Tips & Results 27th July 2019; Eagle Farm Track Good, Rosehill Track Good, Caulfield Track Soft.

Brisbane Races
BR1 FIRST 41. h5 Victory Eight 2. h4 Araaja 3. h6 Boom Boom Epic 4. h3 Master Zephyr

Boom Boom Epic First $12.80/$2.60, Victory Eight 2nd/$1.30, Master Zephyr 3rd/$3, Araaja 4th($2.50); First 4; $901.80; Trifecta; $378.40; Q/Ex; $18/$52.20

BR21.h5 Champagne Jet 2. h1 Karaja 3. h7 Underwood 4. h10 Centrefire

Karaja(0.5L) 2nd/$1.30, Champagne Jet 3rd/$1.90, Centrefire 4th($14)

BR31. h9 Tardis 2. h7 Precipitate 3. h12 Malahide 4. h3 Of The Day

Malahide(0.5L 2nd/$1.50, Tardis 3rd/$1.35, Precipitate 4th($11)

BR41.h6 Bel Burgess 2. h5 Manaya 3. h7 After All That 4. h1 Sovereign Nation

Manaya First $2.60/$1.20, After All That 3rd/$1.50, Sovereign Nation 4th($12)

BR5 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h1 Seat Of Power 2. h6 Barazon 3. h10 Miss Shanti 4. h8 Roman Doll

Barazon First 4.10/$1.10, Miss Shanti 2nd/$2, Seat Of Power 4th($1.65); Q/Ex;$14.20/$25.20

BR61. h2 Red Chase 2. h4 Saving 3. h8 One More Cast 4. h7 Red Stina

Red Stina First $8.60/$2.50

BR71. h16 Slow Hands 2. h1 Benfica Princess 3. h10 Takotsuba 4.h14 Red Doulton

Red Doulton First $3.70/$1.60, Slow Hands 4th(3.40)

BR8 FIRST 41. h15 New Horizons 2. h3 Freddie Foxtrot 3. h13 Southern Lad 4. h5 Tisani Magic, h7 Snipstream

Freddie Foxtrot First $3.90/$1.90, New Horizons 2nd/2.60, Tisani Magic 3rd/$7.50, Southern Lad 4th($3.60); First 4; $2,294.40; Trifecta; $492.80; Q/Ex;$15.60/$24.20

BR9 MAIN QUADDIE; Red Stina/Red Doulton/Freddie Foxtrot/Hold The Line; Divi; $2,222.401. h11 Hold The Line 2. h12 The Tax Accountant 3. h3 Boomtown Lass 4. h4 Desert Digby, h7 Churning

Hold The Line First $12/$3.80

Sydney Races
SR11. h7 Lucicello 2. h2 Exceed The Stars 3. h8 Iskander 4. h6 Belista

Lucicello First $3.60/$1.40, Belista 3rd/$1.90

SR21. h7 The Warlord 2. h11 Smoodge 3. h5 Assault ‘n’ Bathory 4. h2 Pat’s Nipper

Pat’s Nipper First $5.50/$2.15

SR3 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h3 Jardin Rouge 2. h4 Malea Magic 3. h5 Stella Sea Sun 4. h2 Connemara

Stella Sea Sun First $4/$1.95, Connemara 2nd/$1.70, Malea Magic 4th($5.50); Q/Ex;$4.70/$12.70

SR41. h5 River Bird 2. h3 Royal Tudor 3. h8 Foxy Housewife 4. h7 Mapmaker

Foxy Housewife First $8.50/$2.30, River Bird 4th($3.20)

EARLY QUADDIE; Pat’s Nipper/Stella Sea Sun/Foxy Housewife/Our Candidate; Divi; $1,867.00
1. h6 Ilwendo 2. h2 Cedar Grande 3. h10 Prime Candidate 4. h11 Fuji Fury

Our Candidate First $5.20/$1.80, Ilwendo $1.90; Q/Ex;$11.50/$22.90

SR61. h11 My Demetra 2.h5 Wimlah 3. h8 Front Sight 4. h12 Dame Kiri

My Demetra 3rd/$3.40, Front Sight 4th($2.90)

SR71. h5 Gaulois 2. h6 Seaway 3. h7 Take It Intern 4. h4 New Tipperary

Seaway First $9/$2.90, Gaulois 4th($15)

SR81. h4 Bon Amis 2. h11 Taniko 3. h6 Top Striker 4. h7 Malahat

Bon Amis First $3.50/$1.60, Taniko 3rd/$2.20

SR91. h2 Sharpe Hussler 2. h1 Greyworm 3. h10 Oxford Tycoon 4. h8 Deity

Deity(0.8L) 2nd/$2.90

Melbourne Races
MR1 1. h1 Can’t Be Done 2. h8 Parmie 3. h7 Spiritual Medium 4. h6 Gettysburg Address

Parmie First $12.50/$3, Can’t Be Done 4th($2.60)

MR21. h3 Miss Iano n2. h7 I Am Queen 3. h4 I Remember You 4. h8 Raven’s Blaze

Miss Iano First $5/$1.60, Raven’s Blaze 4th($6)

MR31. h7 Satori 2. h5 Royal Order 3. h11 Ballet Master 4. h14 Campabasso

Ballet Master First $4.20/$1.70, Satori 3rd/$1.90

MR4 FIRST 41. h2 Sasko 2. h9 Hello My Friends 3. h1 Sopressa 4. h3 Fancifull Toff

