Tips & Results 28th March 2020

Doomben Track Good, Rosehill Track Soft, Bendigo Track Good

Brisbane Races


1.h4 Nuetron 2.h2 Real Fine Wine 3.h6 Snappy Reply 4.h10 Minjee
Minjee 1st $12.50/$2.40, Snappy Reply 2nd/$1.20, Neutron 3rd/$1.80, Real Fine Wine 4th($21); First4; $865.30; Trifecta; $80.20; Q/Ex; $8.60/$33.50


1.h11 Grand Shanghai 2.h1 Kellstorm 3.h3 Bronzegate 4.h6 Populist
Populist 3rd/$1.90, Grand Shanghai 4th($11)


1.h3 Mawaanay Machine 2.h5 Raqeeq 3.h7 iLwendo 4.h6 Ruby Guru
Raqeeq 3rd/$2.50


TRIFECTA 1.h7 Coastal Prince 2.h15 Staying Black 3.h10 Junction 4.h1 Downloading
Junction 1st $20.40/$5.30, Coastal Prince 2nd/$2.40, Staying Black 3rd/$2; Trifecta; $923.50; Q/Ex; $79.20/$224.80


1.h2 Desert Man 2.h6 Royal Witness 3.h1 Firsthand 4.h4 One Stryke
One Stryke 1st $25.40/$4.80, Royal Witness 3rd/$1.30


1.h10 Lashoni 2.h11 Writen with Ease 3.h13 Princess Cavallo 4.h7 Red Stina h3 Sienna Rose
Red Stina(0.8L) 2nd/$3.30, Lashoni 3rd/$3.20


1.h13 Hertiage Sash 2.h5 Weboughtazou 3.h1 Mr Attitude 4.h6 Jardin Rouge h16 Could’nt Refuse
Heritage Sash 3rd/$2.20, Jardin Rouge 4th($9)


1.h2 Qiji Phoenix 2.h6 Mr Bellagio 3.h13 Metson 4.h7 Bold Warrior
Mr. Bellagio(0.3L) 2nd/$2.30, Qiji Phoenix 4th($3.60)


1.h2 Stampe 2.h1 Guntantes 3.h3 Ballistic Boy 4.h5 The Sinner h7 Command “n” Conquer
Command ‘n’ Conquer 1st $2/$1.50, Stampe 3rd/$2.80, Ballistic Boy 4th($12)

Sydney Races


1.h3 Hanger 2.h10 Roayal Celebration 3.h12 Sausedge 4.h6 Condor
Royal Celebratioin 1st $3.70/$1.60, Hanger 2nd/$2.90; Q/Ex; $18.40/$33.20


1.h2 Aftermath 2.h6 Time Is Precious 3.h7 I am Swerving 4.h5 Return with Honour
Time Is Precious 3rd/$2.20


1.h6 Pride Of Adelaide 2.h1 Quick Thinker 3.h3 Relucent 4.h4 Diasonic
Quick Thinker 1st $2.80/$1.20, Diasonic 3rd/$3.40


1.h8 Alfierous 2.h1 Life Less Ordinary 3.h6 Mount Tabora 4.h10 Maid Of Ore
Aliferous(0.2L) 2nd/$2.10


1.h12 Handle The Truth 2.h1 Kementari 3.h9 Villami 4.h6 Manicure
Manicure(0.2L) 2nd/$2.30, Kementari 3rd/$2,10


FIRST4 1.h1 Avilius 2.h2 Mustajeer 3.h9 Verry Elleegant 4.h5 Mirage Dancer
Verry Elleegant 1st $2.20/$1.30, Mustajeer 2nd/$2, Avilius 3rd/$1.80, Mirage Dancer 4th($15); First4; $229.40; Trifecta; $33.90; Q/Ex; $8.30/$9.40


1.h2 Probabeel 2.h1 Funstar 3.h3 Missile Mantra 4.h8 Nudge h5 Asagio
Probabeel(0.3L) 2nd/$1.60, Nudge 3rd/$4.30, Funstar 4th($1.75)


1.h6 Noire 2.h8 Sweet Deal 3.h4 Dawn Dawn 4.h11 Girl Tuesday
Noire(1.3L) 2nd/$3.10


1.h2 Star Of The Seas 2.h15 Something Fast 3.h3 Cascadian 4.h9 Desert Lord
Cascadian 1st $6.60/$2.10

Melbourne Races


1.h2 Grand Promenade 2.h11 Budd Fox 3.h3 Andrea Mantegna 4.h7 No Commitment
Budd Fox 1st $7/$2.10, No Commitment 2nd/$2.20, No Promenade 4th($2.20); Q/Ex; $22.80/$43.30


1.h6 Write My Name 2.h9 Lucky Fish 3.h13 Battle Torgue 4.h2 Beautiful Flyer
Beautiful Flyer 1st $10.50/$3.40; BATTLE TORQUE L.SCR.


