Tips & Results 19th September 2020

Gold Coast Track Good, Randwick Track Good, Caulfield Track Good

Gold Coast Races


  1. h1 Mishani Miss 2. h7 Salbris 3. h4 Aventurine 4. h5 Better Than Best; Better Than Best 1st $3.90/$1.90, Salbris 3rd/n.t.d., Mishani Miss 4th/$2.50

BR2                                     TRIFECTA

1. h7 Divine Decedence 2. h10 Express Fantasy 3. h3 Lubuk 4. h2 Don’t Stop

Express Fantasy 1st $2.90/$1.50, Lubuk 2nd/$1.50, Don’t Stop 3rd/$1.90; Trifecta; $38.20; Quinella/$4.90/ Exacta/$10.50


  1. h2 Aqua Vite 2. h6 Run For Glory 3. h5 Tarbert 4. h1 Lota Creek Gold; Run For Glory 1st $1.95/$1.50, Aqua Vite 3rd/n.t.d.


  1. h5 Shooting For Gold 2. h2 Highland Son 3. h6 Disarmed 4. h1 Mishani Fraudster; Shooting For Gold 1st $1.80/$1, Disarmed 4th/$21


  1. h7 Lady Salerno 2. h3 Fastnet Cyclone 3. h5 Joymaker 4. h4 He Runs Away; Fastnet Cyclone 1st $4.40/$1.90


  1. h6 Beaufort Park 2. h11 The Move 3. h2 Dream Master 4. h7 Fuji Flyer; Beaufort Park 1st $4.80/$1.70, Fuji Flyer 3rd/$3.30


  1. h13 Kisukano 2. h6 Maddi Rocks 3. h5 Seentoomany 4. h1 Star Reflection; Kisukano 2nd/$1

BR8                                     TRIFECTA

  1. h5 Usmanov 2. h2 Freddie Foxtrot 3. h3 Zoustyle 4. h4 Spurcraft; Zoustyle 1st $1.95/$1.40, Usmanov 2nd/$1.50, Spurcraft 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$7.70; Quinella/$2.10; Exacta/$3.50

BR9                                      QUINELLA/EXACTA

  1. h14 Prospectus 2. h10 Bajan Gold 3. 3 Flying Machine 4. h13 Maybach; Bajan Gold 1st $4.40/$1.70, Prospectus 2nd/$1.50; Quinella/$4.60; Exacta/$17.20

Royal Randwick Races


  1. h6 Zakat 2. h8 Bound To Win 3. h1 Prime Candidate 4. h3 Single Bullet; Zakat 4th/$6


1. h15 It’s Me 2. h4 Toro Toro 3. h11 Clearly Regal 4. h13 Emilette; It’s Me 1st $1.85/$1.30

SR3                                     TRIFECTA

  1. h8 Opacity 2. h4 Think It’s Over 3. h12 Discharged 4. h9 Across Dubai; Discharged 1st $4.60/$1.80, Think It Over 2nd/$1.80, Opacity 3rd/$2.20; Trifecta/$77.30; Quinella/$10; Exacta/$21.60

SR4                                    QUINELLA/EXACTA

  1. h1 Dame Giselle 2. h3 Hungry Heart 3. h5 Thermosphere 4. h8 Montefilia; Dame Giselle 1st $2.70/$1.20, Hungry Heart 2nd/$1.20, Montefilia 4th/$8; Quinella/$2.10; Exacta/$4.10


  1. h5 Probabeel 2. h8 Roheryn 3. 7 Reloaded 4. h1 Le Romain; Probabeel 1st $2.45/$1.20


  1. h1 Avilius 2. h2 Dreamforce 3. h6 Verry Elleegant 4. h5 Star Of The Seas; Star Of The Seas 2nd/$4.20, Verry Elleegant 4th/$2.20


  1. h1 Bivouac 2. h3 Classique Legend 3. h7 Standout 4. h2 Catalyst; Classique Legend 1st $4.40/$1.90, Bivouac 3rd/$1.60

SR8                                      QUINELLA/EXACTA

  1. h9 Shared Ambition 2. h6 Taikomochi 3. h14 Zerbrowski 4. h10 Sikandirabad; Taikomochi 1st $10.80/$3.10, Shared Ambition 2nd/$1.90, Zerbrowski 4th/$5.50; Quinella/$20.60; mExacta/$60.50

SR9                                      FIRST4

  1. h14 Petronius 2. h9 Criaderas 3. h1 Acadamey 4. h10 Icebath, h15 Willowheart; Acadamey 1st $14/$2.70, Icebath 2nd/$1.40, Criaderas 3rd/$1.20, Petronius 4th/$5.50; First4/$424.40; Trifecta/$124.70; Quinella/$23.90; Exacta/$67.90

