Tips & Results 21st December 2019; Eagle Farm Track Good, Randwick Track Good, Flemington Track Good

Brisbane Races
BR1 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h5 Gotta Kiss 2.h4 Lady Banff 3.h10 Liza With A Zee 4.h1 The Drinks Cart

Gotta Kiss 1st $2.60/$1.28, Lady Banff 2nd/$1.70, The Drinks Cart 4th($4); Q/Ex; $5.70/$9.30

BR2 TRIFECTA1.h10 Pizonie 2.h7 Rock Beat 3.h5 Ice Frost 4.h1 Invincible Al

Rock Beat 1st $5.50/$2.20, Icefrost 2nd/$4, Pizonie 3rd/$1.40; Trifecta; $258; Q/Ex; $57.80/$83.30

BR31.h1 Guntantes 2.h2 Rothenburg 3.h3 Cellermaid 4.h6 Valadyium

Guntantes 1st $1.50/$1.20, Cellarmaid 3rd/n.t.d., Rothenburg 4th($11)

BR41.h7 Art Attack 2.h11 Drumadoir 3.h1 Magstock 4.h6 Travistee

Art Attack(0.4L) 3rd/$4.70

BR5 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h2 Smart Meteor 2.h1 Don’t Waiver 3.h6 Mishani Phoenix 4.h5 Chain Of Honour

Chains Of Honour 1st $1.90/$1.30, Mission Phoenix 2nd/$1.80, Smart Meteor 4th($8); Q/Ex; $4.10/$6.30

BR61.h2 Phobetor 2.h6 Malahide 3.h13 Mandela 4.h10 Invigorating

Malahide 1st $4.40/$1.85, Mandela 4th($4.80)

BR7 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h1 Cruze 2.h3 Skate To Paris 3.h4 Belloria 4.h6 Mewstone Rock

Cruze 1st $4.10/$1.70, Skate To Paris 2nd/$2, Bellaria 4th($12); Q/Ex; $10.50/$20

BR8 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h4 Spurcraft 2.h9 Scallopini 3.h2 Niccanova 4.h6 Intuition h7 Isaurian

Isaurian 1st $6.70/$2.30, Scallopini 2nd/$2.10, Niccanova 4th($21); Q/Ex; $19.40/$41

BR91.h4 Marway 2.h12 Pracipitate 3.h14 Born Bad 4.h10 Clockwise h5 Colopo Di Tamburo

Clockwise(0.2L) 2nd/$2.80, Copo Di Tamburo 4th($26)

Sydney Races
SR11.h1 Hinchbeast 2.h4 Stella Pauline 3.h11 Aeecee Power 4.h3 Chilliwack

Stella Pauline(4L) 2nd/$2.30, Hinchbeast 3rd/$1.80

SR21.h2 Napoleon Solo 2.h1 Cinquedea 3.h5 In Light Me 4.h10 Twenty Four Carat

In Lighten Me 4th($9.50)

SR3 TRIFECTA1.h1 Greenspan 2.h7 Congregate 3.h14 Hikoko 4.h6 Eigar

Greenspan 1st $33.80/$6.70, Congregate 2nd/$2.60, Hiroko 3rd/$2; Trifecta; $1,556.40; Q/Ex; $105.80/$261.10

SR4 TRIFECTA1.h6 Guise 2.h7 Vadiyann 3.h2 Fun Fact 4.h3 House Of Cartier

Vadiyann 1st $4.80/$2.60, Guise 2nd/$2.60, House Of Carier 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta; $127.60; Q/Ex; $12.10/$22.80

SR5 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h4 New Universe 2.h5 Smartedge 3.h8 The Party Girl 4.h2 Passage Of Time

Passage Of Time 1st $5.20/$2, Smartedge 2nd/$1.50; Q/Ex; $10.20/$20.40

SR61.h5 Spiritual Pursuit 2.h12 Sophelia 3.h9 Zaniah 4.h7 Revinere

Sophelia 1st $19/$4.60, Zaniah 3rd/$1.90

SR71.h3 Handspun 2.h4 Word For Word 3.h12 OndoPasa 4.h5 Pumpkin Pie h13 To Your Health

Word For Word(0.2L) 2nd/$1.40, Ondo Pasa 3rd/$5.90, To Your Health 4th($6)

SR8 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h5 Southern Lad 2.h9 Tanko 3.h12 Romani Girl 4.h2 Usain Bowler h4 Enigman

Taniko 1st $4.70/$1.90, Southern Lad 2nd/$1.80, Romani Girl 4th($5); Q/Ex; $8.70/$21.40

SR91.h14 Pinup Miss 2.h12 Shadow Flight 3.h9 Nindamos 4.h4 Orcien h8 Baanone

Pinup Miss(0.8L) 2nd/$1.90

Melbourne Races
MR1 TRIFECTA1.h4 Defibrillate 2.h6 Midas Prince 3.h7 El Don 4.h2 Secret Blaze

Secret Blaze 1st $2.90/$1.70, Defibrillate 2nd/$1.70, El Don 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta; $24.20; Q/Ex; $2.80/$7.10

MR21.h5 Bella Amore 2.h2 Combat Order 3.h3 Ruler By Choice 4.h4 Need New Friends

Bella Amore(0.3L) 2nd/$3

MR31.h9 Propelle 2.h8 Raven’s Blaze 3.h6 Fill The Flute 4.h4 Flying Krupt

Propelle 3rd/$1.50

MR4 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h12 Manhattan Arch 2.h6 D’aquilar 3.h2 Grand Crown 4.h5 Paremuus Boy

