Tips & Results 31st August 2019; Eagle Farm Track Good, Rosehill Track Heavy, Caulfield Track Good

Brisbane Races
BR11.h1 Niedorp 2.h2 Zac Attack 3.h6 Better Thinking 4.h12 So You Beauty

Niedorp(0.5L) 2nd/$1.65, Better Thinking 4th($2.70)

BR2 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h4 Single Bullet 2.6 Boomwaa 3.h1 Whypeeo 4.h5 Tisani Tomso

Single Bullet First $4.60/$1.90, Whypeeo 2nd/$1.40, Boomwaa 4th($6); Q/Ex; $5/$12.70

BR31.h7 Ocean Addict 2.h2 Jake’s Hill 3.h8 Miss Frasier 4.h4 Kopella

Ocean Addict(0.2L) 2nd/$1.70, Jake’s Hill 3rd/$1.80

BR4 FIRST41.h3 Looks Like Elvis 2.h11 Perfect Witness 3.h5 Magnufighter 4.h10 Island Missile

Looks Like Elvis First $1.70/$1.10, Magnufighter 2nd/$1.55, Perfect Witness 3rd/$2.30, Island Missile 4th($6.50); First4; $41.20; Trifecta; $17.60; Q/Ex; $3.30/$4.20

BR51.h2 Sword Of Justice 2.h9 So Spirited 3.h1 Sovereign Nation 4.h5 Fortensky

So Spirited(0.1L) 2nd/$1.60, Fortensky 3rd/n.t.d., Sovereign Nation 4th($8)

BR61.h1 Jagged Edge 2.h4 Ruuca 3.h2 Devil’s Teptation 4.h11 Mad Irish Tycoon

Mad Irish Tycoon(0.1L) 2nd/$10, Ruuca 3rd/$1.40, Jagged Edge 4th($2.15)

BR7 FIRST41.h16 Fragipani Moon 2.h15 Veranes 3.h11 Francisca 4.h10 Dreamtimer (h6 Spending My Time)

Veranes First $11/$3.40, Dreamtimer 2nd/$2, Frangipani Moon 3rd/$1.90, Spending My Time 4th($17); First4; $1,925.6; Trifecta; $185.70; Q/Ex; $18.50/$53.00

BR81.h8 Our Girl Silke 2.h5 Potro Duro 3.h3 Dissolution 4.h9 Red Doulton (h2 Rothman)

Dissolution 3rd/$6.40, Our Girl Silke 4th($5.50)

BR91.h19 Red Chase 2.h15 Unlikely Story 3.h21 TheTax Accountant 4.h6 Reckless Choice

Reckless Choice 3rd/$3.30, Unlikely Story 4th(5.50)

Sydney Races
SR11.h17 Gunga Din 2.h1 Assult ‘n’ Bathory 3.h3 Girls Are Ready 4.h7 Scarlett Missile

Assault ‘n’ Bathory First $4.50/$2, Girls Are Ready 3rd/$2.40, Scarlet Missile 4th($5.50)

SR21.h7 Wimlah 2.h5 Helga 3.h12 The Promise 4.h2 Lady Curvee

Wimlah First $3.60/$1.50, The Promise 4th($7.50)

SR31.h13 Weekend Affair 2.h11 Adana 3.h3 Got Unders 4.h10 Devil’s Lair

Adana First $3.80/$1.60, Weekend Affair 3rd/$2.50, Got Unders 4th($21)

SR41.h8 Humbolt Current 2.h6 Ulusaba 3.h7 Decroux 4.h11 Heart Of Grace

Humbolt Current 4th($5)

SR5 FIRST41.h3 Bivouac 2.h4 Anaheed 3.h6 Exceedence 4.h5 Catch Me

Exceedence First $4.80/$1.40, Bivouac 2nd/$1.10, Anaheed 3rd/n.t.d., Catch Me 4th($17); First4; $13.10; Trifecta; $11.40; Q/Ex; $1.90/$6.90

SR6 FIRST41.h7 So You Win 2.h9 Wolfe 3.h10 Wu Gok 4.h2 Carzoff (h5 Come Play With Me)

Wu Gok First $6.50/$2.20, Come Pay With Me 2nd/$1.40, Carzoff 3rd/$3.60, So You Win 4th($4.60); First4; $889.30; Trifecta; $213; Q/Ex; $10.10/$25.30

SR71.h1 Alligator Blood 2.h2 Quick Thinker 3.h5 Sudebar 4.h9 Mistery Trick

Quick Thinker First $12/$2.90; ALLIGATOR BLOOD (L.SCR.)

SR81.h3 Mister Songman 2.h6 Beau Ideal 3.h7 Desert Lord 4.h5 You Make Me Smile (h16 SoTaken)

You Make Me Smile(0.2L) 2nd/$3.70, Desert Lord 4th($3)

SR9 FIRST41.h8 Roosevelt 2.h13 Spanish Dream 3.h2 Black Magnum 4.h9 God of Thunder

God Of Thunder First $2.80/$1.90, Black Magnum 2nd/$2.10, Spanish Dream 3rd/n.t.d., Roosevelt 4th($3.80); First4; $118.60; Trifecta; $54.70; Q/Ex; $4.50/$11.10

Melbourne Races
MR1 1.h1 Naval Warfare 2.h3 Alfarris 3.h6 Jinda 4.h4 Another Coldie

Another Coldie First $6.50/$2.80, Alfarris 3rd/n.t.d., Naval Warfare 4th($5)

MR21.h4 Mastering 2.h12 Dawn Dawn 3.h16 Diamond Effort 4.h3 Chess Star

Dawn Dawn First4; $6/$2.10, Chess Star 4th($8.50)

