Tips & Results 8th February 2020; Eagle Farm Track Soft, Warwick Farm Track Heavy, Caulfield Track Good

Brisbane Races
BR11. h1 Boom Spender 2. h4 Mishani Machine 3. h5 Traumonto 4. h3 Statesville

Mishani Machine 4th($2.40)

BR21. h1 Art Attack 2. h6 Corsini 3. h8 Swing Shift 4. h9 The Investigator

The Investigator 3rd/$3.60, Art Attack 4th($3.30)

BR31. h1 Galaxy Guru 2. h11 Mill City 3. h6 Twilighter 4. h13 Tactical Manouver

Twilighter 1st $4.70/$1.90

BR4 TRIFECTA1.h4 Vanna Girl 2. h1 Stuttering 3. h6 Violet 4. h3 Eiger

Vanna Girl 1st/$3.90/$1.70, Violet 2nd/$3.10, Stuttering 3rd/$2; Trifecta; $166.10; Q/Ex; $24/$36.30

BR5 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h3 Moscini 2. h5 Katy’s Daughter 3. h4 Boom Boy 4. h8 Jinx ‘n’ Drinx

Boom Boy 1st $41/$5.40, Moscini 2nd/$2.40; Q/Ex; $158.80/$564.60

BR6 TRIFECTA1. h5 Silvera 2. h6 New Universe 3 h1 Cool Chap 4. h3 Spectroscope, h8 Balboa Rocks

New Universe 1st $6/$1.90, Spectroscope 2nd/$3, Silvera 3rd/$1.40; Trifecta; $170.80; Q/Ex; $31.40/$55.70

BR7 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h3 Fomo 2. h9 Plitvice 3. h17 Mountbatten 4. h5 Bold Warrior, h15 Smart As Attack

Plitvice 1st $7.50/$2.60, Smart As Attack 2nd/$3.10, Mountbatten 4th($21); Q/Ex; $36.10/$69.80

BR81. h1 Master Jamie 2. h3 Roasted 3. h9 Shaka Rock 4. h4 Champagne Jet, h11 Deep Sorrow

Master Jamie 1st $4.60/$1.90, Roasted 3rd/$3.30, Shaka Rock 4th($21)

BR91. h9 Winter Passage 2. h1 No Annimosity 3. h6 Dream Master 4. h13 Qiji Phoenix

Qiji Phoenix(0.8L) 2nd/$2.80, Dream Master 3rd(D.H)/$1.75

Sydney Races
SR1 RACES ABANDONED DUE TO RAIN.1. h3 Stella Sea Sun 2. h6 Seetoomany 3. h2 Helga 4. h1 Maid Of Ore
SR21. h2 Mr. Wong 2. h1 Safe Landing 3. h6 Dulette 4. h14 Two Big Fari
SR31. h1 Kiamichi 2. h3 Pnademic 3. h2 Kubrick 4. h6 Quiet Riot
SR41. h6 Ticket To Ride 2. h10 Fall On A Star 3. h2 Destination 4. h1 Nitrous
SR5 run Wednesday 12/2/2020. Cellsabeel SCR.1. h9 Cellsabeel 2. h6 Fixated 3. h1 Encountable 4. h2 Osamu


SR61. h11 Katalin 2. h10 Off Shaw 3. h7 She’s Ideel 4. h1 Knowitall Jack
SR7 run Wednesday 12/2/2020
1. h12 Rubisaki 2. h13 Xilong 3. h5 True Dtective 4. h6 Rari

Rubisaki 1st $3.30/$1.50, Rrai 2nd/$3.40, True Detective 3rd/$1.50; Trifecta; $78.30; Q/Ex; $14.80/$32.60; XILONG L.SCR.

SR8 run Wednesday 12/2/2020
1. h3 Gaulois 2. h5 Shared Ambition 3. Hallelujah Boy 4. h1 Wu Gok

Gaulois 1st $3.80/$1.30, Hallelujah Boy 2nd/$3, Shared Ambition 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta; $90.50; Q/Ex; $17.20/$34.40

SR91. h4 Coruscate 2. h2 God Of Thunder 3. h1 Ashlor 4. h3 Taniko
Melbourne Races
MR1 1.h5 Street Sheik 2. h6 Ryan’s Fender 3. h8 Sir Pippin 4. h2 Venice Beach

Ryan’s Fender 1st $11/$3.20

MR2 TRIFECTA1. h6 South Bank 2. h3 Aquitaine 3. h2 How Womantic 4. h4 Enfleurage

How Womantic 1st $4/$1.65, Enfleurage 2nd/$3.70, Aquitaine 3rd/$2; Trifecta; $159; Q/Ex; $23.50/$37

MR31 h1 A Beautiful Night 2. h4 Fresh 3. h2 Muntasera 4. 3 Unstoppable

Muntasera(2.3L) 2nd/$1.50

MR4 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h1 Hanseatic 2. h7 Rulership 3. h5 Jabali Ridge 4. h4 Hard Landing

Hanseatic 1st $2.40/$1.20, Rulership 2nd/$1.60; Q/Ex; $2.70/$5.40

MR51.h1 Microphone 2. h8 Savvy Lad 3. h6 Adelaide Ace 4. h4 Zero Doubt

Microphone 1st $2.70/$1.30, Adelaide Ace 3rd/$1.70

MR6 TRIFECTA1. h3 All Too Royal 2. h1 Admiral’s Joker 3. h10 Anaheed 4. h4 Bold Star. h8 Satorial Splendour

