Tips & Results 28th December 2019; Eagle Farm Track Good, Randwick Track Good, Moonee Valley Track Good

Brisbane Races
BR11. h4 Lucky Jackson 2. h10 Axella 3. h2 Naked 4. h8 Mufasta

Lucky Jackson 4th($10)

BR21. h3 Hang 2. h11 Ziemba 3. h6 Plumaro 4. h7 Maslow

Ziemba 3rd/$1.70

BR31. h1 Tarbert 2. h2 Divine Dice 3. h9 Jami Lady 4. h10 The Odyssey

Jami Lady 1st/$4.90/$2.10, The Odyssey 4th($7)

BR4 TRIFECTA1. h1 The Candy Man 2. h2 Winning Ways 3. h3 Morton’s Fork 4. h4 Kubis

The Candy Man 1st/$2.60/$1.50, Morton’s Fork 2nd/$1.60, Winning Ways 3rd/$2.60; Trifecta; $36; Q/Ex; $4.20/48.40

BR5 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h1 Alligator Blood 2. h2 Diamond Thunder 3. h4 Profit 4. h9 Jeweliana

Alligator Blood 1st/$1.40/$1.04, Profit 2nd/$2, Diamond Thunder 4th($4.60); Q/Ex; $5/$6

BR6 FIRST41.h7 Euphoric Summer 2. h4 Blondeau 3. h8 Every Rose 4. h5 King’s Legacy

King’s Legacy 1st/$6.70/$1.70, Every Rose 2nd/$1.30, Euphoric Summer 3rd/$3, Blondeau 4th($2.70); First4; $385.40; Trifecta; $159.30; Q/Ex; $10.80/$28.50

BR7 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h1 Niccanova 2. h2 Sambro 3. h3 Looks Like Elvis 4. 7 Silvera

Niccanova 1st/$9.50/$3.40, Looks Like Elvis 2nd/$2.10; Q/Ex; $17.40/$44.70

BR8 1. h6 Deep Image 2. h3 Gaulois 3. h3 Tyzone 4. h11 Enterprise Prince

Deep Image 1st/$3.30/$1.50, Tyzone 3rd/$1.80, Gaulois 4th($4.80)


MAIN QUADDIE; King’s Legacy/Niccanova/Deep Image/Tahitian Dancer; Divi; $5,319.10

1. h9 Epic Girl 2. h24 Tahitian Dancer 3. h20 Echo Gem 4. h3 Multaja

Tahitian Dancer 1st/$11.50/$3.30, Multaja 2nd/$2.40, Epic Girl 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta; $287.40; Q/Ex; $24.30/$66.80

Sydney Races
SR1.1. h1 Bartley 2. h9 Miss Canada 3. h3 Belieber

Miss Canada 2nd/n.p.p., Bartley 3rd/n.p.p.; (4 starters)

SR21. h8 Aquitaine 2. h1 Kylease 3. h2 Stella Sea Sun 4. h6 Bubbles Ball

Aquitaine 1st/$3.80/$1.50, Stella Sea Sun 4th($9)

SR31. h6 Fitz’s Factor 2. h2 Feel The Knight 3. h13 Run Like A Rebel 4. h12 Alternative Facts

Fritz’s Factor 1st/$4.40/$1.90, Alternative Facts 4th($4,20)

SR4 TRIFECTA1. h11 Secretly 2. h2 Mr. Dependable 3. h7 Bigboyroy 4. h13 Rocha Clock

Mr. Dependable 1st3.40/$1.35, Rocha Clock 2nd/$1.50, Bigboyroy 3rd/$2.30; Trifecta; $39.10; Q/Ex; $3.70/$10.60

SR51. h3 Poetic Charmer 2. h2 Sondelon 3. h7 Nicochet 4. h1 Onslaught


SR6 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h2 Embracer 2. h8 Superium 3. h9 Nicco Lad 4. h11 Big Parade

Embracer 1st/$5.20/$1.70, Superium 2nd/$1.20, Big Parade 4th($2.30); Q/Ex; $4.50/$13.80

SR71.h3 Signore Fox 2. h11 Oriental Runner 3. h10 Junglized 4. h1 Invincibella

Oriental Runner 4th($12)

SR81. h5 White Boots 2. h7 Phaistos 3. h8 Something Fast 4. h9 Matowi

Something Fast 1st/$2,40/$1.40, Phaistos 3rd/$1.35, Matowi 4th ($21)

SR91. h8 Chocolatier 2. h1 Berdibek 3. h3 Bobby Dee 4. h2 Mushaireb

Berdibek 1st/$4.50/$2

Melbourne Races
MR1 1. h10 Play Me Now 2. h7 Skyway Star 3. h9 Reliabelle 4. h8 Miss Five Hundred

Play Me Now 1st/$6.60/$2.20, Reliabelle 3rd/$2.15

MR2 TRIFECTA1. h10 Chicamo 2. h1 Flinders Street 3. h7 Mr. Cashman 4. h5 Larimer Street

Mr. Cashman 1st/$5.80/$2.30, Larimer Street 2nd/$2.10, Flinders River 3rd/$2.50; Trifecta; $164.90; Q/Ex; $15.40/$32.40

MR3 TRIFECTA1 h1 The Lord Mayor 2. h5 6 Mitrust 4. h4 Maclairey

Above should have read 2. h5 Ryan’s Fender 3. h6 Mitrust OOPS!!

