Tips & Results 29th February 2020; Doomben Track Soft(upgrade likely), Randwick Track Good, Flemington Track Good

Brisbane Races
BR11.h2 King’s Full 2.h5 Westham 3.h8 Ultimate Ring 4.h11 Eric The Eel

Eric The Eel 1st $2.50/$1.30, King’s Lull 3rd/$1.70

BR2 TRIFECTA1.h4 Mongolian Wolf 2.h5 Raqeeq 3.h7 Lota Creek Gold 4.h6 Ruby Guru

Mongolian Wolf 1st $2.60/$1.60, Raqeeq 2nd/$1.90, Ruby Guru 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta; $15.20; Q/Ex; $3.20/$8

BR31.h1 Rothfire 2.h3 Mass Destruction 3.h5 Circularity 4.h6 Good Chat

Rothfire 1st $1.16/$1.04, Circularity 4th($12)

BR4 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h2 Spirit One 2.h1 Hancora Field 3.h4 Kisukano 4.h5 Redoute’s Image

Kisukano 1st $4.80, Redoubt’s Image 2nd/$1.50, Spirit One 4th($3); Q/Ex; $7.70/$15.10

BR51.h2 Freddie Foxtrot 2.h3 Mishani El Lobo 3.h10 Macewan 4.h5 Invincible Al

Macewne 3rd/$3, Freddie Foxtrot 4th($2)

BR61.h4 Snowzone 2.h9 Exonthebeach 3.h3 Jagged Edge 4.h2 Stampe h1 The Odyssey

The Odyssey 1st $3.20/$1.40, Stampe 3rd/$4.40

BR7 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h6 Adoradancer 2.h9 Jadin Rouge 3.h15 Wandabaa 4.h5 Solar Star

Wandabaa 1st $4.10/$1.90, Adoradancer 2nd/$3; Q/Ex; $25.90/$40.70

BR8 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h3 New Universe 2.h9 Turnberry 3.h4 Silvera 4.h7 Magnufighter

Silvera 1st $6.10/$2.30, Magnufighter 2nd/$4.20; Q/Ex; $36.70/$74.70

BR9 MAIN QUADDIE; The Odyssey/Wandabaa/Silvera/Femme Fireball; $565.201.h5 Femme Fireball 2.h2 Natch 3.h12 Red Chase 4.h4 Tokoriki Lad h1 Auerbach

Femme Fireball 1st $5.60/$2.10

Sydney Races
SR1 1.h9 All In War 2.h15 Lady Tycoon 3.h12 Pisa My Heart 4.h3 Depth That Varies

All In War(0.5L) 2nd/$3.10

SR21.h2 Stella Pauline 2.h1 Bella Nipotina 3.h3 Queen Kay 4.h5 Tilia Rose

Stella Pauline(0.8L) 2nd/$1.60, Bella Nipotina 4th($11)

SR31.h1 Prague 2.h3 Postcode 3.h2 Aim 4.h8 Argenteus

Aim 3rd/$1.70, Postcode 4th($13)

SR4 TRIFECTA1.h4 Quackerjack 2.h2 Cascadian 3.h10 Vegadaze 4.h5 Rock

Quackerjack 1st $5.50/$1.90, Vegadaze 2nd/$2, Rock 3rd/$2.35; Trifecta; $160.10; Q/Ex; $13.60/$28.50

SR51.h1 Reelem In Ruby 2.h6 Pohutukawa 3.h4 Sweet Deal 4.h7 Sweet Scandal

Sweet Deal(0.1L) 2nd/$1.40, Phutukawa 3rd/$1.80, Sweet Scandal 4th($17)

SR6 TRIFECTA1.h1 Flit 2.h4 Funstar 3.h6 Missile Mantra 4.h5 Probabeel h8 Xilong

Probabeel 1st $4.80/$1.70, Funstar 2nd/$1.80, Xilong 3rd/$5.50; Trifecta; $266.70; Q/Ex; $9.80/$23.20

SR71.h1 Avilius 2.h2 Happy Clapper 3.h3 Te Aku Shark 4.h5 Fierce Impact h4 Dreamforce

Te Akau Shark 1st $2.90/$1.50, Fierce Impact 3rd/$2.05, Avilius 4th($6)

SR81.h4 Mount Tabora 2.h10 Chains Of Honour 3.h7 Night Of Power 4.h6 Attorney h12 Monegal

Mount Tabora 4th($11)

SR91.h1 Roheryn 2.h5 Royal Celebrations 3.h7 Trumbull 4.h6 Yamazaki

Trumball 1st $3.80/$1.55, Royal Celebration 3rd/$1.80

Melbourne Races
MR1 TRIFECTA1.h3 Miss Norway 2.h4 Diamond Effort 3.h7 Des Moines 4.h5 Graceful Storm

Diamond Effort 1st $2.10/$1.35, Miss Norway 2nd/$3.50, Des Monies 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta; $32.30; Q/Ex; $7.30/$9.80

MR21.h6 Chouxting The Mob 2.h1 Vengeur Masque 3.h2 Dabiyr 4.h5 Naval Warfare

Dabiyr(1.3L) 2nd/$1.60, Naval Warfare 3rd/$2.30

MR31.h8 Aquagirl 2.h4 Time Is Precious 3.h6 Unstoppabelle 4.h11 River Night

River Night(0.8L) 2nd/$2.40, Time Is Precious 3rd/$2.45

MR41.h6 Fidelia 2.h2 Sylvia’s Mother 3.h9 Cazabillie 4.h1 Spanish Whisper

Sylvia’s Mother 1st $2.45/$1.35, Fidelia 3rd/$2

MR5 TRIFECTA1.h1 Age Of Chivalry 2.h7 Morvada 3.h6 Blazejowski

Blazejowski 1st $3.20/$1.70, Morvada 2nd/$1.90, Age Of Chivalry 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta; $17.10; Q/Ex; $5.30/$10.90

