Tips & Results 25th January 2019; Sunshine Coast Track Soft, Randwick Track Good, CaulfieldTrack Good

Brisbane Races
BR1 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h3 Ruby Guru 2.h7 Torrens 3.h4 Skytrek 4. h2 Doukhan

Torrens 1st $3.10/$1.70, Ruby Guru 2nd/$1.80; Q/Ex $4.50/$6.60

BR21.h1 Galaxy Guru 2.h4 Tunero 3.h2 Hot Sock 4.h11 Vienna Moon

Galaxy Guru 3rd/$3.70

BR31.h6 Queen Kay 2.h1 The Brotherhood 3.h11 Poupee 4.h10 Patty’s Fortune

Queen Kay(1.8L) 2nd/$1.70, Poupee th($6)

BR41.h6 Love Squirrels 2.h14 Yeahnah 3.h12 Master Baylee 4.h2 One Stryke

One Stryke 4th($12)

BR51.h2 Spurcraft 2.h3 Tycoon Ace 3.h1 Tarzan 4.h5 Ringo’s A Rockstar


BR61.h5 Winter Passage 2.h9 Rothman 3.h1 Dream Master 4.h10 Fox Pack

Winter Passage 1st $4.70/$1.60, Dream Master 3rd/$3.20

BR7 QUINELLA/EXACAT1.h5 Doctor Zous 2.h3 Coral Bay 3.h2 Grey Missile 4. h12 Enterprise Grand

Grey Missile 1st $7/$2.20, Doctor Zous 2nd/$1.80, Coral Bay 4th($1.50); Q/Ex; $9.90/$32.70

BR81.h1 Better Reflection 2.h2 Devil’s Temptation 3.h7 Chamapagne Jet 4. h5 Golly Hut

Better Reflection 1st $2.20/$1.30

BR9 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h2 Niccanova 2.h11 Scallopini 3.h12 Silvera 4.h6 Chapter And Verse h18 Balboa Rocks

Scallopini 1st $5.50/$2.15, Niccanova 2nd3.70; Q/Ex; $28.80/$52.70

BR101.h10 Mishani Romance 2.h1 Zeimba 3.h3 Moshiki 4. h5 Better Ethics


Sydney Races
SR1 TRIFECTA1.h1 Mission River 2.h5 Ticket To Ride 3.h3 Rulership 4.h2 Mount Fuji

Rulership 1st $3/$1.50, Mission River 2nd/$2.50, Ticket To Ride 3rd/$2.45; Trifecta; $71.60; Q/Ex; $10.50/$17

SR21.h1 Mr Wong 2.h4 Bellzou Bourke 3.h3 Expellable 4.h5 Velvet Aeroplane

Mr Wong 1st $4.40/$1.90

SR3 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h3 Conspirator 2.h4 Golden Avenger 3.h2 Hellenism 4.h1 Indicators On

Hellenism 1st $3.20/$1.60, Conspirator 2nd/$1.60; Q/Ex; $7.90/$12.40

SR41.h7 Guise 2.h5 Matowi 3.h1 Dabiyr 4.h3 Fun Fact

Fun Fact 1st $5.20/$1.80, Matowi 4th($); GUISE L. SCR.

SR51.h8 Man Of Peace 2.h2 Toryjoy 3.h4 Valentino Rossa 4.h7 Nepolean Solo

Man Of Peace() 2nd/$3.80, Napoleon Solo 4th($)

SR61.h3 Helga 2.h6 Mountain Breath 3.h9 Seles 4.h8 To Your Health

To Your Health 1st $5.60/$2.30, Seles 4th($); MOUNTAIN BREATH L. SCR.

SR71.h3 Cellarman 2.h11 Southern Lad 3.h4 Passage Of Time 4.h6 Gaulois

Cellarman(1.3L) 2nd/$3,40, Gaulois 3rd/$2.30, Southern Lad 4th($)

SR81.h8 Sir Elton 2.h4 Sarfado 3.h11 True Detective 4.h10 Pandemic

Pandemic 1st $2/$1.20, True Detective 3rd/$1.90

SR91.h3 Poetic Charmer 2.h5 Superium 3.h8 Nicochet 4.h13 Come Along

Poetic Charmer(1.5L) 3rd/$2.30, Come Along 4th($)

Melbourne Races
MR1 1.h6 Lessur 2.h4 That Girl 3.h5 Mariamia 4.h1 Exquisite Beauty