MR31.h4 My Pendant 2.h7 Hay Now 3.h5 Shokora 4.h1 Savapainski

My Pendant First$2.40/$1.30, Shokora 4th($7.50)

MR4 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h6 Captain Cook 2.h8 Guizot 3.h13 Super Titus 4.h3 Steel Prince

Super Titus First $6/$2.25, Captain Cook 2nd/$3, Steel Prince 4th($6); Q/Ex; $21/$53.90


EARLY QUADDIE; Dawn Dawn/My Pendant/Super Titus/Super Seth; Divi; $326.00

1.h2 Sebrekate 2.h3 King Of Hastings 3.h4 Super Seth 4.h9 Missile Mantra

Super Seth First $3.60/$1.40, King Of Hastings 2nd/$1.60, Sebrekate 3rd/$2.60; Tifecta; 72.40; Q/Ex; $5.70/$17.70

MR61.h1 Ball Of Muscle 2.h3 Gytrash 3.h4 Vega Magic 4.h5 Malaguerra

Gytrash (0.5L) 2nd/$1.50, Ball Of Muscle 3rd/$1.50

MR71.h1 Amphitrite 2.h4 Crack The Code 3.h5 Embrace Me 4.h11 Sylvia’s Mother (h13 Pippie)

Pippie First $2.05/$1.20, Sylvia’s Mother 3rd/$1.50, Embrace Me 4th($21)

MR81.h1 Hartnell 2.h5 Scales Of Justice 3.h6 Cliff’s Edge 4.h11 Alizee (h10 Sesar)

Scales Of Justice First $3.70/$1.60, Alizee 3rd/$1.60, Hartnell 4th($10)

MR9 TRIFECTA 1.h2 Iconoclasm 2.h18 Age Of Chivalry 3.h4 Qafila 4.h14 Antah (h16 Hangman)

Age Of Chivalry First $2.50/$1.35, Quafila 2nd/$3.90, Iconoclasm $2.10; Trifecta; $119.80; Q/Ex; $16.10/$21.10

BR5 H2 SWORD OF JUSTICE ($6.50); Has been racing  well from 2 starts this prep. He is third up today stepping out to the 1400m. Loves third up with 2 wins and 2 placings from 5 goes and distance no problem. Has barrier 5. He should jump well and get a nice lead with not much pressure and be able to kick clear on the turn to get the cash. Jim Byrne is on board today which is a huge bonus. Only goes up 1 kg from last start to 55.5kgs. This looks like his chance to return to the winners stall. Huge chance. 

SWORD OF JUSTICE($5.50); 5th beaten 1.8L,

SR4 H8 HUMBOLT CURRENT($5.50); Great run last start at Flemington on a heavy track to run second. He is just starting to get acclimatised to racing in Australia. He is third up today and stepping out to the 2000m is ideal 1 from 1 at the distance. He is dropping in grade from a benchmark 84 to a benchmark 78. From barrier 6 we are hoping J Mac can get midfield just in behind the leaders and peel him out coming to the turn with a full head of steam down the straight. The whips will be cracking at the 100m. HE IS OUR BEST! 

HUMBOLT CURRENT($5); 4th beaten 2.8L,

MR6 H1 BALL OF MUSCLE($4.40); This horse is an oustanding group horse but when in group 1 company seems to struggle a bit. But in group 2’s and 3’s he is fantastic. Has won 2 lead up trails coming into this and looks ready to go first up . He will no doubt go forward. If he cant lead outright he will take a sit inbehind the leaders. Distance and track he loves. Loves good tracks. We will be whipping hard if he looks like winning at the 200m. Giddy Up

BALL OF MUSCLE($4.20); 3RD/$1.50 place beaten 0.9L,

MR7 H1 AMPHITRITE($8.50); This horse has a fantastic first up record. Loves the track and distance. There is going to be some  frantic pace set out the front in this race with Pippie going foward but there will be no doubt some pressure put on her in this race. She can sit midfeild getting a nice smother in behind the speed and be peeling out around the turn and hitting the line strongly.  Great eachway chance in a not so strong group 3. She has been flying in jump outs of late. 

AMPHITRITE($8); 6th beaten 2.3L,

MR9 H2 ICONOCLASM($11.00);Forget this horse’s first up run. He was 4 wide no cover and  unplaced on a heavy track. He hates any track with water on it. The key is dry tracks which he gets today. He is dropping in grade from group company to a handicap. From barrier 6 he can get a nice sit in behind the leading bunch. Loves the track and distance and the step out the 1400m is perfect. Has won second up. There is plenty of speed in the race to ensure a solid tempo. Damien Oliver aboard to ensure they get the best out of him. Great Chance!.

ICONOCLASM($6); 3RD/$2.10 place beaten 0.6L),

Another cracking day here in Queensland and Group 1 racing at Caulfield the Memsie WFA we have the evergreen champ on top Hartnell ($7.50) there is a lot of pace in this race so it should be run like a true WFA event and he will thrive on that scenario, Scales Of Justice will be hard to run down. We have Sesar in the mix too for quaddies and he will be powering to the line, a REAL Group 1 is the only query but at track work he looked in superb order. Alligator Blood($7.50) this is a serious horse his only query today is the heavy track but has the breeding to say he should handle it. Damian Oliver is riding as good as he ever has and we think he will salute in the last. How good is Nash Rawiller going too this guy has had the enforced break and has come back rejuvenated it is great to watch when he surges one to the line under his own and only his hands and heel style. Should be a cracking days racing and always “ENJOY YOUR RACING” and “GOOD LUCK” to all from HORSEBUCK$