Tips & Results 11th January 2020; Gold Coast Track Good, Randwick Track Good, Flemington Track Soft at present with an upgrade likely

Brisbane Races
BR11. h4 Spaceboy 2. h2 Aeecee Beau 3. h10 Diddles 4. h5 Sir Rocket

Spaceboy 4th($4); Sir Rocket SCR.

BR21.h9 Saxton Rock 2. h11 Itz Lily 3. h6 Reckless Choice 4. h10 Tivoli Street

Reckless Choice 2nd/$1.70

BR31. h1 The Candy Man 2. h8 Primitivo 3. h5 A Man To Match 4. h6 Fun Fact

Primitivo 1st $9.20/$2.70, Man To Match 3rd/$2.90

BR4 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h5 Champagne Cuddles 2. h1 Kemalpasa 3. h4 Isaurian 4. h8 Madam Rouge

Madame Rouge 1st $5.10/$1.90, Isaurian 2nd/$2.20, Kemalpasa 4th($12); Q/Ex; $13.40/$28.40;….. CHAMPAGNE CUDDLES PULLED UP.

BR5 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h13 Call Me Royal 2. h1 Invincibella 3. h2 Irithea 4. h5 Tahitian Dancer

Invincibella 1st $6/$2.25, Irithea 2nd/$2.20; Q/Ex; $12.90/$26.50

BR61. h2 Alligator Blood 2. h7 King Of Hastings 3. h8 Profit 4. h5 Exhilerates

Alligator Blood 1st $1.80/$1.20, Exhilerates 3rd/$3

BR71. 1 King’s Legacy 2. h2 Farnan 3. h4 Conceited 4. h9 Euphoric Summer

Conceited 3rd/$3.40

BR81. h4 Sambro 2. h6 Vega One 3. h13 Over Exposure 4. h1 Crack Me Up, h3 Deep Image

Vega One 1st $3.40/$1.90, Sambro 3rd/$3.80

BR91. h2 Boomsara 2. h14 Tokoriki Lad 3. h3 Chapter ‘N’ Verse 4. h10 Boomtown Lass

Chapter ‘N’ Verse 4th($5.50)

Sydney Races
SR1 TRIFECTA.1. h3 Splintex 2. h5 Aquitane 3. h4 Omar 4. h2 Witherspoon

Splintex 1st $2.40/$1.30, Aquitaine 2nd/$2, Omar 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta; $26.20; Q/Ex; $3/$6.40

SR21. h7 Toulon Beau 2. h12 Alternative Facts 3. h9 Magnarock 4. h4 Lady Demi

Lady Demi(1.3L) 2nd/$2.60

SR3 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h6 Southern Lad 2. h2 Cradle Mountain 3. h1 Passage Of Time 4. h4 Special Reward

Southern Lad 1st $4.70/$2.80, Special Reward 2nd/$1.90, Passage Of Time 4th($9.50); Q/Ex; $6.70/$13.80

SR4 TRIFECTA1. h4 Taikomochi 2. h1 Luvaluva 3. h5 Mr Garcia 4. h2 Alward

Luvaluva 1st $2.20/$1.40, Taikomochi 2nd/$2.40, Mr. Garcia 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta; $47.20; Q/Ex;$4.60/$6.80

SR51. h1White Boots 2. h9 Man Of Peace 3. h4 Napoleon Solo 4. h2 Sondelon

Man Of Peace 1st $9.30/$2.60, Napoleon Solo 3rd/$2.10

SR6 TRIFECTA1. h1 Cinquedea 2. h3 Bigboyroy 3. h8 Rocha Clock 4. h10 Hammoon Ballad

Rocha Clock 1st $2.70/$1.40, Cinquedea 2nd/$2.20, Bigboyroy 3rd/$1.80; Trifecta; $42; Q/Ex; $8/$13.30

