Tips & Results 20th of July; Eagle Farm Track Good, Randwick Track Soft, Flemington Track Soft

Brisbane Races
BR11.h11 She’s Spicy 2.h3 Iron Craft 3.h9 Sieanna Rose 4.h10 Nottonya Nelly

Sienna Rose(0.5L) 2nd/$2.30, Notonya Nelly 4th($10)

BR21.h3 Knight Manner 2.h8 Gobsmacked 3.h12 Violet 4.h2 Ensenada

Violet(2L) 2nd/$2

BR3 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h8 Ocean Addict 2.h3 High Wind 3.h2 Our Mantra 4.h4 Romakash

Our Mantra First $3.90/$1.60, Ocean Addict 2nd/$1.50; Q/Ex; $5/$11.50

BR41.h10 Soul Star 2.h7 Paper Trade 3.h2 Unlikely Story 4.h3 One Stryke

Paper Trade(0.1L) 2nd/$1.90, Unlikely Story 4th($5.50)

BR51.h13 Spot On Spud 2.h4 Designer Maid 3.h1 Jami Lady 4.h2 Gypsy Toff

Jami Lady 3rd/$1.90

BR6 TRIFECTA1.h8 Tokoriki Lad 2.h5 Looks Like Elvis 3.h10 Smart As Attack 4.h4 Tan Tat Diamond (h6 The Avenger)

Looks Like Elvis First $3.90/$1.50, Tokoriki Lad 2nd/$1.80, The Avenger 3rd/$2; Trifecta; $55.20; Q/Ex; $6.40/$18.90

BR7 TRIFECTA1.h1 Yogi 2.h5 Azuro 3.h7 Social Element 4.h6 Doukhan (h8 Travistee)

Azuro First $2.70/$1.40, Social Element 2nd/$2.40, Yogi 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta; 81.50; Q/Ex; $14.20/$23.30

BR81.h5 Silvera 2.h7 Magnufighter 3.h3 Balf’s Choice 4.h10 Awake The Stars

Silvera First $2.70/$1.40, Magnufighter 3rd/$1.80

MAIN QUADDIE; Looks Like Elvis/Azuro/Silvera/Trevelyan; Divi; $132.60
1.h7 Trevelyon 2.h4 Plitivce 3.h14 Addocarr 4.h3 Red Chase (h8 Yamazaki)

Trevelyan First $3.60/$1.70, Red Chase 2nd/$2.30, Yamazaki 4th($6.50); Q/Ex; $10.30/$23.40

Sydney Races
SR11.h4 Havin’ Fun 2.h5 Frosty Rocks 3.h3 Mendela 4.h7 Starla

Frosty Rocks 3rd/$3, Havin’ Fun 4th($5)

SR21.h4 Mr Wong 2.h5 Healing Hands 3.h2 Siege Warefare 4.h3 Alcatran


SR31.h3 Sir Elton 2.h9 Singing Sand 3.h6 Haut Brion Her 4.h1 Danawi

Haut Brion Her First $3.40/$1.80, Sir Elton 3rd/$1.20, Singing Sand 4th($15)

SR41.h7 Judge Judy 2.h9 High Low Bet 3.h8 The Party Girl 4.h5 La Chica Bella

The Party Girl(1L) 2nd/$2.20, Judge Judi 3rd/$2.40, High Low Bet 4th($7.50)

SR51.h5 Dylan’s Romance 2.h8 White Boots 3.h4 Wu Gok 4.h1 Mask Of Time

Wu Gok First $3.50/$1.60, White Boots 3rd/$2.40, Dylan’s Romance 4th($7)

SR61.h4 Gayatri 2.h1 Dr Dril 3.h5 Toryjoy 4.h2 Loveisili (h10 Spectre)

Dr. Drill First $3.40/$1.70, Spectre 4th($26)

SR7 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h5 Notation 2.h8 Ljunberg 3.h4 Sweet Deal 4.h2 Smart Edge

Smartedge First $13/$3, Notation 2nd/$1.50; Q/Ex; $18.80/$56.50

SR81.h10 Travencore 2.h9 Zavance 3.h3 Pelethronius 4.h2 Monsieur Sisu (h5 Condor)

Pelethronius First $11.40/$3.20, Travencore 3rd/$1.70

SR91.h11 Power Command 2.h12 Nantalia 3.h9 Don’t Leave Me Out 4.h5 Kings Bay

Power Command 3rd/$2.20

Melbourne Races
MR1 1.h4 Masculino 2.h1 Pacodali 3.h3 Second Bullet 4.h7 One More Try

Masculino(0.2L) 2nd/$1.70

MR2 FIRST FOUR1.h2 Sherrif John Stone 2.h3 Sirius Suspect 3.h4 Moor Wanted 4.h6 I’m Telling Ya

Sirius Suspect First $4.60/$2, I’m Telling Ya 2nd/$2.30, Sheriffe John Stone 3rd/$3.50, Moor Wanted 4th($6); First 4; $784; Trifecta; $211.90; Q/Ex; $15.40/$25.60

MR31.h7 Marndarna 2.h1 Echo Gem 3.h6 Alexander Hamilton 4.h8 Presently

Marndarra(1.8L) 2nd/$2.80, Presently 3rd/$1.80, Echo Lad 4th($5.50)

