Tips & Results 13th July 2019; Doomben Track Soft, Rosehill Track Heavy, Caulfield Track Soft

Brisbane Races
BR11. h3 Polemic 2.h5Smokey Diamond 3. h7 King’s Full

Smokey Diamond First $7.10/$2.10, King’s Full 2nd/$1.30, Polemic 4th($6.50)

BR2 TRIFECTA1. h2 Another Dollar 2. h4 Mongolian Wolf 3. h1 Sampson 4. h3 Savacool

Another Dollar First $3/$1.50. Savacool 2nd/$1.70, Mongolian Wolf 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta; $13.60; Q/Ex; $3.30/$6.30

BR31. h7 Ingear 2. h2 Chill The Beer 3. h8 Karaja 4. h1 Ziemba

Karaja First $3.90/$1.30, Ingear 3rd/$1.20

BR41. h10 Sunday Session 2. h5 Galtero 3. h8 Rich Affair 4. h12 Mr. Storm

Rich Affair First $8.70/$2.60, Galtero 4th($10)


EARLY QUADDIE; Another Dollar/Karaja/Rich Affair/Snitch; Divi; $294.30

1. h4 Snitch 2. h7 Tisani Magic 3. h5 Magnufighter 4. h12 Auerback

Snitch First $2.60/$1.30, Auerback 2nd/$2.20, Magnufighter 3rd/$1.60, Tisani Magic 4th($70; First 4; $133.40; Trifecta; $19.90; Q/Ex; $12.90/$19.60

BR61. h2 Bel Burgess 2. h11 All Too Hard 3. h5 Le Dude 4. h4 Boom Boom Epic, h9 Yaba Dabl Doya

Bel Burgess 3rd $3.10

BR71. h2 Connoisseur 2. h4 Beau Arrow 3. h3 Snipstream 4. h5Coral Bay, h9 Ignite The Liight

Snipstream(1.5L) 2nd/$2.70, Beau Arrow 4th($4.60)

BR81.h12 Flower Of Love 2. h2 Musical Genius 3. h10 Winter Passage 4. h14 Pippie

Pippie First $1.50/$1.20, Winter Passage 3rd/$1.70

BR9 FIRST 41. h1 Ef Troop 2. h12 Boomtown Lass 3. h8 Granny Red Shoes 4. h7 Desert Digby, h14 The Tax Accountant

Boomtown Lass First $7/$2.70, Ef Troop 2nd/$3.10, Desert Digby 3rd/$1.90, The Tax Accountant 4th($11); First 4; $2,384.90; Trifecta; $236.80; Q/Ex; $23.50/$47.90

Sydney Races
SR1 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h3 True Detective 2. h2 Not Feint Hearted 3. h5 Lucicello 4. h9 Spend

Spend First $2.90/$1.20, True Dtective 2nd/$1.20, Not Feint Hearted 4th($13); Q/Ex; $2.80/$5.60

SR21. h2 Phaistos 2. h1 Call Me Royal 3. h6 Unguarded 4. h12 Dundee Lee

Phaistos First $3/$1.50

SR31. h10 Ester’s Rose 2. h1 Gumshoe 3. h3 Dulette


SR41. h10 Waking Moments 2. 3 High Power 3. h2 Primitivo 4. h8 Amerock

Amerock 2nd/$3, Primitivo 4th($5.50)

SR51. h3 Spiritual Choice 2. h1 Miss Exfactor 3. h9 Gala Moshea 4. h4 Deity

Deity 2nd/$1.70, Gla Moshea 3rd/$10.70

SR61. h10 No Escape 2. h3 Nahuel 3. h6 Fuel 4. h1 Curragh

Curragh First $9.60/$2.80

SR7 TRIFECTA1. h5 Gaulois 2. h1 Stampede 3. h14 Nicci’s Gold 4. h4 First Hand, h2 Eckstein

Eckstein First $7/$2.60, Gaulois 2nd/$2, Nicc’s Gold 3rd; Trifecta; $180.50; Q/Ex; $19.10/$40.80

SR81. h3 Tonsor 2. h8 Southern Lad 3. h14 River Bird 4. h4 Highland Beat

River Bird First $3.20/$1.50, Highland Beat 4th($11)

SR9 QUADDIE; Curragh/Eckstein/River Bird/Handle The Truth; Divi; $823.501. h7Handle The Truth 2. h1 Drachfenels 3.h2 Thy Kingdom Come 4. h14 Old Man Sam

Handle The Truth First $2.70/$1.50, Drachfenels 4th($5.50)

Melbourne Races
MR1 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h1 Can’t Be Done 2. h3 Star Surprise 3. h2 Champagne Boom 4. h7 Avon River

Star Surprise First $12.60/$3.40, Can’t Be Done 2nd/$1.50, Avon River 4th($4.60); Q/Ex; $14.80/$56

MR21. h7 Beautiful Flyer 2. h3 Miss Iano 3. h5 Charlayne4. h8 Forbid Me Not

Beautiful Flyer(0.1L) 2nd/$2.40, Charlayne 3rd/$1.90. Miss Iano 4th($6)

