Tips & Results 26th September 2020

Toowoomba Track Good, Rosehill Track Good, Caulfield Track Soft

Toowoomba Races


1.h2 Kimpembe 2.h7 Coco Fashion 3.h6 Ultimate Power 4.h11 Rhyme Time

Kimpembe 1st $3.10/$1.60, Coco Fashion 3rd/$1.80, Rhyme Time 4th/$6

BR2                                     QUINELLA/EXACTA

1.h2 Junction 2.h3 Supergiant 3.h4 Plitvice 4.h6 Okanagan Miss

Junction 1st $5.10/$2.50, Plitvice 2nd/$4; Quinella/$21.40; Exacta/$37.90


1.h2 Rock Beat 2.h9 Clockwise 3.h6 Moonshine Lady 4.h1 Piracy

Rock Beat 1st $3.70/$1.60

BR4                                     TRIFECTA

1.h7 Miss Cabaret 2.h4 Calm Seeker 3.h6 The Actuary 4.h1 Magic Conquer

Magic Conqueror 1st $6.90/$2.50, The Actuary 2nd/$1.70, Calm Seeker 3rd/$2; Trifecta/$55.40; Quinella/$7.40, Exacta/$16.70


1.h1 Sheerwood Prince 2.h9 Golden Groove 3.h3 Mishani Scandel 4.h5 Twilight Boom

Mishani Scandal 1st $3.90/$1.70, Sherwood Prince 3rd/$3.40


1.h11 Aheadofhistime 2.3 Le Palmier  3.h9 Man In Motion 4.h12 Ready To Roam

Le Palmier 1st $5.70/$2.80, Ready To Roam 3rd/$3.80

BR7                                     FIRST4/TRIFECTA                                                                   

1.h8 Free Fly Too 2.h5 Reckless Choice 3.h11 Bajan Gold 4.h12 Factory Warrior h2 Alward

Alward 1st $5.40/$2, Free Fly Too 2nd/$2.30, Factory Warrior 3rd/$5.50, Bajan Gold 4th/$7.50; First4/$3,487; Trifecta/$448.90, Quinella/$17, Exacta/$31.50


1.h9 Mr Marbellouz 2.h4 The Odyssey 3.h5 Boomsara 4.h7 Snitch


BR9                                       QUINELLA/EXACTA

1.h4 Fasano 2.h13 The Tax Accountannt 3.h5 Shogun Sun 4.h11 Red Doultan

The Tax Accountant 1st/$4.80/$1.90, Fasano 2nd/$2.10; Quinella/$10.10, Exacta/$23.40

Rosehill Races


1.h10 Ludivine  2.h5 Another Arli 3.h13 Sum Deel 4.h14 Serene Beauty



1.h6 Exemplar 2.h8 Lord Fandango 3.h2 Carzoff 4.h3 Grey Lion

Grey Lion 3rd/2.80


1.h10 Thought Of That 2.h11 Yonkers 3.h14 She’s Ideel 4.h4 Massaf

Massaf 4th/$9.50


1.h2 Easy Campese 2.h4 Bucherest 3.h5 Cadenabbia 4.h3 Love Tap

Love Tap 1st/$1.70/$1.10, Bucharest 3rd/$2.30

SR5                                      TRIFECTA

1.h10 Forbidden Love 2.h8 Sixgun 3.h2 Destination 4.h1 Wild Ruler

Wild Ruler 1st $3.20/$1.40, Destination 2nd/$2, Forbidden Love 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta/$33.30, Quinella/$8.20, Exacta/$12.20

SR6                                     TRIFECTA

1.h5 I am Superman 2.h6 Looks Likes Elvis 3.h4 Miss Siska 4.h9 Riodini

I Am Superman 1st $5/$1.95, Riodini 2nd/$2.10, Looks Like Elvis 3rd/$1.90; Trifecta/$96, Quinella/$10.70, Exacta/$23.70


1.h1 Rothfire 2.h2 Kings Legacy 3.h3 Mamaragan 4.h5 North Pacific

North Pacific 2nd/$1.70, King’s Legacy 3rd/$3.30, Rothfire 4th/$1.55


1.h2 Haunt Brion Her 2.h3 Positive Peace 3.h8 Seasons 4.h9 Adelong h1 Shout The Bar

Positive Peace 4th/$16


1.h5 Masked Crusader 2.h11 Plonka 3.h7 Dancing Gidget 4.h12 Sneak Preview

Dancing Gidget 4th/$21

Caulfield Races

MR1                                     QUINELLA/EXACTA

1.h2 How Womantic 2.h5 Be My Star 3.h6 Wayupinthesky 4.h7 Pinyin

Pinyin 1st $7/$2, How Womantic 2nd/$1.70; Quinella/$7.60, Exacta/$20.10


1.h6 Duke Of Plumpton 2.h12 Grand De Flora 3.h2 Rainbow Thief 4.h8 Tried And Tired