MR41.h1 High Bridge 2.h3 Lord Belvedere 3.h12 Super Girl 4.h2 Sasko

Lord Belvedere First $3.10/$1.60, Sasko 4th($4.80)

MR51.h2 Fragonard 2.h4 Miss Mandito 3.h8 El Questro 4.h9 Rat With Goldtooth

El Questro(1.8L) 2nd/$2, Rat With Goldtooth 3rd/$2

MR61.h7 Collectable 2.h5 Titan Blinders 3.h1 Phaistos 4.h6 Twilight Run (h9 Killavally)

Twilight Run First $7.40/$2.40, Phaistos 3rd/$1.90

MR7 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h4 My Pendant 2.h3 Gododdin 3.h6 Pinyin 4.h1 Sylivia’s Mother

Sylvia’s Mother First $2.50/$1.50, My Pendant 2nd/$2.60, Gododdin 4th($7); Q/Ex; $9.10/$13.70

MR81.h3 Reykjavik 2.h1 Another Coldie 3.h10 Holbein 4.h4 Al Galayel

Reykjavik 3rd/$1.80

MR91.h3 Parwan Prince 2.h1 All over Bosanova 3.h2 Crack The Code 4.h9 Wagner (h11 Usain Bowler)

Wagner(0.8L) 2nd/$2.60, Crack the Code 3rd/$2.60, All Over Bosanova 4th($14)

BR4 H10 SOUL STAR;($4.00) A Melbourne visitor who has been racing all over the country of late. Comes to Brisbane in search of a good track which she gets here today. Loves the 1000m and brings some good  form lines from Victoria  and Sydney. This race looks suited for her and the 2 kilo claim drops her to 55kgs 2 kilo weight drop from last start. From Barrier 6 should get a nice sit in behind the leaders and should be fighting out the finish and getting the upper hand near the post. Giddy up. 

SOUL STAR($5.50); 6th beaten 2.1L, settled back left flat footed when they took off, finished the race off nicely. Next time over 1200m?

MR1 H4 MASCULINO;($3.50) Racing so well this prep. Ran second to second bullet last start. But we think he can turn the tables this time with a 4 kilo weight swing on that horse. Track, distance suits and from barrier 4 should get a nice trail in behind the leaders and be there when the post looms. He is our best !

MASCULINO ($4.20); 2nd($1.70 place) beaten 0.2L, perfect run in transit thought by how far at the distance, but Carzoff fought on.

MR5 H2 FRAGONARD;($6.00) Has been racing well this prep. All her runs have been over 1200m and 1300m. The step up to the 1400m is ideal and the 2 kilo claim sure does help as well. Likes the soft tracks. Should get a nice sit in behind the leaders and pounce at the distance. Great chance .  

FRAGONARD($6.50); 11th beaten 9.1L, unusual for her to lead didn’t like that idea. She was gone as they turned maybe enough now.

MR7 H4 MY PENDANT;($7.50) Was in great form last prep. First up over the 1200m suits really well. Has won at the track before which is a big plus. Last prep beat a horse called Notation, who has come out and won 3 in a row this prep so form lines are pretty good around this mare. There’s plenty of speed in this race so hopefully she can get a nice sit in behind the leading bunch and if they go hard up front it will make her chances even better, but she will be steaming home in a rate of knots. Great each way chance . 

MY PENDANT($8); 2ND($2.60 place) beaten 1.3L, great run by this filly hit the front at the distance fought on for a good second. Hoping she has a quick backup.

Another belter of a day here in Queensland so Eagle Farm should be a genuine Good Track. Queensland Cup 3200M is on today and all things being equal Yogi should get the major end of the prize, Social Element should carry them along at a good clip and be hard to run down, Azuro is favourite and will run well but he really relishes wet tracks. The main race at Flemington today the Recognition Stakes we think Reykjavik($3.50) should be hard to beat again although going up 5kegs on his last win, we also think Another Coldie($41) is about to strike form again, battled on pretty well last start and meets the fav. 3kgs better here. He has a very good strike rate and the distance is no issue and definitely races better into his prep NICE ODDS. Not massive value today in OUR BEST but some nice plays nevertheless and think we will come up trumps, so lets ante up and above all “ENJOY YOUR RACING” and as always “GOOD LUCK” to all form HORSEBUCK$.

POST RACE SUMMARY; No joy in Our Best but we did manage 2 placings Masculino 2nd/$1.70 and My Pendant also 2nd/$2.60. We also had Soul Star in Our Best ran a nice 6th and certainly showed us enough to suggest 1200m will beright up his alley at his next start. Also first 4 MR2 $784, 3 trifectas and 7 quinella/exactas, a plethora of any2″s and the main quaddie in Brisbane. Fourteen winners in our top4 selections best being Smartedge $13, Pelethronius $11.60 and Twilight Run $7 to name a few. Winter racing was at its unpredictable best on Saturday and it won’t get any easier until the tracks become more consistent. Only a few weeks now until the Spring racing starts to gear up so go to our web site to check out all our results, read our weekly observations, join up or just follow us on Facebook. You can contact us through our email address so on that note have a great week and always  “ENJOY YOUR RACING” and ” GOOD LUCK” to all from HORSEBUCK$

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