Sopressa First $2.50/$1.40, Sasko 2nd/$2.10, Fancifull Toff 3rd/n.t.d., Hello My Friends 4th($21); First 4; $28.10; Trifecta; $8.80; Q/Ex;$4.30/$8.40

MR5 EARLY QUADDIE; Miss Iano/Ballet Master/Sopressa/Tavirun; Divi; $2021. h2 Tavirun 2. h5 Wealthy Wolf 3. h6 Reflect The Stars 4. h3 Ripcord

Tavirun First $3.60/$1.60, Wealthy Wolf 3rd/$2.60, Ripcord 4th($3)

MR6 TRIFECTA1. h1 Turn The Tide 2. h4 Taksu 3. h7 Collectable 4. h9 Benetoite

Benetoite First $4.80/$1.90, Taksu 2nd/$2.20, Collectable 3rd/$3.10; Trifecta; $183.20; Q/Ex;$12.60/$23.90

MR71. h6 Street Icon 2. h5 Pick Up The Pieces 3. h1 Tell Me 4. h7 Calzini

Tell Me(0.1L) 2nd/$2.80, Calzini 3rd/$2.70

MR8 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h1 Scales Of Justice 2. h6 Sesar 3. h2 Jungle Edge 4. h9 Bandipur

Scales Of Justice First $10/$2.45, Jungle Edge 2nd/$1.70, Bandipur 4th($13); Q/Ex;$20/$57.30

MR9 FIRST 41. h2 Tshahitsi 2. 7 Travimyfriend 3. h5 Romancer 4. h1 Self Sense, h8 Snitzepeg

Tshahitsi First $5/$1.60, Travimyfriend 2nd/$1.80, Snitzepeg 3rd/$3.20, Romancer 4th($2.80); First 4; $311.40; Trifecta; $132.20; Q/Ex;$8.70/$19.90

MR9 H2 TSHAHITSI($4.60); ran very well first up after a long break in Listed grade and drawn to get a beaut run right up on the speed. In with 57kegs after the claim by in form apprentice Nugent, this is his best distance, goes like a pistol second up and handles all conditions. He is OUR BEST.

TSHAHITSI($5); FIRST controlled the race from the jump, simply better than them.

BR7 H16 SLOW HANDS($6.50/$2.50); This ex Kiwi galloper is in form and drawn to get a nice run just off the pace. Weight is no obstacle here as this is a weak BM70 he should be right on their hammer at the distance.

SLOW HANDS($3.40); 4TH beaten 0.7L, definitely another chance for this horse raced fiercely in the middle stages, there at the distance good run considering.

BR9 H11 HOLD THE LINE($11/$3.50); This race is a tough 3year old handicap with all the main chances drawn wide which can be an absolute horror fest here at the Farm. This filly has shown some promise and although drawn (10) she just might be able to scoot in behind Marway and Boomtown Lass both drawn outside her. Distance is perfect and first up she is a peach. We think she is a great each way chance. GIDDYUP!!!

HOLD THE LINE($12); FIRST panned out as we thought she was ridden a treat by Robbie Fraad hit the front at the distance and held on GIDDYUP!!!

SR7 H5 GAULOIS($8/$2.80); Another galloper in great form and still weighted well here. He has improved a couple of lengths since Brisbane and Rachel King rides him extremely well. Barrier 13 is never nice but he will settle back and be steaming into it at the 250m and the distance holds no fears for him. Super hard to beat in any conditions.

GAULOIS($15); 4TH beaten 0.8L, in hind sight probably should have jumped on the back of Shazee Lee as they swung ran on okay unsure!!

 Group 3 Bletchingly is a tricky affair although Sesar($1.80) is odds on and hard to beat  we won’t be underestimating Scales Of Justice($9.50) a very consistent horse at this level and loves the soft he will be rallying late while fresh. Nash Rawiller is back riding which is great for racing as he is a real horseman, just watch out for him today in the Highway R2 Rosehill. Soft track at Caulfield but just keep an eye on conditions there, but it won’t make any difference to Our Best bet there as he handles all conditions. Slight glitch in our emails last week with the tips and results for the previous week also making an appearance hopefully that won’t be the case again this week. We are overdue for a big Quaddie, today might just be the day and on that note have a great weekend and above all “ENJOY YOUR RACING” and “GOOD LUCK” to all from HORSEBUCK$

An absolute screamer of a day all round with OUR BEST Tshahitsi($5) saluting and our BEST EACHWAY Hold The Line($12) both winning at top odds also Scales Of Justice($10) winning the main race of the day at Caulfield as highlighted in our pre race summary. Some great exotic results with four First 4’s BR8 $2,294/BR1 $901 and MR9 $311 along with 5 Trifectas an 9 Quinella/Exactas. The Main Quaddie at Eagle Farm $2,222.00 and Early Quaddies at Rosehill $1,870 and Caulfield $202. Plenty of winners in our top 4selections 22 in total for our multi runner players best being Boom Boom Epic/$12.80, Parmie/$12.50 and Hold The Line/$12 to name a few. So an ABSOLUTE CRACKER OF A DAY for all players. We also liked one on Saturday(Eagle Farm) that ran well and are seriously hoping for a quick backup by this horse. Just jump on our web site and check out our results, subscribe or just follow us on Facebook and read our Weekly Observations. Above all always “ENJOY YOUR RACING” and “GOOD LUCK” to all from HORSEBUCK$