Ryan’s Fender 1st/$1.50, The Lord Mayor 2nd/$2, Maclairey 3rd/; Trifecta; $8.40; Q/Ex; $3.30/$3.60

MR41. h2 Cassius 2. h6 Knife’s Edge 3. h1 Maserartie Bay 4. h5 Zaferfeldie

Cassius 1st/$2.90/$1.70

MR51. h15 Natter 2. h2 Heir Of Travistock 3. h9 Whistler Bowl 4. h3 Kaching

Whistler Bowl 2nd/$5.10

MR6 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h1 Pierrless 2. h8 Crimson Ace 3. h9 Pina 4. h2 Medieval Miss

Pierrless 1st/$10/$2.60, Pina 2nd/$3.40, Crimson Ace 4th($6.50); Q/Ex; $34.70/$58.40

MR71. h9 Paul’s Regret 2. h5 Shezawitness 3. h3 Pelican, h7 Pouting Lips

Shezawitness 2nd/$3.20

MR81. h1 Ashlor 2. h2 Wagner 3. h6 Non Paear 4. h8 Written Choice

Wagner 3rd/$1.20; ASHLOR L.SCR.

MR91. h1 Jester Angel 2. h9 Soul Star 3. h6 Rainbow Girl 4. h3 Bonne Sensation, h14 Exquisite Beauty

Exquisite Beauty 1st/$3/$1.30

SR6 H2 EMBRACER($5.50); this horse meets the favourite 1.5kegs better here for being beaten a neck last start. The 1200m is his pet distance and if he lobs in front game, set and match.

EMBRACER($5.20); FIRST GOUGUDTHING!!! ridden hard along the fence at the start to strike the lead went on with it.

SR9M H8 CHOCOLATIER($5.50); another Waterhouse/Bott galloper, we are seriously hoping that Tommy takes this horse straight to the front. He is up a tad in class but drops 5 kegs, control the race in front over a distance he relishes SUPER TOUGH TO BEAT. 

CHOCOLATIER($7); 11th beaten 6.5L, would have preferred for this horse to lead as he likes to control things, as it was he had a beaut sit behind the leader loomed at the distance but weakened out of it.

BR9 H9 EPIC GIRL($8.50); another mare that races best when right on the speed and if she leads has the services of one of the best front running riders in OZ Linda Meech. She is well up to this grade and ticks a lot of boxes here and is ultra consistent when in form. Very hard to beat in a good race.

EPIC GIRL($4.40); 3rd/$1.70 place beaten 0.4L, she ran extremely well and a serious chance at the 50m only to be beaten by 2 mares who can figure at GOLDY in a couple of weeks.

MR6 H1 PIERRLESS($8); she has been racing in great form at the mid weeks and the step up to Saturday grade here is no problem. This is the equivalent to a midweeker and is in pretty well after the claim. She likes to hum along but a couple of others do to including her stablemate so she might get a run just behind them, either way extremely hard to beat.

PIERRLESS($10); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! straight to the front game over, no idea why she got out in the betting but we enjoyed it nonetheless. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

MR9 H1 JESTER ANGEL($20); this mare can jump away a bit tardy but can still muster speed quickly to be right on the pace. Her run last start was good in a slightly stronger race and News Girl which finished 4th in that race won on Thursday at Caulfield. Second up stats are very good and she is consistent. Great odds.

JESTER ANGEL($31); 11th beaten 4L, well she did it, missed the start worse than normal. She is an 8 year old so maybe its too late for her (to change) but she still has a ton of speed and if she jumps she will lead them a merry dance??? she ran well considering.

Super competitive racing today especially in Bris Vegas with lots of horses going around gearing up for the Magic Millions on the Goldy. So we have to put things into perspective there which we have(: Alligator Blood we think he will win but Diamond Thunder is no slouch but the MM looms large. The Bernborough handicap and we have thought this race has been Niccanova’s aim this prep and his form along the way does NOT suggest otherwise and any precipitation around will only enhance his chance. The Buffering and Deep Image up 3kgs on his last win but out to his pet distance, his nemesis can be soft tracks and any rain around might just give Gaulois the edge. Racing down south is very competitive with lots of chances and hard to line up but line them up we did and think we have nailed a couple in Our Best bets. Lets hope we can fill the coffers today to enhance our New Years celebrations, on that note we wish all our subscribers and Facebook followers a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2020(plenty of winners) but above all GREAT HEALTH and HAPPINESS. Racing is there to be enjoyed and if we can enhance that experience for you then we have done our job here at HORSEBUCK$. “GOOD LUCK” to all from Kerry and Daniel HORSEBUCK$ 

POST RACE SUMMARY; HORSEBUCK$ subscribers had another cracking day out when PIERRLESS($10) and EMBRACER($5.20) saluted in OUR BEST BETS followed up by NICCANOVA($9.50) and DEEP IMAGE($3.30) both highlighted in our pre race summary(where we highlight our selections for the main races ) so high fives all round and a HAPPY NEW YEAR cheers!!! Facebook followers also get the Summary selections only after subscribers have received them so high fives there as well. We had some nice exotics with the MAIN QUADDIE at Eagle Farm paying a handsome $5,300.00 so happy days there, also some nice exotics with a First4, 6 Trifectas and 10 Quinella/Exactas. We had 19 1winners in our top 4 selections (for multi runner players) with 10 of these being on top selections the best being Tahitian Dancer $11.50, Perriless $10(on top) and Niccanova $9.50(on top) which just proves how tough VALUE was to find but FIND IT WE DID. If we spot something for New Year’s day races we will let subscribers know via email. As we have stated before getting a big head or resting on your laurels is fraught with danger in this business so next week striving for even greater VALUE is our goal. We are proud of our results here on HORSEBUCK$ (31/2years) and will certainly be upping the ante in 2020. Remember our motto is VALUE! VALUE! VALUE! so on that exuberant note have a great NEW YEARS EVE/DAY with plenty of celebrations CHEERS!!! and remember always “ENJOY YOUR RACING” and ” GOOD LUCK” to all for 2020 from Kerry and Daniel HORSEBUCK$