Tips & Results 3rd August 2019; Doomben Track Good, Randwick Track Heavy, Moonee Valley Track Soft

Brisbane Races
BR11.h1 Betaima 2.h9 Sirfina 3.h6 Chill The Beer 4.h3 Happy Two Thousand

Chill The Beer(0.8L) 2nd/$2.50, Happy Two Thousand 3rd/$1.40

BR2 TRIFECTA1.h2 Our Mnatra 2.h3 Borazon 3.h4 Miss Shanti 4.h1 Happy Go Plucky

Our Mantra First $3.10/$1.50, Miss Shanti 2nd/$2.30, Happy Go Plucky 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta; $30; Q/Ex; $6.60/$12

BR3 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h4 Astro Boy Toy 2.h7 Violet 3.h1 Stampe 4.h3 Kim Alicia

Stampe First $9.40/$2.30, Astro Boy Toy 2nd/$1.30, Violet 4th($7.50); Q/Ex; $7.50/$22.30

BR41.h3 Boom Chika Boom 2.h9 Power Command 3.h5 Crusher 4.h10 Ditmas

Boom Chicka Boom First $5.90/$1.90

BR51.h6 Galtero 2.h3 Gold Ambition 3.h10 Hawkshaw Bridge 4.h4 Hectopascal

Hectopascal 3rd/$1.30

BR61.h5 The Administrator 2.h6 Sienna Rose 3.h15 Princess Cavello 4.h2 Coastal Boy

Sienna Rose(0.1L) 2nd/$1.90, The Administrator 4th

BR71.h10 Our Girl Silke 2.h15 Fox Pack 3.h16 Veranes 4.h8 Intrinsic (h5 Six Sigma)

Six Sigma First $17/$4.60, Veranes 4th($8.50)

BR81.h3 Handsome Thief 2.h12 Impregnable 3.h6 Whypeeo 4.h5 Snoopy

Snooppy(0.2L) 2nd/$2.60, Handsome Thief 3rd/$1.90

BR9 TRIFECTA1.h7 Auerbach 2.h5 Fab’s Cowboy 3.h11 Sparky Lad 4.h4 El Campeador (h9 The Avenger)

Auerbach First $3.60/$2, The Avenger 2nd/$2.50, Sparky Lad 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta; $43.60; Q/Ex; $10.60/$20.50

Sydney Races
SR11.h4 Mendella 2.h1 Edison 3.h3 Down To Earth 4.h5 Astrails
Mandela First $3.10/$1.70, Edison 2nd/$2.10, Astralis 4th($6.50)
SR2 TRIFECTA1.h3 Misteed 2.h7 True Detective 3.h8 Battle Gaurdian 4.h5 Lifetime Quest

Misteed First $9/$3.40, True Detective 2nd/$1.20, Lifetime Quesdt 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta; $90.80; Q/Ex; $3.80/$18.90

SR31.h4 Pelethronius 2.h7 La Chica Bella 3.h1 Gresham 4.h3 Salsonic

La Chica Bella First $5.30/$2.80, Gresham 3rd/n.t.d., Pelethroniius 4th($3.40)

SR41.h5 Gumshoes 2.h6 Nicconita 3.h1 I’am Captain 4.h14 Velvet Aeroplane

I Am Capitan 4th($7.50)

SR5 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h7 Roheryn 2.h6 Best Guess 3.h5 Noble Joey 4.h1 Improvement

Roheryn First $1.40/$1.20, Improvemnet 2nd/$3.90, Best Guess 4th($10); Q/Ex; $5.10/$5.10

SR6 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h1 Attention Run 2.h10 Light Exceed 3.h3 Toryjoy 4.h8 Missybeel

Toryjoy First $5.70/$1.90, Missybeel 2nd/$2, Attention Run 4th($5); Q/Ex; $16.80/$32.70

SR7 TRIFECTA1.h4 Fortensky 2.h3 Boss Lane 3.h8 Bangkok 4.h9 Gala Moshea (h2 Haunted)

Bangkok First $4.70/$1.70, Fortensky 2nd/$1.70, Haunted 3rd/$1.40; Trifecta; $48.60; Q/Ex; $9.50/$18.30

SR81.h7 Cyber Intervention 2.h3 Monsieur Sisu 3.h2 Primitivo 4.h9 Exasperate (h10 Ulusaba)

Primitivo(0.2L) 2nd/$2.20, Monsieur Sisu 3rd/$3.60, Ulusaba 4th($6)

SR9 FIRST 41.h6 No Escape 2.h1 Drachenfels 3.h2 Thy Kingdom Come 4.h11 The Party Girl

The Party Girl First $4.60/$1.70, Drachfenels 2nd/$1.90, No Escape 3rd/$3.10, Thy Kingdom Come 4th($5); First4; $725.90; Trifecta; $187.50; Q/Ex; $8.70/$17.70

Melbourne Races
MR1 TRIFECTA1.h2 Alberq 2.h1 Asateer 3.h3 Memphis Rock 4.h6 Condo’s Express

Condo’s Express First $8.50/$3.50, Asateer 2nd/$3, Memphis Rock 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta; $173.40; Q/Ex; $17.40/$60.20