MR31. h15 Cryptic Jewel 2. h11 Special Diva 3. h7 Kalashani Lad 4. h3 Satori

Special Diva First $12.20/$3.50, Satori 3rd/$3.90

MR4 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h2 Morrissy 2. h1 Smart Elissim 3. h10 Turn The Tide 4. h4Fight

Turn The Tide First $10.70/$2.80, Smart Elissim 2nd/$1.70; Q/Ex; $25.50/$58.10

MR51. h3 Organza 2. h5 Notio 3. h7 Elite Drake 4. h2 Ozi Choice

Organza 2nd/$1.50, Elite Drake $2.20

MR61. h3 Tavirun 2. h1 Junipal 3. h5 Crimson Ace 4. h12 No New Tricks

Tavirun First $2.80/$1.40, Junipal 3rd/$1

MR71. h6 Black Bliss 2. h10 Street Icon 2. h12 Sweet Jazz 4. h13 Pinyin

Street Icon(0.1L) 2nd/$2.60, Pinyin 3rd/$1.80

MR81. h3 Bandipur 2. h13 Soothing 3. h2 Malibu Style 4. h4 Ken’s Dream

Malibu Style 4th($3.90)

MR91. h8 Royal Ace 2. h5 Come On Carl 3. h4 Master Shuhood 4. h9 Shrouded In Mist

Master Shuhood 3rd/$1.10

SR9 H7 HANDLE THE TRUTH($5.50); this horse ticks a lot of boxes here and his last run was held up and never really got a crack at them the last 100m. He has the perfect draw here to get the gun run up behind the speed. NOTE: There has been some significant scratchings this morning so his price has come into $4.40($3.80 now at 8.30am) and he could tumble in further so the value might not be there but he does look super hard to catch here.

HANDLE THE TRUTH($2.70); FIRST, bolted in never looked in danger.

MR8 H3 BANDIPUR($6); in great form and ticks a lot of boxes also, he has a tricky gate as he likes to race up just off the pace, he might get a nice trail over when Jungle Edge goes forward. If he is sitting on their hammer into the straight he should round them up at the distance.

BANDIPUR($8); 6th beaten 2.3L, sat wide entire trip and pulled up lame, ran well considering.

MR7 H6 BLACK BLISS($14); this galloper races very well first up and from the good gate will be up just behind the speed. Just before his break he ran a very good 5th behind the good horse Mr. Quickie, he handles all conditions and we think he is super value here.

BLACK BLISS($19); 6th beaten 5.6L, we expected more from this horse very disappointing.

MR9 H8 ROYAL ACE($21); we documented this horse in our weekly observations, forget his last run never really a serious go in the straight and he does tend to race that way (unlucky) so we are banking on a gun ride here by Jamie Kah to get him over the line in a winnable race. He likes the wet conditions and is well up to this class with a massive 6kgs weight drop on his last start and is at juicy odds. GIDDYUP!!!

ROYAL ACE($11); 5th beaten 2.1L, in a 3 way photo for 3rd, had a great run not good enough on the day, there is a win there mid week maybe.

LONGSHOT BR7 H2 CONNOIUSSEUR($31); this horse is a pistol 3rd up and we think he is over the odds. He should get conditions to suit today and gets in quite well with 56kegs after the claim. His only negative is the gate but he will probably settle back and as long as the track isn’t leader orientated he should be in the thick of things right on the line. 

CONNOISSEUR($26); 8th beaten 7.1L, no excuses.

Doomben should be a cracking day weather wise and Caulfield looks a little dusty with some more showers about so just keep a check on all track conditions, but be mindful even if Doomben gets to a Good there will still be give in the track. Tough school indeed but that is what we are dealt this time of the year. Lets hope all tracks play out with no particular bias as all tracks are out 3M today but we can deal with that. On that note have a great weekend and above all “ENJOY YOUR RACING” and “GOOD LUCK” to all HORSEBUCKS

POST RACE SUMMARY; Handle The Truth($2.70) saluted for OUR BEST not the value there as we originally thought($5.50) but did look the goods. Seventeen winners in total in our top 4 and some great value amongst them again Star Surprise $12.60, Special Diva $12.20, Turn The Tide $10.70,Curragh $9.60 and Gala Moshea($71) paying $10.70 a place to name a few for multi runner punters. Finished the day off for exotic players with a nice FIRST4 last race Doomben $2,384  not bad dosh and the MAIN QUADDIE in Sydney $823 not massive but still a decent collect along with another First 4, 4 Trifectas and 7 Quinella/Exactas. So action for all considering some of the crazy results especially in Sydney Town, all in a days racing nevertheless and Oak Door($41) scoring in the main race at Caulfield hadn’t won since Pluto was a puppy (: More of the same next Saturday bring it on!!! WE SAY. The harder the races are here at HORSEBUCK$ the better we like it, it brings out the best in us. To see all our previous results  jump on our web site and check them out. Always remember  “ENJOY YOUR RACING” and “GOOD LUCK” to all from HORSEBUCK$

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