That Girl(1L) 2nd/$1.75

MR2 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h1 Ocean Deep 2.h2 Jentico 3.h9 Regal Riffile 4.h3 Titan Blinders

Jentico 1st $7.10/$2.30, Titan Blinders 2nd/$1.45; Q/Ex; $10.40/$19.80

MR31.h2 Hanseatic 2.h1 Tanker 3.h3 Yulong Progress 4.h7 Toscanini

Hanseatic 1st $2.20/$1.30, Toscanini 4th($26)

MR4 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h9 Supreme Idea 2.h1 Bella Nipotina 3.h2 Beautiful Night 4.h7 Fresh

A Beautiful Night 1st $13/$3.60, Fresh 2nd/$2, Bella Nipotina 4th($19); Q/Ex; $20.30/$43

MR51.h3 Shezawitness 2.h1 Wilmott Pass 3.h4 Wedgetail 4.h5 Grand Admiral

Wedgetail(0.2L) 2nd/$1.70, Wilmott Pass 3rd/$1.30

MR61.h7 Call It A Day 2.h8 No Commitment 3.h6 Sure Knee 4.h2 Amadeus

Sure Knee 1st $3.10/$1.40, Amadeus 4th($9.50)

MR71.h2 Our Campana 2.h11 Street Icon 3.h9 Lady Lupino 4.h8 O’ So Hazy

O’ So Hazy(1’5L) 2nd/$2.35, Our Campana 4th($3)

MR8 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h3 Snitzkraft 2.h5 Yulong January 3.h6 Guizot 4.h8 Moravado

Morvada 1st $10/$2.60, Yulong January 2nd/$1.30, Guizot 4th($6); Q/Ex; $9.10/$24.40

MR91.h9 Sir Pippin 2.h1 Yogi 3.h12 Dogmantic 4.h3 Sound h6 Vaucluse Bay

Vaucluse Bay 1st $9.50/$2.70, Dogmatic 3rd/$3.20, Sir Pippin 4th($2.60)

MR8 H3 SNITZKRAFT($8.50); should get the perfect trail just off the pace here from gate1 and he is definitely up to this class. Out to the 1400m for the first time but being by Snitzel should relish this assignment. In his early racing days he used to lead which certainly proves his versatility. He should be pouncing at the distance and we are expecting big things.

SNITZKRAFT($10); 9th beaten 8.9L, absolute shocker on face value, stewards reported he had mucus and needs a clearance for his next run.

MR9 H9 SIR PIPPIN($4.20); right back in form this galloper and still down in the weights. He likes to race just behind the speed and the track and distance are perfect for him. Handles all conditions and Waller is a genius with these staying types. HE IS OUR BEST.

SIR PIPPIN($2.60); 4th beaten 1.6L, loomed large at the distance died on his run probably ran his best though.

SR7 H3 CELLARMAN($11); should be some nice pace here as this horse likes to settle back but he can settle a tad closer here from the good gate (in the real world) he really does hit his straps later in his preps. He has won over the 1400m and handles all conditions Bowman should have him primed at the distance.

CELLARMAN($12); 2nd/$3,40 place beaten 1.3L, held up momentarily early in the straight(300m) every chance after that ran home well though for second. We will be giving him another chace.

SR9 H3 POETIC CHARMER($9); this bloke missed the kick last start and was never really in the hunt there after. We really think this horse races best right up on the speed and with Tommy Berry back on(very good association with him) we expect him to do just that. Distance suits and best suited on DRY TRACKS he will be coming hard at the distance. 

POETIC CHARMER($9); 3rd/$2.30 place beaten 1.5L, had a great run charged strongly at the distance and looked a winning chance but his run petered out. Held on well for third.

We have had a short hiatus in Our Best bets being winless the last 3 weeks but think we have nailed a couple this week for subscribers. Sunshine Coast this week where anything can happen and probably will so lets keep an eye out for showers later in the programme. The Sunshine Coast Cup and our old mate Niccanova($10) is to the fore again he has 60 kgs this time but will be super competitive again especially if we get some rain during the day with Scallopini($7.50) and Silvera($14) hard to beat for sure and our big smokey for first fours is Balboa Rocks($126) but Niccanova for us again. Better Reflection($2.70) resumes today and is a pistol first up along with a fair amount of ability but my colleague certainly thinks Devil’s Temptation($8) can outsprint him so it should be interesting to see how that pans out. On that competitive note have a great AUSTRALIA DAY tomorrow and as ” ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” and good luck on the punt from Kerry & Daniel HORSEBUCK$