Duke Of Plumpton 4th/$7


1.h11 Don’t Doubt Dory 2.h17 Lord Bouzeron 3.h3 Le Baol 4.h7 Skyman



1.h4 Coruscate 2.h1 Order Of Command 3.h2 Brave Song 4.h5 Brave Tango

Coruscate 1st $3.80/$2, Order Of Command 3rd/$2.80, Brave Tango 4th/$12

MR5                                     TRIFECTA

1.h5 Buffalo River 2.h9 Adelaide Ace 3.h6 Morrisy 4.h7 Windstorm

Windstorm 1st $2.80/$1.20, Buffalo River 2nd/$1.40, Morrissy 3rd/$2.40; Trifecta/$23.20, Quinella/$2.80, Exacta/$5.40


1.h3 Crosshaven 2.h1 Prague 3.h10 Cambourne 4.h4 Flying Award

Crosshaven 1st $6.50/$2.10, Cambourne 4th/$8.50

MR7                                     QUINELLA/EXACTA

1.h5 Night Raid 2.h8 Mozzie Monster 3.h6 Personal 4. Instant Celebrity

Instant Celebrity 1st $2.90/$1.50, Personal 2nd/$3.50, Night Raid 4th/$3.70; Quinella/$15.80, Exacta/$17.40


1.h9 Arcadian Queen 2.h6 Mr Quickie 3.h10 Russian Camelot 4.h8 Harbour Views h5 So Si Bon

Russian Camelot 1st $1.55/$1.20, Arcadia Queen 3rd/$1.60


1.h7 Odeon 2.h8 Nonconformist 3.h11 Future Score 4.h3 Furrion h10 Shot Of Irish

Shot Of Irish 2nd/$1.90, Odeon 4th/$11

OUR BEST: MR 9 H7 ODEON($10) Ran super second up. Absolutely flies third up and out to the 1700m is ideal. Loves to be up on the pace so from barrier one should be no problem getting a nice trail or lead this race. Drops 2kgs from last race. 10 bucks looks like a ridiculous price. The whips will be cracking at the distance. Huge chance. He is Our Best.    

SR5 H10 FORBIDDEN LOVE($4.20) Cracking run second up of a spell in the Furious stakes 3rd behind Dame Giselle who came out and won again. So the form around her is really good. Back to the 1100m is ideal. Tommy Berry aboard is great. From barrier 3 can get a sit in behind the leaders or even lead if circumstances permit. Huge chance. 

BEST EACHWAY: BR6 H11 AHEADOFHISTIME($11) Been racing well this prep. Beat Le Palmier two starts ago and then Le Palmier came out and won next start beating Fisticuffs who then came out and bolted in next start. So good form lines around him. From barrier 8 should be able to get across and get a sit midfield plenty of speed in the race which is ideal ! Drops a kilo from last start. Has won 4th up before. look for him to be steaming over the top them late. The whips will be cracking !

BR8 H9 MR MARBELLOUZ($14) this horse has been racing very well in his 3 runs since a break. He absolutely skates around this circuit and from gate 1 will be sitting right on The Odyssey’s hammer and meets that horse some 3kgs better. Ticks all the boxes here and is an absolute oversfest here. He will be eyeballing the leader at the distance. GIDDYUP!!!

BR7 H8 FREE FLY TOO($12) Now this horse ran super 2nd up in the Listed Brisbane Handicap beaten by Skate to Paris who is flying. Her only fail at this distance was at Flemington only beaten by 2.55lengths against Masculino. Third up form reads 1 placing from 3 goes but they have all been over 1600m. So third up today and straight out to the 2000m is ideal. Good track suits. From barrier 5 can take a sit hopefully a touch better than midfield stalking the leading group. Hopefully they get into her before the turn because they will have to be on there bikes to get a full head of steam up. Which we think she will do. Great chance at a good price!!

SUMMARY; A few placings in Our Best last week with few horses unlucky one in particular is Cascadian. Should of been in the finish held up everywhere in the straight. Next time for sure. Enough about that. Lets focus on this week and we will start with the Golden Rose. We think Rothfire($1.85) will just win. Barrier 8 will cause no problem because of his great gate speed. Probably will lead but if pressured will be dragged back to take a sit. We think he will be too good. Race 8 at Rosehill the Golden Pendent. We think Haunt Brion Her($2.50) is a huge chance. But i wouldn’t be surprised if Shout The Bar($51)runs a cracking race 2nd up. Sat wide the whole way and was way to far back last start. I’m expecting him to be a lot closer in the running and stepping out to the 1400m is ideal. Something each way for sure. Caulfield Race 8 the Group 1 Underwood Stakes and we think Arcadian Queen($5) can win third up here. He is fit likes the 1800m. From barrier 1 he will get back if he gets the luck he should be fighting out the finish and drops 1 kg into this. Mr Quickie’s($8.50) run first up was great. Huge chance second up at good odds. So Si Bon should run well again. Russian Camelot($1.95) is a huge chance again. His main target obviously is the Melbourne Cup. We think we have found a few in our best this week. We are back online this week  “AND LOVING IT”. 100 bucks for a whole years membership which is great value. So jump onto and sign up today. On that exciting note Good Luck on the punt and “ENJOY YOUR RACING” From Dan and Kerry Horsebuck$