Tips & Results 21st September 2019; Eagle Farm Track Good; Randwick Track Heavy; Caulfield Track Good

Brisbane Races
BR1 FIRST 41. h 5 Tycoon Street 2. h4 Smug Satisfaction 3. hh3 Jay Jay D’ar 4. h2 La Scopa

La Scopa First $7.50/$3.20, Sug Satisfaction 2nd/$1.60, Jay Jay D’ar 3rd/n.t., Tycoon Street 4th($7.50); First4; $189.60; Trifecta; $62.10; Q/Ex; $9.90/$31.20

BR21. h2 Cormac 2. 5 Ocean Addict 3. h1 Boom Boom Epic 4. h3 Makdanife

Ocedan Addict First $2.10/$1.30, Boom Boom Epic 3rd/n.t.d.

BR3 TRIFECTA1. h2 Guntantes 2. h1 Profit 3. h3 Don’t Waiver 4. h5 Red Bloom

Guntantes First $3.60/$1.70, Profit 2nd/$1.30, Don’t Waiver 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta; $23.70; Q/Ex; $1.80/$4.80

BR41.h4 Great Danger 2. h7 Italia Bella 3. h6 Dreamtimer 4. h9 Tactee

Tactee First $8/$2.30, Great Danger 3rd/$1.60, Dreamtimer 4th($2.70); ITALIA BELLA (L.SCR.)

EARLY QUADDIE; Ocean Addict/Guntantes/Tactee/Real Cute; Divi; $2,800.00
1. h9 Pizonie 2. h8 Jagged Edge 3. h2 Dreamalina 4. h12 Real Cute

Real Cute First $31/$6.50, Pizonie 2nd/$1.35, Jagged Edge 4th($3.10); Q/Ex; $57.20/$209.80

BR61.h2 Trevelyan 2. h4 Picaro 3. h9 Miss Shanti 4. h7 La Pulga

Trevelyan(0.2L) 2nd/$1.26, Picaro 4th($8)

BR71.h3 Enterprise Prince 2. h4 Mail Escort 3. h6 Park Chinois 4. h8 Captivator

Enterprise Prince First $3.30/$1.40, Captivator 4th($9)

BR8 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h2 Kubis 2. h5 Looks Like Elvis 3. h7 Magnufighter 4. h8 Reckless Choice

Looks Like Elvis First $2.80/$1.50, Reckless Choice 2nd/$1.70; Q/Ex; $4.80/$8.10

BR91.h9 Snipstream 2. h11 Unlikely Story 3. h14 Hanover Square 4. h10 Snitz

Snitz 3rd/$2.60, Unlikely Story 4th($4.40)

Sydney Races
SR11. h12 Deviate 2. h8 Caccini 3.h2 General Scarlet 4. h17 Magic Scent

Caccini 3rd/$2.30, Deviate 4th($7.50)

SR21. h6 Lisdoonvarna 2. h4 Cuba 3. h12 Cisco Bay 4. h2 Master Ash

Cuba First $6.50/$2.40

SR31.h11 Junipal 2. h7 Dealmaker 3. h12 More To Gain 4. h1 Penske

Junipal First $3.80/$1.55

SR41. h2 Anaheed 2.. h1 Libertini 3. h 5 Funstar 4. h6 Let It Pour

Funstar First $3.80/$1.35, Libertini 3rd/$1.20

SR51.h3 Avantage 2. h4 Archedemus 3. h6 Star Of The Seas 4. h12 Desert Lord

Desert Lord 3rd/$2.30

SR6 TRIFECTA1. h2 Redzel 2. h3 Pierata 3. h6 Classique Legend 4. h7 Home Of The Brave

Pierata First $2.70/$1.40, Classique Legend 2nd/$1.70, Redzel 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta; $14.90; Q/Ex; $3.80/$7.60

SR71. h2 Avilius Verry Elleegant 3. h1 Happy Clapper 4. h9 Danzadance

Avilius First $3.10/$1.50, Happy Clapper 3rd/$1.90, Verry Elleegant 4th($7)

SR8 TRIFECTA1. h11 Come Play With Me 2. h4 Fi nche 3. h6 Carzoff 4. h1 Shraaoh, h9 Stampede

Finche First $11/$3.50, Stampede 2nd/$5, Carzoff 3rd/$9; Trifecta; $3,745.00; Q/Ex; $117.40/$195.40

SR91.h2 You Make Me Smile 2. h6 Improvement 3. h14 Roheryn 4. h9 Prime Candidate

Improvement(0.2L) 2nd/$2.90, Prime Candidate 4th($4.80)

Melbourne Races
MR1 TRIFECTA1. h6 First Class Dreamer 2. h5 But It’s True 3. h2 Shared Ambition 4. h3 Aristocratic Miss

Shared Ambition First $3.40/$2, Firstclass Dreamer 2nd/$2, Aristocratic Miss 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta; $41.30; Q/Ex; $6.60/$12.80

