Tips & Results 18th January 2020; Eagle Farm Track Soft, Rosehill Track Heavy, Flemington Track Good

Brisbane Races
BR11.h3 Mass Destruction 2.h6 Grenado 3.h5 Miss Lot One 4.h9 Better Rush

Mass Destruction 3rd/$2.10, Miss Lot Won 4th($10)

BR21.h2 Pizonie 2.h3 Racecourse Road 3.h9 Deep Melody 4.h1 Emerald Kingdom

Emerald Kingdom 1st $6.50/$2.25, Pizonie 3rd/$1.70

BR31.h3 Art Attack 2.h11 In Your Element 3.h1 Capital Gain

Art Attack(0.8L) 2nd/$1.85, In Your Element 3rd/$4

BR4 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h12 Mosshiki 2.h8 The Kingdom 3.h1 Natural Force 4.h7 Last Light

The Kingdom 1st $7.30/$2,70, Mosshiki 2nd/$1.50; Q/Ex; $7.50/$19.90

BR5 FIRST41.h1 Le Juge 2.h4 New Universe 3.h5 Cruze 4.h2 Cool Chap

Cool Chap 1st $3.40/$1.40, New Universe 2nd/$1.70, Cruze 3rd/$1.30, Le Luge 4th($11); First4; $84; Trifecta; $29.30; Q/Ex; $8.60/$14.60

BR61.h1 Take Tea 2.h7 Mishani Romance 3.h6 Centre Fire 4.h16 Able Mabel

Mishani Romance 3rd/$3.30, Take Tea 4th($5)

BR71.h3 Kalik 2.h2 Raging Pole 3.h8 Eiger 4.h5 Coup

Raging Pole 3rd/$2.20

BR81.h3 Mr Bellagio 2.h12 Silent Explorer 3.h6 Red Doulon 4.h1 Our Mnatra h.11 Great Powers

Red Doulton(0.3L) 2nd/$2.50, Our Mantra 4th($19)

BR91.h1 Freddie Fox Trot 2.h6 Apoloboom 3.h7 Lim’s Lightning 4.h9 Jami Lady h12 Pennio

Pennino 1st $3.90/$1.70, Freddie Fox Trot 4th($12)

Sydney Races
SR11.h1 Return With Honour 2.h2 Beyliks 3.h6 Lord Of War 4.h7 Cellsabeel

Cellsabeel 1st $2.30/$1.30, Beyliks 3rd/$1.50

SR2 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h3 Dubai Tycoon 6 Absolute Trust 3.h10 Successful Day 4.h14 Roseirro

Rosierro 1st $17/$4.20, Absolute Truth 2nd/$2; Q/Ex; $39.20/$124.10

SR3 TRIFECTA1.h1 Lashes 2.h6 Switched 3.h5 Echo Gem 4.h2 Press Box

Lashes 1st $1.80/$1.40, Echo Gem 2nd/$2.80, Switched 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta; $16.60; Q/Ex; 6.10/$8

SR41.h6 Stella Sea Sun 2.h1 Royal Tudor 3.h3 Jen Rules

Stella Sea Sun 3rd/n.t.d.

SR5 TRIFECTA1.h6 Ungaurded 2.h3 Big Parade 3.h11 Enfleurage 4.h8 Aim For Perfection

Enfleurage 1st $11/$3, Big Parade 2nd/$1.50, Aim For Performance 3rd/$1.50; Trifecta; $104.30; Q/Ex; $14.90/$41.70

SR61.h2 Ianup 2.h7 He’s A Hotshot 3.h6 Coterie 4.h5 Dio D’oro

Inanup 1st $8.20/$, Dio DÓro 3rd/$2.10

SR7 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h4 Invictus Salute 2.h6 Embracer 3.h1 Connemara 4.h10 Broken Arrows h2 Laburnum

Embracer 1st $4.70/$1.70, Invictus Salute 2nd/$2.10, Connemara 4th($7.50); Q/Ex; $12.60/$19.70

SR81.h5 Mr Dependable 2.h7 Killer Instinct 3.h1 Bobby Dee 4.h9 Raqeeq h2 Dylan’s Romance

Killer Instinct 3rd/$3

SR91.h1 Notio 2.h8 Bandersnatch 3.h4 Condor 4.h6 Muswellbrook

Bandersnatch 1st/$2.70/$1.35, Condor 3rd/$2, Musswellbrook 4th($8.50)

Melbourne Races
MR1 1.h3 Amateurish 2.h2 Greatness Awaits 3.h4 Avenue Of Pleasure 4.h7 Unhitched

Amateurish 3rd/$2.40, Avenue Of Pleasure 4th/$6

MR2 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h2 Pierrless 2.h4 Great Duchess 3.h6 Red Heeler 4.h5 Ruby Skye

Red Heeler 1st $2.60/$1.45, Pierrless 2nd/$3.20, Ruby Skye 4th($4.20); Q/Ex; $6.90/$12.60

MR31.h2 Alabama Express 2.h4 Banquo 3.h1 Condo’s Express 4.h3 Sansom

Alabama’s Express 1st $3.90/$2.20, Banquo 3rd/n.t.d.

