Tips & Results 19th October 2019; Doomben Track Good, Rosehill Track Good, Caulfield Track Good

Brisbane Races
BR1 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h2 Ready For Danger 2.h3 Pleased 3.h1 Boncosta 4.h6 Go Dixie

Ready For Danger 1st/$5.10/$2.10, Pleased 2nd/$2.40; Q/Ex; $9.80/$22.80

BR2 TRIFECTA1.h1 Gotta Kiss 2.h3 Rothfire 3.h4 Mishani Machine 4.h2 Malachini

Rothfire 1st/$3.20/$1.60, Gotta Kiss 2nd/$1.20, Mishani Machine 3rd/n.t.d; Trifecta; $11.40; Q/Ex; $1.80/$4.40

BR3 TRIFECTA1.h6 V J Day 2.h2 Vienna Power 3.h9 Cailini 4.h10 Shalwa

Shalwa 1st/$2.70/$1.40, Callini 2nd/$2.40, Vienna Power 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta; $52.50; Q/Ex; $10.30/$20.30

BR41.h8 Takes Time 2.h12 Real Cute 3.h3 Removal 4.h2 Casino Thoughts

Removal 1st/$5.50/$2.05

BR5 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h4 Aeecee Tong De 2.h10 Joymaker 3.h3 Marmaris 4.h9 Dawson Diva

Dawson Diva 1st/$10.90/$2.50, Aeecee Tong De 2nd/$1.40; Q/Ex; $11.60/$31.90

BR6 EARLY QUADDIE; Shalwa/Removal/Dawson Diva/Cool Sequence; Divi; $645.001.h3 Cool Sequence 2.h2 Top Striker 3.h1 Tisani Tomso 4.h7 Victory Eight

Cool Sequence 1st/$3/$1.50, Tisani Tomso 3rd/$4.40

BR7 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h2 Sabhkat2.h10 Zofonic Dancer 2.h8 Auerbach 4.h4 Another Dollar

Zofonic Dancer 1st/$6.50/$2.25, Auerbach 2nd/$1.70, Sabkhat 4th($8.50); Q/Ex; $10.30/$24.80

BR8 1.h1 Better Reflection 2.h4 Winning Shot 3.h11 Spirit House 4. h7 My Boy Sam

Better Reflection(0.2L) 2nd/$1.40, My Boy Sam 4th($6)

BR91.h10 Maslow 2.h2 Uthred 3.h5 Good Onya Sonja 4.h8 Dreamreacher

Dreamreacher 1st/$3.30/$2.20, Goodonya Sonja 2nd/$2, Maslow 4th($5)

BR101.h10 Time To Play 2. h9 Real Ego 3.h1 Memes 4.11 Hanover Square

Hanover Square 1st/$32.70/$6.20, Time To Play 3rd/$1.70

Sydney Races
SR1 FIRST41.h1 Postcode 2.h5 Gravina 3.h8 Tommy Gold 4.h10 Time Is Precious

Time Is Precious 1st/$8/$2.20, Postcode 2nd/$1.20, Gravina 3rd/$2.50, Tommy Gold 4th($6); First4; $349; Trifecta;$98.80; Q/Ex; $5/$19.70

SR2 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h3 Angel Of Heaven 2.h2 Humbolt Current 3.h4 Maid Of Ore 4.h8 Miss Moana

Maid Of Ore 1st/$6.90/$2.10, Angel Of Heaven 2nd/$1.60; Q/Ex; $12.80/$34.30

SR31.h8 Gumshoe 2.h12 Acquittal 3.h7 Zardoro 4.h2 Burning Crown


SR41.h3 Maddie Rocks 2.h10 Akari 3.h1 Avon River 4.h2 Mayaaesh

Akari 1st/ $7.50/$2.35, Mayaaesh 3rd/$3.30

SR5 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h1 Victorem 2.h8 Star Boy 3.h3 Noble Boy 4.h8 Handle The Truth

