, h9 Pappalino

Homesman(0.2L) 3rd/$2.40, All Too Huying 4th(7)

MR10. 1. h15 Game Of Thrones 2. h7 Tricky Gal 3. h16 Hastobegood 4. 3 Strome h11 High Excalerbration 

Tricky Gal(0.1L) 2nd/$2.10

                                                                OUR BEST

MR8 H5 FUTURE SCORE($5); this galloper is in good form and feel he has elevated to the next level. Very consistent and has more of a future than most of these. He will drift back but has an affinity with this track and distance. He will be there when the whips are cracking. GIDDYUP!! 

FUTURE SHOCK($6); 3rd/$1.90 place beaten 1.5L, nice run behind speed ran well without looking likely.

MR9 H5 GOLDFIELDS($6.50); in our humble opinion we think this old timer is racing in his best form ever. He meets All Too Huying 4kilos better here for being beaten a lip last start. Track holds no fears for him and he can settle up or lob midfield either or he will be super hard to hold out.

GOLDFIELDS($6); 9th beaten 3L, beaut run in behind did absolutely nothing down the straight. His previous 2 great runs took its toll.

BR8 H3 BOOMTOWN LASS($6.50); this mare is resuming here and she seems to  produce every time. She is drawn to roll forward or take it up a roll she relishes, Neidorp (fav) is drawn wide so we feel she might just get the drop on him here.  Consistent mare with a nice drop in class.

BOOMTOWN LASS($4.20); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! sat right on the leaders hammer a little wide but she kicked strongly in the straight for a gutsy win under her 57.5 kegs.

BR9 H3 SCALLOPINI($12); he is resuming also and is a pistol first up. Prefer him to drop back and steam home. Has a fantastic turn of foot when on his game and we think he is definitely overs here. Quality racehorse at his best.

SCALLOPINI($8.50); 8th beaten 5.5L, was never likely running up behind the pack in the straight. The winner ran blistering time so next time for this horse!!!!

SR4 H9 CAFE ROYAL($8.50); okay Newcastle is a tough programme indeed but we think this horse is an outstanding chance. Another fresh horse and also a pistol first up and absolutely flies at this distance. Track is another advantage and good or soft conditions no probs. He will probably roll forward only has to be close at the distance to zip on by.  He is bordering on being Our Best for the day. 

CAFE ROYAL($10); last beaten 7.1L, sat wide no cover.

SUMMARY: last week was an absolute slugfest for all of us racing tragics. But once again here at we muscled up and drove home with a flourish. Flemington looked like being a carve up but we rallied late to get the last 4 winners with 2 on top selections Bivouac ($3.10) and Leiter a handsome 20 bucks along with the main quaddie there and a great return of $2,340.00. GIDDYUP!!! A best bet saluted for us in BR6 in Starosa to fill the coffers there. Stuttering was another one we liked at Doomben but missed the kick by a furlong next time for this talented horse. With plenty of winners in our top 4 selections as well for multi players and some nice exotics, so a heap of action for everyone. This week will be another slugfest considering the races we have to choose from. Lets have a look at the Sandown Cup there are so many out of form stayers here you would have to give Sin To Win($3.90) a great chance to score again does well over the longer journeys, Etah James ($6.50) can run a big one here on a dry surface and third take your pick. Sandown race ten and Game Of Thrones ($8) would not have to improve much to be right in the finish Ollie staying on a bonus and the big straight will suit. Tricky Gal ($4.60) big run last start for second, a couple of longer priced conveyances here might just throw a spanner in the works namely Hasstobegood ($26) and High Excalerbration ($21). Let’s not beat around the bush they are super tough programmes so lets get stuck into the value. We always “ENJOY OUR RCING” here at HORSEBUCK$ and GOOD LUCK to all that are having a go from Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$