Anaheed 1st $3/$1.50, Bold Star 2nd/$2.80, All Too Royal 3rd/$2.70; Trifecta; $128.40; Q/Ex; $11.80/$18.20

MR71. h3 Duca Valentinois 2. h2 Odeon 3. h5 Guizot 4. h1 Harlem

Odeon(1.3L) 2nd/$1.40, Guizot 3rd/$1.60, Harlem 4th ($19)

MR81. h3 Scales Of Justice 2. h4 Fierce Impact 3. h1 Avilius 4. h8 Mirage Dancer

Fierce Impact(0.3L) 2nd/$2.60

MR9 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h5 My Pendant 2. h9 Sylvia’s Mother 3. h6 Bam’s On Fire 4. h8 News Girl

Sylvia’s Mother 1st/$3.60/$1.70, News Girl 2nd/$2.60; Q/Ex; $16.70/$36.20

BR3 H1 GALAXY GURU($6.50); this horse is a pistol 3rd up and very adept in wet conditions and if the track gets to heavy even better. We think he is thrown in here with 56kegs after his claim. Ideally he will be up closer to the speed today and motoring at the distance super hard to beat.

GALAXY GURU($7.50); 9th beaten 7.7L, led, the first beaten in the straight, the rains didn’t eventuate not an excuse but he might be a wet tracker.  

SR8 H3 GAULOIS($4.20); third up is his preferred go and the distance definitely his best and the wetter the better for this bloke. He likes to settle mid field and providing there is no leader bias he should finish over the top of them. OUR BEST; RACE ABANDONED

RACE RUN WEDNESDAY 12th February; GAULOIS($3.80); FIRST $4.80 – $3.80, tough win sat outside the leader Hallelujah Boy  until into the straight and challenged strongly to just prevail. GIDDYUP!!!

MR9 H5 MY PENDANT($10); forget this mares last run which was pretty good considering she raced out of her comfort zone. She is a talented mare on her day and second up no probs. Ticks a lot of boxes here track, distance and handles all track conditions. She tends to get back in the field but as long as Craig Williams doesn’t bury her on the fence she will be steaming home big time.

MY PENDANT($13); 6th beaten 3.2L,

BR7 H3 FOMO($12); in pretty well here with 56.5kgs and does like to ping and roll forward which is perfect in the wet conditions. Might get to heavy by this race which is even better. Very good run last start in a strong NMW and drops 1.5kegs here a huge bonus, he hasn’t won for a while but we think today is the day.GIDDYUP!!! 

FOMO($8.50); 6th beaten 2.5L, the same as Galaxy Guru we were hoping the heavens would open but having said that he was ridden beautifully and had every chance and battled on. Next start in the right race.

AR2 H2 PICKELHAUBE($11); ran 5th(58kgs) behind Street Sheik(59.5kgs) last start in Open Cup only carrying 1.5kgs less than winner which has won again since beating Under Oath both times. Under Oath won at the Valley last night so strong form lines there. This horse loves the distance and handles all conditions also drops to 56kgs here in a BM84 and the young jockey has a great association with this horse. Probably overs here in a 6 horse race.

PICKLELHAUBE($7.50); 4th beaten 3L, 3 wide entire trip victim of circumstances or a poor ride ?

WARWICK FARM races are off today but we have left our selections there for future reference so we can concentrate solely on Eagle Farm and Caulfield. The C.F.ORR stakes today at Group1 and Scales Of Justice looks the one here not big odds but he is a true W.F.A. galloper with an outstanding record with Fierce Impact a danger and keep an eye on Mirage Dancer in this he is a serious galloper with a decent fresh record. Race one at Caulfield the Open handicap and Street Sheik($3.80) has very good form lines going into this race defeating Under Oath  at his last 2 starts and that horse saluted last night at Moonee Valley so he is flying as well. It really puts the emphasis on Street Sheik($3.80) here has never won at Caulfield but placed 4 from 6 and distance excellent also drops a massive 7.5kgs lets see how that all works out. For our subscribers we are having a dabble in a race at Adelaide today its very rare for us to touch on South Oz racing but we might have found one there. Crazy day in Queensland so lets keep an eye on the track conditions at Eagle Farm rated as soft as I type but who knows there is rain bands everywhere. Lets hope we can break our mini El Nino in Our Best bets today just like Mother Nature has delivered for us. On that wet note have a great weekend always “ENJOY YOUR RACING” and good luck on the punt Kerry & Dan from HORSEBUCK$

POST RACE SUMMARY; We hope subscribers were aware of the 3 races they ran for the abandoned Warwick Farm meeting at Warwick Farm on Wednesday where GAULOIS was successful for OUR BEST BETS $4.80 – $3.80 in a slogfest on a heavy track so lots of joy there. The INGILS CLASSICS were run there as well no luck in the 2 year old which was on pace dominated but the 3 year old Rubisaki scored a great win for us at $3.30 in the 3 year old version along with the Trifectas in both those races. Only 21 races decided over the weekend with 14 winners in our top 4 selections best being Boom Boy $41, Ryan’s Fender $11 and Plitvice $7.50 along with 6 Trifectas and 10 Quinella/Exactas and OUR BEST successful putting us back on track in that department. We were really hoping the rain gods would appear at Eagle Farm last Saturday as our 2 best bets there were swimmers but the rain bands went either side and missed there completely but that’s racing and MOTHER NATURE(: All in all a good result for followers jump on our web site and suss out all of our results. The racing is really hotting up again now so come join us and subscribe or just simply follow us on Facebook. We will be making some changes over the next month so stay tuned and remember always ” ENJOY YOUR RACING”  and good luck to all from Kerry & Daniel HORSEBUCK$