Handle The Truth 1st/$7.90/$2.20, Victorem 2nd/$1.50, Noble Boy 4th($6); Q/Ex; $11.20/$31.40

SR61.h1 Brutal 2.h3 Brave Song 3.h4 Dothraki 4.h6 Deprive

Deprive 1st/$9/$2.70, Brutal 3rd/$1.20

SR71.h9 Sunlight 2.h1 Santa Ana Lane 3. h6 Classique Legend 4. h3 Redzel 4.h2 Pieratta

Santa Ana Lane(0.5L) 2nd/$2.40

SR8 FIRST41.h2 Samadoubt 2.h1 Happy Clapper 3.h3 Life Less Ordinary 4.h5 Tally

Happy Clapper 1st/$3.80/$1.40, Tally 2nd/$3.60, Life Less Ordinary 3rd/$2, Samadoubt 4th($4.20); First4; $469.10; Trifecta; $152.90; Q/Ex; $18.10/$35.20

SR91.h3 Gallic Chieftan 2.h1 Come Play With Me 3.h4 Sir Charles Road 4.h13 Azzuro, h5 Carzoff

Sir Charles Road 3rd/$3

SR101.h10 Penske 2.h1 Cascadian 3.h12 Junipal 4.h5 The Lord Mayor

Cascadian 1st?$6.70/$2.20, Junipal 3rd/$1.80

Melbourne Races
MR1 1.h1 Grinzinger Star 2.h7 Arctic Shock 3.h11 Vigere 4.h9 Extreme Pride

Extreme Pride 1st/$6.50/$2.30, Vigere 3rd/$4.20, Arctic Shock 4th($5.50)

MR2 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h8 Splendouronthegrass 2.h1 Ready Set Sail 3.h3 Pretty Brazen 4.h7 Charleise

Pretty Brazen 1st/$3.40/$1.45, Splendouronthegrass 2nd/$3.20; Q/Ex; $20.50/$33.40

MR31.h1 Heirborn 2.h5 Defiant Dancer 3.h6 Astraeus 4.h7 Triton Rising

Heirborn 3rd/$2.40, Defiant Dancer 4th($6.50)

MR41.h2 Huntly Castle 2.h9 Miami Bound 3.h3 Warning 4.h5 Brilliant Venture

Warning(3.8L) 2nd/$1.70, Brilliant Venture 3rd/$7, Miami Bound 4th($3.70)

MR5 TRIFECTA1.h1 Demerara 2.h3 Soothing 3.h2 Humma Humma 4.h4 Prophet’s Thumb

Humma Humma 1st/$5.40/$1.80, Demerara 2nd/$2.35, Prophet’s Thumb 3rd/$2.05; Trifecta; $181.90; Q/Ex; $18.50/$43.20

MR61.h8 Gamay 2.h6 Presently 3.h2 Celestrial Falls 4.h13 Contriton

Gamay 1st/$8.30/$2.70, Celestial Falls 3rd/$1.95

MR71.h1 Crystal Dreamer 2.h4 Miss Leonidas 3.h2 Malibu Style 4.h8 Not Enough Effort

Miss Leonidas 1st/$3.90/$1.55, Malibu Style 3rd/$3.20

MR81.h2 Royal Meeting 2.h4 Streets Of Avalon 3.h1 Land Of Plenty 4.h6 Tom Melbourne

Street’s Of Avalon 1st/$5.40/$2, Royal Meeting 3rd/$1.60

MR91.h17 Qafila 2.h12 Mr Quickie 3.h1 Hartnell 4.h6 Finche, h2 Mirage Dancer

Mirage Dancer 3rd/$5.20

MR101.h8 Baccarat Baby 2.h9 Jamaican Rain 3.h1 Invincibella 4.h7 Pohutukawa

Pohutukawa 4th($4)

MR10 BACCARAT BABY($8); we were hoping David Vandyke would take her to Melbourne. She is top class for sure and deserves her chance, great win first up and she goes even better 2nd up. From her gate she will get the perfect run here and Kolding just beat her in the Winter after a torrid run, we expect her to show her CLASS TODAY. OUR BEST.