MR21.h1 Absolute Flirt 2.h6 Taraayef 3.h3 Jadastar 4.h4 Mockery

Taraayef First $3.60/$1.40, Absolute Flirt 3rd/$2.20

MR31.h4 Moscow Red 2.h8 Catching Beams 3.h6 Paint The Town Two 4.h11 Kiss And Cry

Paint The Town Two(0.8L) 2nd/$2

MR41.h10 Hunamosa 2.h2 Ventura Strom 3.h9 Elite Drake 4.h3 Alfarris

Hunamosa 4th($51)

MR51.h7 Alsvin 2.h14 The Great Artiste 3.h8 Legale 4.h12 Snipes

The Great Artiste(0.4L) 2nd/$3.90

MR61.h1 The Statesman 2.h4 Mirimar 3.h6 More Than Ever 4.h2 Social Element (h9 Diamond Grace)

More Than Ever First $4/$1.70, The Statesman 3rd/$1.50

MR71.h4 Masculino 2.h7 Bedford 3.h10 Twilight Run 4.h6 Last Week

Masculino(3L) 2nd/$1.50, Bedford 3rd/$2.40

MR81.h7 Rox The Castle 2.h10 Sheriff John Stone 3.h13 Age Of Chivalry 4.h9 Tavisan

Tavisan 3rd/$2.10

MR91.h6 Non Paear 2.h15 Freeze Over 3.h1 The Centaurian 4.h5 Moor Wanted


MR8 H7 ROX THE CASTLE ($5.50). This horse absolutely fires fresh. His Moonee Valley from is outstanding with 2 wins from 2 starts. He loves the distance 4 wins from 6 starts. With barrier 4 he can take a sit or go to the lead and with the 2 kilo claimer on his back he only carries 56.5kg. Handles all conditions. HE IS OUR BEST!!

ROX THE CASTLE($6.50); 6th beaten 4L, led one off the fence and into the straight no sooner turned was a spent force.

MR9 H6 NON PAEAR ($5.50). this mare is no super star but she is drawn beautifully to either take it up or just tuck in behind Moor Wanted also drawn well, a lot of the speedsters in this race are drawn wide. She has a decent record here at the Valley and certainly races well 3rd up. Teodore will take the claim dropping her to 56kegs a winnable weight here. She will be humming on the corner.

NON PAEAR($5); 12th beaten 3.7L, dwelt slightly at the start drove through to lead on the fence, led into the straight but gone soon after. Not totally convinced being on the speed in races up to 1600m was a bonus.

BR9 H7 AUERBACH($4.80). Ran fantastic last start. He should be right at his peak third up here. From barrier 3 he can let the speed from the outside come across and get a beaut run in behind the speed. R Maloney will have him pouncing on the lead with a 100m to go and the whips will be cracking!. Huge chance.

AUERBACH($3.60); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! as we predicted, beaut run in behind the speed pounced on the lead at the distance, challenged by his stablemate but proved way to strong.

BR7 H10 OUR GIRL SIKE ($10). Ex Victorian mare with a decent little record and she is a pistol first up. Good tracks are her go and she will get that this afternoon, she has drawn well and she might just sit off the speed here and have one crack at them in the straight and grab them on the wire.

OUR GIRL SILKE($15). 7th beaten 2.2L, settled last a long way from the lead, ran up behind the pack in the straight and she was allowed to run to the line under her own steam. A soft run indeed , we will be following up for sure. 

Another cracking day in Queensland with big fields at Doomben with plenty of chances. Moonee Valley race 4 the Open handicap I think Ventura Storm($23) is in very well here with 58kgs after the claim, he has done most of his racing in Group or Listed events and been successful 5 times at these levels, nice chance. We have Hunamosa($34) on top here this bloke loves the Valley and is his pet distance, might be a crazy quinella. We have been on a nice roll of late in all areas Our Best bets has been delivering in bucket loads, three quaddies last week with a couple of $2,000 collects we here at Horsebuck$ are not satisfied with that, we want the BIG ONE. On that expectant note have a great weekend and above all always “ENJOY YOUR RACING” and “GOOD LUCK” to all from  HORSEBUCK$

POST RACE SUMMARY; We had to wait until race 9 Doomben to fill the coffers in OUR BEST when Auerbach($4.80 – $3.60) scored after 2 disappointing runners , so plenty to smile about in the end. Just keeps rolling on in OUR BEST GIDDYUP!!! Moonee Valley was the thorn in our side on Saturday with the track not racing like we anticipated but Doomben and Randwick more than made up for that. Fifteen winners in our top 4 selections with Six Sigmas($17), Stampe($9.30) and Misteed($9) the best along with one First4 SR9 $725, 6 Trifectas MR1 $173.40 and SR9 $187.50 the best and 9 Quinella/Exactas so happy days again. Back to the big stretches of Flemington next week so bring it on!!! Spring is just around the corner so we are getting super pumped and waiting for Brave Song to appear after a great winter here in sunny Queensland. So jump onto our web site and check out all our results, subscribe or justfollow us on Facebook anyway it will be a fun experience. Always have a great week and above all “ENJOY YOUR RACING” and ” GOOD LUCK” to everyone from HORSEBUCK$

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