MR21. h2 The Lifeline 2. h1 Huntley Castle 3. h3 Long Jack 4. h5 Reckoning

The Lifeline(1L) 2nd/$1.70, Reckoning 4th($7)

MR31.h1 I Am Immortal 2. h3 Cardiff 3. h8 Seatonic 4. h10 Lesage

Cardiff 4th($16)

MR41. h3 Haut Brion Her 2. h1 Mirette 3. h8 So Taken 4. h11 Zoubo

Haut Brion Her(1.3L) 2nd/$1.70, Zoubo 4th($13)

MR51. h9 Grey Shadow 2. h3 Embrace Me 3. h4 Pippie 4. h10 Dawn Dawn

Dawn Dawn 3rd/$4.60

MR61.h4 Steel Prince 2. h5 Sikandarabad 3. h11 Super Titus 4. h8 Volkstok ‘n’ Barrell, h13 So You Win

So You Win(1.3L) 2nd/$3.80, Sikandarabad 3rd/$1.80

MR71.h12 Amphitrite 2. h8 Widgee Turf 3. h13 Iconoclasm 4. h14 Be Good Toya Mother

Be Good Toya Mother First 43.10/$1.40, Widgee Turf 3rd/$3.90

MR81. h11 Beauty Bolt 2. h1 Kooweerup 3. h9 Foxy Lady 4. h16 Tragic
MR9 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h8 Lyre 2.h3 Badajoz 3. h11 William Thomas 4. h5 Plague Stone, h2 Tato Key

William Thomas First $8/$2.50, Lyre 2nd/$1.90; Q/Ex; $21.20/$49.30

MR6 H2 STEEL PRINCE($5.50); (11) 57kgs; this horse struck a purple patch last prep and looks to have come back in form. He relishes good tracks and drops 1.5kgs on his last run, from his gate he will probably settle back a bit and is usually on the move before the turn. Second up not an issue and if he is within striking distance at the 200m watch out.

STEEL PRINCE($7.50);6th beaten 4.2L; got back to last and never really figured, had a checkered run in the straight. He is a good horse that needed a little luck certain follow up.  

BR8 H2 KUBIS($7.50); (1) 56kgs; he has come back in great form and goes even better 3rd up, has the perfect draw here as he loves to dictate or be right on the leaders hammer. He is still weighted well after the claim and the track and distance are perfect at this stage. Super hard to beat and sometimes the obvious is just that.

KUBIS($4.40); 7th beaten 4L; led them easily on the fence but gave in just as easily in the straight. They were saying the rail was off, really!!! the rail was out 7M seems that would defeat the whole purpose of moving it in the first place. NO EXCUSES FROM US.

MR9 H8 LYRE($5.50); (1) 54.5KGS; this filly is just a little pistol especially at this circuit. Very good run first up when she hit the line full of running, she tends to settle midfield but from this draw she just might be a tad closer. Against the older gallopers for the first time but that won’t bother her as she drops 3.5kgs a bonus here. Linda Meech is on and Anthony Freedman is a pistol with a good horse. We think he can get the double today. She is OUR BEST.

LYRE($5); 2ND/$1.90 place beaten 2L; she had a great run behind the leader and tried hard down the straight definitely be winning soon.

MR7 H12 AMPHITRITE($7.50); (8) 54kgs; she is a genuine Group mare and her first up run was a beauty in a leader dominated race. Handles all conditions and track and distance no probs. She does like to drift back in her races but as long as she is not buried away and can scout down the outside in the straight she ill be finishing with a full head of steam. GIDDYUP!!!

AMPHITRITE($6.50); 10th beaten 5.9L; we thought she was in the perfect spot coming to the corner by Williams, scouted wide she didn’t let down at all. VERY DISAPPOINTING.

BR9 H9 SNIPSTREAM($8); (8) 54.5kgs; his big chance comes if he can take control here. He handles all conditions and his last run was very good in a strong NMW handicap after being caught wide, he also has 2kgs less here after the claim. As we have said if apprentice M.Murphy can take him to the front he just might be something to run down.

SNIPSTREAM($6); 7th beaten 4L; would have liked him to lead by himself but he still enjoyed a good run, just not good enough on the day

Raining on the Gold Coast this morning which is great and there are some showers forecast for Melbourne but we have gone with a Good track. Randwick is Heavy at time of the deadline so we have gone with that which brings me to The Shorts G2 this race has been knocked around by scratchings, Redzel might just be too good in the conditions. Great days racing at Caulfield with I Am Immortal($3.30) back and hard to beat, race 8 a filly called Beauty Bolt($7) goes around, this filly has some nice form around her and is unbeaten after 2 starts. At her first start she beat Presently which has won since and her last start was a soft win after being held up and she beat a horse called Sir Harald into 4th place which won on Thursday quite easily. So what! you say she won 2 from 2 on rain affected tracks big deal but it is the way she won them and will be hard to beat today. Action aplenty today so BRING IT ON!!! Have a great weekend and always “ENJOY YOUR RACING” and “GOOD LUCK” to all from Daniel and Kerry from HORSEBUCK$