SR71.h3 Statuesquely 2. h5 Helga 3. h10 Pinup Miss 4. h11 Seles

Helga 1st $3.10/$1.60, Statuesquely 3rd/$1.50, Seles 4th($6.50)

SR81.h2 Toryjoy 2. h5 Phaistos 3. h13 Charretara 4. h9 All Too Soon

Phaistos 1st $3.20/$1.90, Toryjoy 3rd/n.t.d., All Too Soon 4th($16)

MAIN QUADDIE: Rocha Clock/Helga/Phaistos/Dabiyr; Divi; $730.80
1. h7 Mr. Dependable 2. h2 Matowi 3. h1 Dabiyr 4. h4 Occupy, h13 Seeingisbelieving

Dabiyr 1st $12/$2.50, Matowi 2nd/$3.30, Mr Dependable 3rd/$1.10; Trifecta; $169.50; Q/Ex; $28/$96.20

Melbourne Races
MR1 TRIFECTA1.h1 Jerle 2. h2 Jabali Ridge 3. h7 Yulonbg Progress 4. h8 Hungry Heart

Jabali Ridge 1st $4.80/$1.70, Hungry Heart 2nd/$1.70, Yulong Progress 3rd/$2.40; Trifecta; $91.60; Q/Ex; $8.30/$15.70

MR2 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h2 Rubiaski 2. h1 Alburq 3. h7 Whykayoh 4. h5 Antagoniser

Rubiaski 1st $2.20/$1.40, Antagoniser 2nd/$5.50, Alburq 4th($5.50); Q/Ex; $18.30/$20.50

MR31 h2 That Girl 2. h1 Exquisite Beauty 3. h4 Pouting Lips 4. h9 Mecklenberg County

Exquisite Beauty 4th($7.50)

MR4 FIRST41.h3 Blazejowski 2. h4 Wagner 3. h7 Sirius Prospect 4. h5 Embrace Me

Blazejowski 1st $3.30/$1.75, Sirius Suspect 2nd/$2.70, Embrace Me 3rd/n.t.d., Wagner 4th($3); First4; $188.50; Trifecta; $103.50; Q/Ex; $8.30/$18.20

MR5 QUINELLA/EXACTA 1. h4 Thousand Wishes 2. h3 Power Dream 3. h1 Neighbourhood 4. h7 Mountain Breath

Power Dream 1st $12/$3.30, Thousand Wishes 2nd/$1.60; Q/Ex; $24.30/$60.20

MR61.h8 Prince Ziggy 2. h1 The Lord Mayor 3. h6 Ryan’s Fender 4. h2 Future Score

The Lord Mayor 1st $11.30/$2.90, Prince Ziggy 3rd/$3.20

MR71. h6 Amadeus 2. h5 Bumper Blast 3. h1 Duca Valentinois 4. h3 First Hand

Amadeus 1st $3.70/$1.50, First Hand 4th($4.20)

MR81. h7 Spunlago 2. h8 Sure Knee 3. h3 Odeon 4. h5 Willi Willi

Odeon 4th($2.25)

MR91.h1 Doctor Coto 2. h5 Beauty 3. h15 Pinyin 4. h2 Non Paear, h9 McGarrett

Pinyin(1L) 2nd/$2.10

SR6 H1 CINQUEDEA ($5.50); forget his last run as he was kept in a pocket for the majority of the straight by Nash Rawiller on Word For Word and never clear. We were hoping for a quick backup and Sam Clenton should get him right on the speed from the good gate (2) up 2kegs here but down in grade. Will prove super hard to beat with clear running. 

CINQUEDEA($7.50); 2nd/$2.20 place beaten 2.3L, got a little further back than we would have liked but he was out in plenty of time in the straight battled on no excuses.

SR8 H2 TORYJOY($6); your probably thinking WHAT THE!! after his last start where he was simply outclassed and back to a winnable grade here. The field has fallen away to 7 which just might give him an easy lead if so WATCH OUT. Track and distance no problems and he handles all conditions. 