MR61.h2 Haunted 2.h4 God Of Thunder 3.h6 Fabergino 4.h7 Gift Of Power

Fabergino 1st $3.30/$1.70, Hauntedv 3rd/$3.40, Gift Of Power 4th($10)

MR71.h1 Alligator Blood 2.h4 Catalyst 3.h7 Chenier 4.h2 Dalasan

Alligator Blood 1st $2.60/$1.26, Chenier 4th($8)

MR81.h3 Amiral’s Joker 2.h9 Galaxy Raider 3.h2 Fifty Stars 4.h8 Guizot

Fifty Stars 1st $2.60/$1.35, Admiral’s Joker 3rd/$2.05

MAIN QUADDIE; Fabergino/Alligator Blood/Fifty Stars/Chicago Cub
1.h5 Taniko 2.h7 Chicago Cub 3.h11 Big Night Out 4.h12 Villa Sarchi h8 King’s Brook

Chicago Cub 1st $3.70/$1.80, Big Night Out 2nd/$2.35, King’s Brook 4th($18); Q/Ex; $12/$22.80

SR5 H1 REELEM IN RUBY($7); Sat well back last start and never really got a crack at them over the 1200m. The step out to the 1400m back onto a good track is ideal. Great 2nd up stats will get back to midfield in the running. Has not had a win at the track but 2 of those runs were over 1200m and the other was on a soft track. So can easily win at the track over the 1400m on a good track. Has won a group 2 aswell. Very hard to beat.

REELEM IN RUBY($9); 7th beaten 3.2L, thought she had every chance disappointing.

SR7 H1 AVILIUS($7); Ran great first up over the 1400m in the C.F.Orr stakes only beaten 1.5 lengths. Second up today over the 1600m is ideal. From barrier 8 will sit midfield hopefully 1 out one back and steaming over the top of them at 100m. The pace should be strong which will suit this galloper. Huge chance. 

AVILIUS($6); 4th beaten 2L, got further back than we anticipated really hit the line strongly. We will be backing up and there should be some nice odds available.

MR8 H3 ADMIRAL’S JOKER($6); Ran Super last start when posted wide through midfield and ran on strongly over the 1400m. Should be even fitter third up over the 1600m’s is ideal. The form from his  last  race has held up well with Streets of  Avalon coming out and winning the group 1 Furturity Stakes beating Super Seth and Melody Belle. Drops 1.5kg to 58kgs. Should sit midfield and be steaming home like a rocket.  Very good chance and overs in our book.  

ADMIRAL’S JOKER($6.50); 3RD/$2.05 place beaten 1.8L, every chance peaked on his run at the distance.

BR7 H6 ADORADANCER ($10); Ran well first up over the 1000m making steady ground only beaten 1.2 lengths on soft ground and stepping out to the 1110m and back to a good track is ideal. Will get back to midfield and be charging late. Stepping way down in class from an open handicap to a benchmark 75, likes the track and distance and runs great 2nd up 2 wins 2 placings from 4 starts. Giddy Up !!!

ADORADANCER($8.50); 2ND/$3 place beaten 0.4L, very good run and is definitely of a follow up in a similar class of race.

BR8 H3 NEW UNIVERSE($9.50); Won well last start and in very good form this prep. Stays at the 1600m only rises a 1kg off last win. Has placed in group 3 company before so up to this class. Its not a very strong listed race at all  so this is his chance to win in black type company. Will race about midfield or worse and the pace should be genuine which will give him a good cart coming into the straight. Brad Stewart back aboard is a huge bonus. Very hard to beat!. 

NEW UNIVERSE($10); 5th beaten 2.9L, had the perfect run was entitled to do a lot more weak effort after a good win previous start.

Great racing today with group 1 races and the Austalian Guineas being the highlight of the day. Staying on that race and we think Alligator Blood($3.30) will win again. Most have jumped off him saying he can’t run out a strong 1600m. His only run at 1600m when 2nd is when he was chasing the leader and got to the front way too early and was 3 lengths in front at the 200m and he just switched off.Last start he was doing 11 second sectionals in front with catalyst having the run of the race. Mcdonald legally cramp Maloney so he couldnt use the whip and was hands and heels for about 200m and in our opinion catalyst should have won but the gator was too good. He can lead but he can take a sit if need be and he will be strong through the line. He drops a kilo and they meet on Set weights 56.5kg. The ATA/BOB HOYSTED Listed race and we think Haunted($17) is way over the odds here. He’s unbeaten 1st up likes Flemington has won in listed grade before and should right up there at the distance. Gift of Power is a chance in this race too. Distance suits and has form around Pippie. One more race i would like to talk about is race 5 and Freddie Foxtrot will be very hard to beat here. Loves the track and distance and the 3kg claim drops him down to 53.5kgs. Has won in this class before so no problems there. Mishani El Lobo is in great form and is a good eachway chance. Fantastic racing today and we are super pumped and hopefully notching another Our Best this week. Look out for changes coming to our website over the coming weeks. On that exciting note have a great day  good luck on the punt and most of all enjoy your racing. Kind regards Horsebuck$