1.h6 Redcore 2.h2 Coruscate 3.h9 Simply Optamistic 4.h12 Bonne Sensation
Coruscate 1st $7.50/$2.70, Simply Optimistic 4th($8)


1.h2 Lunar Fox 2.h6 River Night 3.h9 Madam Mischief 4.h5 Bella Nipotina
Bella Ni[otina(1.8L) 2nd/$2,40


1.h4 Royal Crown 2.h1 Adelaide Ace 3.h7 Tarn’s Prince 4.h9 Coin Collector
Coin Collector(0.4L) 2nd/$3.50


1.h1 Twitchy Frank 2.h2 Fabric 3.h9 Miss Manditto 4.h3 Mirette h18 Wheal Grace
Twitchy Frank(0.3L) 3rd/$2.80


1.h3 Spend 2.h7 Riddle Me that 3.h13 Vegas Jewel 4.h5 Heiborn
Riddle Me That 1st $4.30/$1.80, Spend 4th($4)


1.h2 Debt Agent 2.h5 Hellova Street 3.h6 Admiral’s Joker 4.h15 Princess Jenni h7 Gold Fields
Hellova Street 1st $20.10/$4.80, Admiral’s Joker 3rd/$2.40

TREBLE; Riddle Me That/Hellova Street/Big Night Out; Divi; $225.00

1.h6 Strategic Demand 2.h7 Black Sail 3.h2 Husson Eagle 4.h14 Jumbo Ozaki h12 Big Night Out
Big Night Out 1st $2.30/$1.30, Jumbo Ozaki 2nd/$1.60; Q/Ex; $4.10/$7.10

BR5 H2 DESERT MAN($5) Ran exceptionally well first up of a break. Great 2nd up statistics 2 wins from 4 starts. He has great early speed so can jump well and hopefully be up near the pace without doing too much work. Loves the track and distance Drops 2kgs from last start and should be there when the whips are cracking. He is our best.

SR9 H2 STAR OF THE SEAS ($4.60)Ran super first up steaming down the outside and getting the cash first up. And there is nothing to suggest he cant win again. Is good second up. Only goes up 1.5kg here and gets the wet conditons to suit again. Should be charging down the outside getting up and strolling clear with 100m to go !. 

MR4 H2 LUNAR FOX($15) Won tthe group 2 Sires Produce last start. Dropping in Class and in distance but the form around him has held up with Larmier Street winning last start. From barrier 9 he can sit midfield and be steaming home with the pace strong up front. Huge chance at a ridiculous price. 

MR8 H2 DEBT AGENT($9.50)Ran fantastic first up off a spell when well back and charging home. Has great second up stats with 4 wins and a couple of places. From barrier 1 hoping he can sit closer to the speed and be hitting the front with the 100m to go.  The step out to 1600m is ideal and we think the track will suit.  Huge chance 

Hope everyone is staying safe and keeping healthy in these unprecedented times we are living in at the moment. At least we still have some racing to keep us sane for a while lol. So lets dive in and talk about the Bendigo Guineas. We think Spend($5) has a huge chance in this race. Ran really well but outclassed in the Group1 Goerge Ryder last start so dropping back to the 1400m and in grade is ideal. Should be up closer to the speed from barrier 3 a great chance. The other horse to look out for in this race is Vegas Jewel($12) she has won first up over the shorter ditance so the 1400m should’nt be a problem. If the speed is on she will be charging late in a good race. The next race to talk about is the Tancred Stakes. We have been waiting for Avilius$(5) to step out to the 2400m which he gets today. Loves the Rosehill Track and from barrier 4 hopefully Hugh can sit him one out one back with a nice trail in the race and be gaining the upper hand in the last 100m. Verry Elleegant at $2 is a bit short for a horse that seems to be dogging it when it comes to the fight in to the line. Mirage Dancer($16) and Mustajeer($9.50) have there chance as well but we think Avilius can get the job done.  The last race at Bendigo the Benchmark 90 is a race where we think a few roughies could run a big race. Obviously the favourites have there chance as well Jumbo Ozaki($3.50) and BigNightOut($2.50). Strategic Demand($34) ran well first up against Ashlor running third. Has had a 3 week freshen up and a trial in the mean time. He is second up out to the 1400m and from barrier 5 should get a nice sit behind the pace and be charging home and has won in this grade before. Black Sail($16) won well last start in the Pat’s Cup and can repeat that effort up on pace. Husson Eagle hasn’t won for a while but at ($67) she could get the last crack at them. Great racing today and hopefully some cracking results to boot. On that exciting note Good luck on the punt, enjoy your racing and stay Safe and Healthy. Kind Regards Horsbuck$