MR41.h6 Mount Madeira 2.h7 Rapid Romance 3.h1 Blossoms On Snow 4.h2 Rogues Point

Mount Madeira(0.8L) 2nd/$2.30, Rogues Point 3rd/$1.40, Rapid Romance 4th($5)

MR51.h2 Bold Star 2.h3 Time To Reign 3.h4 My Pendant 4.h5 Sartorial Splendor

Bold Star 1st $2.90/$1.60, Time To Reign 4th($2.80); SATORIAL SPLENDOUR L.SCR.

MR61.h8 Fabric 2.h4 Turn The Tide 3.h9 Pop Queen 4.h13 Vongole h7 Tigger

Fabric 4th($3.50)

MR7 TRIFECTA1.h1 The Lord Mayor 2.h4 High Bridge 3.h2 El Don 4.h5 Navel Warefare

High Bridge 1st $3.10/$1.70, Naval Warfare 2nd/$2.30, Lord Mayor 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta; $35.80; Q/Ex; $7/$13.30

MR81.h10 Clarice Cliffs 2.h11 Moor Wanted 3.h9 Chicago Cub 4.h4 Choisborder h2 Just Hifalutin

Chicago Cub 4th($6.50)

MR91.h8 Maliset 2.h10 Donndubhan 3.h14 Bill The Bee 4.h1 Jack Regan h18 Censored

Donndubhan 1st $15/$4

MR7 H1 THE LORD MAYOR ($4.20); Great win last start a real tough staying perfromance. Stepping out the 2500m is ideal. Has won up to 2400m so no problems there. Only carries 58kgs after the 2 kilo claim. Loves the track and barrier 3 can get a nice sit in behind the speed and kick clear at the top of the staright. Looks like his chance to make it two in a row. He is Our Best

THE LORD MAYOR($4.80); 3rd beaten 2.4L, every chance made a short dash at them but never really looked like going on with it.

BR8 H3 MR BELLAGIO($17); Great run last start when pretty unlucky getting held up at a curcial time only beaten 2 lengths. He is third up today and stepping out to the 1400m is ideal. He drops 3.5kgs from last run. From barrier 2 I can see him up on speed or just in behind the leading bunch. Loves soft tracks too. Huge chance at good odds. 

MR. BELLAGIO($6); 10th beaten 5.6L, a nothing run really went back to second last at the start, he was bumped at the start but not using that as an excuse average run.

SR9 H1 NOTIO($17); Very unlucky last two starts. Caught wide last start and was looking for a run 2 back. Ran well against Yulong January 3 back and the form has stood up since. Racing 4th up today. He can sit closer on the speed from barier 7, hopefully 1 out 1 back. Loves the track and distance 3 kilo claim brings him 57kgs. Love heavy tracks. With some luck in running he wil be very hard to beat.

NOTIO($11); 7th beaten 13.1L, from the get go it was game over, dropped back from the start and was never going to figure very poor run.

Another tough days racing again today with the wet tracks in Sydney and Brisbane making even harder. But we have found a couple we think are great chances in Our Best. Sydney race 4 and we think Royal Tudor($13) is a huge chance in this race. He was wide without cover last start and ran on. We like that he has had a trail before his second up run. Dropping in class and a 2 kilo claim brings him right into play here. Loves wet tracks and loves the track and distance. We think he is ready to win today at a good price. Race 8 in Melbounre we think Moor wanted and Clarice Cliffs will be hard to beat but we think Choisborder($67) will run a cracking third up off a spell. Huge overs in our opinion. He doesn’t do much in his first two runs off a spell. He ran out of his class last start in a group3. He is unbeten 3rd up(2from2) and from barrier 4 hopefully he can jump well and just be off the leading bunch. John allen abourd is huge bonus. Loves the track and distance. Absolute Deluge overnight in southeast Queensland with over 200mm falling. The gold coast track picked up 260mm and has been called off obviuosly lol. The dams are loving it !. On that exciting note have a great day and good luck on the punt. Enjoy Your Racing. Kind regards Horsebuck$.

POST RACE SUMMARY; 3 strikes and your out that’s if you are a baseball batter but here at Horsebuck$ we call it a mini drought OUR BEST bets has been 3 weeks without a winner. This is not the first time this has happened but we always hit back with a vengeance. Still 16 winners in our top 4 selections for multi runner players best being Roseirro $17, Donndubhan $15, Enfluerage $11 and Inanup $8.20 along with a First4, 4 Trifectas and 8 Quinella/Exactas so some action there for those players. Sunny Coast this week with a 10 race card always a tough assignment but one we have done well at in the past. So jump on our web site and check out all our results and subscribe for a week or for as long as you want or simply follow us on Facebook  HORSEBUCK$