TORYJOY($6); 3rd/n.t.d. beaten 1.2L, led taken on early but he had every chance.

BR9 H2 BOOMSARA($5); We really like this bloke here he relishes the track and the distance suits. He is unbeaten 3rd up and should be able to get himself into a nice possie from gate 6 or even take it up. He is OUR BEST.

BOOMSARA($6.50); 11th beaten 3.4L, had a great run just behind the speed just not good enough on the day.

BR5 H13 CALL ME ROYAL($16); we would really like this mare to lead but Irithea might have other ideas which should give her the prime run just behind that mare. She drops 2kgs on her good 2nd last week although beaten 3.3L by Yamazaki which came from a mile back. We envisage the track playing more towards the leaders today and if she can get a break on them at the distance it just might be game, set and match.

CALL ME ROYAL($15); 12th beaten 3.9L, never in clear galloping room in the straight, but Invincibella’s class won the day in this race.

MR9 H1 DOCTOR COTO($16); this is a tough race but this fellow loves to chug along in the lead and this is his pet distance. He has won at this level at Sale and won another 2 races since so not too badly in here after the claim. He has run some nice races in town and this is certainly no stronger than than those. If he handles the STRAIGHT course he will be hard to hold out.

DOCTOR COTO($26); 11th beaten 6.2L, outclassed up the straight.

Once again the Magic Millions has delivered with huge fields and a multitude of chances in every race except for one the Guineas with “THE ALLIGATOR” going around at very short odds(we don’t bet odds on at Horsebuck$) he has enough toe himself to go forward from gate 11 so it’s Alligator Blood for us. The two year olds and King’s Legacy($7) is improving all the time and should get a great run behind the speed from his gate with Farnan($6) and Euphoric Summer($26) hard to beat in a super tough race. Race6 at Flemington and Ryan’s Fender($3.90) is in great form but think Prince Ziggy (4kgs) and The Lord Mayor(3.5kgs) both meeting Ryan’s Fender better at the weights and I am leaning towards Prince Ziggy($10) he is in good form and relishes the distance. So its a crazy days racing at the Goldy so let’s have a great day and “ENJOY OUR RACING” and good luck on the punt from HORSEBUCK$ 

POST RACE SUMMARY; Two weeks in a row no joy in Our Best bets with 2 minor placings and all had their chance. We highlighted in our pre race summary that weights still are and always have been a significant part of the form process and that The Lord Mayor($12) 1st and Prince Ziggy($10) 3rd both had huge weight advantages over Ryan’s Fender($4.20) from their last meeting and the market was certainly topsy turvy in our opinion. Handicaps and Quality(SW + P) races are our main objective for this process, racing has many variables and every race is run differently but weights have stood the test of time. Moving on (: we had 19 winners in our top 4 selections for multi runner players best being Dabiyr($12), Power Dream($12), The Lord Mayor($11.30), and Man Of Peace($9.30) so some great action there along with a First4, 6 Trifectas and 10 Quinella/Exactas not massive divis this week though but action nevertheless, also the Main Quaddie at Randwick paying $730.00. A 2 week hiatus in OUR BEST bets doesn’t sit well with us and this week we will be looking a little closer if that’s possible. FOOTNOTE: on New Years Day we had a horse called MAGIC CHOIR sent to our subscribers he ran 5th but forget he went around, we have been waiting for him to turn up in a Saturday Highway instead he has turned up in a Warwick Farm midweeker  at $5.50 we are definitely backing up here. Have to mention “THE ALLIGATOR” we have always had a massive opinion of  this horse and it has been documented in our weekly summary a few times. We would love to see ALLIGATOR BLOOD race in weight for age races up to and including 1600m(could get further time will tell) he could be similar to the old Queensland champ Vo Rogue (loved THE ROGUE) or maybe even better. On that exciting futuristic note have a great week and “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” and good luck to all from Kerry & Daniel HORSEBUCK$