BACCARAT BABY($8.50); 6th beaten 3.3L, raced in a nice position’ not convinced she handled Caulfield though(many don’t), thought she was going to drop right out but once balanced up she came again for a good 6th. We are hoping she goes to Flemington.

SR10 PENSKE($7); this Waterhouse/Bott galloper will pounce on the lead here and she has the perfect hoop in Hyeronimus aboard for such an assignment. Distance and track are ideal and with 5.5kegs less than last start he will give them something to catch at the distance. GIDDYUP!!!

PENSKE($3.40); 9th beaten 5.1L, led into the straight but compounded at the distance. POOR.

CRYSTAL DREAMER($10); this gelding beat home Ball Of Muscle last start into 3rd place and that horse has show cased that form by just going down to Trekking last start. He has some nice early speed so should be right on their hammer as they swing, he relishes this circuit and is a pistol 2nd up. Group2 is his optimum level and we think he is way over the odds here. GREAT CHANCE.

CRYSTAL DREAMER($9); 6th beaten 3.3L, missed the kick, no luck in the straight ran on well when clear not convinced would have beaten the winner though. NEXT TIME.

GUMSHOE($8.50); we are not a fan of the Highway’s but feel this horse is worth a wager here. He is a pistol first up and this distance is his go, he has won here and we hope the Bowster can get him up on the speed where he does his best racing. Adept in all conditions also a touch over the odds. 

GUMSHOE($6.50); 9th beaten 3.9L, not good enough on the day.

A cracking day on the Gold Coast and a great days racing down south, I have been a racing tragic all my life and the Randwick programme is one of the toughest I have encountered to dissect it usually spells VALUE. The Everest  is an outstanding field of sprinters where to look? I have settled on the mare Sunlight($15) she is top shelf and with maturity is ready to beat the boys, my offsider thinks Santa Ana Lane($4.60) can run over the top of them he is an outstanding Group1 horse. Just like to mention Classique Legend($20) the spruikers were out for this horse last prep against moderate opposition they have dropped off him now. I really think he will feature here big time his 2 runs since a break have been very good against the best (Brutal & Pierata) now he will peak here, Les Bridge is a master at getting a good horse right on the day and Nash will have him humming in behind the leaders definitely be having something on this bloke. Caulfield Cup; We are sticking with Qafila($34) here pretty good run last Saturday after doing some work early to take up a prominent position she was still battling away in the straight, she might even take it up here. Mr. Quickie($9.50) a bit flat 2nd up, the Queensland Winter form will stand up again and our old mate Hartnell($20) hideous gate but if he can get any sort of run he will be there when the whips are cracking. We are hoping Finche runs a good race we don’t want a penalty for the Melbourne Cup (very selfish of us(:) we think the best of the overseas horses is Mirage Dancer($15) great record over this distance. We are off to THE DOME at the Gold Coast today for a great day at the track we always “ENJOY OUR RACING”  and GOOD LUCK  to all.

Multi runner players had a field day with 22 winners in our top 4 with Hanover Square/$32, Dawson Diva/$10.90, Gamay/$8.30 and Time Is Precious/$8 the best. Classique Legend still hasn’t got out in the Everest, Golden Eagle for him? Finche is on target for the Melbourne Cup he has always been our main contender here. A host of unlucky runners in the Caulfield Cup none more so than Constantinople. Our Best Baccarat Baby DID NOT handle Caulfield at all we are hoping she goes to Flemington. Jump on our web site and check out all our results, subscribe or just follow us on facebook. Also read our Weekly Observations as we have highlighted some horses to follow on there.  REMEMBER we are posting all our selections for the FLEMINGTON  meeting on CUP day FREE right here on facebook. We had a cracking day at the races in the DOME with our better halves and family friends and as always enjoyed the local racing. Have a great week and “GOOD LUCK” to all from HORSEBUCK$ 

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