Manhattan Arch 1st $8/$2.45, Grand Crown 2nd/$4.60, Paremuus Bay 4th($26); Q/Ex; $81.90/$94.30

MR51.h5 Great Duchess 2.h10 Red Heeler 3.h2 Flop 4.h3 Power Dream

Red Heeler(0.8L) 2nd/$1.50, Power Dream 3rd/$5.10, Great Duchess 4th($3.20)

MR61.h11 That Girl 2.h1 Can’t Be Done 3.h9 Celtic Rebel 4.h3 Zoushack

That Girl(0.1L) 2nd/$1.90, Can’t Be Done 3rd/$1.50

MR7 FIRST41.h5 Yulong January 2.h3 Violate 3.h9 Kazio 4.h8 Amadeus h10 Galaxy Raider

Yulong January 1st $1.80/$1.20, Amadeus 2nd/$2.90, Kazio 3rd/$1.95, Galaxy Raider 4th($12); First4; $192.50; Trifecta; $39.10; Q/Ex; $8.90/$13

MR81.h1 Wetakemanhattan 2.h7 Ocean’s Fourten 3.h2 Sure Knee 4.h6 Exasperate

Ocean’s Fourteen 3rd/$2.10, Wetakemanhattan 4th($19)

MR91.h5 Moor Wanted 2.h12 Sebrakate 3.h11 Mumbles 4.h10 Chicago Cub

Chicago Club 1st $7.30/$2.40, Moor Wanted 3rd/$2.10, Mumbles 4th($9)

SR9 H14 PINUP MISS($10); Good run last start when last and running home nicely of a 3 week break. The step up to the 1600m suits. From barrier 4 would like her to sit just behind the leading bunch. With Dolan aboard and the horse dropping 4.5kg with a weight of 51kgs a fantastic weight and meets some horses 7.5kgs better at the weights. She loves the track and distance and has won in this class before. Should be pouncing on the lead with 100m to go. Huge chance and she is Our Best!!

PINUP MISS($4.60); 2nd/$1.90 place beaten 0.8L, got back held up momentarily in the straight clear in time though, ran well.

BR7 H1 CRUZE($6); Second up syndrome we think last start. Ran well considering he was chasing the leader off a very fast tempo and weakened only beaten 4.5lengths. The step out to the 1400m third up is ideal. Loves the track and distance. Only carries half a kilo more than last start. We expect him to pounce on the lead and dictate terms from barrier 1. We are expecting a return to the winners stall. Huge Chance

CRUZE($4.10); FIRST GIDDYUP!!!, we actually thought he would lead here but received a gun run behind the leaders on the fence, hit the lead at the distance and too strong.

SR6 H5 SPIRITUAL PURSUIT($6); Some real pace in this race which will suit this horse from barrier 12. Has trialed well. Has won first up before. Loves the track and distance and if the pace I’m expecting in this race is fast he should be flying home over the top of them. O’hara has had success on him before. Huge chance.

SPIRITUAL PURSUIT($7.50); 7th beaten 2.5L, never clear in the straight ran to the finish, we will be having a serious look at him next start in the right race.

SR5 H4 NEW UNIVERSE($8.50); this horse has never been the most reliable conveyance but we think this is a weak race. He performs best fresh and the fact he is racing over 1400m 1st up and has the services of Nash points to a very forward showing. Likes to race just off the pace and we expect him to be challenging at the distance and go on with it.

NEW UNIVERSE($10); 5th beaten 3.3L, not a happy camper here as we thought he could have been ridden a tad better. We certainly hope this horse has a quick back up his best racing is FRESH. 

MR8 H1 WETAKEMANHATTAN($12); Returns to racing off a 6 week break he raced over the 2000m before that break and now back to the 1600m which is ideal. Would have been kept up to the mark before this run,loves the track and distance and the claim drops him to 58.5kg. Would love to see him just sit behind the leading bunch. A  few horses like to sit on the pace so the speed should be genuine. If all goes to plan he will run well no doubt. Great chance at a good price !!

WETAKEMANHATTAN($19); 4th beaten 2.2L, he had a great run behind the leaders in 3rd place loomed at the distance but died on his run 

POST RACE SUMMARY; CRUZE($6 – $4.10) kept the mojo going for OUR BEST followers with an easy win and PINUP MISS ($11 – $4.60) 2nd running home well. There were 2 horses in this area we think were a little stiff and will be a big follow up next start. They are in our results page on our web site so jump on and check out all our results and summaries. We are not in the habit of making excuses for horses here at HORSEBUCK$ but we will certainly call it( ride or unlucky) when there are. Some nice exotics First4, 5 Trifectas best SR3 $1.550 and BR2 $258 and 12 Quinella/Exactas best SR3 $151/$261 and MR4 $81.90/$94.30 also 16 winners in our top 4 for multi runner players the big one was GREENSPAN($33.80) on top selection, Sophelia ($19) and MANHATTAN ARCH ($8) also on top so some great results there. Some very positive runs at each venue on Saturday which should give us some nice results in coming weeks. Rain is forecast for the Gold Coast on Christmas Day which is most welcome indeed so on that note we would like to wish all subscribers and Facebook followers a very Merry Christmas and let’s keep those winners rockin’ and a rolling….. CHEERS from Kerry and Daniel HORSEBUCK$