Caulfield Races


1. h2 Cumberbatch 2. h3 Celestial Sol 3. h7 Divine Diosa 4. h6 Surooj; Divine Diosa 2nd/$2


  1. h7 Legionnaire 2. h8 Condo’s Express 3. h3 Riddle Me That 4. h6 Ancestry; Anacestry 1st $4.70/$1.90, Legionnaire 3rd/$1.40

MR3                                      TRIFECTA

  1. h9 Forever Free 2. h10 Muntaseera 3. h6 Crystal Chief 4. h1 Valaquento; Muntaseera 1st $3.50/$1.50, Valaquento 2nd/$1.60, Forever Free 3rd/$1.50; Trifecta/$43.40; Quinella/$8.80; Exacta/$15.70


  1. h3 William Thomas 2. h2 Crystal Dreamer 3. h7 Front Page 4. h6 Octane; Front Page 2nd/$1.20, William Thomas 3rd/$1.60


  1. h10 Parmie 2. h13 Thousand Wishes 3. h1 Clarice Cliffs 4. h8 So You Swing; Parmie 2nd/$2, So You Swing 4th/$9


  1. h2 Aidensfield 2. h4 Mozzie Monster 3. h3 Cafe Rizou 4. h6 Agreeable; Aidensfield 2nd/$1.50, Mozzie Monster 3rd/$1.60


  1. h14 Game Keeper 2. h9 Ordersofthegarter 3. h7 Mahamadeis 4. h12 Dabiyr, h15 Think We’re Due; Ordersofthegarter 1st $2.90/$1.40


  1. h4 Cascadian 2. h15 Tagaloa 3. h1 Behemoth 45. h11 Age Of Chivalry; Behemoth 1st $3.80/$1.60

MR9                                      TREBLE/DOUBLE 

  1. h2 Humma Humma 2. h7 Fiesta 3. h6 Lyre 4. h9 She’s A Thief, h12 Felicia; Felicia 1st $6/$1.90, Fiesta 3rd/$3.60; Treble/$58.30; Double/$18.10


SR6 H1 AVILIUS($5); he was a mile back last start but ran home strongly. He is a pistol 2nd up, he will get back again but not as far? All of his racing has been in elite class and he is a genuine Group 1 horse. Small field suits he will be steaming home at the distance.

AVILIUS($6); dropped out the back and really just stayed there did nothing. Unless he is being trained for a distance handicap there were certainly no positives to be had from the run.

MR7 H14 GAME KEEPER($8); good horse well up to a race of this ilk, he will be back in the pack and after 2 very good runs back he will be cherry ripe. Adept to all conditions and 3rd up is his go, underrated galloper. He will be winding up on the corner HUGE CHANCE.

GAME KEEPER($10); was in a good enough possie on turning ran on okay beaten 3 lengths. There is definitely a win there but at what level?

SR8 H9 SHARED AMBITION($5.50); his form looks ordinary but his last run at WFA was pretty good and he is much better suited back here. Has a very good overall record, hoping JMAC can slot in closer than 3 wide!! this bloke will be coming at a rate of knots from the distance.

SHARED AMBITION($4.20); great ride by JMAC, he ran on very well for 2nd(1L), definitley be following up.

BR9 H14 PROSPECTUS($4); very fit racehorse will settle up closer here from the good draw. Dittman is riding as good as anybody at the minute especially on Waller horses. He might give them the short back and sides at the 200m.

Prospectus($2.90); sat right on the leaders tail strode to the front in the straight run down late for 2nd(1L) EVERY POSSIBLE. Great ride by Luke Dittman.

MR8 H4 CASCADIAN($13); really like this horse his 2 runs back have been beauties. He is a good horse and we think this race is more like a solid Group 2 than a dinky di Group 1. We think he will be a tad closer to the speed this time Ollie stays on he will be in the finish. Maybe over the odds here. 

CASCADIAN($8.50); now this was a horror watch in the straight never clear. Ollie had him following Behemoth early and went back to the inside in the straight game over. Follow? not sure here as he does his best first 3 runs.

SUMMARY; another great day for OUR BEST followers last week with Fituese blousing them late and Fierce Impact proving way too good in the Group 1 gougudthings!! Plenty of good priced winners in our top 4 for multi runner players. We should be back on line next week after trialling today, $100 for 12 months subscription great value , great results. The Shorts G2 and Bivouac ($4) is a genuine G1 horse he just might be a little too good fresh. Probabeel($2.70) is short but geez you would think she would have the edge on these at G3 level. The mares race 9 Caulfield is a lottery maybe Humma Humma, Fiesta  and Lyre might just fight it out all genuine G3 mares Trifecta??? We do all the form here at Horsebuck$ without any markets and are very surprised at some of the short prices about some horse and today is no different… just saying thats all. A cracking day on the Gold Coast lets keep the winners flowing and ” GOOD LUCK” to all players and always “ENJOY YOUR RACING” Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$